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Latest update: March 1, 2023

State Income Tax8.50%
Median Home Price$562,900
City Sales Tax6.00%

Washington, DC is the capital of the United States and is the sixth-largest metropolitan area in the country.

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We chose the best financial advisors in Washington, DC, out of the almost 4,000 working in the metro area by researching customer reviews, professional certifications, asset requirements and filings from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

SmartAsset Financial Advisors

  • Advisors Near You
  • No-Fee Options

SmartAsset's award-winning resources help millions of people manage money and get matched with up to three financial advisors. The website provides free, detailed money management advice, personalized financial calculators and financial product comparisons. SmartAsset charges nothing to help you find a financial advisor to answer your questions and create a plan, whether you need a budget or wealth management.

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Datalign Advisory

  • In-person and remote financial advisors nationwide
  • 20 questions entry form

Connect with a licensed and fully-vetted financial advisor based on your unique situation, such as income level, required services, time to retirement, and previous experience working with financial advisors. It’s free to match with and interview a pro on the platform. All advisors in the Datalign network are fiduciaries.

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  • Free matching and initial consultation
  • Pre-screened FINRA/SEC registered advisors

WiserAdvisor is a matching tool that helps connect you to local, high-quality registered financial advisors. The website pairs you with up to three pre-screened advisors—from fortune 500 companies and small independent firms—and then allows you to interview them before selecting the right professional for you. It's free to match and interview on the secure and private platform. WiserAdvisor’s website also has a blog that offers timely investment advice and financial calculators that you can leverage in your money management journey.

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SageVest Wealth Management logo

SageVest Wealth Management

  • Assets Managed: $184.8 million
  • Minimum Assets: $1 million

SageVest Wealth Management’s financial advisors provide comprehensive investment and wealth management services to individuals, families, trusts and small businesses. The firm assists clients with making financially-sound decisions and offers unbiased advice in a complex financial environment. SageVest Wealth Management has been providing individualized services to clients since 2007.

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FJY Financial logo

FJY Financial

  • Assets Managed: $493 million
  • Minimum Assets: N/A

FJY Financial is a fiduciary financial advisory and investment management firm that assists clients with implementing financial strategies and designing investment portfolios. Financial advisors at FJY work together to provide a team-centric approach incorporating all facets of financial planning. The firm assists clients with establishing financial goals and utilizes the latest technology to deliver customized, forward-looking financial plans for every stage of life.

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Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney logo

Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney

  • Assets Managed: $3.5 billion
  • Minimum Assets: $1 million

SBSB has been in business since 1991, providing a rigorous and in-depth approach to financial planning, portfolio management, fiduciary and tax services. Financial advisors at Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney provide financial planning and wealth advisory services to affluent clients. The firm takes a customized approach to creating financial strategies and is committed to a high level of client service.

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Armstrong Fleming and Moore logo

Armstrong Fleming and Moore

  • Assets Managed: $627 million
  • Minimum Assets: $1.5 million

Armstrong Fleming and Moore’s independent financial advisors provide expertise and industry knowledge to help clients create a goal-based financial plan. The firm’s objective is to design financial plans that remain sensible under any market conditions. Armstrong Fleming and Moore works with high-income individuals, typically with a net worth over $3 million.

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Capital Asset Management Group logo

Capital Asset Management Group

  • Assets Managed: $189 million
  • Minimum Assets: $25,000

Capital Asset Management Group’s financial advisors take an education-based approach to financial planning. Clients learn through each step of the financial planning process, so they understand why the firm implements strategies on their behalf. Capital Asset Management Group even founded a nationwide network of financial advisors to develop its own financial planning process, the Integrated Independence Method.

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Geometric Wealth Advisors logo

Geometric Wealth Advisors

  • Assets Managed: $158.5 million
  • Minimum Assets: N/A

Geometric Wealth Advisors specializes in assisting mid-career professionals working in finance, consulting and law by offering portfolio management and financial advisory services. The firm is proactive in advising clients on adjusting their financial plan or investing strategy before a significant market fluctuation. Clients get the benefit of behavioral financial coaching, so they can improve money management skills.

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Financial Advisor Reviews Washington, DC

SageVest Wealth Management

Financial advisors at SageVest Wealth Management serve the Washington, DC, area by offering traditional financial planning for retirement, college and taxes along with a unique program for families. The Intergenerational Planning service offers guided discussions, counseling and resources, like financial workshops for millennials. SageVest Kids helps parents raise children who make wise decisions, and kids receive financial education relevant to their age group from ages 3 through 18. SageVest also offers business services, legacy planning and assistance through life transitions.

Family members can combine accounts to meet SageVest’s minimum asset requirement. Every $500,000 invested with the firm earns five hours of free financial planning. Otherwise, financial advisory fees are $150 to $300 per hour with $75 per hour for administrative support. Investment management fees are 0.5% – 1% of managed assets.

SageVest Wealth Management
Assets Managed $184.4 Million
Minimum Assets $1 Million
Number of Advisors 3
Fee Structure Fee-Based
Address 1320 Old Chain Bridge Road Suite 250

FJY Financial

FJY Financial caters to high-net-worth individuals such as professionals, business owners and retirees. The firm also works with qualified retirement plans and other nonprofit and charitable organizations. Financial advisors at FJY assist clients with creating and implementing financial plans that align with their goals. Financial advisors address six areas in the planning process: college costs, cash flow, income taxes, retirement, insurance and estate planning. Investment management clients are typically young families and professionals who are saving for the future, often with $250,000 to $500,000 portfolios, and high-net-worth cases with portfolios above $2 million. FJY focuses on a diversified investment approach and advisors help clients maintain discipline through all market cycles.

