Best Stair Lifts


After reviewing 11 stair lift companies and testing 18 stair lift models, we identified the seven best options for older adults. These stair lifts prioritize safety, offer ample customization options, are affordable, and provide ongoing service and support.

(222 Reviews)
  • Great warranty
  • Made in USA
  • High customer satisfaction rating

Bruno’s high-quality, made-in-the-USA products are well-received by customers who appreciate its comprehensive warranty, large dealer network, and quality lifts with ample safety features.

(4 Reviews)
  • Broad product line
  • Free consultations from local experts
  • Professional installation & service

Lifeway Mobility offers a wide variety of accessibility products to help seniors age in place, including stair lifts, ramps, wheelchair lifts, transfer aids, bath safety solutions and home elevators. Lifeway Mobility is currently available in 27 states, and its service guarantee is one of the best in the industry.

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  • Knowledgeable technicians and representatives
  • Test-drive lifts in showrooms
  • Professional installation included

Shop stair lifts, luxury home elevators, and quality, custom wheelchair lifts in one of many showrooms across the Midwest and California. Arrow Lift also offers comprehensive service and maintenance plans on all products, including extended warranty options.

(6 Reviews)
  • Great chair options
  • High weight capacity
  • Nationwide availability

Harmar offers indoor and outdoor residential stair lifts. Its lightest and narrowest model requires only 10.5 inches of space. In the event of a power outage, all Harmar rechargeable lifts can last up to 60 rides.

(9 Reviews)
  • Ample customizations
  • Cost-conscious options
  • Rental options available

Stannah manufactures several stair lift configurations including straight, customizable curved stair lifts and outdoor models. Its lift designs can accommodate those with back and hip pain and limited mobility.

Acorn Stair Lifts
(116 Reviews)
  • Great installation process
  • FastTrack® installation system
  • Budget friendly options

Acorn’s FastTrack® rail system makes installation on curved stairs fast and easy to customize on the spot. As a direct manufacturer, Acorn is the only company to have earned the Ease of Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.

(6 Reviews)
  • Great additional features
  • Lifetime warranty on some models
  • Highly customizable

Handicare lifts can accommodate all types of stair lifts. All models come with two remote controls, a manual emergency stop switch and various seat options.

(20 Reviews)
  • Most budget friendly
  • Financing options
  • Buy new, used, or refurbished

AmeriGlide makes straight, curved and outdoor stair lifts that can be customized to fit almost any staircase. You can choose from new, used or refurbished stair lifts, and self-install options are available.

Which Stair Lift is Best For You?

  • Great warranty – Bruno
  • Ample customizations – Stannah
  • Broad product line – Lifeway Mobility
  • Knowledgeable staff – Arrow Lift
  • Great installation process – Acorn Stair Lifts
  • Great additional features – Handicare
  • Great chair options – Harmar Stairlifts
  • Most budget friendly – AmeriGlide

Searching for the right features for you or your family members can feel overwhelming, and it’s difficult to know what features to prioritize for safety and affordability. The Retirement Living editorial team did a deep dive into the top stair lift manufacturers to understand the latest stair lift technology. We conducted more than 200 hours of research, consulted four experts, and visited one showroom to physically test the lifts.

Our Stair Lift Testing & Review Process

When shopping for a stair lift, it’s important to physically experience the product, as brand websites and sales representatives can only explain so much. How fast does the lift move? Is it easy to transition on and off the lift? Does the lift take up a lot of room on your staircase?

  1. Navigate brand websites as mystery shoppers
  2. Consult with aging-in-place specialists and accessibility experts to determine top buying considerations
  3. Visit stair lift showroom to hand-test models
  4. Evaluate features such as chair configurations, track types, controls, and sensors
  5. Review purchase process
  6. Consult dealers on installation and service requirements

During our evaluation of top stair lift companies and models, we carefully considered cost, stair lift types, customer support, and our own experience evaluating stair lift brands. We also analyzed more than 300 stair lift company reviews on Retirement Living to discern user sentiment and satisfaction.

