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If you find yourself in collections, being audited, or levied by the IRS, Five Star Tax Resolution will communicate and negotiate with the IRS, and find a way for you to remain compliant with the agency. The company employs a team of Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, and IRS Enrolled Agents to manage your case quickly and successfully. Five Star Tax Resolution offers free consultations and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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The company has 16 years of experience saving clients millions. Customers can speak with a live tax attorney at a moment’s notice, or schedule a free consultation to discuss tax relief options.

Since 2008, Five Star Tax Resolution has saved clients millions in money owed to the IRS. Its track record includes thousands of cases won and fast approvals. The team of tax and legal experts are members of the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), and California Tax Education Council (CTEC).

While some tax relief companies provide limited services, such as setting up payment plans on your behalf, Five Star Tax Resolution offers more comprehensive services that include managing appeals and negotiating settlements. 


  • Accredited team of CPAs, EAs, and tax attorneys
  • Fast response time
  • Thousand of cases won
  • Free consultation includes a call to the IRS to assess situation


  • No child support, state income tax, property tax, sales tax cases

How Five Star Tax Resolution Works

A tax relief company represents your interests and negotiates with the IRS on your behalf – for a fee. Five Star Tax Resolution will determine what programs you qualify for to reduce back taxes and penalties and which tax relief laws apply to your situation. 

Every client is given a dedicated resolution specialist who will be your main point of contact throughout the resolution of the case. If your case is larger or more complex, you may work with multiple specialists who will help ensure a fast outcome.

To work with Five Star Tax Resolution, start by requesting a free consultation on the website. During this call, they’ll review your income, assets, and expenses. The specialist will also call the IRS to learn more details about your case in real time.

Then, Five Star Tax Resolution will launch their investigation, communicating with the IRS and explaining your options. Every settlement strategy is different, depending on your situation, but the resolution specialist will devise a plan to establish IRS compliance and negotiate the best possible outcome.

Tax Relief Options 

Five Star Tax Resolution takes on all cases except child support, state income tax, property tax, and sales tax cases. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot pay your tax obligation, Five Star Tax Resolution offers a few services to help you resolve your debts:

  • Offer In Compromise (OIC): Allows qualified individuals with unpaid taxes to negotiate a settled amount that is less than what is currently owed to settle the taxes owed.
  • Installment Arrangement: These payment plans allow you to pay the owed amount within a particular time frame. Depending on the amount owed, you may have more or less than 180 days to make smaller, regular payments.
  • Wage Garnishments & Releases: The IRS will levy or seize some or all of your wages each pay period until you resolve your debt. Five Star Tax Resolution can also help with lien and levy releases, ensuring you comply with the Agency to satisfy your debt.
  • Audit Representation: If you’ve been audited, the company will help ensure information is reported correctly according to the tax laws and verify the reported amount of tax is correct. 

In addition to timely tax relief services, Five Star Tax Resolution can also help you devise a comprehensive plan to reduce your tax liability. They’ll perform a custom analysis of your financial situation to determine strategies that will lower your tax burden and free you up for growth. 

Five Star Tax Resolution Costs

Services start at $250, with costs varying depending on the individual case. Five Star Tax Resolution recommends interested clients contact the company for a precise quote tailored to their specific situation. Specialises will thoroughly review the extent of your tax issues to determine fees and timelines.

You’ll need to have debts of at least $8,000 to work with Five Star Tax Resolution.

Five Star Tax Resolution Complaints

The Better Bureau gives Five Star Tax Resolution an A+ rating and its customer reviews average 3.4 stars. Many reviews state that representatives communicate with kindness and respect, and are knowledgeable tax professionals. Others reference the team’s ability to alleviate stress and formulate a successful resolution with the IRS.

Customer complaints about the company reference significant delays in resolution, though this often pertains to delays in government approvals, not the company itself. Other complaints mention high fees and difficulty contacting their representative following payment.


In what states are Five Star Tax Resolution services available?

Five Star Tax Resolution’s services are available nationwide. The company also has several physical offices in California and one in Las Vegas.

How long will Five Star Tax Resolution take to resolve my case?

There is no standard timeline for completion because each situation is different. Many cases, however, are completed in under 12 months.

Can I negotiate with the IRS myself?

While you can negotiate yourself, it’s a smarter decision to let a tax professional or tax relief service negotiate on your behalf. Successful remediation requires speed, knowledge, and compliance. Working with a professional experienced with the IRS will do that on your behalf and because they know the ins and outs of tax relief can increase your odds of reaching an acceptable settlement or payment plan without a hitch.

How much debt do I need to work with Five Star Tax Resolution?

Five Star Tax Resolution takes on cases with a minimum of $8,000 in debt.


Five Star Tax Resolution is a smart option for tax relief because they are easy to connect and stand behind a successful track record of helping clients negotiate with the IRS. Contact Five Star Tax Resolution today to schedule a free consultation and determine whether they can help you with your case.

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