FJY charges from $5,000 to $50,000 to work with a financial advisor, and the minimum retirement planning fee is $4,500. Investment management clients pay a percentage of the market value of their assets. FJY Financial negotiates fees and account minimums with each client individually.

FJY Financial
Assets Managed $493 Million
Minimum Assets Varies
Number of Advisors 5
Fee Structure Fee-Based
Address 1900 Campus Commons Dr. Suite 500

Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney

Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney financial advisors take a comprehensive approach to financial planning and investment management. This firm considers the financial needs of each client and how each part of the plan affects other areas. The team at Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney provides a broad experience base and works with client attorneys, accountants and other professionals to coordinate its financial management. Financial planning at SBSB takes place after evaluating the client’s goals and current financial resources with consideration for future income. The advisor designs a financial plan covering cash flow, withdrawal planning and asset growth. SBSB clients can use financial planning services on either a limited or ongoing basis. For portfolio management, Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney advisors choose investments from a variety of sources. The firm also utilizes an institutional-trading system to monitor investments at a lower cost.

Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney maintains two fee schedules: one for clients with assets under $5 million and one with lower fees for those holding assets over $5 million. The firm calculates fees based on a percentage of assets under management. Financial planning and tax consulting fees range from $80 to $600 per hour plus expenses or as negotiated.

Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney
Assets Managed $3.5 Billion
Minimum Assets $1 Million
Number of Advisors 27
Fee Structure Fee-Based
Address 8444 Westpark Dr Suite 610

Armstrong, Fleming and Moore

Armstrong Fleming and Moore financial advisors specialize in providing financial planning and investment management services to high-net-worth individuals. This firm tailors financial plans to current finances but factors in the flexibility to adapt to changing needs throughout both life and market fluctuations. The firm also adheres to time-honored investment practices driven by research and a commitment to a higher level of personalized service than clients find at other firms. Armstrong Fleming and Moore works with a limited, select clientele to allow the firm to spend enough time to provide exceptional services. Armstrong Fleming and Moore specifically welcomes female clients who are widowed or single by choice.

Financial planning fees at Armstrong Fleming and Moore are $150 to $350 per hour. Investment management fees are a percentage of assets, but the firm also earns commissions on some financial products.

Armstrong, Fleming and Moore
Assets Managed $627 Million
Minimum Assets $1.5 Million
Number of Advisors 6
Fee Structure Varies
Address 1800 M Street NW Suite 1010-S

Capital Asset Management Group

Capital Asset Management Group uses a behavioral-finance model to help clients think differently about managing their money and promote a positive change in financial strategies. Clients work with financial advisors throughout five sessions over three months. Advisors focus on financial education while working to give clients the information needed to make wise decisions about their financial future. A step-by-step planning process called the Integrated Independence Method helps clients be more purposeful with their income. Capital Asset Management Group then develops the best financial solutions for the client’s goals to come up with a blueprint to financial independence.

Investment management fees are a percentage of assets under management, and clients may combine multiple personal or family accounts to achieve better fee tiers. Initial financial planning services from Capital Asset Management Group cost $200 to $3,500. Annual review fees are typically $500 to $1,750, but clients with a net worth over $1 million pay around $10,000 for their yearly review. However, that amount gets offset by the fees paid for assets under management and other possible credits. Hourly fees for clients not enrolled in I2M are $150 to $500.

Capital Asset Management Group
Assets Managed $189 Million
Minimum Assets $25,000
Number of Advisors 10
Fee Structure Fee-Based
Address 1000 Potomac Street N Suite 300

Geometric Wealth Advisors

Financial planning services at Geometric Wealth Advisors include a comprehensive net worth model used to make financial decisions. Financial plans offer proactive guidance for retirement and educational savings, financial independence goals, housing, debt management, insurance coverage and estate planning strategies. Geometric Wealth Advisors’ services are best for those who want a financial advisor to keep up with their financial planning so they can spend time on other things. Tax services include tax preparation, filing and ongoing consulting; all of which are free for clients with at least $2 million under management. The firm’s financial and tax advisors meet to ensure the financial plan stays optimized to reduce taxes. Geometric Wealth Advisors provides behavioral finance coaching along with portfolio management to help clients deal with market cycles. This approach helps to ensure clients don’t sell or buy investments based on market turbulence or breaking news. Investment managers monitor portfolios daily to rebalance investments as needed. Clients can invest in low-cost, tax-conscious securities not available to retail investors.

Portfolio management fees at Geometric Wealth Advisors are either a percentage of managed assets or a minimum $5,000 annually. This cost includes financial planning, tax services and access to exclusive mortgage rates and lines of credit. Fees are reasonable in comparison to most other firms.

Geometric Wealth Advisors
Assets Managed $158.5 Million
Minimum Assets N/A
Number of Advisors 4
Fee Structure Fee-Based
Address 1717 K Street NW Suite 900


When searching for a financial advisor it’s important to do your homework. We advise our readers to speak with multiple advisors to ensure they have explored all options and know what to expect.

We researched the best advisors in the Washington, DC metro area with options for all situations and compiled our list to include all the criteria crucial when making a decision. We’ve included professionals that serve clients of all asset levels.

Washington, DC Financial Advisors
Company Assets Managed Minimum Assets Fee Structure
SageVest Wealth Management $184.4 Million $1 Million Fee-Based
FJY Financial $493 Million Varies Fee-Based
Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney $3.5 Billion $1 Million Fee-Based
Armstrong, Fleming and Moore $627 Million $1.5 Million Varies
Capital Asset Management Group $189 Million $25,000 Fee-Based
Geometric Wealth Advisors $158.5 Million N/A Fee-Based

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