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Latest update: April 8, 2022

State Income Tax0.00%
Median Home Price$242,900
City Sales Tax8.25%

Dallas is the third-largest city in Texas and has seen an increase of 12% in the population since the 2010 census.

Find a financial advisor in Dallas, TX

Dallas is the third-largest city in Texas and provides many opportunities for building wealth. With over 4,000 financial advisors in the Dallas area, choosing one to help you manage your finances can be overwhelming.

We reviewed all of the financial advisors in Dallas, TX, and created a guide with the best options available based on customer reviews, certifications, SEC filings and asset requirements.

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Tolleson Wealth Management logo

Tolleson Wealth Management

  • Assets Managed: $5.6 Billion
  • Minimum Assets: $10 Million

Tolleson Private Wealth Management started with John Tolleson opening a financial advisor office in 1997 to assist his family with managing assets. In 2000, Tolleson registered with the Securities Exchange Commission, and the firm became a multi-family office. The company maintains an emphasis on family values combined with a dedication to providing quality financial advising services.

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RGT Wealth Advisors logo

RGT Wealth Advisors

  • Assets Managed: $3.9 Billion
  • Minimum Assets: $3 Million

Financial advisors at RGT Wealth Advisors work together as a team to develop innovative strategies for asset management. This team format allows each client to benefit from financial specialists among the company’s financial advisors. RGT Wealth Advisors’ goal is to create investment portfolios that can respond to the client’s needs as they change. The firm offers several financial management services as well as family services.

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Southern Wealth Management logo

Southern Wealth Management

  • Assets Managed: $2.5 Billion
  • Minimum Assets: $1 Million

Southern Wealth Management in Dallas, Texas, provides financial advising services across seven core disciplines, including taxes, business financial planning and family services. The firm treats financial planning as a living system, so you don’t receive “one and done” service. Financial advisors who specialize in various disciplines at Southern Wealth Management frequently meet to strategize, protect and grow assets throughout the client’s life.

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Chessman Wealth Strategies logo

Chessman Wealth Strategies

  • Assets Managed: $180.3 Million
  • Minimum Assets: $500,000

Financial advisors at Chessman Wealth Strategies provide honest communication and clear information to their clients. Those who need assistance in managing a portfolio with assets under $1 million can work with their financial advisors. The Dallas-based financial advisor provides the six-step Smart Choices Wealth Management Solution along with a “no surprises” flat fee structure.

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True North Advisors logo

True North Advisors

  • Assets Managed: $1.4 Billion
  • Minimum Assets: $2 Million

Financial advisors at True North in Dallas created the Three-Sixty Process for a better understanding of their clients and their money management objectives. These initial consultations are free of charge with no obligation. The company recently merged with the former Western Research & Management to offer clients a broader scope of investment services. True North Advisors delivers a holistic approach with a comprehensive estate, tax and financial planning. The company also provides private and public investment management services with expertise in venture capital, hedge funds and private equity.

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Heritage Financial Planning logo

Heritage Financial Planning

  • Assets Managed: $157 Million
  • Minimum Assets: $1 Million

Each independent advisor at Heritage Financial Planning is associated with none of the financial products introduced to clients. This fee-only advisor is a fiduciary, only obligated to the client’s best interests. Heritage Financial Planning founder, Steve Blankenship, started the firm to provide an alternative to financial advisors who present biased opinions. Clients receive planning solutions that revolve around their unique situation and personal financial goals.

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Lee Financial Planning - Dallas logo

Lee Financial Planning - Dallas

  • Assets Managed: $1 Billion
  • Minimum Assets: $1.5 Million

Those who don’t have a million-dollar portfolio can look to Lee Financial Planning Dallas for financial advisory services as long as they have a combined household income of $500,000. The company’s philosophy revolves around a four-pronged to money management called WholeVision to discover client expectations and keep financial advisors focused on the client’s goals.

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Financial Advisor Reviews Dallas, TX

Tolleson Wealth Management

Tolleson Wealth Management provides a broad set of financial advising services to select families with a substantial amount of wealth to manage. The ratio of one financial advisor to eight clients at Tolleson Wealth Management guarantees services with attention to detail and a personal touch. The company recently won the Private Asset Management (PAM) Award for Best Multi-Family Office Overall for the second year in a row. Fees are fixed for some financial planning or a percentage of assets will be charged for financial advisory services.

Based in Dallas, Tolleson Wealth Management employs a talented pool of financial advisors and is a Registered Investment Advisor in seven states. The company offers financial advisory services to meet the needs of clients throughout their lifetime. In addition to wealth management and estate planning, Tolleson Wealth Management provides trust planning, private banking, financial and tax planning and bookkeeping services. Clients also benefit from philanthropic planning and family economics education. Clients pay a fixed fee for financial advising services and a percentage of assets for portfolio management.

Tolleson Wealth Management
Assets Managed $5.6 Billion
Minimum Assets $10 Million
Number of Advisors 24
Fee Structure Fee-Based
Address 5500 Preston Road Suite 250

RGT Wealth Advisors

RGT Wealth Advisors was founded in 1985 as an independent firm offering fee-only financial advisor services. While a sizable percentage of clients are among the extremely wealthy, RGT works with others to help them reach financial goals. The company may waive the minimum asset requirement or charge a lower fee on some accounts depending on a variety of factors, at the company’s discretion.

Financial advisors at RGT help clients with budgeting and cash flow, insurance consulting, bill processing and analyzing personal financial statements. Financial planning services include establishing goals, estate preparation, wealth transfer and financial independence strategies. RGT Wealth Advisors also assists clients with managing financial aspects of a business, personal portfolios, charitable giving, foundation management and offers corporate trustee services. Portfolio management fees are a percentage of assets, and RGT offers divorce consulting.

