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Cal Spas

4.5 Stars (3 Reviews)
Updated: January 23, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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With 40 years in business, Cal Spas hot tubs are distributed around the world and sold through specialty dealers. Cal Spas products include therapeutic hot tubs, swim spas, and hydrotherapies like Fountain of Youth, deep tissue, and adjustable massage, among others. Cal Spas’ surrounds give the hot tubs visual appeal and can create a social hub with movable benches, bars, and bar stools.

Cal Spas Logo

Editorial Breakdown

Hot Tub Variety 4.8 Stars
Warranty 4.2 Stars
Hot Tub Features 4.8 Stars
Customer Service 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4.5 Stars

Bottom Line

For more than 40 years, Cal Spas manufactures and distributes therapeutic hot tubs, swim spas, and hydrotherapy spas.

Comprehensive Cal Spas Review

Cal Spas hot tub line consists of over 55 above ground spas accommodating two to seven people, and eight swim spa models including a hybrid swim spa and hot tub. With hundreds of customization options, you can create the best hot tub for your needs. We chose Cal Spas as a top pick in our Best Hot Tubs Guide because the company offers a great selection of hot tubs. The company has won many design awards over the years and is a Spasearch Certified manufacturer.


  • Plug ‘N Play kits reduce installation time and cost
  • Custom build options include different jets for each seat
  • Premium hydrotherapy with Adjustable Therapy System (ATS)


  • No pricing available online

Cal Spas Products

Cal Spas offers six hot tub lines and one line for swim spas. There are eight or nine models in nearly every line, with a choice of 14 models in the midrange to high-end Escape Spas line. The tub construction is sturdy, and frames are designed to hold up against wet conditions.

A Cal Spas Swim Spa is an elongated tub that allows you to swim in place against a current created by Tornado Jets. You can also walk or jog in place or gently swim using the Hydro-Pro Swim-Mill + Resistance I feature. Resistance II and Resistance V are available for more advanced swimmers. Pro Trainer technology allows the swimmer to adjust all six jets simultaneously or choose a Swim Pro Workout with automatically varied resistance.

Cal Spas Hot Tub Models and Features
Cal Spas Line Top Feature Seats Jets
8 Models
Patio-sized hot tubs with 110-volt Plug ‘N Play technology for quick set up. 2 to 6 11 to 24
Patio Plus
9 Models
Larger hot tubs, quick set up, 220 volts, and more jets. 2 to 6 20 to 34
14 Models
Performance therapy packages, 2-Pump system, lighting options. 2 to 6 11 to 24
Escape Plus
8 Models
Powerful 3-Pump system, performance therapy, and lighting packages. 5 to 6 60 to 67
8 Models
High end. 2- and 3-Pump configurations with 24/7 circulation. 6 72 to 94
8 Models
High end. 2- and 3-Pump configurations with 24/7 circulation. 6 72 to 94
Platinum Plus
4 Models
Adds customized jet configurations for each seat to Platinum line. 6 Customer’s Choice
Swim Spa
8 Models
Full aquatic workout. Swim, walk, or jog using the resistance of the jets. 3 to 12 20 to 81

Cal Spas Hot Tub Construction

We were impressed with the methods and materials Cal Spas uses to manufacture hot tubs, starting with a patented seven-layer system with steel and wood reinforcement. Cabinet frames are either made from high-grade galvanized steel or pressure treated wood to resist rot, insects, and corrosion. They are supported by one-inch galvanized steel fasteners, gussets, and bracing. High-density foam protects the plumbing under the hot tub, and Cal Spa’s True Blue VGB-approved vacuum safety break automatically reduces pump suction if the intake gets blocked.

Cal Spas hot tubs feature several layers of insulation to make heating your spa as economical as possible, a long-life titanium heater, and sturdy hot tub covers.

Cal Spas Hot Tub Technology

Cal Spas developed several exclusive hot tub features using patented, cutting edge technology:

  • U-Select design with 10 jet configuration selections per seat.
  • Candy Cane Jets provide deep tissue to soft tissue massage.
  • Velocity Jets pinpoint specific areas of the body to relax muscles.
  • Aquatic Air Therapy (AAT) massages sore muscles and joints by combining air and water streams in three different flow patterns with Flex Jets, Duo Jets, and Precision Jets.
  • Adjustable Therapy System (ATS) seats feature a dedicated motor and control panel with nine pressure level selections.
  • Fountain of Youth patented hydrotherapy rejuvenates the body and skin with billions of oxygen-rich micro-bubbles.
  • Swim-Pro Pro-Trainer technology in Cal Spas swim spas with a selection of 10 swim resistance settings from 1% to 100% power and multiple duration settings.

