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Latest update: March 1, 2023

State Income Tax3.07%
Median Home Price$175,900
City Sales Tax8.00%

Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and is home to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and other significant revolutionary sites.

Find a financial advisor in Philadelphia, PA

Those looking for a financial advisor in the Philadelphia, PA area have over 5,700 professionals to choose from. We sifted through financial advisors in the city to help you save time. Our choices are based on consumer reviews, professional certifications, asset requirements and Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

SmartAsset Financial Advisors

  • Advisors Near You
  • No-Fee Options

SmartAsset's award-winning resources help millions of people manage money and get matched with up to three financial advisors. The website provides free, detailed money management advice, personalized financial calculators and financial product comparisons. SmartAsset charges nothing to help you find a financial advisor to answer your questions and create a plan, whether you need a budget or wealth management.

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Datalign Advisory

  • In-person and remote financial advisors nationwide
  • 20 questions entry form

Connect with a licensed and fully-vetted financial advisor based on your unique situation, such as income level, required services, time to retirement, and previous experience working with financial advisors. It’s free to match with and interview a pro on the platform. All advisors in the Datalign network are fiduciaries.

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  • Free matching and initial consultation
  • Pre-screened FINRA/SEC registered advisors

WiserAdvisor is a matching tool that helps connect you to local, high-quality registered financial advisors. The website pairs you with up to three pre-screened advisors—from fortune 500 companies and small independent firms—and then allows you to interview them before selecting the right professional for you. It's free to match and interview on the secure and private platform. WiserAdvisor’s website also has a blog that offers timely investment advice and financial calculators that you can leverage in your money management journey.

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Metanoia Financial logo

Metanoia Financial

  • Assets Managed: $30.4 Million
  • Minimum Assets: N/A

Metanoia Financial helps clients across all life stages. With one financial advisor, this firm offers genuinely personal attention to everyone from Gen X professionals to those who are nearing or in retirement.

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McAdam Financially Advanced logo

McAdam Financially Advanced

  • Assets Managed: $406.9 Million
  • Minimum Assets: N/A

McAdam Financially Advanced reinvented the concept of financial advice by going beyond the traditional focus on the client’s personal and financial life. This firm takes each client’s profession into account when designing a financial plan. McAdam Financially Advanced is one of the largest financial networks in the country with an integrated platform of services, tools and advisor experience.

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RTD Financial logo

RTD Financial

  • Assets Managed: $1.5 Billion
  • Minimum Assets: Varies

RTD Financial helps clients define how they want to live in the future and why. Clients work with financial advisors during the Financial Life Planning program to identify their true values, commitment and responsibilities. The firm also provides retirement planning and a Wealth Builder program for young professionals, all for a flat fee.

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Cordasco Financial Network logo

Cordasco Financial Network

  • Assets Managed: $382.7 Million
  • Minimum Assets: $750,000

Financial advisors at Cordasco Financial Network take the time to really get to know each client before the financial planning begins. Aside from investment management services, the firm provides guidance for all financial decisions and creates long-term financial plans. Cordasco advisors build a wealth plan around the client’s needs.

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WealthKeel LLC logo

WealthKeel LLC

  • Assets Managed: N/A
  • Minimum Assets: N/A

WealthKeel Financial Advisors bucks the traditional financial planning model in favor of working with generations who need planning the most. WealthKeel clients are primarily under 50 years of age. WealthKeel operates solely as a financial advisor and offers investment advice but does not directly manage the client’s investments.

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Rassler Financial logo

Rassler Financial

  • Assets Managed: $412 Million
  • Minimum Assets: N/A

Rassler Financial acts as a coach to help clients take the emotion out of investing. This process makes investments successful over time. The firm can work on long-term financial planning or meets with people who want to focus on one financial area at a time.

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Metanoia Financial

Financial planning at Metanoia Financial is an ongoing process. First, clients meet with a financial advisor to discuss and assess current financial matters like insurance, cash flow, accounts and more. The financial advisor then brainstorms with the client to define goals for the future, then presents a strategy for reaching those goals. Finally, the advisor monitors the plan and makes adjustments through the client’s life changes.

