Jacuzzi Walk-In Tubs

Jacuzzi Walk-In Tubs Review

Jacuzzi keeps things simple by only offering two walk-in tub lines: the Jacuzzi Walk-In Tub and the Finestra Bathtub. The Jacuzzi Walk-In is designed to fit in the place of a standard bathtub, so it’s the perfect choice for bathroom renovations as well as for replacing existing walk-in bathtubs. Walk-in tub models feature jets to help relieve sore muscles, a guaranteed leak-proof door that opens extra wide, and their Fast Fill faucet. The Jacuzzi Walk-In Tub also comes in compact and large sizes.

For new construction or complete bathroom remodels, the Finestra Bathtub is available in three sizes:

  • 52” L x 30” W x 38.5” H
  • 60″ L x 30″ W x 39″ H
  • 60″ L x 36″ W x 39″ H
  • Jacuzzi offers free, in-home consultations
  • Both models have low thresholds, making entry and exit from the bath easy and safe
  • Jacuzzi walk-in tubs come standard with an ADA-compliant integrated seat, an ergonomic grab bar for assistance in and out of the tub and a limited lifetime warranty
  • Jacuzzi doesn’t offer the variety of models and configurations that some walk-in tub manufacturers do

Jacuzzi Walk-In Tubs Products and Prices

With a walk-in tub, you’ll no longer have to worry about balancing as you climb over the lip of your standard tub, considerably reducing the risk of falling. Built-in features like handrails, seats and textured floors add to the safety of using a bathtub. Given its background, the options that Jacuzzi offers elevates bathing from a cleaning session to a bathing experience you’d find in a spa.

We sorted out the features and average price range for each of Jacuzzi’s walk-in tub models below.

Jacuzzi Walk-in Tubs
Models, Prices and Features
Model Features
Salon Spa $6,845 — $8,026 The Salon Spa walk-in tub features powerful jets,
an air injector, pleasant scents courtesy of their
Aromatherapy system and underwater Chromatherapy
lights. Another advantage to the Salon Spa is the Heated Soak system
that warms the water without having to add hot water to your bath
Whirlpool Bath $5,894 — $6,940 For a massage that is both therapeutic and invigorating,
the whirlpool model offers different jet options to target
the lower back, legs, feet or a combination of all three
Pure Air Bath $5,894 — $6,940 For a gentle massage, the Pure Air walk-in tub
releases thousands of bubbles filled with warm air.
The optional Aromatherapy system aids with relaxation.
If you want a bubble foot massage, you can have one
with a push of the button without having to fill the tub entirely
Soaking Tub $4,844 — $5,699 If you need a tub for soaking and bathing
without many features, Jacuzzi offers
the Soaking Tub. The sloped design lets you
sit back and relax in warm water therapy

Jacuzzi Walk-in Tub Features

Both the Finestra and Jacuzzi Walk-in Tub lines come with the RapidHeat in-line heater which maintains the water temperature longer, Fast-fill and Quick Drain which fill and drain the tub two times faster than standard faucets and drains, heated seats and backrests. Both offer jets optimized for massage and both models allow for full body soaks.

When you sit in a tub of hot water, you receive health benefits through passive heating. Several passive heating studies over the past few years prove that a good soak may do your body good by lowering inflammation, burning calories and more. The comfort features in a Jacuzzi walk-in tub enhance the benefits of passive heating.

You may know that magnesium in Epsom salt baths helps with arthritis pain, enhanced sleep, fibromyalgia and easing sore muscles. Jacuzzi is the only walk-in tub maker that is Epsom salt compatible. Salt can clog the motor that powers air or water jets on other brands or rust out the pump or heater.
Finally, the Jacuzzi Walk-In Tub and the Finestra lines offer variations to make it easy to find the walk-in tub that will fit your lifestyle and needs. We’ve included those features in the chart below.

Jacuzzi Walk-in Tubs Features
Feature Description
PointPro Spinner Jets Each Jacuzzi Walk-In tub features two PointPro Spinner Jets by the drain that focus on smaller muscle groups with a kneading effect stimulating the surrounding tissue of your feet
PointPro Jets Two PointPro Jets under the seat target stress points behind your legs to offer a vigorous deep hydromassage that is strong but not uneven or uncomfortable
Micro PointPro Jets Six Micro PointPro jets in the seat back are positioned to go across the lower back area. A reduced flow rate and maximum maneuverability can relieve muscular tension
Air Injectors Air injectors in the seat, by your feet and by the drain deliver thousands of bubbles against your skin

Jacuzzi Walk-in Tub Warranty

Jacuzzi doesn’t mention warranties for their walk-in tubs specifically on their website, but for reference, their whirlpool tubs come with a limited lifetime warranty. Labor is covered for one to two years depending on the model and options. Accessories are under warranty for 90 days.

