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Handicare Stair Lifts

4.25 Stars (6 Reviews)
Updated: January 19, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Handicare offers multi-story, straight, curved, multi-level and outdoor stairlifts to fit almost any staircase. It uses a unique program to show you a 3D rendering of how your stairlift can be positioned in your home.

Handicare Logo

Editorial Breakdown

Customer Service 4.3 Stars
Customization 4.3 Stars
Warranty 4.3 Stars
Price 4.3 Stars

Overall Rating 4.3 Stars

Bottom Line

Whether you have a curved, straight, multi-level or outdoor staircase, Handicare has multiple models to choose from. Handicare won our award for a Great Warranty so you can have peace of mind once your stairlift is installed. Straight stairlifts come with a lifetime warranty on motors and gearboxes and curved stairlifts come with a five-year warranty.

Handicare Review

Handicare offers a variety of stairlift solutions for disabled and older adults who cannot safely climb up or down the stairs. Coming from a long history in business, Handicare states their commitment to “making everyday life easier” for seniors and people with disabilities. We like Handicare stairlift systems because they are high quality, and use smart designs to offer greater independence. They include a variety of features and color options to effectively meet your needs and fit your home decor.

Handicare won the 2018 “great warranty” award in our stair lift buyers guide. Handicare claims safety as a top priority, and they back that statement with a with their lifetime warranty on the motor and gearbox of straight stairlifts and 5-year warranty on curved stairlifts. These warranty terms set apart this company from many of their competitors.


  • Highly customizable to fit available space
  • Lifetime warranty on some models
  • Options to fit most budgets


  • Pre-installation process is time-consuming

Handicare Stairlift Types

Handicare offers a variety of curved, straight, outdoor, used, and rental stairlifts designed to serve a wide range of customers and many types of stairways. Your Handicare supplier will conduct a user assessment and staircase survey to help you decide which model and options are going to work best for you and your home.

Straight stairlifts work on a single, straight flight of stairs that has no turns, bends, or mid-flight landings.Handicare’s straight stairlift models include the Simplicity, Simplicity Plus, 1000, 1000XXL, and 1000 Outdoor. The Simplicity series has a continuous charge feature even when the lift is in use. Handicare’s 1000 series is designed for narrow staircases with a slim straight stair lift track and comes with powered options such as a foldable footrest and swivel ability. Handicare’s 1000 series also comes in an XXL version to accommodate more weight.

Curved stairlift makes staircases that have bends, turns, or mid-flight landings accessible. The Vermeer is Handicare’s stairlift built for multi-story homes and spiral stairwells. Handicare’s Van Gogh single rail curved stairlift is a popular option for complicated staircases and offers several seat options. The Rembrandt is designed to run along the narrow side of your stairwell, leaving the broad section open to foot traffic. Handicare’s 2000 twin-rail series is said to offer the tightest track bends available in the stairlift industry.

Outdoor stairlifts give individuals the ability to enjoy their homes fully, both inside and outside, supplying access to porches, gardens, patios, and backyard decks. Handicare makes both straight and curved outdoor stairlifts able to withstand the elements. The lifts can be locked to prevent unauthorized use, are waterproof, and come with covers for added protection. Handicare’s 1000 and 2000 models are for outdoor use. Both come with UV-protected upholstery and a waterproof cover to keep them ready for any weather.

Pre-owned stairlifts can bring an otherwise unaffordable option into your budget’s reach. Handicare provides used stairlifts at more economical prices. Keep in mind, the styles and models are limited, and may not fit your home’s requirements or your individual needs.

If you only need a stairlift for a brief period, a temporary rental stairlift may be a better option for you, especially if you are on a limited budget. Handicare offers a monthly rental plan. But like their second-hand stairlifts, Handicare’s rental stock units may not fit your staircase or your individual needs.

Handicare Stairlift Models
Stairlift Model Stairlift Type Maximum Weight Capacity
Simplicity Straight 310 lbs.
Simplicity Plus Straight 310 lbs.
1000 Straight 300 lbs.
1000 XXL Straight 440 lbs.
1000 Outdoor Straight Outdoor 302 lbs.
2000 Outdoor Curved Outdoor 302 lbs.
Van Gogh Curved 275 lbs.
Vermeer Curved 275 lbs.
Rembrandt Curved 275 lbs.