Based on our expert consultations and research, we determined the following factors to be important for our readers when shopping for a stair lift:

  • Price
  • Financing options
  • Warranty
  • Availability nationwide
  • Curved lifts and pre-owned options
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer service, including installation
  • Customization options and adaptability
  • Safety features
  • Battery life

The Retirement Living editorial team prioritizes timely updates and edits to our buying resources, which ensures our readers are provided with the latest information. We routinely revise inaccurate information, cross-reference sources, and review our content to identify relevant changes.

The Best Stair Lift Companies, Reviewed

To identify the best stair lifts, the Retirement Living editorial team analyzed data on top stair lift manufacturers in the U.S. and the various models they offer. Here are our picks for the seven best stair lift manufacturers: Bruno, Handicare, Stannah, Harmar, Lifeway Mobility, Acorn and AmeriGlide.

Bruno Review

Great warranty | 4.6 Stars

Bruno stair lifts are highly regarded by both dealers and customers alike for quality, performance, and innovation. The company has the largest dealer network in the country and only partners with independent dealers who have completed their training program. This means that it’s easy to find a showroom to view and test Bruno products and ask questions to determine which lift is best for you.

  • Price: $4,000 – $11,000
  • Types: Straight, curved, seated
  • Environment: Indoor, outdoor
  • Financing: Yes, varies by dealer
  • Weight capacity: 300 – 400 pounds
  • Warranty: 2-year, 5-year, or limited lifetime

According to Retirement Living customer review data, people who bought Bruno stair lifts are most satisfied with the service they received from dealer representatives. Several reviewers mentioned how helpful it was to visit a showroom and ride on a real stair lift before purchasing, while others appreciated the features and configurations available at an affordable price point. One reviewer from Magnolia, Delaware, says that his favorite feature is the rotator seat that moves your body away from the stairs before getting off the seat.

Bruno Elan indoor straight stair lift
Bruno Elan indoor straight stair lift

Bruno straight stair lifts come with a limited lifetime warranty, while the outdoor and curved models have a five-year component warranty and a two-year parts warranty.

To learn more about Bruno stair lifts, read our full Bruno review or get a free online quote.

Handicare Review

Great additional features | 4.25 Stars

Handicare manufactures a variety of affordable to premium straight and curved stair lifts, including ones built to be installed where stairs finish at a door (like a basement). The Handicare 1100 is one of the industry’s most compact lifts because the rail can be installed close to the wall. The armrests and seats also fold up using an electronic sensor to minimize intrusion for others who use the stairs. When folded, the lift profile, including the seat, is just 12.6 inches. 

While such setups are more aesthetically pleasing, it also means that the seats are smaller. Larger riders will need to add customization features, which could increase the cost.

  • Price: $3,100 – $5,000 (straight)
  • Types: Straight, curved, seated
  • Environment: Indoor, outdoor
  • Financing: Yes, varies by dealer
  • Weight capacity: 275 – 440 pounds
  • Warranty: 2-year, limited lifetime

Handicare does not publish costs on its website, but several Handicare reviews reference costs between $3,100 and $5,000 not including installation. All models come with two remote controls and a manual emergency stop switch. Handicare offers a two-year manufacturer’s parts warranty and a limited lifetime warranty on the rail and powertrain.

To learn more, read our comprehensive Handicare review.

Harmar Review

Most chair options | 4.75 Stars

Harmar has several options for straight and curved stairlifts, including the HD Pinnacle model, which is the only lift that can accommodate any body shape up to 600 pounds. This model has high back support and an extra wide rechargeable swivel chair. When folded up, the Pinnacle SL600 is the lightest and narrowest model available, requiring only 10.5 inches of space. In the event of a power outage, all Harmar rechargeable lifts can last up to 60 rides.

