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Easy Auto Ship provides shipping services for cars, trucks, boats, heavy equipment and other vehicles. The company acts as a broker to find the right shipping service for customers at the best price. Easy Auto Ship specializes in auto transport for consumer vehicles, relocation companies, dealerships, importers and exporters.

Easy Auto Ship coordinates and oversees shipping vehicles across the United States and international car shipping. Customers are typically those who can’t or don’t want to drive a car for long distances. Some buy a car online and need it shipped to their home. The company also provides services to car enthusiasts, those who live in two states, and farm and heavy equipment operations.

  • Experienced with domestic and international vehicle shipments
  • Multi-car discounts
  • Developed shipping quote technology used by several businesses

  • No 24-hour customer support

Easy Auto Ship Door-to-Door Car Shipping

Easy Auto Ship provides door-to-door auto transport services between homes, storage facilities or other locations. The driver arrives at your pickup location, inspects your vehicle with you and then safely loads it onto the trailer. You receive a bill of lading to document the vehicle’s condition, and then it’s inspected again upon arrival.

Sometimes the auto shipper can’t get to a home due to narrow streets or other conditions. In these circumstances, you can meet the truck driver nearby to load or unload the vehicle. Door-to-door service is convenient, but you can save money by meeting up with the truck closer to the highway.

Shipping Options with Easy Auto Ship

Easy Auto Ship offers a range of shipping options to meet the needs of just about anyone who needs their services. You pay more for these services, as is typical across the industry.

Easy Auto Ship
Easy Auto Ship

Expedited shipping: It’s best to arrange for car shipping at least two weeks in advance, but emergencies happen. The company can likely secure a car carrier sooner.

Enclosed shipping: The driver loads the vehicle onto a covered trailer, so there is no exposure to the elements. Customers who own luxury, antique or other high-end cars may opt for enclosed shipping.

RV shipping: Easy Auto Ship has access to highly-trained professional drivers who can safely transport any type of RV. The company recommends moving RVs via fifth wheel.

Motorcycles: Easy Auto Ship arranges for enclosed shipping for motorcycles. Bikes get strapped down as well.

Inoperable vehicles: Many shippers won’t consider transporting a car that’s not driveable. The company works with experienced drivers who can take a car that doesn’t run, although the options are limited.

International shipping: Easy Auto Ship can transport vehicles to shipping ports and airports, and handle complicated shipping out of the country.

Easy Auto Ship can arrange shipping for boats, golf carts, heavy equipment and other vehicles. Specialty services require talking to an agent to ensure all details get communicated for the quote. The company provides frequent updates via email to let you know the location of your vehicle.

Easy Auto Ship Online Quotes

Most auto transporters provide an online quote tool, but you still wait for an agent to call with the price. We tested Easy Auto Ship’s online car shipping quotes and received an immediate estimate.

To get an online quote, enter the vehicle, pickup and destination ZIP codes and a few other details. Supply your contact information, and then you see the cost immediately. You can book the shipment online or call to speak to an agent to firm up the deal. You will receive follow-up emails or texts if you don’t book, but you can opt-out of these messages.

Auto transport quotes are good for 30 days and you’ll receive an email copy for your reference. The quotes include taxes. Unless you need specialized shipping, the cost you see is what you can expect to pay.

Easy Auto Ship Sample Quotes
Distance (Miles) Cost Per Mile Distance Price
Up to 500 $1.00 350 miles $350
500 to 999 $0.75 900 miles $675
1,000 to 1,999 $0.60 1,400 miles $840
2,000 to 2,499 $0.50 2,250 miles $1,125
2,500 or more $0.40 3,200 miles $1,080

Easy Auto Ship Costs

Each shipping order is different, so we can only provide the sample prices in the chart above. Shipment costs depend on vehicle size, model and condition, the time of year, miles traveled and other factors.

The cost to ship a car up to 500 miles is around $1 per mile. Ship the vehicle farther, and the price can be cut in half.

How to Order Easy Auto Ship Services

Working with Easy Auto Ship starts with either calling for a quote or using the online quote tool. You’ll need the following information to complete your order with an Easy Auto Ship representative:

  • Vehicle type, year, make and model
  • Any modifications made to the vehicle
  • Pickup and delivery ZIP code
  • Contact information for you or another person to be present at pickup and delivery
  • Credit card or PayPal information for authorization (there’s no charge yet)

Easy Auto Ship Complaints

The Better Business Bureau gives Easy Auto Ship an A+ rating. Consumers score the company with a 4.8 on a scale of 5 on the BBB site. Facebook Reviews yields 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Easy Auto Ship responded to all complaints we found. Consumers find customer service to be fast, efficient and friendly.

Easy Auto Ship Q&A

  • Does Easy Auto Ship guarantee the price quoted is the price I pay for shipping my car?

    Provide the Easy Auto Ship representative with accurate details regarding your shipped vehicle to avoid unexpected costs or other unwelcome surprises. The carrier arrives prepared to transport the type of vehicle you described to the agent. They may not have space to haul anything bigger or the equipment to transport a modified vehicle.

  • Can I get a discount for shipping more than one vehicle with Easy Auto Ship?

    Yes, you may be eligible for a discount on shipping costs for multiple vehicles. You need to ship all the cars on one truck at the same time. There also must be one pickup point and destination to qualify for a multi-vehicle discount.

  • Do I have to insure my vehicle when Easy Auto Ship provides transport?

    Easy Auto Ship’s insurance covers cars and other vehicles. The company recommends maintaining your coverage during the shipping process, although it’s not required.

  • What is Easy Auto Ship’s cancellation policy?

    If you cancel before Easy Auto Ship assigns your order to a driver, you get a full refund. After that time, you are entitled to a refund minus the lesser of a $195 service fee or your deposit.

  • Can I get a quote from Easy Auto Ship without giving my email address?

    You can’t receive an instant online quote without your email address. You can call Easy Auto Ship at the number on the website to get a quote without providing any personal information.


When you choose a car shipping company to transport your vehicles, you save yourself a lot of time and energy. Easy Auto Ship provides the broadest range of vehicle shipping services you’re likely to find anywhere. The company gets high marks from consumer reviews and the online quotes are quick and easy to use. Easy Auto Ship can service just about any vehicle shipping requirements.

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November 16 2020 5:17PM

Samantha overcharged us. After she got the deposit she disappeared. Instead she let her helper Melissa take over. Completely worthless. No help in tracking our vehicle and at the end no return emails.

In looking at your pricing guide we were **. Shame on us Maybe?? I would not recommend your company and would suggest you educate your reps. How you get such a high rating is a surprise.

Paul M.
Mccallen, TX
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