Handicare models offer many features and options to choose from, including swivel functions, safety sensors, seat locks, safety belts, body harnesses, padded seats, adjustable seat height, hinged track, slide track, foldable stair lifts, foldable seat/arms/footrest, powered stand-up seat, and upholstery options. The company provides battery back-ups in case of power outages.

All Handicare stairlifts come standard with two remote controls, one to each to leave the top or foot of the stairs, which allows you to transport items upstairs or downstairs without actually sitting on the lift. Users can park the chair at the top or the bottom of the staircase if they wish to keep the chair out of sight. Dual remotes also make these stairlifts ideal for multiple users and for calling the stairlift between levels.

Handicare Stairlift Costs

Because Handicare stairlifts are custom made, measured to fit your stairway, and tailored to your personal needs, the cost can vary widely. An advisor will come to your home to take measurements, discuss options and requirements, and provide you with a free quote. The advisor will also help you choose the right lift for your individual needs. There is no cost for this advisory service, and the estimate is free of any obligation.

Pricing ranges between $2,500 to $5,000 for straight stairlifts and basic models. For curved staircases and stairlifts with added customizable options, you can plan on spending between $5,000 to $10,000 or more depending on the model and features you choose.

Many states will waive sales tax on a stairlift if you can obtain a valid prescription from your healthcare provider stating that the stairlift is necessary and will benefit your health and mobility. Be sure to check into local and state guidelines to learn if you qualify. Handicare also offers financing options to assist customers.


Stairlift. Source: Getty

Preview Your Handicare Stairlift Before Installation

Many consumers are hesitant to install a stairlift because they don’t know what it will look like in their home. This is a big investment, and not only do you want it to function well for your needs, but you also want it to fit in with your decor as much as possible.

Handicare developed Vision, an application which dealers can use to create a 3D image of how the stairlift will look once installed in your home. You can view seat options and see how the system will appear from all angles in your actual stairway. It will also give you a better idea of the installation process and answer questions that a flat picture in a brochure cannot. See the Handicare Vision app in action on YouTube to get an idea of its usefulness.

Handicare Complaints

Handicare’s overall satisfaction rating with multiple review sites is just shy of five stars (the highest score) based on over 100 reviews in the last year. Handicare earned an A+ rating on BBB. While most customers were happy with their experience, a few reported missing parts, and mechanical failures shortly after installation. However, these consumers noted that the company was very responsive about getting those parts replaced and made sure all operational issues were resolved quickly.

Handicare Q&A

  • On average, how long do stairlifts last?
    If maintained properly, a stairlift will last for about 10 to 15 years, depending on how often it is used.

  • Does Medicare help cover the cost of a new stairlift?
    No, Medicare does not consider a stairlift to be “medically necessary,” and therefore does not cover the cost.

  • Are Handicare stairlifts easy to operate?
    Handicare stairlifts carry worldwide safety certifications and come with seven automatic safety sensors that will immediately stop the lift if anything is detected in its path. For maximum safety, all Handicare stairlifts have seat belts to be used while the customer is in transit on the staircase.

  • Will my stairlift work in a power outage?
    All Handicare stairlifts operate on battery power. In a power outage, the lift will continue to work for up to 10 round trips before needing to be recharged. When your stairlift is parked, the battery is in a continuous charging mode to ensure maximum battery availability if the power goes out.

  • Will a Handicare stairlift fit on my unique staircase?
    Handicare stairlift models are designed to fit standard and narrow staircases, and their flexible designs fit curved stairs, stairs with landings, multi-story staircases and spiral staircases.


The number of adults over the age of 65 who live alone is increasing, according to the Population Reference Bureau. Many of them are choosing to stay in their family homes. A stairlift can provide the optimal solution for these individuals as well as disabled persons who want to maintain mobility and independence while still living in the comfort of their own homes. Handicare, with its long history of developing and delivering solid lift solutions both in Europe and the United States, is certainly worthy of consideration.

6 Handicare Reviews

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1 Star

December 16 2023 5:10PM

RUN, RUN, RUN THE OTHER WAY! My husband is disabled Veteran and the VA ordered this Chairlift 19 weeks ago. They told me it would take eight weeks because of the fact that it is curved and we have a retractable rail that they are the only company in the United States, that manufacture these. I had to call after eight weeks to find out where the chair was. I was told that I was just about to be called (yeah right!).

