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With an extensive network of 101,000 participating dentists at more than 360,000 locations nationwide, comprehensive coverage and no sign-up fees, Guardian makes finding dental insurance easy. Finding a dentist in the Guardian network is accomplished using the provider search tool on their website. Guardian pays claims between two and 15 days on average after they are submitted, so customers don’t wait weeks for dental bills to be settled, and Guardian Dental customers don’t have to file claim forms.

  • Guardian Dental has over 101,000 in-network dentists
  • Preventive care like checkups and cleanings cost little to nothing
  • Guardian’s dental cost estimator makes it easy to get an idea of various dental procedure costs

  • ACA-subsidized plans are only available in 20 states

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Guardian Dental Insurance Plans

Guardian Dental Insurance plans fall into two categories: a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) or Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO). Both types of policies are available in most states while other states only allow for one or the other, depending on regulations. Guardian Dental sells individual and family policies across the country via their website, and on in 20 state healthcare insurance exchanges.

  • PPO dental plans pay a monthly premium for dental insurance that covers a percentage of dental costs after members pay a deductible. An annual maximum caps the dental insurance payout for the year. Guardian PPO plans do not require referrals to see a specialist, and you can visit any dentist but will save money by using an in-network provider. There are currently 124,000 dentists and 363,000 dental offices across the country participating in Guardian’s PPO network.

  • Guardian Managed DentalGuard DHMO members pay a monthly premium and copayment based on the dental service received. There is no deductible or annual maximum as long as you stay with the dentist you select as your primary dental care provider. Referrals to specialists require preapproval from Guardian. Guardian Dental’s DHMO network includes 12,000 dentists and 52,000 office locations across the U.S.

If you are eligible for ACA subsidies, you must sign up for a Guardian dental plan through or your state exchange during the annual open enrollment period in November and part of December, unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP).

Guardian Dental Insurance Costs

The average expense for dental insurance through Guardian ranges from around $16 to $60, depending on your state of residence, the level of coverage you choose (comprehensive or budget-conscious) and how soon you need dental work beyond routine care completed. Keep in mind prices vary based on your location and whether you need an individual or family plan. The three PPO plans below are based on a single person living in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  • Advantage Gold PPO: $33.99 per month for a single person. Good for those wanting maximum coverage.

  • Advantage Silver PPO: $22.46 per month for a single person. Good for those anticipating the need for dental work beyond the occasional filling.

  • Advantage Bronze PPO: $16.85 per month for a single person. Good for people only needing cleanings and the occasional filling.

Below are some sample premiums from across the country. These quotes are for individual or family plans. You can get quotes for ACA-related plans on your state exchange or (currently limited to 20 states).

Guardian Dental Insurance Premiums
Individual Policies / Per Person
State Plans
Average Monthly
Alabama 3 $16.14 – $30.27
Colorado 2 $26.39 – $37.76
Connecticut 3 $29.19 – $58.65
Florida 2 $22.84 – $32.68
Hawaii 3 $20.41 – $41.94
Illinois 4 $15.67 – $37.49
Minnesota 3 $21.74 – $43.88
Nevada 2 $24.61 – $35.83
New York 4 $16.28 – $45.17
North Dakota 3 $27.25 – $57.98
Oklahoma 3 $16.85 – $33.99
Texas 3 $17.68 – $33.70

Getting a Guardian Dental Quote

The Guardian Dental website offers three short step-by-step interviews to help you find the right dental coverage at an affordable price. Answer the questions to get a detailed quote, then save your quote or buy your dental insurance on the spot.

We like that Guardian does not require you to enter your email, phone number or any personally-identifying information to get a quote, a plus for avoiding unwanted sales calls.

  • Find a Plan: Enter your ZIP code to see plans available in your state with costs and plan details.

  • Find a Dentist: Enter your ZIP code for a list of in-network dentists in your area. You can also enter a dentist’s name to see if they work with Guardian Dental.

