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J David Tax Law

4.5 Stars
Updated: January 23, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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J David Tax Law is a nationwide firm helping those burdened with income tax debt. The company resolves state and IRS tax cases quickly and affordably. J David Tax Law is different from other tax relief companies in that clients work with only licensed tax attorneys. The advantage of this arrangement is quick, reliable answers to tax settlement questions, no matter how complex the situation. The firm also educates clients with a plan to remain in compliance with tax laws after paying off their debt.

J David Tax Lawyers

Editorial Breakdown

Cost 4.8 Stars
Customer Service 4.6 Stars
Services Offered 4.3 Stars
Ease of Resolution 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4.6 Stars

Bottom Line

J David Tax Law is a Tax Firm that specializes in customized solutions to help customers overcome their tax debts.

J David Tax Law Review

Accumulating tax debt is stressful, and working with the IRS can be upsetting, so let J David Tax Law help. J David Tax Law can tell you if you qualify for a tax relief program and work out a plan to pay off your taxes. You will find J David Tax Law listed in our Best Tax Relief Companies Guide. We chose the firm because they offered the highest level of tax services, are backed by legal experts and provide affordable fees.

J David Tax Law provides tax settlement solutions in all 50 states. Each client works one-on-one with an experienced tax attorney who researches and resolves cases involving tax debt, business taxes and other tax-related services.


  • Free consultation with a tax attorney
  • Affordable service
  • Stellar reputation


  • Must call for information, few specifics on website

How J David Tax Law Can Help

J David Tax Law provides a full range of tax resolution services and tailors solutions according to each client’s situation. The company represents individuals and businesses across all tax cases. We’ve listed some of the more common tax relief programs the firm may recommend, however, their attorneys can work on many other issues.

  • Bank levies, tax liens and wage garnishments give the government the right to claim your property, bank accounts or part of your paycheck to repay a tax debt. J David Tax Law works to get these orders lifted quickly.
  • Installment agreements with manageable monthly payments are available from the IRS but require an application process. Tax attorneys can explain which program you have the best shot at for approval.
  • Offer in compromise makes financially-distressed taxpayers eligible for a discount on taxes due.
  • Currently not collectible agreements put federal taxes on hold. Although penalties and interest still accrue, debt collection gets deferred for those who can’t pay taxes until their financial situation improves.
  • Innocent spouse relief is designed to remove a taxpayer’s responsibility for back taxes after their current or former spouse improperly filed income tax returns. A J David Tax Law attorney can explain innocent spouse relief and help you get absolved of paying part or all of those taxes.
  • Penalty abatement involves the IRS forgiving interest or penalties when you’ve fallen behind on paying taxes through no fault of your own. A tax attorney can determine if you are eligible to have this portion of your tax liability removed.

Why is a Tax Attorney the Best Option?

Most tax relief companies have one tax attorney on staff, and some employ none. The CPAs, enrolled agents and other tax professionals at these companies are generally effective at working out most tax debt issues; however, tax laws are very complex and frequently change. J David Tax Law employs only tax attorneys to ensure clients get the highest level of service. A tax attorney can immediately answer the most complex questions about taxes. Tax attorneys have the highest level of education and training and understand how to research any case. Tax attorneys can cost more due to their expertise, but J David Tax Law offers affordable payment plans to help defray that expense.

Working with J David Tax Law

Prospective clients can call or fill out a form on the website for a free, no-obligation consultation with a tax attorney at J David Tax Law. During the meeting, the attorney assesses the potential client’s finances and presents tax relief options, or other resources if those alternatives better suit the client’s needs. Those who choose to work with the company go through a three-phase tax resolution process.

J David Tax Law
3-Phase Tax Resolution Process
Investigation Resolution Freedom
– Client signs on for services
– Tax attorney researches and identifies tax relief options
– Attorney assembles documentation and paperwork
– Tax attorney negotiates for the best possible deal with IRS or state tax authority
– Client receives information about the negotiation outcome
– Tax attorney advises the client how to avoid tax problems in the future

J David Tax Law Business Services

Business owners who are behind on paying taxes or are facing an audit can turn to J David Tax law for help with these and other tax issues. The company effectively represents businesses in cases involving payroll taxes, preparing business tax returns and consulting for business tax matters. J David Tax Law attorneys resolve business tax matters with the IRS and the state, as well as advise on the pros and cons of setting a new business up as an LLC or a corporation.

J David Tax Law Costs

J David Tax Law doesn’t publish specific pricing or fee information online but makes services affordable to everyone. Flexible payment plans fit nearly any budget. We found many online reviews from previous clients praising J David Tax Law for providing service at a reasonable price.

J David Tax Law Complaints

J David Tax Law is A+ rated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau — every consumer review on the BBB website gives the company 5 out of 5 stars. J David Tax Law is also a ConsumerAffairs accredited brand with a 5-star rating. Trustpilot and Yelp reviews are also very encouraging. Client opinion emphasizes effective communication, respectful treatment and quick tax resolutions. J David Tax Law recently received the Ultimate Attorney Award from the Jacksonville Business Journal. The publication chose to award the company for employing attorneys with top-notch professional skills, superior client care, leadership, charitable concern and civic engagement.

J David Tax Law Q&A

  • What sets J David Tax Law apart from other tax relief companies?

    J David Tax Law only utilizes licensed tax attorneys to resolve tax debts. Clients can be confident they are working with an experienced and educated expert, with direct access to their attorney via email and phone. The company also provides payment plans while considering the client’s budget.

  • How soon can J David Tax Law get a wage garnishment lifted?

    J David Tax Law can often get a wage garnishment lifted in 24 to 48 hours, especially if the client is struggling to pay living expenses.

  • How long does the J David Tax Law tax relief process take?

    Every situation is different, but J David Tax Law can usually resolve a client’s tax case within 6 to 16 weeks.

  • Who is J David?

    The company name, J David Tax Law, is from the managing partner who founded the firm, Jonathan David Sooriash. The firm’s mission has always been to provide personalized services from tax attorneys for an affordable fee.

  • Does J David Tax Law offer services other than help with tax debt?

    J David Tax Law also offers income tax return preparation and audit representation.

Conclusion on J David Tax Law

J David Tax Law offers legal expertise to investigate options for reducing state or federal back taxes and getting clients on affordable payment plans to eliminate tax debt. After identifying the best solution, the dedicated tax attorney negotiates to get the client approved for tax relief programs. Clients also learn how to manage taxes in the future, and the high-level tax services are available with affordable payment plans.

To talk to a tax professional at J David Tax Law, call (888) 740-7319.

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