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Aloe Care Health

4.5 Stars
Updated: January 30, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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Aloe Care Health’s voice-activated medical alert system allows seniors to live safely in their homes and stay connected with family and caregivers. The system provides access to an emergency response team 24 hours a day by voice command. Aloe Care’s Essentials, Essentials Plus and Total Care devices automatically detect air quality, room temperature and motion. These three medical alert systems provide fast access to help or a hands-free conversation with loved ones.

Aloe Care Logo

Editorial Breakdown

Coverage Area 4.3 Stars
Battery Life 4.4 Stars
Features 4.4 Stars
Ease of Purchase 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4.4 Stars

Bottom Line

Aloe Care Health offers medical alert systems that include motion sensors, fall detection and a smart hub activated by your voice.

Aloe Care Health Medical Alert Review

Many adult children struggle with wanting better communication with aging parents who live alone. Many older adults who are aging in place have concerns about getting help quickly if they need it. Aloe Care Health’s medical alert system breaks through communication and safety barriers with advanced but affordable technology.

Aloe Care’s Health Essentials, Essentials Plus and Total Care medical alert systems are voice-activated and instantly connect to emergency services, family members or other caregivers. The award-winning devices are easy to set up and enhance communication necessary for better health care for retirees. The systems work via cell signal or Wi-Fi and have features like fall detection, CO2 alerts and multiple ways to call for help or check in with a caregiver or family member.


  • Voice-activated emergency assistance
  • Communicate with unlimited individuals
  • Air-quality alerts and motion detection
  • Easy to set up
  • Optional mobile device for use on-the-go


  • Mobile Companion requires AT&T LTE mobile network availability

Aloe Care Health Medical Alert Smart Hub

The Smart Hub is at the center of each Aloe Care Health medical alert system. This hardware allows for two-way, hands-free communication 24/7 with family members, caregivers or an emergency response center. Smart Hub air quality sensors detect carbon dioxide and VOC levels in the home, air temperature, falls and unusual motion.

The Smart Hub is a secure smart speaker activated by voice recognition or pressing a button. The user can speak to people assigned to their Care Circle or call for emergency help. They can repeat the word “emergency” to automatically connect to Aloe Care’s emergency response team.

Saying, “call my family” lets users address less urgent needs or chat with family members through the Smart Hub. People in the Care Circle can use the mobile app to call the Smart Hub, and users can answer with a voice command.

Aloe Care Health Medical Alert Systems
Feature Essentials Essentials Plus Total Care
Voice-activated help and 24/7 emergency call center
Help button and call hub via mobile app
Amplification for hearing impaired
Monitors air temp and quality (VOC/CO2)
Motion automatic fall sensors
Portable emergency response device
Automatic bathroom fall detection
Monthly fee $39.99 $49.99 $59.99

Aloe Care Health Essentials Medical Alert System

Aloe Care Health’s Essentials package includes the Smart Hub and a Care Button. Users can wear Care Buttons on a lanyard around their necks or wrists and press the button for help. The Care Button works up to 200 feet from the Smart Hub and is not designed for use outside the home.

The Smart Hub monitors the environment in the home as described above and includes a motion sensor.

Aloe Care Health Essentials Plus

The Essentials Plus medical alert system adds Aloe Care Health’s Mobile Companion, a 4G LTE device used outside the home in an emergency or to automatically get help after a fall. The Mobile Companion is worn as a pendant or carried in the user’s hand. A vibrational feedback setting makes the device useful for those with visual or hearing impairments.

The Mobile Companion features GPS, so those in the user’s Care Circle can always locate their loved one. GPS also allows Aloe Care’s response team to inform emergency services of the correct location. The device takes up to six hours to charge, and a full charge lasts five days. The Mobile Companion does not require the Smart Hub to function and could be used indoors as well, but it only works on AT&T’s mobile network.

Aloe Care Health Total Care Medical Alert System

Total Care offers everything in Aloe Care Health’s Essentials Plus and a unique automatic fall detection sensor. Most falls happen in the bathroom, where the Smart Fall sensor is designed for use. This device creates a 3D map of the bathroom you design by following voice prompts while walking around the room.

If the map “senses” someone lying on the floor for a couple of minutes, Smart Fall initiates a two-way call with an Aloe Care Health agent for triage. If there’s a need for help, the agent dispatches emergency services. People in the senior’s Care Circle also receive a notification on the Aloe Care mobile app.