When the installers came to install back in October, after five hours, realized that they did not have enough bolts, the connection plates were placed on the wrong side, and they were sent the wrong wires. The railing was uninstalled, brought back to the shop of the installing company and they put the plates on the right side. They came back to install after a few days and the chair worked but connection plate was placed too close to the retractable rail and the chair was hitting it so it couldn’t connect to the connection plates.

The installer then had to do some of the railing, bring it back to the shop and move the plates. They came back after a week or so and it didn’t work at all. The installers were in constant contact with the company and no one can figure it out. The company then sent a person from South Carolina that was so full of himself, who supposedly went around the country to teach the installers how to install. He had to keep going out and calling the company to figure out how to get this thing to work after another five hours, they realize that the power pack died.

Now mine this is supposed to be brand new equipment just made for my husband. We were promised that this power pack would be overnighted and we should be receiving it just before Thanksgiving. That never happened. Finally I promised that by November 27 Monday after Thanksgiving the installer should have it and he should be able to come and install it. Well, that didn’t happen. The part did not come in until that Thursday. The part that came in wasn’t fully intact because it was packaged as new, but was used so it wasn’t installed. They finally got a new power pack and came to install it yesterday December 15. The power pack worked but the throttle on the chair did not. He could only operate it by remote control.

The vice president of the company cannot understand why I would not accept it like that until the new chair came in next week I explained to him that I don’t trust that anything is coming in that’s gonna work next week and it’s not bolted down so it would not be safe for my husband to use it, he told me that I should let the technician put more holes in my floor and accept it in this condition. I lost my mind. I screamed at him and my words were not very nice so here we are waiting till next Friday to either have this piece of crap, dismantled and taken out or new chair installed.

My husband does go up and down the stairs but we take a chance each time he goes up and down. At this point, I’m so frustrated and disgusted and hope that no one else has to go through this. Please please please, I beg anyone that is considering this company to not use them. They are the devil soldiers.

1 Star

November 03 2023 6:22AM

Do not use this company!! Run away as fast as you can. Our stairlift hasn’t worked properly from day one. Now they refused to warranty any parts. It’s only a year old. It gets stuck numerous times in the middle of the track in the middle of the staircase. If you have one of these you better carry a cell phone to call for help. They DO NOT stand behind their products. They won’t fix the problem. Terrible company and terrible customer service and terrible product.

Shelly L.
Home, PA
1 Star

July 16 2022 7:09PM

Don't walk away from this company, run! They will not stand behind their product. When it malfunctions, which ours did after 6 months, they said what was wrong and provided a solution WHICH DID NOT WORK.

Every person had a different idea of what was wrong and the fix. No solution worked. They stopped returning phone calls and walked away from any responsibility for their product.

Judith A.
Hopatcong, NJ
1 Star

September 13 2021 7:49PM

Worst customer service. Called 8 times and on hold for 10 min average each time before being hung up on. Get your lifts somewhere else. You've been warned. I was needing to replace multiple batteries, but now will just replace lifts so I can get service.

Mike L.
Oregon City, OR
1 Star

February 01 2021 8:08PM

The chairlift manufactured by Handicare was installed 5 years ago by a company called Gumbord for the price of $18.000.00. It has been malfunctioning often and now it is malfunctioning again.

I am told by the dealer and the manufacturer that my expense to repair it will be $1500.00. Complete waste, poor service and a big rip off.

Rita B.
Lis Angeles, CA
1 Star

September 23 2020 11:20PM

Buyer Beware! These stairlifts are junk! The seat is made of cheap plastic. The chair pads are like the cheap garden knee pads that can be bought anywhere for a few bucks. I was charged $4800 just for the equipment. The installation was an additional $425.

They claim the stairlift will support 440 pounds. Don’t believe it. When I sat on the chair it tilted forward making me feel I would fall forward and out of the chair. The second time I sat in the chair, a bolt broke and I don’t weigh anywhere near 440 pounds.

We never did get the automatic swivel chair to work. Their so called special technician said it could be a wire or a bad fuse. He said he didn’t know what it was and told us we were on our own. I packed it up and sent it back.

Now they want to deduct $1,000 from my refund because we cut the rail to install it. How would we have known it didn’t work if we hadn’t cut the rail and installed it.

This happened the last of July and I still don’t have my refund. Don’t make the mistake I did, find someone that stands behind their product. Handicare definitely doesn’t!

Cheryl S.
Casper, WY