  • Price: $4,000 – $9,000+
  • Types: Straight, curved, seated
  • Environment: Indoor, outdoor
  • Financing: Yes, varies by dealer
  • Weight capacity: 300 – 600 pounds
  • Warranty: 2-year, 3-year, or limited lifetime

The Helix model can fit curved stairways with a 90- or 180-degree turn, a spiral staircase and multi-story staircases. Again, these models have higher back support than other brands, which makes for a more stable and comfortable ride. However, our editorial team noticed that some Harmar stair lifts use 40-foot tracks, shorter than other brands offering 60 or 70 feet of travel.

Harmer partners with dealers nationwide, though the purchase process varied among dealers we spoke to, so be sure to ask about installation timeframes and financing options with your local dealer. Each lift comes with a two- or three-year warranty on parts and a one-year warranty on the battery. Curved lifts have a limited lifetime warranty on the drive system and structure.

To learn more, read our comprehensive Harmar review.

Stannah Review

Ample customizations | 4.4 Stars

Stannah has been a family-run business for over 150 years, and its nationwide distributors have sold over 850,000 units. Stannah boasts an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau. Stannah technicians offer a free in-home “stair survey” to determine your options and quote a price, including installation. Stannah lifts also include features our editorial team deems “industry standard” for a slightly more affordable price, including seat belts, swivel seats, backup battery operation, obstruction detectors, and remote controls.

  • Price: $3,400 – $15,000
  • Types: Straight, curved, seated
  • Environment: Indoor, outdoor
  • Financing: Yes
  • Weight capacity: 350 pounds
  • Warranty: 2-year, 5-year, or limited lifetime

The Stannah Sadler has a perched seat to help those with limited mobility get safely in and out of the chair. While other manufacturers advertise perched seat options, our editorial team found that Stannah is the only retailer to offer a chair that positions riders in a half-sitting, half-standing setup, which can be extremely beneficial for people with hip issues and limited flexibility.

Stannah stair lift models can fit narrow staircases between 28 and 30 inches. The outdoor models and the Sadler lift can be installed in stairways 26 inches wide inches, the tightest configuration on our list. 

If you need a temporary solution, Stannah has a rental program for short-term use. And many of its dealers sell refurbished stair lifts at a reduced cost. All new Stannah models come with a lifetime warranty on the motor and gearbox and a two-year limited warranty on all other parts. Refurbished lifts have a five-year warranty.

Read our comprehensive Stannah Stair Lift review to learn more, or get a free online quote.

Lifeway Mobility Review

Broad product line | 4.4 Stars

Lifeway Mobility has showrooms in 27 states. As a dealer, Lifeway Mobility sells lifts from reputable manufacturers featured on this list, but with the added benefit of trained and certified technicians and service after installation.

In addition to new lifts, Lifeway offers used and rental options for Bruno straight lifts only (a minimum rental period of three months is required). Financing is available to those who qualify starting at $60 per month. 

  • Price: Starting from $2,500 – $10,000+
  • Types: Straight, curved, seated
  • Environment: Indoor, outdoor
  • Financing: Yes
  • Weight capacity: Varies by brand
  • Warranty: Varies by brand

Lifeway Mobility provides a 1-year warranty on labor for all new stair lifts and a three- or six-month warranty for used stair lifts. The company also recommends leveraging its yearly maintenance plan to help ensure the lift stays in working condition. 

Read our comprehensive Lifeway Mobility Stair Lift review to learn more or find an authorized partner in your area.

Arrow Lift Review

Knowledgeable technicians and representatives | 4.4 Stars

Though Arrow Lift is only currently available in the Midwest and California, each of its 15 showroom locations has stair lift models you can try before you buy. Experts can recommend a lift for you, and professional installation is included.

  • Price: $2,500 – $6,000 (straight)
  • Types: Straight, curved, seated
  • Environment: Indoor, outdoor
  • Financing: Yes
  • Weight capacity: 300 – 400 pounds
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime

Arrow Lift provides a warranty on every stair lift they install, including reconditioned stair lifts. Most new lifts come with a limited lifetime warranty covering the drive system, and they all have a 1-year labor warranty. Arrow Lift also offers several service plan options, including an extended warranty option.

