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District Settlement Finance offers customized service delivered by a seasoned team of experts. Our firm specializes in facilitating the sale of structured settlements and annuities. As a smaller entity and a direct buyer, the company prioritizes delivering personalized service, often resulting in higher payouts for clients.

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District Settlement Finance doesn’t work with third parties to fund payouts, which helps them maintain some of the fastest funding times in the industry and more competitive offers on your settlement or annuity.

While structured settlements provide consistent payments over an extended period, life circumstances may arise where a lump sum becomes crucial. District Settlement Finance is a structured settlement company dedicated to assisting clients in transforming future payments into immediate funds to meet today’s financial needs. The experts at District Settlement Finance have over 20 years of experience working on settlement transfers. As a boutique firm, you’ll work with one expert who can guide you through the journey of selling your settlement payments, including court proceedings. 


  • Personalized service from a small firm
  • Expertise in handling various types of annuities
  • Larger and faster payouts


  • Website could be more informative
  • Does not advertise on television 

District Settlement Finance Structured Settlement Buyer

District Settlement Finance specializes in assisting clients in converting future structured settlement payments into one substantial check, typically processed within a few weeks. Many individuals opt to sell all or part of their structured settlements to address debt, handle unforeseen expenses, invest, or make significant purchases.

The sale of a structured settlement requires approval from a judge, a legal process designed to safeguard consumers, alongside broker qualifications mandated by the U.S. Department of Justice. District Settlement Finance specialists guide clients through this legal journey, providing transparent information at each step of the sale process.

How to Sell Structured Settlements to District Settlement Finance

  • Confirm the payout value: A team member confirms the remaining amount owed from your structured settlement or other annuitized payout.
  • Determine your required payout: Work with your representative to estimate how much money you need. You’ll also determine if selling your annuity is in your best interest.
  • Plan for your goals: The team works with you to determine how you can best use payments to achieve your financial goals.
  • Sign the contract: You’ll sign a contract with District Settlement Finance if you decide to proceed. The firm then begins the underwriting process.
  • Receive your payment: You receive a secure, confidential payment in full after the transaction is finalized. District Settlement Finance covers all fees and expenses.

How to Work With District Settlement Finance

Utilize the quote tool on the District Settlement Finance website to estimate the expected payout. To get a quote, you’ll need to provide details on the required amount, your insurance company, and your state. If you decide to sell your annuity, use the provided email address or phone number to get in touch.

In addition to structured settlements, District Settlement Finance can also help you cash out an annuity.

District Settlement Finance Costs

District Settlement Finance covers all fees, eliminating any separate charges. Note that no fees are incurred if the court does not approve the sale. Although sample settlements aren’t published, the payout offer from District Settlement Finance typically includes its costs and is often higher compared to larger firms.

Keep in mind: Every structured settlement buyout company will calculate a discount rate for your payments, which is used to discount future payments to their present value determined by time, value of money, and risk. Common discount rates for structured settlements typically range from 8% to 18%. The higher the discount rate, the lower the present value or lump sum payout for the same future value. Our editorial team found that District Settlement Finance has one of the lowest discount rates in the industry.

District Settlement Finance Complaints

District Settlement Finance is a new organization, and we found no online reviews or complaints about the company. Client reviews published on the District Settlement Finance website were all positive. Although the company is relatively new, the representatives have years of experience and provide the personal service a smaller firm can offer.

District Settlement Finance FAQs

How soon can District Settlement Finance send my payment?

The time required to get a structured settlement approved varies by the local jurisdiction. Once approved, District Settlement Finance can send a cash advance within 48 hours of approval.

Does District Settlement Finance help with the process in court?

Obtaining court approval for the sale of a structured settlement can be complex. The professionals at District Settlement Finance assist clients throughout the process and explain anything you don’t understand.

What size annuities will District Settlement Finance convert to a lump-sum payment?

District Settlement Finance says no payments are too small. Contact the company to discuss your options.

How will District Settlement Finance send my payment?

The company can send you a check or transfer the amount electronically to your bank account. Western Union, Rapid Debit Cards, and other options are available.


If you need to sell a structured settlement or annuity to cover expenses, District Settlement Finance offers the personalized service of a smaller firm with experienced experts in the annuities industry. The company competes with other structured settlement companies with a client-centric approach to facilitate communication throughout the process and after the sale.

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5 Stars

April 18 2023 1:44AM

I started back in March or April of 2022 when Brian had contacted me with a letter stating what your company could do for me in the sale of my Annuities. I contacted Brian and we spoke for a good while. I could tell that he was very sincere and honest with me about every question I asked.

The more we spoke I felt like I became a part of a family while working with Brian especially and your company. I never for once questioned that I was being taken advantage of, I was always told the truth about everything.

If I had questions all I had to do was pick up the phone and call Brian and he would take the time to answer every question and concern I would have. I also was put in contact with Lakisha, both of them are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. I know that your company did right by me.

I can't THANK YOU enough for all that you did to help me get the sale of my Annuities done in a timely manner. Also how you worked on giving me the best rate.

I know we had a little bit of a issue after the courts approved the sale but your company worked hard to get things done as fast as they could.

I know I made lots of phone calls to Brian sometime I would not be so nice but Brian or Lakisha were able to calm me down and would explain that due to the way my divorce papers read that things had to be done differently and your company was working as hard as the could to get things done so that I could receive my money.

I would so recommend your company to anyone who would want to sell their Annuities and not to look anywhere else and to ask for Brian. I feel like I am part of his family that I made a friend with him that I would like to keep even tho things are done and over with.

Brian and Lakisha are true assets to your company. I could say so much more about Brian and Lakisha and your company but it would take hours for me to write everything down.


Charlla S.
Lanett, AL
5 Stars

April 10 2023 5:18PM

I worked with Brian. He was Great! I was a bit scared on how things would work out but, Brian ensured me and went over the game plan with me over and over to ensure my peace of mind.

I’m sure he felt it was overkill but, he kept on it. He definitely gave me a peace of mind throughout the whole transaction. Thank you so much Brian!!!

Jose M.
San Francisco, CA
5 Stars

February 22 2023 7:33PM

District Settlement was able to get me the funds that I needed not once but twice in a short amount of time with generous advances. I am especially thankful for Nicole. She was always there whether it be a weekend or holiday. Would highly recommend requesting her. Thank you Nicole, not just for the funds, but for the concern you had for Mylee also. It was greatly appreciated.

Selina L.
Hanford, CA
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