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Senior Living Marketing

7 Steps to Successful Senior Living Marketing

March 4, 2024

As baby boomers opt for assisted living over traditional nursing homes, the potential marketing opportunities for assisted living are skyrocketing. From now until 2030, 10,000 baby boomers will hit retirement age daily! The tide is rising, and you can rise with it by successfully marketing your senior living community. Why is senior living marketing so […]

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States with Zero Income Tax

This State Could Soon Eliminate Income Tax: Find Out Which States Don’t Tax Income

February 29, 2024

Home » Retirement News Updated: With tax day right around the corner, Americans are preparing to fork over a good portion of their earnings to Uncle Sam. But if you live in a state with no income tax, your overall tax burden is much lower.  As of 2024, nine states do not levy a state […]

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Best Cities to Retire in Florida

February 26, 2024

Home » Retirement News Updated: Warm, sunny Florida is well-known as an ideal spot for retirement. There are no retirement taxes, no income taxes, and the climate is mild year-round. Homelessness and crime are relatively low in Florida, too, according to data from the FBI. In fact, the biggest trouble you may find when retiring […]

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States that don't tax pensions

States That Don’t Tax Retirement Pensions

January 29, 2024

Home » Taxes by State Updated: When looking for the most tax-friendly states to retire in, you’ll want to think about everything from how income is taxed to the local sales tax rate to property taxes, if you plan to own a home. Why should you be worried about income taxes if you’re retiring? Pensions, […]

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Aging with AI

The Future of Senior Care May Be AI

June 27, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly developing, with scores of new AI products, software, and tools used to simplify daily tasks. We surveyed 1,000 Americans over 55 regarding their thoughts on AI, current AI usage, and interest in hypothetical AI senior care apps.

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The Loudest Cities in America

The Loudest Cities in America

June 15, 2023

Are all cities teeming with noise, or can you find some quieter metropolitan streets for retirement living? To answer this question we analyzed noise level data from cities across the U.S. and surveyed 1,005 city residents. Explore our findings to determine America’s loudest and quietest cities.

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Investing in alternative investments amid inflation

Americans Turn to Precious Metals To Protect Their Portfolios From Inflation

June 13, 2023

To better understand American investment habits in the current economy, we analyzed search volume data and surveyed over 1,000 Americans to learn where they trust their money.

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