Metanoia is a smaller firm in Philadelphia and is a good fit for people who want to be able to do financial planning with an advisor they get to know. The advisor works as a personal CFO when he manages investments for clients, designing and tracking portfolios, so clients don’t have that burden. The advisor at Metanoia Financial is a fiduciary, so is legally bound to put client’s interests ahead of his own.

Metanoia Financial charges a percentage of assets under management to provide services to clients. Those who only want financial planning pay from $1,000 to $10,000. Clients pay $200 to $1,000 per month for ongoing financial advising to those who choose to hold assets elsewhere.

Metanoia Financial
Assets Managed $30.4 Million
Minimum Assets N/A
Number of Advisors 1
Fee Structure Fee-Only
Address 1905 Spruce St

McAdam Financially Advanced

McAdam Financially Advanced financial advisors provide financial planning, wealth management and advanced tax and insurance planning. McAdam’s Advanced Advisory model offers a comprehensive financial plan factoring in personal, financial and the client’s professional information. Each profession has a unique career and economic pattern, and this leg of the program sets McAdam apart from other financial advisors.

Wealth management services include sophisticated and highly-specialized strategies to increase assets while protecting against portfolio erosion. Tax and insurance advice is available for advanced tax strategies, insurance, estate planning and actuarial plan design. McAdam Financially Advanced also offers specialized services to business owners to provide the tools required to manage both business and personal finances.

Clients who take advantage of McAdam’s investment management services pay a percentage of assets for that service, which includes financial planning. Those who choose not to invest with the firm pay from $500 to $25,000 or up to 2% of net worth or assets. The fee depends on the complexity of the financial plan and any consulting services required.

McAdam Financially Advanced
Assets Managed $406.9 Million
Minimum Assets N/A
Number of Advisors 121
Fee Structure Fee-Only
Address 1880 JFK Blvd Suite 1600

RTD Financial

RTD Financial offers investment management services and its trademarked Financial Life Planning to clients in the Philadelphia area. The financial planning is divided into three segments. Financial advisors work with clients through the Heart’s Core detailed exercise to identify core values. The Ought To segment solidifies commitments and responsibilities and Fun To documents the client’s wants and dreams.

Once the advisor learns the client’s true priorities and gathers financial data, the financial plan takes shape. RTD Financial provides carefully-researched, detailed alternatives and recommendations for the client. The result is greater clarity of purpose for the client while they are living fully according to their personal values.

The Financial Life Plan helps clients prepare for retirement and use retirement funds optimally for income with fewer taxes. RTD Financial also provides The Wealth Builder Program for young professionals with under $750,000 in assets. This program is especially useful to individuals who don’t have the time to research savings opportunities and investments.

RTD Financial charges flat fees for financial advisory services. These quarterly retainer fees are adjusted every three years. The yearly Financial Life Planning costs from $1,000 to $1,500 for those with at least $1 million in assets. Clients with lower assets pay $10,000 per year. Clearly, the firm favors investment management clientele. Wealth Builder fees run from $5,000 to $8,000 annually.

RTD Financial
Assets Managed $1.5 Billion
Minimum Assets Varies
Number of Advisors 23
Fee Structure Fee-Only
Address 30 S. 17th St Suite 1620

Cordasco Financial Network

Cordasco Financial Network’s financial advisors, certified planners and tax specialists work with clients through a three-pillar approach to financial stability. Wealth Planning helps clients discover and focus on their goals and priorities and the decisions required to meet both. A financial advisor stress tests the financial plan to ensure it’s realistic. Investment Management oversees a portfolio designed around the client’s values. Lifestyle Coaching involves ongoing assistance with making financial decisions using the behavioral finance model.

The Investment Management services provide a portfolio built on stocks related to what matters to the client. This portfolio is designed for agility during market fluctuations and life changes. Investment advisors explain the portfolio outlook in plain English, so the client is clear on how financial goals can be achieved. The investment managers at Cordasco Financial Network use vigorous research, dynamic strategies and careful trend analysis adjusted for each client’s circumstances.