Jacuzzi Walk-In Tubs In-home Consultation

You can call Jacuzzi or fill out a short form on Jacuzzi’s website to set up your appointment for a free in-home consultation. Having a salesperson visit your home to take measurements accurately helps prevent you from buying a tub that won’t fit well in your bathroom. You can have all questions answered at this consultation as well, and you don’t have to order anything on the spot. When we contacted the company, the U.S.-based customer service agent who spoke with us was both kind and knowledgeable, answering all of our questions without any sales pressure.

jacuzzi walk-in tub

Source: Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi Walk-In Tubs Complaints

With an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau and thousands of sales, Jacuzzi has only had six complaints lodged against them in the past three years, and they have responded to each one of them. Most complaints were about walk-in tubs in general rather than Jacuzzi itself. Customers didn’t’ like how long it took to fill the tub and how expensive walk-in tubs are.

Consumers on ConsumerAffairs rates Jacuzzi at 4.2 out of 5-stars with over 200 customer reviews. Customers speak positively about Jacuzzi employees, in particular, the consultants that do the free in-home estimates and the installers. Customer service agents get high marks for their after-the-sale assistance. Many agree that having a Jacuzzi walk-in tub has noticeably improved their quality of life.

Jacuzzi Walk-In Tubs Q&A

  • Does Medicare cover the cost of Jacuzzi walk-in tubs?
    As of July 2018, Medicaid does not cover the cost of walk-in bathtubs because they are not considered to be durable medical equipment.

  • What are the cons of buying a Jacuzzi walk-in tub?
    The most prominent safety feature walk-in tubs bring to the table — the door — also has a downside because you can’t fill the tub with water before entering it, which could leave you a bit chilled. You not only have to wait for the water to get to the right level, but you could also have difficulty adjusting the temperature to fit your comfort level.

    Some walk-in tubs feature heated seats to help the bather stay warm while waiting for the tub to fill and drain. Jacuzzi walk-in tubs have in-line heaters to maintain the water temperature.

    jacuzzi walk-in tub

    Source: Jacuzzi
  • How much water does a standard Jacuzzi walk-in tub hold?
    The average walk-in tub holds 50 to 55 gallons of water. While this is more than a standard tub, it’s comparable to a shower, which uses about seven gallons a minute. The built-in Jacuzzi RapidHeat in-line heater is a water-saving feature that maintains the water temperature at an average of 104 degrees. The temperature in an unheated walk-in tub drops to 98.6 in 10 minutes, requiring the bather to add more hot water to remain comfortable.

    The Jacuzzi Fast Drain technology drains the water in half the time it takes a standard tub to empty, which is a plus for your comfort while you wait to be able open the door.

  • How do I determine the water heater size I will need for a Jacuzzi walk-in tub?
    A general rule of thumb is that the water heater should be no less than two-thirds the size of the water capacity of the tub. For example, a 60-gallon tub would require a 40-gallon water heater. We recommend that you consult a plumber to calculate precisely what size water heater you’ll need for a walk-in tub so you won’t shortchange the rest of your household while bathing.

  • Can I control the jet power in my Jacuzzi walk-in tub?
    Jacuzzi makes it easy to adjust the water and air flow through a knob on the control panel. Raised push buttons also make operating the light, air, and whirlpool systems extremely easy.

  • Does Jacuzzi have any special offers?
    Jacuzzi offers special pricing from time to time. At the time we published this review, the current promotion offered $1,500 in savings, special financing and low monthly payments.

  • Where are Jacuzzi walk-in tubs manufactured?
    Jacuzzi manufacturers their tubs in Valdosta, Georgia so you know your tub will meet U.S. standards and license requirements.

Conclusion on Jacuzzi Walk In Tubs

Buying a walk-in tub is an investment in your continued independent living. The Jacuzzi name has been synonymous with luxury bathing for decades, and the company continues to pioneer new technology to improve their products. While their selection may appear limited compared to our picks for the best walk-in tub brands, it’s easier to narrow down your choices from a few solid American-made tubs with various therapeutic benefits.

