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Ephesus Mobility

4.7 Stars (1 Review)
Updated: January 27, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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Ephesus Mobility offers a line of folding electric wheelchairs and scooters. Customers have the convenience of ordering online and can speak to a service representative via phone, email or chat. The Ephesus electric scooter features a reverse gear not found on many competing products. Ephesus Mobility sells four wheelchairs that range in weight and durability.

Ephesus Mobility Logo

Editorial Breakdown

Selection 4.3 Stars
Ease of Purchase 4.8 Stars
Return Policy 4.6 Stars
Customer Service 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4.6 Stars

Bottom Line

Ephesus Mobility offers a line of folding electric wheelchairs and scooters designed to fit into the trunk of a car.

Ephesus Mobility Review

Ephesus Mobility’s founders have significant experience in the health industry. The company focuses exclusively on mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs that fold to fit in a small car trunk. Ephesus Mobility offers ergonomically designed, safe and technically advanced products that are easy to use and transport. The company sells folding electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe and the United Arab Emirates.


  • Scooters have a reverse gear.
  • Lightweight, folding wheelchairs and scooters easily fit into a car trunk
  • Electric wheelchairs are designed for a broad range of needs.


  • On-site chat doesn’t work unless you provide contact information.

Ephesus Folding Mobility Scooters

The Ephesus S5 is a four-wheel mobility scooter designed for stability. The scooter folds down to 21.5 inches by 14.5 inches by 27 inches, so it easily fits in a small car trunk. The S5 weighs 62 pounds and comes with a reverse gear and a removable child seat with a 65-pound capacity. Choose between two battery sizes to go 15 or 25 miles on a charge.

You can travel at speeds from 3.75 mph to 12 mph on the Ephesus S5. The maximum range is 25 miles, but the miles traveled on one charge depend on the load capacity, wind speed, road surface and other variables. The S5 has a 5-foot turning radius and handles grades up to 12 degrees. This mobility scooter works exceptionally well for those who travel on sidewalks, in stores and on roadsides.

The Ephesus S5 Wide Seat model folds to the same dimensions as the S5, but you must remove the seat for storage. The company provides the same weight for this model, but the wide seat may add a few pounds. Both models come with a small carrying basket, brake light and height-adjustable handlebars.

Ephesus Mobility Folding Electric Wheelchairs

Ephesus offers four electric wheelchairs, including a heavy-duty model and an ultralight model. All models fold; the M5 and M6 are the most compact when folded. Each chair comes with a waterproof joystick that mounts on the left or right for operation. Ephesus folding wheelchairs do not require a vehicle lift for transport.

The Ephesus M5 electric wheelchair features armrests that raise or lower to allow for side entry. This foldable electric wheelchair is constructed with a lightweight yet durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame and rotates 360 degrees in small areas. The ultrawide seat cushion is 18.5 inches across with 20 inches between armrests. The M5 comes with a remote control in addition to the joystick, but the Ephesus does not explain its function.

  • M5 weight: 59 pounds
  • Range/max speed: 13 miles/4 mph
  • Maximum capacity: 365 pounds
  • Folded: 24” x 14” x 34”

Ephesus Mobility’s M6 is a heavy-duty folding electric wheelchair with dual batteries for a 17-mile range between charges. You can also use one battery while the other charges. The M6 is equipped with two 250-watt brushless motors. Shock absorbers make for a comfortable ride, and the manual mode is useful if caregivers need to push the chair. You’ll need 5 feet of clearance to turn the M6 around, but you get plenty of storage space.

  • M6 weight: 62 pounds with batteries
  • Range/max speed: 17 miles/6 mph
  • Maximum capacity: 330 pounds
  • Folded: 26″ x 14″ x 30″

The L5 is the ultralight model in Ephesus Mobility’s lineup. This folding electric wheelchair’s frame is constructed of the same light, sturdy aluminum alloy the M5 features. Ephesus equips the L5 with a 12-Ah lithium battery, anti-tipper tires and 8-inch front wheels for a 360-degree turn radius.

  • L5 weight: 45 pounds
  • Range/max speed: 13 miles/4 mph
  • Maximum capacity: 260 pounds
  • Folded: 24” x 17” x 30”

The EphesusX3 is designed specifically for seniors. While this is the least compact chair Ephesus Mobility offers, it’s best for frequent use. The X3 folding electric wheelchair goes into manual mode, so someone can push the chair if needed. Safety features include a smart electromagnetic brake system, seat belt and large, sturdy wheels.

