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Structured settlements provide regular payments over many years, but life circumstances can arise where one generous payout is helpful or necessary. District Settlement Finance is a structured settlement company helping clients turn future payments into funds to pay for today’s expenses. You can pay for medical bills, bankroll home modifications, or use the proceeds to buy a new home or investments.

The experienced professionals at District Settlement Finance understand the risks and benefits of selling an annuity, a structured settlement or future lottery payments. District Settlement Finance tailors each solution depending on the client’s situation. You’ll find the representatives take time to understand your story to help you focus on your financial goals.

  • Small firm with personal service
  • Experts can work with any type of annuity
  • Converts lottery, casino and sweepstakes winnings to cash distributions

  • Website could be more informative

District Settlement Finance Structured Settlements

District Settlement Finance specializes in helping clients exchange future structured settlement payments for one sizable check, usually within a few weeks. Many people sell all or part of their structured settlements to pay off debt or unexpected bills. Using the payout to fund investments or make major purchases are also reasons to sell an annuity.

A judge needs to approve the sale of a structured settlement. This legal process can seem overwhelming, but it protects consumers, along with broker qualifications set by the U.S. Department of Justice. District Settlement Finance specialists provide clear information through each step of the sale process.

District Settlement Finance Annuity Sales Process
Confirm the payout value A team member confirms the remaining amount owed from your structured settlement or other annuitized payout.
Determine your required payout Work with your representative to estimate how much money you need. You’ll also determine if selling your annuity is in your best interest.
Plan for your goals The team works with you to determine how you can best use payments to achieve your financial goals.
Sign the contract You’ll sign a contract with District Settlement Finance if you decide to proceed. The firm then begins the underwriting process.
Receive your payment You receive a secure, confidential payment in full after the transaction is finalized. District Settlement Finance covers all fees and expenses.

Selling Annuity Payments with District Settlement Finance

You may have a retirement annuity or an annuity as an inheritance or part of a legal settlement. Annuities provide a dependable source of income but aren’t very liquid if you need cash fast.

The team at District Settlement Finance knows how to cash out an annuity contract effectively. The company works with all types of annuities, regardless of the payment amount in today’s dollars.

Selling Lottery, Casino and Sweepstakes Payments

Regular payments from lottery or sweepstakes winnings or hitting the jackpot at a casino can be exchanged for a lump sum of cash. District Settlement Finance offers experts with experience selling future payments and will help you secure the highest possible payout.

District Settlement Finance Costs

District Settlement Finance covers all fees, so you never see a bill. Keep this in mind when you compare providers that charge fees separately. District Settlement Finance does not publish sample settlements, but you pay nothing in the unlikely event the court does not approve the sale.

How to Work with District Settlement Finance

You can use the quote tool on the District Settlement Finance website to see the payout you can expect. If you decide to sell your annuity, use the email address or phone number at the bottom of the site to get in touch.

District Settlement Finance Complaints

District Settlement Finance is a new organization, and we found no online reviews or complaints about the company. Client reviews published on the District Settlement Finance website were all positive. Although the company is relatively new, the representatives have years of experience and provide the personal service a smaller firm can offer.

District Settlement Finance Q&A

  • How soon can District Settlement Finance send my payment?
    The time required to get a structured settlement approved varies by the local jurisdiction. District Settlement Finance can send a cash advance within 48 hours of approval.

  • Does District Settlement Finance help with the process in court?
    Obtaining court approval for the sale of a structured settlement can be complex. The professionals at District Settlement Finance assist clients throughout the process and explain anything they don’t understand.

  • What size annuities will District Settlement Finance convert to a lump-sum payment?
    District Settlement Finance says no payments are too small. Contact the company to discuss your options.

  • How will District Settlement Finance send my payment?
    The company can send you a check or transfer the amount electronically to your bank account. Western Union, Rapid Debit Cards and other options are available.

  • What is the cost of selling an annuity with District Settlement Finance?
    When you sell an annuity, you exchange the value of future regular payments for one payout. The trade-off can be worth removing current financial burdens. The payout offer from District Settlement Finance includes its costs and is often higher compared to larger firms.


As the saying goes, “life happens,” and you could find yourself needing a substantial amount of cash. One solution is to sell a structured settlement or annuity into a lump sum to cover expenses. District Settlement Finance offers the personalized service of a smaller firm with experienced experts in the annuities industry. The company competes with other structured settlement companies with a client-centric approach to facilitate communication throughout the process and after the sale.

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