Curved stair lift from Arrow Lift
Curved stair lift from Arrow Lift

Lifeway Mobility provides a 1-year warranty on labor for all new stair lifts and a three- or six-month warranty for used stair lifts. The company also recommends leveraging its yearly maintenance plan to help ensure the lift stays in working condition. 

To learn more, read our comprehensive Arrow Lift review or get a free custom quote from the company.

Acorn Stair Lifts Review

Great installation process | 4 Stars

Acorn is currently the only manufacturer to have earned the Ease of Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation. To gain this distinction, Acorn submitted scientific studies and evaluations of the products they sell for testing by the Arthritis Foundation. 

What makes Acorn stand out, however, is their FastTrack® rail system that makes installation on curved stairs fast and easy to customize on the spot. Unlike Harmar or Bruno, Acorn is a direct manufacturer and doesn’t subcontract its sales or installations. Professionals represented by Acorn can install a stairlift in your home in just one hour. And it only takes a few days for the parts to be assembled—this is compared to multi-week-long lead times from other manufacturers.

  • Price: $3,200 – $10,000
  • Types: Straight, curved, seated
  • Environment: Indoor, outdoor
  • Financing: No
  • Weight capacity: 350 pounds
  • Warranty: 1-year

At just over 12 inches wide when folded, the Acorn 130 is one of the narrowest indoor stair lifts on our list, making it a good option for small spaces or those who want enough room to maneuver around the track when not in use. That said, Acorn seats are smaller than other stair lift configurations, so taller or larger folks should take this into consideration.

Acorn offers a one-year comprehensive warranty on its stair lifts. Still, it’s worth noting that this is much more limited than other manufacturers offering 2-year, 5-year, and limited lifetime warranties.

To learn more, read our comprehensive Acorn review.

AmeriGlide Review

Most budget friendly | 4.25 Stars

As a major disability and mobility equipment manufacturer in the United States, AmeriGlide makes and sells several models of stair lifts. Of the companies we reviewed, AmeriGlide had the most budget-friendly prices thanks, in part, to being able to buy reconditioned stair lifts.

If you live in a rural area without access to a reputable dealer, AmeriGlide’s option to buy online and self-install the lift may be a selling point. However, you’ll need to measure your stairway to ensure you buy the right lift. We downloaded the company’s stair lift measurement guide and the installation manual. While we feel DIY installation is possible, we recommend having a professional handle this process if possible. The rail delivery box weighs 115 pounds, and maneuvering the parts could be tough for some.

  • Price: $1,499 – $12,440
  • Types: Straight, curved, seated
  • Environment: Indoor, outdoor
  • Financing: Yes
  • Weight capacity: 275 – 350 pounds
  • Warranty: 2-year, 5-year

New AmeriGlide Stair Lifts come with a 2-year parts warranty and a 5-year warranty on the drive train. Reconditioned lifts have a 1-year parts warranty and a 3-year warranty on the drivetrain, while used lifts come with a 1-year parts-only warranty. 

Read our comprehensive AmeriGlide review.

What to Consider When Buying a Stair Lift

Ask yourself these questions when deciding which type of stair lift is right for your home:

  1. Will the stair lift be temporary, permanent, or a bridge to a more permanent option? If you have a short-term need for assistance getting up and down stairs, or you are waiting until you can make more significant first-floor upgrades, you may consider renting a stair lift instead of buying one.
  2. What size stair lift is required? The seat should fit you well and provide optimal safety. Standard stair lifts typically carry individuals weighing up to 300 pounds. Models that accommodate more weight are wider and can take up more space. If you are tall or tiny, be sure you can fit and ride comfortably in a standard chair and that all controls and features are within easy reach while seated. Get an idea of the seat width you require by sitting in a kitchen chair or another firm chair and measuring
  3. How important is appearance? Admittedly, stair lifts aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing mobility device on the market. Some brands allow you to pay more for a premium chair, upgraded upholstery, or add other options.
  4. Is your staircase straight or curved? Though stair lifts can fit almost any home configuration, the product you choose will need to follow the line of your existing staircase. Curved stair lifts take longer to install.
  5. How much space do you have at the top and bottom of your stairs? The rail and the chair itself take up a reasonable amount of space when parked. Your existing layout might be more conducive to certain models. For example, if you have a door near the top or bottom of the stairs, you should consider a flip-up seat or rail option that keeps the stair lift from crowding the door and impeding your entry-exit process.

