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We evaluated 15 well-known reverse mortgage lenders, and after careful review identified the 6 best reverse mortgage companies in 2024.

Reverse Mortgage Card

We evaluated 25 structured settlement companies and reviewed our top four choices.

Best Structured Settlements

Annuities are a great way to generate income during retirement for some. Read about out top picks.

Best Annuities

We evaluated 30 well-known gold dealers, and after careful review identified the six best choices.

Best Gold Dealers

We evaluated well-known home warranties, and after careful review identified the top choices.

Best Home Warranty

Learn what to look for in a mortgage refinance company, read company reviews, tips and our top picks for mortgage refi.

Mortgage Refi Card

VA home loans give active and veteran military members key benefits when it comes to buying a home.

VA Loans Card

We evaluated 36 well-known prepaid debit cards, and after careful review identified the 4 best prepaid debit cards.

Prepaid Debit Cards

We chose the eight best financial newsletters in 2024, based on brand reputation, price, and resources.

Best Financial Newsletters

We evaluated 28 well-known Gold IRAs, and after careful review identified the 14 best options.

Best Gold IRA

We evaluated top well-known identity theft protection service providers to identify the best choices.

Best Identity Theft Protection for Seniors

We evaluated 23 well-known Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency IRA companies, and identified the best options.

Best Crypto and Bitcoin IRA

We evaluated the top online wills and trust providers and chose the best options.

Best Wills and Trusts

We evaluated the top auto warranty companies and after careful consideration, we chose the best auto warranty companies to review.

Best Car Warranty

We evaluated 18 well-known tax relief companies and identified the top 5. Read reviews, get wise buyer tips, cost info & more.

If you own a high-value home and want to consider a jumbo reverse mortgage, check out our top picks.

Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Card

Here are the top six robo-advisors for retirees, based on financial planning capabilities, fee structure, and portfolio diversification.

Robo Advisors

We evaluated 14 electric wheelchair models, and after a careful review identified the 4 best electric wheelchairs to buy in 2024.

Best Electric Wheelchairs

Learn about popular stair lift features, read stairlift reviews and view our selections for the best stair lift companies.

Adjustable beds are a great option for those with pain or have limited mobility. Check out adjustable bed reviews, buying tips and company comparisons.

To help you compare wheelchair lifts, we evaluated nine wheelchair lift companies and found the four best choices.

Best Wheelchair Vans

We compared 15 van companies and picked the best based on cost, customization, quality, reliability and ratings.

Best Wheelchair Vans

After looking at 25 different walk-in bathtub companies, we recommend 3 American brands for superior safety and quality.

Best Walk in Tubs

We evaluated 30 well-known mattress brands, and after careful review identified the 12 best mattress brands.

Best Mattresses

We evaluated 14 of the best home elevator companies, carefully weighing a variety of factors and selected our top picks.

Best Home Elevators

We evaluated 22 well-known walk-in shower companies, and after careful review identified the best 6 choices in 2024.

Best Wheelchair Vans

After reviewing Medicare supplemental insurance policies, we recommend these top companies for the best coverage.

We reviewed many of the top insurance options for individuals over 55, and gathered our top picks.

We evaluated 25 disability insurance companies and selected the top companies to help you find the best disability insurance company.

We evaluated 17 vision insurance companies and selected the top companies to help you find the best vision insurance company.

Check out our picks for the best RV insurance companies including RV insurance cost, tips for buying an RV policy and more.

Burial insurance comes in different types depending on how much you need. Read about types, pricing, advantages and disadvantages.

Best Burial and Final Expense Insurance

We evaluated 15 well-known medicare advantage plans, and after careful review identified the 6 best medicare advantage companies.

Best Medicare Advantage Plans

We evaluated 17 car insurance companies based on policy types, price, and customer feedback. Here are our top choices.

We compared dental insurance companies based on the cost of premiums, the number of in-network dentists and overall cost savings.

Best Dental Insurance for Seniors

Check out our top picks for long-term care insurance companies. Read about tips for choosing long-term care insurance and compare companies.

Best Long Term Care Insurance

We evaluated 22 critical illness insurance providers to find the most reliable companies, and bring you our top picks.

We evaluated 22 life settlement companies to help you find those with the highest level of industry experience.

We compared eight of the top medical alert systems for seniors in to help you a system that has the features you need.

Best Medical Alert Systems

We evaluated 16 OTC hearing aid brands, performed extensive testing, and consulted audiologists to help identify the best options.

Best OTC Hearing Aids

We evaluated 36 automatic pill dispensers, and after careful review identified the best automatic pill dispensers available.

Best Automatic Pill Dispensers

This guide covers CPAP machine types, features and costs as well as our top CPAP machine companies.

Best CPAP Machines

Before you make a purchase, check out pulse oximeter buying tips, see how they work and read reviews of our top five picks.

Best Pulse Oximeters

We tested 11 online hearing tests and consulted with professional audiologists to choose the best tests.

Best Online Hearing Tests

We evaluated 32 well-known hearing aid brands, performed long-term testing, and consulted audiologists to help identify the best options.

Prescription discount cards let you compare prices and offer discounts on prescription drugs, see our top picks for the best cards.

Best Prescription Discount Cards

We researched the top portable oxygen concentrators and selected the best options by price, features, warranty and battery life.

Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators

We looked at 22 of the best-rated blood pressure monitoring devices and compared features to bring you our top picks.

Best Blood Pressure Monitors

We evaluated 28 hearing amplifiers to help you find highly rated products. We considered consumer reviews, technology, cost and comfort.

Best Hearing Amplifiers

We evaluated 13 senior dating sites and selected 5 after testing them out. Read reviews of our top picks and tips for choosing a senior dating site.

Best Senior Dating Sites

Looking to relocate, downsize or setup an estate sale? We compared nine of the top-rated senior moving services and reviewed our top three picks.

Best Senior Moving Services

We evaluated top car shipping companies, and after carefully reviewing each one, identified the best car shippers.

Best Car Shipping Companies

We chose the best matchmaking services based on brand reputation, price, and track record of helping singles find love.

Best Matchmaking Services

We evaluated top mobility scooter models, and after a careful review identified the best mobility scooters to consider in 2024.

Mobility Scooters

Hot tubs provide relaxation and offer many health benefits including soothing sore joints and muscles. Read below to see hot tub reviews, pricing and features.

Best Hot Tubs

After looking at 40 different moving companies and talking with agents from 12 of those companies, here’s our top picks.

Best Long Distance Moving Companies

Read about the best mobile plans and cell phones for seniors and check out cell phone company reviews, pricing and tips.

Best Cell Phones for Seniors

We evaluated 15 well-known home security systems, and after careful review identified the 4 best home security systems.

Best Home Security Systems

We reviewed 11 meal delivery services, we identified the six best options. These meal delivery services prioritize nutrition, affordability, and selection.

Best Meal Delivery

We evaluated 35 solar panel companies to help you find high-quality options. We researched features, options, warranties and costs.

Best Solar Panels

We evaluated 27 antivirus products, and after carefully reviewing the features, costs and reviews, we identified the five best.

Best Antivirus Software

We evaluated top senior tour companies on a variety of metrics including custom options, value, and customer feedback.

Best Senior Tours

We evaluated the top river cruises and found the top choices based on experience, cost, destinations, themes, itineraries, food and amenities.

Best River Cruise Lines

European tour packages are an excellent way to visit another country and explore the culture. Read about reviews, travel tips and more.

Best European Tours

Read about the different classes of RVs, check prices for each class and see reviews of our top rated RV manufacturers.

Best RV Manufacturers

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