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Identity theft is a crime that continues to grow with $5.1 billion in account takeovers as of 2017. Founded in 2005, IdentityForce provides services and software that help prevent tax fraud, medical identity theft, child identity theft, and credit card fraud with services robust enough to be certified for use by the U.S. government.

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IdentityForce offers multiple levels of identity theft protection and monitoring for your personal information or your business. Protection and monitoring plans start at $14.99 per month and come with a 14-day free trial.

IdentityForce Review

IdentityForce offers identity theft protection for individuals and families, as well as data protection and rapid security breach response services to organizations and businesses. IdentityForce monitors your vital personal information, allows you to control access to that data, and offers identity recovery management services should a breach occur. The company’s comprehensive set of products includes protection for children, one of the fastest growing populations targeted by identity thieves with over 1 million victims in 2017. The award-winning IdentityForce ranked for Great Customer Satisfaction in our Identity Theft Protection buyers guide.

IdentityForce offers three identity theft protection packages: UltraSecure, UltraSecure+Credit, and ChildWatch. Services include a variety of tailored electronic financial surveillance and identity theft resolution tools like constant monitoring for fraud, medical identity protection, social media accounts, and bank, credit card and credit bureau activity. The IdentityForce mobile app sends alerts when you are away from a computer, and you can try IdentityForce UltraSecure free for 14 days.


  • 100% Identity Restoration Guarantee
  • Managed identity restoration
  • Family plans available


  • ChildWatch coverage is not as robust as adult member coverage

Great for cybersecurity support

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  • Investment account monitoring

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How IdentityForce Protects Your Identity

IdentityForce is a fully-featured, comprehensive solution to preventing your identity from being stolen by sending nearly real-time alerts via text, email or the mobile app whenever the service detects suspicious activity. Using Advanced Fraud Monitoring, IdentityForce lets you know when your credit report is requested, so you have time to contact the business before credit is extended in your name. You can also place a temporary hold on your file.

IdentityForce actively monitors bank accounts and credit cards for charges, withdrawals, or balance transfers over any amount you choose. While most credit card companies electronically scan for unauthorized transactions, they often flag regular spending and miss fraudulent charges. IdentityForce lets you know when your identity may have been stolen online.

The IdentityForce mobile app for Android and iOS alerts consumers to potential identity theft and financial account activity and uses two-factor authorization and Touch ID to restrict access to the app. The app uses fingerprint and facial recognition if your phone supports these security features. UltraSecure+Credit customers can view credit scores from all three major credit reporting agencies in the app. You don’t have to use the mobile app to get identity theft protection, but the app lets you know about potential threats wherever you are.

FeaturesUltraSecure*UltraSecure +Credit*Childwatch*
Identity Monitoring
  • Advanced Fraud MonitoringFraud AlertsMedical Records and SSN
  • Dark Web ActivityJunk Mail Opt-outSex Offender Warnings
  • $1 Million Identity TheftInsuranceFully Managed Restoration
  • 3 Bureau MonitoringCredit Score TrackerCredit Score Simulator

*See pricing and special packages below.

IdentityForce Identity Theft Protection Cost

IdentityForce offers two months free if you pay for a year in advance. The regular price is $17.95 per month or $179.50 yearly for the UltraSecure service. UltraSecure+Credit is another $6 a month or $239.50 annually. You can add ChildWatch to either plan for $27.50 per year. IdentityForce runs reduced price promotions from time to time.

IdentityForce family plans cover two adults and unlimited children up to age 26 in one household. The UltraSecure Family Plan is $24.90 monthly or $249.00 per year. The UltraSecure+Credit Family Plan is $35.90 per month or $359.00 for a year of coverage. You need to call and speak to a customer service representative to sign up for an IdentityForce family plan, and you can sign up online for the other identity theft protection plans.

Identity Protection Features in IdentityForce

We explain many of IdentityForce’s features for preventing identity theft below, but this list is not all-inclusive. You can adjust the software settings to make the service work in a way that’s best for you. IdentityForce also has trained agents available 24 hours a day, every day so there’s always live help if you have a question or concern.

  • Change of Address Monitoring:
    Know if your mailing address changesOne of the most common tactics criminals use to get your personal information is to change the mailing address for your bills and credit card statements, often using the U.S. Postal Service Change of Address Form. Once the identity thieves reroute your mail, they may be able to gather enough information to liquidate your accounts and create financial accounts in your name. IdentityForce notifies you if your mailing address changes on any accounts.

  • IdentityForce Court Records Scanning:
    Be alerted if a criminal is using your nameIdentityForce monitors criminal and public court records across the nation to find any trace of potentially stolen data. For example, if a criminal using a false ID with your name is pulled over for a traffic violation, a digital record gets created. This record can affect your insurance rates or cause a warrant to be issued for your arrest. IdentityForce alerts you when your identifying information appears on court records.