Try out a variety of stair lifts in showrooms whenever possible. During our visit to a showroom, we tested the Harmar SL300, which has a hinged rail system that helps keep walkways clear and accessible.

In-Home Stair Lift Estimates and Consultations

Most stair lift companies, including the manufacturers on our list, offer free in-home consultations to help you choose the best stair lift for your needs. During their visit, the specialist will measure your stair lift, recommend certain safety features, and provide an installation quote. 

Your quote will depend on your current home setup, the type of stair lift you choose, and your electrical wiring (you’ll need to plug the lift into a nearby outlet, for example).

Although there are self-install stair lifts on the market, it’s best to have a skilled professional handle the installation. Installing a stair lift is a complex project with safety concerns and an experienced technician can help ensure years of trouble-free operation. The company specialist will also provide installer contact information, and they can also arrange the installation.

Important: If you’re unsure whether a stair lift is your best option, it can be helpful to have a professional, like a healthcare provider or a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist to help. They’ll assess your needs and your home setup to provide a list of all your options.

Handicare curved stair lift

Consider These Stair Lift Features

When buying a stair lift, your top priorities should be price and safety. Though the exact configuration will differ, all stair lifts come with a seat, a control device, a track, and a rechargeable battery. Beyond the basics, you can select various convenience features, such as swivel seats, fold-up footrests and rails, and electronic sensors.


All stair lifts run on batteries that receive a constant charge from the main power supply. Some batteries last longer than others—Stannah’s batteries last 15 to 20 rides up and down your stairs while Harmar batteries can power up to 60 rides. 

Consult the manufacturer for recommendations on battery sizing to ensure you can use the lift during outages. Most rechargeable batteries for stair lifts last between three and five years and cost $30 to $50 to replace.

Chair Configurations

You won’t use an uncomfortable stair lift, so it’s important to choose a lift that has chair options for increased comfort and style. Consider wide or narrow seats and upholstery texture for comfort. 

If mobility is a concern, prioritize brands that have tilted or perched seats that make transitioning in and out of the lift easier. Stannah, for example, offers a “standing lift” option, and several brands have swivel seats that will pivot toward the walkway as you prepare to dismount. 

Note that swivel seats can be manually pulled using a lever or automatically moved using a control on the armrest.

Most stair lift chairs swivel 45 degrees to 90 degrees to help with transitions. Typically, the rider will use a lever to turn the chair so that exiting and entering the lift is safer.

Using a manual lever, the rider can swivel the chair 90 degrees to make exiting the chair easier. This angle also helps block the stair case during the transitions, reducing fall risk.
Using a manual lever, the rider can swivel the chair 90 degrees to make exiting the chair easier. This angle also helps block the staircase during the transitions, reducing fall risk.

From The Expert

“Be sure you are confident that you have the necessary strength and coordination to complete the transfer on and off the chair. If you are unsure, a professional can help you decide which transfer technique is the best for you, and match that to the chair options.”

Control Options

If you have reduced dexterity, control options on stair lifts are an important consideration. For example, you might opt for a joystick instead of small buttons. Calling systems, the technology that moves a stairlift from one end of the rail to another, can be mounted to the wall or controlled remotely. 

Acorn stair lifts have several convenient control configurations, such as switches on both arms instead of just one and two remotes for the control system, allowing you to place one at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom.

The armrest control on the Harmar SL600 HD Pinnacle is easy to maneuver, and the green light indicates that the lift is ready to move.
The armrest control on the Harmar SL600 HD Pinnacle is easy to maneuver, and the green light indicates that the lift is ready to move.