  • Help Me Choose a Dental Plan: Tailor your dental insurance by entering the protection levels, covered services, a specific dentist, your ZIP code and how soon you need coverage.

Guardian Dental Complaints

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) ranks Guardian Insurance with an A+ and the company has earned BBB Accreditation. Since 1957, Guardian received only 71 customer complaints through the BBB. TopTenReviews gives Guardian a 9.5 out of 10 stars, calling the company’s insurance “impressive” and only deducting points for not offering coverage in every state. ConsumersAdvocate mirrors the sentiment with a 9.1 out of 10-star rating.

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Guardian Dental Q&A

  • Does Guardian ever change their rates outside of the open enrollment period for insurance on state exchanges?
    Guardian Dental reserves the right to change their rates but gives consumers at least a 60-day notice before premiums increase.

  • What payment options does Guardian Dental offer?
    You can choose to pay your dental insurance premiums monthly, quarterly or annually with a credit or debit card, or ACH (eCheck) bank draft. Guardian Dental can also bill you for payments, and you can pay by mailing a personal or cashier’s check or money order.

  • Does Guardian Dental require that my everyone on my policy use the same dentist?
    No. Each person covered by your plan can choose his or her own dentist. The rules for in-network and out-of-network providers apply, though, and Guardian pays more of each bill for in-network dentists.

  • Can I cancel my plan at any time or am I locked into a yearly contract?
    You can cancel your Guardian Dental insurance plan at any time, and your termination will be effective the last day of the current month or the last day of the month for which the premium has been paid. However, canceling your dental insurance means you will have to wait 12 months to re-enroll in a Guardian Dental plan.

  • Can I change dentists when I have a Guardian Dental plan?
    Guardian Dental Advantage Gold, Silver, and Bronze (PPO) plan holders can change dentists as often as they like. Guardian Managed DentalGuard (DHMO) members can change their primary care dentist, and the change will go into effect the first day of the following month.


With over 150 years of insuring Americans, Guardian knows one size never fits all when it comes to dental insurance. Guardian Dental offers plans for nearly every budget, whether you look into a Guardian Dental plan on their website or via the health insurance exchange. Costs are reasonable for the dental procedures coverage, and you won’t be held hostage by sales calls by getting a quote from their website.

Guardian Dental Reviews

Recent Reviews

December 18 2020 1:15PM

WORST dental insurance ever! I had this because that's what was offered at my work. I didn't have a waiting period, had a procedure approved. My work decided to switch insurance at beginning of year.

I called Guardian for weeks, and not one person there was competent, I was switched from one agent to the next, called 15 times. On hold for hours each time.

All I wanted to do was continue with them and pay for plan myself rather than my work pay, so my procedure would be completed. BUT ABSOLUTELY not.

They said if I continue with them there would be a 9 month waiting period, ridiculous, I was already receiving insurance from them.

I never had to wait with any company, especially if I was already a member, so I was left with 8000.00 fees out of my pocket to finish my implant, because this greedy company would not let me pay for their insurance without having to wait.

Why pay when you get no benefits! Customer service has no knowledge at all, everyone I spoke to insured me they would call me back with answers the next day, never got a call.

In the process at one point I did sign up to continue before I knew there would be a long waiting period, and come to find out the agent didn't even complete the process, they took my bank number and everything to process the fee.

Was told it would be taken Dec 26-30 and I can cancel anytime. Well they took my money the same day, then I find out after that they refuse to waive the waiting period which I have been asking about for months.

I BETTER see a refund. TERRIBLE customer service. No wonder my work changed companies!!!! DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM!!!

Tracy W.
Olathe, KS
October 12 2020 3:44PM

They SUCK. I never thought I would use such language on a platform as such. Customer service main words of comfort is I am so sorry when it comes to internal errors between your dental provider and your insurance. I have a DMO so I have to stay in network.