Cal Spas Hot Tub Prices and Where to Buy

You can take a look at Cal Spas hot tubs at a local dealer, request a quote, or call the company using information from the website. We could not find online prices for any Cal Spas hot tub models other than for the Escape Series at $3,200 to $8,400. Based on our hot tub prices research, Cal Spas hot tubs appear to be priced fairly. Given the number of models and options for these hot tubs, it’s best to get a quote from a few dealers after identifying how you want to use your tub. Cal Spas hot tubs are sold through only through dealers, not directly to consumers.

Cal Spas Complaints

The Better Business Bureau gives Cal Spas a top-notch “A+” rating. We found 21 complaints filed on the BBB website over the past three years, and each one was answered or resolved. The majority of the complaints centered around charges outside of the limited warranty. ConsumerAffairs readers give the company 4.4 out of 5 stars based on nearly 700 customer reviews, and Yelp reviewers gave Cal Spas a stellar 5-star rating.

Cal Spas Hot Tubs Q&A

  • Can I keep my Cal Spas hot tub clean without using a lot of chemicals?
    Bacteria in the water can make you ill, so it’s essential to keep your hot tub water clean at all times. Cal Spas offers several options to keep your water pure without the need for large amounts of chemicals. Consider the Puresilk Ozonator, Calpure Salt System, and Bio-Clean antimicrobial filters, and see our tips for cleaning your hot tub to keep the water safe.

  • What does Cal Spas Fountain of Youth do for skin conditioning?
    Research suggests negative ions can improve skin, mood, and energy levels. Cal Spas’ Fountain of Youth technology delivers negatively-charged ions in an oxygen-rich environment to energize skin cells, stimulate the immune system, and promote healing while naturally killing bacteria.

  • How physically fit must I be to use a Cal Spas Swim Spa?
    The Pro Trainer swim spa is suitable for swimmers at all fitness levels. Jets adjust simultaneously with six equally-balanced swim current speeds, and there’s a setting for a variable resistance workout. A Cal Spas Swim Spa provides gentle, low-resistance aquatic exercise up to an aggressive swim session.

  • Does Cal Spas sell sound or lighting systems for use around hot tubs?
    Yes, Cal Spas sells the Freedom Sound System and Wi-Fi module to stream your favorite music, and there’s a range of LED lighting options for safety and mood in and around the hot tub. The Cascade Waterfall or Hydro Streamers Plus provide relaxing water sounds and visual appeal.

  • How often should I clean the filter in my Cal Spas hot tub?
    Cal Spas recommends spraying off your filter weekly and deep cleaning it at least once a month, depending on your spa usage and the average number of bathers. The company suggests replacing the filter once each year.


A hot tub provides relief from chronic pain and hours of relaxation. To ensure you get the best spa for your money, plan for your hot tub after doing some research. You can easily find a Cal Spas hot tub to fit your budget and available space with information and assistance on the company website or from a dealer. Cal Spas offers financing deals, and if you’re replacing a hot tub, you may be able to save money with a trade-in.

3 Cal Spas Reviews

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5 Stars

January 13 2024 4:59PM

I have had a Cal spa for 8 months now. Love it. No problems, easy to take care of it too. This is my first Idaho winter and I thought it was going to b be challenging with electricity costs. I was wrong. The tub is insulated beautifully, and in -25 degrees weather, the tub is holding a temperature of 95 degrees without the heating unit being on 24/7!

Dre P.
Sandpoint, ID
2 Stars

March 12 2023 6:05PM

Cabinet sides started bowing within first five months of brand new. They came and replaced. The others bowed within a year and a half. Used it 2 years. The third the headrests went bad and most the jets needed to be replaced.

Went to use the past couple months and the waterfall wasn’t working and the tub would not heat. Cost me 350 for a new pump. Went out to use it and looks like there is a hold as it drained about a foot of water. Unusable tub. I even paid for the extra insulation.

Chad M.
Salt Lake City, UT
4 Stars

June 10 2022 7:38PM

Had 5 headrests go bad within the first 5 months and they told us they had a bad batch of them and they said they were going to warranty them for a year but after 5 months they said no more. This is my first hot tub from them and will probably be my last. QC Pools and Spa are great to deal with.

Allen R.
Sherrard, IL