Safety Features

Retractable safety belts are a vital part of any stair lift, and they come standard on most modern lifts. However, you should also consider electronic sensors that detect items on the stairs that could interfere with the lift’s function. Some more advanced lifts have weight sensors to ensure the user is fully on the lift before moving.

Hinged tracks help keep walkways clear and accessible. Press play to see one in action.

Types of Stair Lifts

There are three main types of stair lifts, though the one you choose will mostly depend on your stairs’ configuration and budget.

  • Straight stair lifts work best for stairs that don’t turn, bend, or have a landing. Here, the flat, standardized rail runs along the side of the staircase to move you from one level to another. These stair lifts are the most affordable because they require the least amount of work to install the rail.
  • Curved stair lifts are best for spiral stairways, landings, and “fanned” staircases. An installer will manufacture and assemble curved lifts individually, which adds to the overall cost.
  • Outdoor stair lifts can operate in the elements and use more durable seats, tracks, and electrical mechanisms to move you across various levels. You may purchase an outdoor lift to access porches, patios, decks, docks, and garages. If budget permits, consider purchasing a cover for the lift to prolong its lifespan and protect it from the elements.

Cost of Stair Lifts

Based on our analysis of the leading stair lift companies, the cost of a stair lift ranges from $1,500 to $15,000. However, costs vary widely depending on the type of stair lift you choose, the features and customizations you add to the lift, and any installation requirements. The cost to install a stair lift can add between 10% and 20% to your overall bill.

Straight$1,500 – $8,000
Curved$7,400 – $15,000+
Outdoor$3,000 – $10,000
Refurbished$2,000 – $3,000+
Cost Breakdown

From The Expert

“For additional help covering the cost of a stair lift, check your long-term care insurance coverage or injury-specific societies for possible grants. Your state might also have foundations that offer low-interest loans for adaptive devices, like the Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Fund, for example. Some cities offer low-income modification programs that install safety devices for people who are income-eligible.”

Wheelchair Lift Costs

Standard stair lifts cannot accommodate wheelchairs, so you’ll need to look for a wheelchair lift or platform lift if you currently use a wheelchair. Stairlift manufacturers like AmeriGlide and Bruno sell these lifts for $4,000 to $25,000. 

Pay attention to the various weight restrictions, as power wheelchairs could push you over the weight limit—most platform lifts that can carry wheelchairs have weight limits of 500 to 1,000 pounds. Installation fees will add a significant cost to the price of a wheelchair lift.

New vs. Refurbished Stair Lifts

Refurbished or used stair lifts can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of a new lift. The only caveat is that availability depends on each brand’s used lift inventory. Lifeway Mobility lists used stair lifts between $2,000 and $3,000, though this price could increase for curved lifts. 

When buying a used lift, it’s important to ensure the used lift can be modified to fit your space, as it was likely built for a different home setup originally. 

Always consult a certified dealer when installing a refurbished lift, as they can ensure it fits your space properly and may offer limited warranties to cover the installation.

Renting vs. Buying a Stair Lift

If you’re unsure whether a stair lift is for you, consider renting a lift on a monthly basis before buying one outright; some brands will establish a six-month rental agreement. Rental pricing varies by the dealer, your location, and the type of stair lift, but Retirement Living sourced rental costs between $250 and $500 a month.

Financing Options

When buying a stair lift, you’ll work with a local dealer who sells the brand of stair lift you want. As such, most dealers offer payment plan options that allow you to make small monthly payments over time. Financing options vary by dealer, so call your local dealer to learn more. 

The Typical Stair Lift Warranty

Most stair lift warranties cover parts and labor for a few years while some companies offer lifetime warranties on the motor and gearbox. However, manufacturer warranties differ from the warranty you’ll get from your local dealer. Some companies like Bruno only warranty new lifts installed by one of their professional contractors. If you choose to install a stair lift yourself, you will likely void the warranty.

No warranty will cover damage by the user, so be sure to read your manual for care and maintenance instructions. 

