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GetSafe Medical Alert

4.5 Stars
Updated: January 23, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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GetSafe medical alert systems have versatile devices that can be placed in any room of your home. The company has a wearable device but does not require customers to use one. The system is voice-controlled and lets you get help if you fall or have another emergency at any time. GetSafe medical alert systems incorporate the knowledge of home security experts and use the latest technology to keep clients secure. The systems are available in all 50 states.

Editorial Breakdown

Coverage Area 4.8 Stars
Battery Life 4.4 Stars
Features 4.6 Stars
Ease of Purchase 4.3 Stars

Overall Rating 4.5 Stars

Bottom Line

GetSafe is a home security and medical alert brand offering customers extensive protection for a flat monthly fee.

GetSafe Medical Alert Review

When choosing a medical alert system, look for one with flexible features that meet your specific needs, like GetSafe medical alerts. GetSafe is a part of the Bay Alarm family of companies, which specializes in home security systems and medical alert systems. GetSafe offers one of the only medical alert systems that does not require users to wear a wristband or lanyard. While you have those options, GetSafe relies on a home-based setup similar to a home security system or smart home device.


  • Simple installation
  • Nationwide, 24/7 monitoring
  • Voice-activated, no wearable device required
  • No internet or landline phone required
  • 30-day risk-free trial


  • Voice-activated and speaker-based systems may not work for people with speech or hearing impairments

GetSafe Medical Alert Devices

GetSafe offers several medical alert devices designed for people with different needs. GetSafe devices range from standard wearable devices to innovative voice-activated mini-consoles.

  • Base unit that resembles a contemporary thermostat
  • Voice-activated mini-consoles
  • Wall button
  • Optional wearables
  • Mobile Help Button for when you’re away from home

The GetSafe home medical alert system operates using a discreet base unit with mini-consoles or wall buttons placed around your home. You can use optional wearable devices in tandem with these devices for added security or protection when you’re away from home. All GetSafe medical alert devices use 4G LTE technology to call for help and do not require a landline or internet connectivity.

Purchase one or more GetSafe devices and place them anywhere a fall or emergency seems likely. The bathroom, stairwells and kitchen are ideal spots. The medical alert devices can be attached to a wall or placed on a countertop or other flat surface.

How to Get Help with GetSafe Medical Alert Systems

If you need help, activate the medical alert device using any of these methods:

  1. Say “Call 9-1-1” twice
  2. Push a button
  3. Pull a cord

A live operator responds as soon as you activate a GetSafe device and contacts the appropriate emergency responders to help you.

GetSafe also sells lanyard and wristband medical alerts you can activate with the touch of a button. Wearable devices with fall detection that automatically call for help when you fall are available for an additional fee.

GetSafe also makes The GetSafe Mobile Help Button, which is a portable option for use on the go. This device is smaller than a cellphone and uses GPS to transmit your location to first responders. The GetSafe Mobile Button is useful if you need help while away from home.

GetSafe Medical Alert Cost

GetSafe medical systems cost $24.95 monthly for the monitoring service subscription and have a one-time equipment fee. You can see the details for the medical alert packages below, and you can customize a plan using the options listed later.

Each package includes a base unit. A one-year manufacturer’s warranty covers GetSafe devices, and an extended warranty is available for $5 per month.

GetSafe Medical Alert Packages
Package Best For Included Equipment Cost
Starter Small homes and apartments 0 to 1 bedroom 1 voice-activated wall button
1 standard wall button
24/7 monitoring
$99 +
$24.95 Monthly
Standard Standard-sized home 2 to 3 bedrooms 2 voice-activated wall buttons
3 standard wall buttons
24/7 monitoring
$229 +
$24.95 Monthly
Select $699 3 voice-activated wall buttons
5 standard wall buttons
1 LockBox
24/7 monitoring
$359 +
$24.95 Monthly

GetSafe Medical Alert Add-ons

Other devices and features used with GetSafe medical alert systems are considered add-on features and incur a one-time or monthly fee when you sign up for service. These include:

  • Mobile Help Button monitoring for on-the-go use ($30/month)
  • Caregiver tracking for mobile systems ($5/month)
  • Additional voice-activated wall buttons ($100/each)
  • Extra wall buttons ($35/each)
  • Wearable neck or wrist button ($25/each)
  • Fall detection for Mobile Help Button or wearable device ($10 per device per month)
  • Smoke detector ($80/each)
  • LockBox, a combination lock that allows first responders to access your property without breaking in ($30)
  • Vial of Life, an emergency information sheet for first responders ($8.95)
  • Extended warranty ($5)

GetSafe Complaints

GetSafe shares its name with an unaffiliated insurance company, so finding online reviews for GetSafe medical alert systems can be confusing. The company is rated 7.8 out of 10 by SafeHome, a consumer advocacy website. One unresolved customer complaint to the Better Business Bureau involved GetSafe security systems and not the medical alert systems. Had GetSafe responded to that single complaint, the BBB would rate the company higher than its current C+. GetSafe scores 4.5 out of 5 stars from ConsumerAffairs for both home security and medical alert systems.

GetSafe Q&A

  • Do GetSafe medical alert systems come with a guarantee?

    GetSafe offers a one-year warranty on the equipment, and you can try the products free for 30 days. You can discontinue the service at any time afterward if you decide you don’t want to use it.

  • Is there a limit on the number of GetSafe medical alert devices I can use with my subscription?

    There’s no limit with the subscription, so you can buy as many devices as you want. All your GetSafe medical alert equipment links to your monitoring account.

  • Do I return the equipment if I cancel my GetSafe medical alert account?

    You pay for the equipment once and own it completely, so it is yours to keep.

  • Will insurance or Medicare cover the cost of a GetSafe medical alert system?

    Unfortunately, insurance providers don’t cover the cost of medical alert systems, but other sources help with paying for a medical alert system.


A medical alert system protects you and reassures your loved ones, but wearing a device can be cumbersome and annoying. The GetSafe medical alert system provides freedom of movement, has flexible options and ensures emergency help is just a voice command away.

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