My dentist didn't become contacted until 9.20. My dos started in July 20. Insurance verification was done when I was in the dental chair not being advised the dr was on.. I was informed I had to apply for care credit.

I expected some op expenses due to some of it may have been considered cosmetic, but it was poor customer service on my dentist and my insurance from the beginning.

Laydail B.
Houston, TX
October 09 2020 7:01PM

If it was possible for zero stars I would have selected that. My son needed a tooth because he was born without one. They denied it based on pre existing conditions. He would have had to have lost the tooth while under their insurance.

Asked how to file a grievance and got a laundry list of hoops to jump through. Just a company that wants your money. Stay away.

Chris M.
Otsego, MN
October 01 2020 8:43PM

Every time I call I always get someone who does not speak English very well and you can hear roosters and dogs barking in the background and they can never answer my questions properly.

I paid upfront for a dental procedure in Aug and now starting Oct Guardian is saying they need better quality xrays in order to process the claim. I keep calling to ask if they received the new xrays and all they say is submit electronically.

Ok there are many ways to submit electronically which do you want email website, fax? "Just submit electronically and put your processor ID on it." I can never get a clear answer.

The people I speak to don't understand what I'm asking so why are they working for a dental insurance if you don't clearly understand what the job is. American insurance should be handled by American people. Just saying so they can actually understand and actually help.

Mari N.
Reno, NV
August 10 2020 2:26AM

Whoa!!! Be careful of this company.. Didn't want to pay their share...Not honest people...Will rip you off... Paid my share of the bill... Now they don't want to pay their share...

Avoid this company at all cost... Why have insurance at all?.. Now I have to pay their share...Total...976.00... Thumbs are down... Avoid...

Mac B.
Lancaster, CA
August 01 2020 6:02PM

This is a fraudulent company! Somehow they got ahold of my debit card and started charging my card $376!!! I have no idea who this company is and didn't sign up with them.

The only thing I can think of is someone at my dentist's office used my card and got kickbacks from this company. So scary!

Nancie W.
Camano Island, WA
June 01 2020 3:56PM

My dentist of choice is an out-of-network provider - with any insurance. They charge more but do outstanding work. They have had to redo many work done by my previous in-network dentist that I used for years - so it's worth it for me to pay more to get the job done right the first time.

I'm so thankful that my employer chose Guardian Dental as our provider - they have covered so much and even have a rollover plan that has come very handy when I maxed out my yearly benefit. I am extremely satisfied and I hope my employer never changes provider.

J S.
San Antonio, TX
March 11 2020 1:34PM

Don't waste your time. They SAY they'll pay X amount but after their 'dental experts' look at it, it's deemed "unnecessary" or "not a good idea as the tooth has peridontal damage'. and this is AFTER a letter from a periodontist. What a bunch of THIEVES. Over $7000 in claims and they paid NOT ONE NICKEL.

Diane D.
Pensacola, FL
March 04 2020 11:18PM

Policy was canceled as soon as I used my coverage but GUARDIAN DID NOT INFORM me of their cancellation action until 2 MONTHS later so that they could deny payment for services used within the 2 months lag (which was the only time I used my coverage). Guardian claimed my policy was cancelled due to non payment of premiums but I had every months cancelled check (cashed by Guardian within the allowed timeframe).

Their first lie could not hold up so they lied again and they then blamed the NYS Marketplace which I found to be another false excuse...GUARDIAN just wanted to cancel my policy so that it could refuse to pay for dental services used. I will continue to fight until this issue is CORRECTLY RESOLVED, Guardian should NOT be allowed to SCAM its subscribers.

Filomena B.
Marlboro, NY
January 13 2020 9:31PM

Horrible customer service. I was instructed to apply for reimbursement online after payment was required at the time of service. Payment was incorrectly submitted to the dentist. It was their error. Their response was that it is my responsibility to contact the dentist myself to correct their error.

Steven H.
Fort Myers, FL
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