Aloe Care Health Total Care also includes two fall sensors that “learn” the day-to-day patterns of motion in the home. If the system detects inconsistent activity, it notifies the Care Circle via the mobile app. Combined with the Smart Hub and Smart Fall sensors, Total Care has four separate motion sensors.

Aloe Care Health App for Android and iPhone

The Aloe Care family app for Android and iPhone works with the Smart Hub. The app is secure and only works with the proper credentials and an activated Smart Hub. The Care Circle defines who can communicate with the user, with four levels of access to information and the Aloe Care Health system.

The Aloe Care family app has these features:

  • Initiate a two-way conversation held via the Smart Hub
  • Receive notifications initiated by voice or a press of a button when the senior needs attention
  • Request 24/7 professional assistance on the senior’s behalf
  • Track caregiver arrivals and departures and see notes from others in the Care Circle
  • Get alerts for in-home and outdoor temperatures, CO2 levels and VOC levels
  • See the senior’s location when they use the Aloe Care Mobile Companion

Aloe Care Health Medical Alert Costs

The Aloe Care Essentials system one-time equipment cost is $199.99 ($39.99 monthly service fee). Essentials Plus costs $299.99 ($49.99 per month) and the Total Care package is $399.99 ($59.99 per month). The company runs promotional pricing from time to time, so you may be able to buy a system for $50 to $100 less and save up to $10 per month on the service fee.

Aloe Care also sells the Mobile Companion as a stand-alone device without the Smart Hub. The regular price is $149.99 for the hardware and $24.99 per month for service.

Wireless service is included in the monthly fee, and you can cancel at any time since there’s no service contract. Aloe Care Health offers a free month of service for U.S. military members. Each medical alert system comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the mobile app is free.

Where to Buy an Aloe Care Health Medical Alert System

You can order an Aloe Care Health medical alert system directly from the company’s website. You’ll also find a phone number on the site to call with questions or place an order.

Aloe Care Health Complaints

We found no Better Business Bureau rating or complaints filed against Aloe Care Health. SeniorLiving and PCMag give Aloe Care’s medical alert system 4 out of 5 stars. and The Senior List give the company 4.5 and 4.7 out of 5 stars, respectively. also rates Aloe Care Health favorably with an 8.4 out of 10.

Aloe Care Health received awards for its medical alert innovations from Today’s Caregiver, PCMag, IoT Breakthrough and MD Tech Review. The Stevie Awards named Aloe Care as the company offering the “Best Use of Technology in Customer Service in Telecommunications Industries” in February 2021.

Aloe Care Health Medical Alert FAQ

  • Do I need to use the mobile app to set up the Aloe Care Smart Hub?

    You can use the Aloe Care mobile app to set up the Smart Hub, but this isn’t required. Just plug the Smart Hub into an outlet and follow the voice prompts for instructions to set up the device. Be sure not to plug the Smart Hub into an outlet controlled by a light switch. You probably won’t need assistance, but you can call the support number if you need help.

  • Can I add caregivers to my Aloe Care Health system?

    Yes, you can add new caregivers to communicate with via the Aloe Care medical alert system at any time. Caregivers get added to the Care Circle in the mobile app. Enter the name and email address, and the new caregiver will get an invitation to your Care Circle. Follow the same procedure to change a contact’s phone number or other information.

  • Can I move the Aloe Care Smart Hub to another location?

    Yes, you can move your Smart Hub to any room as often as you like. Go to the new location and plug the device into an outlet. Then use the mobile app to select the new location and tap on “Save.”

  • What batteries do I have to buy for Aloe Care Health medical alert components?

    You never have to buy batteries for your Aloe Care Health system. All components are rechargeable.

  • Do I need Wi-Fi to use an Aloe Care Health medical alert system?

    Aloe Care Health recommends Wi-Fi, but it’s not required to use the Smart Hub. You can use the 4G LTE cellular network instead. The 4G LTE network is a backup if you do use Wi-Fi.


Aloe Care Health medical alert systems take advantage of technology for better safety and communication at a reasonable cost. Seniors living on their own, their loved ones and caregivers can have greater peace of mind knowing help is just a voice command away. The GPS-enabled Mobile Companion extends medical alerts to areas serviced by AT&T’s nationwide 4G LTE network. Aloe Care Health gets high ratings across the board and gives consumers 30 days to decide to keep the medical alert or get their money back.

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