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Lakewest Assisted Living | Retirement Living
Lakewest Assisted Living | Retirement Living

About Lakewest Assisted Living

Services and Amenities for Lakewest Assisted Living Residents

Lakewest is a Medicaid referral assisted living community that provides a high quality assisted living experience for an affordable price. Medical support is available with varying levels of care available. The objective of Lakewest Assisted Living is to provide high-quality care to seniors, without crippling the individual or the family financially. Care is covered by utilizing a combination of social security, Medicaid and a section 8 voucher, when applicable. Admission to Lakewest requires a Medicaid or hospital referral.

Lakewest Assisted Living
Regular medical checks
Coordinated transportation
Heart healthy food options
Cleaning and linen services
Life-enrichment activities
Restaurant-style dining
Exercise programs
Social activities

Where is Lakewest Assisted Living?

3494 Kingbridge St.
Dallas, TX, 75212

About the Location

Located in West Dallas, Lakewest Assisted living is located across the street from Kingsbridge Park. Coordinated transportation gives residents access to the amenities that Dallas has to offer.

What else should I know about Lakewest Assisted Living?

Read these answers to common questions from senior housing shoppers, residents, and family members.


What activities do you offer for residents?


We offer many activities for our residents such as social activities, exercise programs, life-enrichment activities and coordinated transportation.


Do you accept Medicaid and VA benefits?


Yes we accept benefits and will work with you to make sure these benefits serve you best.


What local attractions surround the facility?


We are located in West Dallas near a few different parks and fish trap lake. We provide transportation for residents, to go out into the community.