GCE Zen-O Portable Oxygen Concentrator

GCE Zen-O Portable Oxygen Concentrator Review

Most portable oxygen concentrators require the user to adjust the bolus rate if they engage in an activity that demands more oxygen. The bolus is the amount of oxygen in a puff of air administered from a POC. GCE Healthcare’s Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator automatically adjusts the bolus on demand, so there’s no stopping to change settings.

The Zen-O is designed to be used every day, at home, running errands, meeting friends or traveling. This POC is one of the most lightweight, reliable and convenient on the market.

  • Rate Responsive Therapy
  • Lightweight
  • Energy efficient
  • Pulse or continuous flow

  • You pay a higher price for better technology

GCE Health Designs Zen-O for Efficiency

The GCE Group is a leading worldwide company that has been manufacturing high-pressure gas equipment for nearly 100 years. GCE Health designs and produces Zen-O portable oxygen concentrators and Nuvo home oxygen concentrators. Zen-O portable oxygen concentrators stand out with RRT technology, efficient energy use and extended battery life.

Zen-O Rate Responsive Therapy

The most important feature the Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator offers is Rate Responsive Therapy. This POC provides a constant bolus of oxygen and automatically adjusts to varying breath rates. There’s no risk of skipping a dose when your activity level increases, and you don’t have to stop to change the setting. RRT ensures you always get the appropriate oxygen dose.

GCE Zen-O Breath Detection Technology

Each patient’s breathing patterns and oxygen needs vary, so GCE Healthcare builds Zen-O with very sensitive breath detection technology. Inhale, and the POC delivers the full oxygen dose within a half-second, no matter what setting you use. This feature ensures that even shallow-breathing patients get the oxygen they need when it’s needed.

Many other POCs feature fixed minute volume-to-delivery oxygen at a set pulse mode. When the patient’s breath rate increases, these POCs may not supply enough oxygen and can skip breaths altogether. You need to anticipate increased oxygen needs and change the settings on the device to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

Rate Responsive Therapy vs. Fixed Minute Volume
Rate Responsive Therapy Fixed Minute Therapy
Automatically delivers a variable amount of oxygen on demand. Delivers a fixed amount of oxygen each minute, regardless of breath rate.
Constant bolus size independent of breath rate, up to 40 breaths per minute. Smaller bolus size at higher breath rates.
No skipped breaths. May skip breaths at higher breath rates.
Maintains FiO2 levels with increased breath rate. FiO2 level declines as breathing increases.
Delivers more or less oxygen automatically as breath rate changes. Must increase pulse settings to maintain proper oxygen volume when more active.

GCE Zen-O Specifications

Measurements and Weight

This compact portable oxygen concentrator measures 12.3” high, 8.3” wide and 6.6” deep. This POC weighs 10.25 pounds with one battery, so the Zen-O is one of the most compact and light continuous flow POCs you can buy.

Control Panel

Zen-O’s control panel has an easy-to-read LCD. The display shows the remaining battery life and the current oxygen setting. Should an alarm sound, the LCD explains why. The control panel has large, clearly labeled buttons.

Power Requirements

The Zen-O POC runs on one or two batteries, AC or DC power. Pulse flow battery life on the number 2 setting lasts up to eight hours. Use the 2 liters per minute setting on continuous flow oxygen, and the battery holds a charge for 1.5 hours. Using two batteries roughly doubles the use time before charging.

Accessories for Zen-O POC

Zen-O comes with a carrying case and a small wheeled travel cart, one 12-cell battery, AC and DC power supplies, manual, quick start guide and US, EU and UK-compatible power cords. You can buy these accessories separately:

  • 12-Cell Battery
  • AC Power Supply
  • DC Power Supply
  • External Battery Charger
  • Custom Carrying Case
  • Travel Cart

GCE Zen-O POC Cost and Warranty

With one battery, the Zen-O POC retails for just under $2,800. However, the average selling price is around $2,300. Buy a unit with dual batteries, and the retail cost goes up to $2,995, but we found prices as low as $2,495.

GCE Healthcare provides a warranty for three years or 15,000 hours of total use.

Where to Buy GCE Zen-O POC

You can buy the Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator from authorized dealers. GCE Healthcare lists worldwide authorized dealers on the website. You need a doctor’s prescription to buy a portable oxygen concentrator. We recommend buying only from an authorized dealer to ensure you receive the full warranty.

GCE Zen-O Complaints

We found no Better Business Bureau rating for GCE, probably because the company headquarters are in the United Kingdom. We also found no negative reviews for the portable oxygen concentrator. One reviewer noted the Zen-O is reliable, with very few problems since entering the market in 2016.


  • Does the GCE Zen-O adjust automatically only for heavy exertion?

    Zen-O’s RRT adjusts automatically whether you just walk upstairs and need a quick boost of oxygen, or you do more strenuous activity. When your breath rate normalizes, the POC again adjusts almost immediately.

  • Can I sleep using the Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator?

    Speak to your doctor to learn whether you can use Zen-O while you sleep. If you need oxygen at 2 LPM at night, you may be able to use this POC while sleeping.

  • Is the Zen-O POC approved for travel?

    You can travel anywhere with GCE’s Zen-O. The product is FAA-approved for air travel.

  • How much do the batteries for the GCE Zen-O weigh?

    Each battery weighs 652 grams or just under 23 ounces.

  • What maximum flow rate can I expect from the Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator?

    GCE designed the Zen-O to deliver up to 2 liters of oxygen per minute, whether you use the pulse or continuous mode. The POC maintains oxygen purity levels of 87% to 96%.


The Zen-O from GCE is one of the most convenient portable oxygen concentrators available on the market. This POC is very lightweight, yet provides high-quality oxygen therapy. The Zen-O is expensive, but patients who can take advantage of around-the-clock use don’t have to buy a separate home oxygen concentrator.

GCE Zen-O Reviews

Recent Reviews

September 21 2020 7:06PM

I have been using the GCE Zen-0 oxygen concentrator for almost a year, but usually only, at night. After about 5 to 6 months of night use (using it almost exclusively at night), the unit will alarm, "Low Flow" at cold start-up. It will "beep" all night if I leave it that way.

To remedy the situation, I have to shut the unit off, then re-start it. It works OK after that, but the process takes a minute, or two to solve this Low Flow alarm problem.

I was allowed to return my first unit, and received a second unit in exchange. Now, after several months of use, my latest unit is beginning to have the same Low Flow alarm problem.

Occasionally, I have used the unit in battery mode. The manufacturer's website says that the batteries will last 1.5 hours. From full charge, the unit's batteries usually last me about 45 minutes (at most), until it emits a "low battery" alarm.

At which time, I shut the unit off in an effort to prevent the batteries from becoming permanently damaged, and to stop the audible alarm.

My supplier is charging Medicare (by agreement), for two oxygen concentrators at the same time because the GCE Zen-0 has an AC power plug, but also, it can be operated on battery power (for a short time). So, the unit is billed as two machines.

Leroy B.
Loveland, CO
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