  • Dark Web Surveillance with IdentityForce:
    Protection from hackers selling your dataThe Dark Web is accessible via specialized software and is used to maintain anonymity. Unsearchable using Google and other search engines, illegal transactions take place on a large scale on the Dark Web, including exchanging and selling stolen information like passwords, addresses, phone numbers and more. IdentityForce is always scanning the Dark Web and alerts you if your data is being shared, so you can take action to protect your identity.

  • IdentityForce Payday Loans Protection:
    Know if payday loans are opened in your nameIf criminals use your Social Security number to apply for a payday advance with no intention of making payments, the delinquent account shows up on your credit report. If lowering your credit score wasn’t bad enough, you are responsible for the loan with an astronomical interest rate until the issue gets resolved. IdentityForce will notify you if your name or other data was used to secure a payday loan and helps you prove the loan isn’t yours.

  • Social Media Identity Watch:
    Be alerted of suspicious activity on the most popular social media networksIdentityForce helps to protect you, and your children with the ChildWatch package, across your social media accounts. IdentityForce keeps a digital eye out for signs of drugs, violence, sexually explicit language and profanity used by or directed toward your social media accounts. ChildWatch protects your kids on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube from cyberbullying. IdentityForce lets you know if social media accounts get hacked, cloned or if someone creates an imposter account.

  • IdentityForce Smart SSN Monitoring:
    Receive fast notification of unauthorized Social Security account changesThe IdentityForce Smart SSN Tracker software checks all names, aliases, and addresses associated with your Social Security Number to ensure the information is correct. You will receive an alert if IdentityForce finds changes or information added to your Social Security account.

  • Medical Identity Monitoring with IdentityForce:
    Know about false insurance claims filed in your nameMedical identity theft occurs when someone steals your Medicare or Social Security number or other identifying information to file false insurance claims. After the thieves collect the payments, you can be at risk for delayed or denied treatments, inaccurate medical records, and a damaged credit score. IdentityForce monitors your medical accounts and profiles, so you know quickly if false insurance claims exist.

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IdentityForce Credit Score Tracking and Simulation

In addition to monitoring your credit bureau file, scores, and providing reports, the UltraSecure+Credit package from IdentityForce offers the Credit Score Tracker. This tool shows your credit score over time with an easy-to-read graph, particularly useful if you are recovering from identity theft or rebuilding your credit. If your credit score drops unexpectedly, an IdentityForce agent can help you determine if this is an indication of theft or an error.

You use the Credit Score Simulator to create what-if scenarios to see how different circumstances would affect your credit score and to make informed financial decisions. Enter a variety of criteria like credit card and loan balances, payments, or balance transfers to view what the impact would be on your credit score.

IdentityForce Restoration Help

Should you ever be a victim of identity theft, IdentityForce will assist and guide you through recovering your data, accounts and funds via fully-managed restoration services. You will get help immediately from a representative who will:

  • Make necessary contacts on your behalf and fill out forms
  • Follow up when needed and keep you informed
  • File claims for lost funds up to $1 million

IdentityForce Complaints

IdentityForce maintains an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau, with some consumer complaints primarily revolving around billing issues. IdentityForce responded to each customer to provide satisfactory solutions. rates IdentityForce with 3 out of 5 stars with many happy customers but some low marks regarding billing issues. Customer reviews on TrustPilot also gave IdentityForce 3 stars on a scale of 5, but many seemed to be confused with a newly-redesigned dashboard implemented in April 2018. Once consumers adapted to the new layout, complaints subsided. IdentityForce has Tier One GSA approval for use within government agencies since 2015.

IdentityForce Q&A

  • Can I buy IdentityForce ChildWatch separately?
    No, ChildWatch is only available as an add-on service for other IdentityForce protection subscriptions.

  • Can IdentityForce help protect me from tax fraud?
    IdentityForce’s SSN tracker spots fraudulent uses of your Social Security number. Since that number is related to income taxes, the service can uncover tax fraud. IdentityForce can alert you if an address change or a new name is associated with your Social Security number as well.

  • Does IdentityForce’s credit monitoring affect my credit score?
    No, monitoring and viewing your credit reports via IdentityForce does not cause your credit score to drop like it would for a hard inquiry.

  • How much does the IdentityForce mobile app cost?
    There is no charge for the IdentityForce mobile app. The cost is included in the service subscription.

  • Does the IdentityForce web-based dashboard work with Mac computers?
    No, the IdentityForce dashboard is currently only available for PCs. If you have a PC and use an iPhone, an iOS mobile app is available.

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Identity theft is a big issue with estimates of over 9 million victims in the United States. IdentityForce’s monitoring and alerts track a significant portion of identity theft threats, including problems with court records, Social Security, address changes and social media. IdentityForce insurance covers customers in the event of identity theft and trained agents guide victims through restoring their identity by doing most of the work for them. IdentityForce provides peace of mind with a 100 percent identity recovery guarantee.

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