RGT Wealth Advisors
Assets Managed $3.9 Billion
Minimum Assets $3 Million
Number of Advisors 31
Fee Structure Fee-Based
Address 5950 Sherry Lane Suite 600

Southern Wealth Management

Southern Wealth Management is an independent financial advisory firm. Southern Wealth provides financial planning and advising across seven disciplines: multi-generation family and estate planning, business valuation and succession planning, proactive tax planning and income tax filing, portfolio management, insurance, major charitable giving and family office services. Although financial advisors at Southern Wealth perform numerous functions, customers have one point of contact for ease of communication.

Licensed with the SEC since 2005, Southern Wealth Management has a Free-market Access policy guaranteeing customers a clear explanation of fees and services. Costs for working with a financial advisor are fixed or hourly, depending on the service. Portfolio management fees are a percentage of managed assets.

Southern Wealth Management
Assets Managed $2.5 Billion
Minimum Assets $1 Million
Number of Advisors 26
Fee Structure Fee-Based
Address 5005 LBJ Freeway Suite 1313

Chessman Wealth Strategies

Wade Chessman, founder and CEO of Chessman Wealth Strategies, developed and trademarked The Smart Choices Wealth Management Solution. Clients consult with their financial planner through six steps to identify economic challenges and opportunities, and to learn your life goals and priorities. A team of specialists at Chessman Wealth Strategies works with the information gathered to develop a plan with options for meeting those goals. Clients discuss these options with their financial planner to decide how to proceed.

Chessman Wealth Strategies employs four Certified Financial Planners and four Certified Financial Advisors by a research department, Wealth Advancement Group and investment advisors. Financial advisors at CWS charge a fixed fee of 0.6% to 1.8% of assets managed, depending on the complexity of the client’s financial circumstances. Clients may pay an additional fixed quarterly or semiannual charge for ongoing assistance. The ceiling on the annual fixed fee is $15,000, and clients receive an estimate for total costs before financial advising services begin.

Chessman Wealth Strategies
Assets Managed $180.3 Million
Minimum Assets $500,000
Number of Advisors 8
Fee Structure Fee-Based
Address 7557 Rambler Road Suite 1010

True North Advisors

Stop by True North Advisors’ office, and you’ll notice an open, contemporary workspace. The financial advisors work as one team, and the open floorplan fosters communication and reflects the company’s philosophy of simplicity. True North’s free Three-Sixty Process consists of four meetings between a prospective client and a financial advisor. Advisors get to know how the client defines a fulfilling life. These meetings are used to generate a wealth of information that the prospective client takes with them whether or not they decide to use True North financial advisors.

Financial advising services include planning for life goals, taxes, cash flow, education and insurance. Clients can also receive help with estate planning and charitable giving. Business owners can benefit from True North Advisors with group and corporate benefits planning, and several investment planning services.

True North Advisors
Assets Managed $1.8 Billion
Minimum Assets $2 Million
Number of Advisors 5
Fee Structure Fee-Based
Address 3131 Turtle Creek Blvd Suite 1300

Heritage Financial Planning

Heritage Financial Planning is a relatively new financial advisory firm, registered with the SEC since 2014. The company’s mission is to provide impartial financial advice with top priority on client service. Financial advisors charge by the hour or a flat fee for service. Clients receiving portfolio services get charged a percentage of assets. Financial advisors at Heritage Financial Planning are not required to encourage clients to invest a certain amount or buy any specific insurance or other services. These factors allow Heritage financial advisors to come up with a plan to meet each client’s needs, then assist with implementing that plan.

Heritage Financial Planning has three Certified Financial Planners on staff as well as a college admissions and Social Security specialist. Services include advice for college funding, retirement planning, insurance needs analysis, lump-sum distributions and tax-managed charitable legacies.

Heritage Financial Planning
Assets Managed $157 Million
Minimum Assets $1 Million
Number of Advisors 3
Fee Structure Fee-Only
Address 10440 N Central Expressway Suite 1120

Lee Financial Planning – Dallas

Financial advisors at Lee Financial Planning understand managing each client’s wealth is a fluid process. Your income, investments, savings and desired standard of living all figure into planning for your financial future. The firm started providing fee-based services in Dallas in 1975. The company accepts clients who earn at least $500,000 annually if they don’t have at least $1.5 million in investments.

Lee Financial Planning has nine financial advisors in the Dallas office supported by many investment portfolio managers, research and accounting teams and a business strategist. Financial planning services include tax, insurance, retirement, college, estate planning and more. A financial advisor at Lee Financial Planning can assist with intergenerational wealth transfers, business planning and defining personal financial goals.

Heritage Financial Planning
Assets Managed $1 Billion
Minimum Assets $1.5 Million
Number of Advisors 9
Fee Structure Fee-Based
Address 8350 N Central Expressway Suite 1800


When choosing a financial advisor it’s important to do your homework. We recommend speaking with multiple advisors to ensure you have explored your options and know exactly what services you can expect.

We researched the best advisors in the area and compiled our list to include all the criteria crucial to making a decision. We’ve included professionals that serve clients of all asset levels.

Dallas Financial Advisors
Company Assets Managed Minimum Assets Fee Structure
Tolleson Private Wealth $5.6 Billion $10 Million Fee-Based
RGT Wealth Advisors $3.9 Billion $3 Million Fee-Based
Southern Wealth Mgt $2.5 Billion $1 Million Fee-Based
Chessman Wealth Strategies $180.3 Million $500,000 Fee-Based
True North Advisors $1.8 Billion $2 Million Fee-Based
Heritage Financial Planning $157 Million $1 Million Fee-Only
Lee Financial Planning $1 Billion $1.5 Million Fee-Based

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