Cordasco Financial Network clients have 24/7 access to RBC Advisor Connect. This online portal gathers financial accounts, investments, documents and research all in one place.

Financial planning fees at Cordasco range from $1,500 to $15,000, or $250 to $450 per hour. Investment management fees are based on a percentage of assets. Clients opting for a wrap fee arrangement pay up to 2% of managed assets.

Cordasco Financial Network
Assets Managed $382.7 Million
Minimum Assets $750,000
Number of Advisors 7
Fee Structure Fee-Based
Address Three Logan Square 1717 Arch Street, 39th Floor

WealthKeel LLC

WealthKeel LLC provides financial planning and advice for individuals under 50 years of age, primarily high-income professionals. The firm’s goal is to work with clients who feel overwhelmed by the increasing complexity of financial decisions. Financial advisors at WealthKeel custom-craft financial plans for professionals, families, entrepreneurs, business owners and medical professionals.

WealthKeel goes beyond financial product sales and investment management. Financial planning services dig into the client’s cash flow, creating a budget and coaching the client to follow it. Financial advisors at WealthKeel also assist with finding effective strategies for debt repayment, home and car purchases, and adjust the financial plan to life transitions.

WealthKeel financial planning includes an online dashboard so clients can track everything that’s going on in financial accounts at any time of day or night. After creating a financial plan, the financial advisor provides guidance and accountability as needed via email or phone. Financial planning consists of four to six sessions with two reviews per year. A la carte financial advisory services are available to discuss any financial matters in one to three visits.

WealthKeel LLC charges a one-time fee of $1,500 to $3,000 to create a financial plan. Ongoing support costs $300, with a reduced rate for medical residents. Working with the firm’s a la carte plan is $250 per hour, then a flat fee is discussed.

WealthKeel LLC
Assets Managed N/A
Minimum Assets N/A
Number of Advisors 4
Fee Structure Fee-Only
Address 601 Walnut St Suite 1200

Rassler Financial

Rassler Financial’s mission is to place clients with the right investments to succeed. Financial advisors at the firm help clients take the emotion out of investing and provide a financial roadmap for reaching goals. By eliminating emotional investing, Rassler Financial helps clients find the best balance in their portfolio.

The financial advisors at Rassler help people in one specific area, like choosing enough insurance coverage, saving for college or planning for a growing family. Whether you want to invest in stocks, set up an IRA or work on a budget, Rassler Financial can guide you through the process.

Rassler Financial offers investment advisory services through Continuum Advisory, LLC. Assets managed noted below include all Continuum partner firms. The firm assists clients with a broad range of financial planning, from simple needs to more complex matters. The bulk of recommended investments are ETFs, but clients are also invested in mutual funds, equities and other securities depending on their objectives.

The fee structure is primarily fee-based, but Rassler has some commissioned products. The firm is licensed to sell insurance in some states. Rassler Financial and Continuum Advisory, LLC do not publish fees but charge both hourly and flat fees. Rassler charges a percentage of managed assets for investment advisory services.

Rassler Financial
Assets Managed $412 Million
Minimum Assets N/A
Number of Advisors 4
Fee Structure Varies
Address 230 S. Broad St 17th Floor


We researched the best financial advisors in Philadelphia with options for all fiscal situations and created our list to include the best advisors and the criteria necessary to make an informed decision.

When choosing a financial advisor it’s important to do your research. We advise speaking with three advisors before deciding which advisor is best for your situation.

Philadelphia Financial Advisors
Company Assets Managed Minimum Assets Fee Structure
Metanoia Financial $30.4 Million N/A Fee-Only
McAdam Financially Advanced $406.9 Million N/A Fee-Only
RTD Financial $1.5 Billion Varies Fee-Only
Cordasco Financial Network $382.7 Million $750,000 Fee-Based
WealthKeel LLC $3.9 Billion N/A Fee-Only
Rassler Financial $412 Million N/A Varies

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