How to Buy a Stair Lift

Stair lifts vary, so we recommend visiting a local dealer ​​to learn about your options and then having a professional measure and install your lift.

1. Visit a Stair Lift Showroom

The stairlift companies on our list deliver products to fully operational showrooms throughout the U.S. If there is a dealer in your area, we highly recommend visiting the showroom to test the product and see the features in person. Depending on the showroom setup, you can practice operating the list, test different seat types, and schedule an in-home consultation with installers. 

2. Get Professional Measurements 

Both straight and curved stair lifts require exact measurements to ensure fit and function. Several of the brands we spoke to gave us instructions for measuring our stairways ourselves, but we highly recommend letting a professional gather exact dimensions that take into account curves, rail placement, clearances, and more.

According to one review on Retirement Living, Bruno specialists feed their measurements into a computer, which then calculates the dimensions accounting for the curvature and rise of the staircase.  

Starting with accurate measurements also helps ensure you get a more accurate price quote. For example, an in-home consultation allows professionals to determine whether you need to hire an electrician to hook up a charging station to a nearby outlet before the lift is installed.

3. Install Lift

Again, it’s best to have a professional install the stair lift, as DIY installations often void any accompanying warranty. Many states (California, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Oklahoma, and Virginia, to name a few) require you to have a permit to install lifts. 

Retirement Living’s analysis of customer reviews for stair lift companies found that most installations take about a day to complete. Professional installers we spoke to said that most straight stair lifts can be installed in four hours or less, including adding additional electrical outlets to power the lift, if needed.

However, each brand builds its lifts according to your exact specifications before they can be installed—customer reviews suggest typical manufacturer lead times are about two to four weeks for curved lifts. Straight tracks take less time to create.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stair Lifts

What are the electrical requirements for owning a stair lift?

Almost all stair lifts sold today are low-voltage direct current units, which means you only need to plug the lift into a standard electrical outlet. Your stairlift should be sold with around 25 feet of cord to reach the outlet nearest your staircase. If you need to install an electrical outlet closer to your stairway, the dealer can include the electrical costs in their quote.

Can you remove a stair lift?

While you can remove a stair lift yourself, it is not recommended. Both straight and curved models should be removed by fully qualified technicians who can move the lift without damaging your home or the equipment. Companies like Lifeway Mobility offer stair lift removal services, and some providers will buy back your lift so they can resell them as used lifts.

Where do you purchase a stair lift?

Local dealers sell stair lifts for purchase, and most brands send inventory to showrooms nationwide. Some manufacturers like AmeriGlide allow you to buy directly from the website, but you’ll need to have exact measurements to ensure you buy the right life. A quick Google search for local stair lifts will pull up results for showrooms near you. 

How much does it cost to install a stair lift?

If you have a straight stair lift, you should budget around $2,500 to $5,000 on average for installation. If you have a curved or multi-level stairway, your cost will rise to about $5,000 to $15,000, depending on the model you choose.

Does Medicare cover stair lifts?

Original Medicare does not cover the cost of a stair lift because they are considered home modifications, not durable medical equipment. Some Medicare Advantage plans may cover some of the costs. States like Minnesota and Connecticut offer Medicaid waiver programs to cover the cost of a stair lift if you meet certain income requirements.

Does insurance cover stair lifts?

In most cases, health insurance will not cover the cost of a stair lift.

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Bottom Line

Stair lifts are a vital component of aging in place and maintaining your mobility. Whether your staircase is straight or custom-made, you can work with a stair lift company to find a lift that fits your needs. Retirement Living recommends the above brands as reputable stair lift manufacturers.

Top Stair Lifts

  • Great warranty – Bruno
  • Ample customizations – Stannah
  • Broad product line – Lifeway Mobility
  • Knowledgeable staff – Arrow Lift
  • Great installation process – Acorn Stair Lifts
  • Great additional features – Handicare
  • Great chair options – Harmar Stairlifts
  • Most budget friendly – AmeriGlide

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