  • X3 weight: 72 pounds
  • Range/max speed: 13 miles/not specified
  • Maximum capacity: 275 pounds
  • Folded: 28” x 16” x 28″

Ephesus Mobility Warranties

Most Ephesus Mobility electric scooters and wheelchairs come with a 365-day parts warranty. We found no warranty information for the M5 wheelchair, so confirm the details before you order. Ephesus replaces or repairs defective wheelchairs and scooters free of charge if you have a problem within 10 days of taking delivery.

Ephesus M6 and X3 electric wheelchairs come with premium warranty coverage: three years on the frame, one year on the motor and parts and six months for the battery. The L5 includes only the battery and parts warranties.

Ephesus Mobility Return Policy

You can return the scooter or wheelchair within 30 days of shipping (not receipt) for a refund. The refund terms published on the website say you will probably pay a 25% restocking fee unless you return the item in new and unused condition with all tags attached. However, if your scooter is defective, talk to Ephesus customer service about a replacement. The company accepts no returns after 30 days.

Ephesus Mobility Scooter and Wheelchair Costs

Ephesus Mobility prices are reasonable for folding electric wheelchairs and scooters. All models include the battery (M6 comes with two batteries) and charger.

Ephesus Mobility Scooters and Wheelchairs Prices
Model Retail cost Best for
S5 mobility scooter $1,299 Daily activities for smaller adults
S5 Wide Seat scooter $1,399 Greater comfort during daily activities
M5 electric wheelchair $1,999 Includes a wide seat, lightweight
M6 electric wheelchair $2,799 Exceptionally smooth ride and brakings
L5 electric wheelchair $1,695 Ultra Lightweight while maintaining durability
X3 electric wheelchair $1,199 Seniors looking for a sturdy folding electric chair

How to Buy Ephesus Mobility Products

You can order Ephesus Mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs on the company’s website. You’ll find an email address, phone number and an on-site chat tool for questions.

Ephesus Mobility Complaints

A recurring complaint about Ephesus Mobility products is that the wheelchairs and scooters can be difficult to fold at first. However, most customers resolved this issue with some practice. We viewed the folding procedure videos, and it involves only a few steps. The equipment probably moves more freely with use.

We found a review stating that the M6 wheelchair operates smoothly on all surfaces, including gravel. Customers say the Ephesus S5 scooter works very well on pavement but not on soft or variable surfaces like gravel. Many customers wished the instruction manual was more concise.

The majority of reviews we found are on Ephesus Mobility’s website or Amazon. The reviews cover both pros and cons and seem authentic. We also found two 5-star Google reviews. The company does not have a Better Business Bureau listing.

Ephesus Mobility Q&A

  • What is the maximum weight Ephesus Mobility scooters can accommodate?

    Both Ephesus S5 scooter models are rated for a maximum 265-pound load.

  • What is an Ephesus Mobility electric wheelchair seat made from?

    Ephesus Mobility wheelchairs have seats made of breathable and durable material. You can easily remove the seat and backrest cushions for cleaning. The seats measure from 17 to 19.5 inches wide, depending on the model.

  • How much does Ephesus Mobility charge for shipping?

    Ephesus Mobility has free shipping for wheelchairs and scooters. Delivery usually takes four to five business days. You can arrange for expedited shipping for an extra cost.

  • Where can I buy replacement wheels for Ephesus Mobility scooters?

    You’ll find replacement parts for Ephesus Mobility scooters on the company’s website.

  • How can I get help with choosing the right Ephesus Mobility scooter or wheelchair?

    You can schedule a 10-minute consultation by clicking the “Free Consulting” button on the website, or you can call the company at its California office. A representative will help you find the best mobility solution for your needs.


Ephesus folding electric wheelchairs and scooters arrive ready to use. Remove the packaging and connect the battery and joystick cables, and you’re ready to go after charging. Ephesus Mobility products are easy to use and very lightweight compared with other battery-powered mobility products in the same class. Ephesus offers a one-year parts warranty and competitive prices.

1 Ephesus Mobility Reviews

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1 Star

September 17 2021 10:43AM

The chair arrived without the charger, joy stick controller, owners manual, and seatbelt. Contacting their customer service is extremely difficult, was able to chat with somebody by text and they did call me once.

They kept telling me all the parts were on their way but couldn't provide any shipping info. A box finally arrive with the seat belt and joystick, still missing owners manual and charger. Now I cannot get in touch with anybody.

Paid for this chair over 2 months ago, still unable to use it. I do not recommend Ephesus to anybody, in fact I suggest you steer clear of them at all costs.

Paul T.
Traverse City, MI