Jacuzzi Reviews

Recent Reviews

Featured Review
July 24 2022 12:45AM

We were very happy with our person Dennis ** who did an excellent job on customer service. Very well dressed and clean looking. Very friendly and let us ask questions of any sort pertaining to our shower re-model. He also just lives almost around the corner from us.

This man really knows his job and gives you so many payment options and what is easy ways to go. We learned a lot from him. We would recommend him to anyone. He showed us what is safe in showers. We really recommend him to everybody. Mike and colleen**.

Colleen P.
Scappoose, OR
April 30 2022 3:55PM

Total piece of garbage! Bought the J495 you know the $18,000 fully loaded hottub? What a mistake! Within six months the circulation pump went out and was replaced, shortly thereafter all the lights went out and were replaced under warranty.

A year later the lights went out, out of warranty and Jacuzzi wouldn't touch it. (Most of the techs are beyond dumb as well.

You pay $150 for a service call not knowing who you're going to get, the "Backroom Amateur" or the "Pro" out of five techs that came to my house four out of five were definitely pretty pathetic in their skillset and I ended up paying to replace parts that did not resolve the problem.

Fast forward to year three and the Subwoofer totally died (Out of warranty of course, and $1200+ Install to replace).

Fast forward to year five and the main board is totally dead and needs a replacement, the tub will run for about ten minutes then the breaker pops and it shuts off another $1500+ Repair, also all of the four speakers are dry rotted though at a cost of about $250 each to replace.

Lastly while the cover is completely structurally intact it now fills up with water when it rains. Another $500-800 expense and gets so heavy it take three strong men to open. I would guess the cover weighs about 400 pounds when filled with water and probably 120 dry.

I seriously HATE HATE HATE this thing. To be honest I believe my fault lies in buying a Hottub made in America versus the one made in China.

Unfortunately in this day and age when you Buy a $18000 that is made in China you get about $12000 worth of quality parts $2000 Labor costs to assemble, and a $4000 profit margin for the manufacturer.

You buy this piece of garbage made in America you get a $18000 hottub with about $5000 worth of parts, $9000 worth of labor and a $4000 profit margin for the manufacture.

Bottom line is you end up with this Piece of ** that has most of its cheap garbage parts made in Mexico and assembled by factory workers at $50+ an hour.

Long story short I'll Never ever recommend Jacuzzi or anything they touch to anyone ever until I die. At this point I will likely pay someone to get this piece of garbage off my deck so I can have more deck space.


Steven K.
Warrenville, IL
November 08 2021 2:04AM

Spent about $18k on a fully loaded J495 in 2015. Wow what a mistake. I seriously hate this thing! In the first year half the lights went out, one of the pumps, and the seal on the center jet.

Fortunately the warranty took care of all of it. Year two the subwoofer died, two of the speakers died, half the led lights went out again all out of warranty. Was quoted about $3000 to repair. Total and complete garbage. Stay the hell away from the Jacuzzi brand.

Steve K.
Naperville, IL
May 29 2021 11:03AM

I’ve had a J480 for ~10 years. The motherboard blew over 2.5 months ago. I’ve had 2 dealers contact Jacuzzi for a replacement kit and they never got back to them. I called to escalate but not allowed to speak with Jacuzzi contacts that work with dealers.

Finally they contacted the dealer and said they changed their pricing. What would have cost $1200 now is $2700 cause you have to buy all the components separately.

What would have taken 1 hour to repair will take 4 hours. Since I am moving and can’t wait any longer. I’m going to trash it and NEVER BUY JACUZZI again!

Rick G.
Lincolnton, NC
May 12 2021 7:01PM

Have had a J345 for 5 years and it’s great, easy to maintain and not too expensive on the electric bill. We upgraded to J485 and love the upgrade: deeper seats, more intuitive controls, seems to stay crystal clear longer without much effort.

It’s like having 5 star spa retreat in my back yard. The warm bubbly water takes away those gardening and bicycling aches too.

Eve S.
Chicago, IL
April 18 2021 9:59PM

I am not one who enjoys writing bad reviews as I feel everyone makes mistakes at times and it’s easy to just write a bad review when you are emotional.

I previously bought a 12 yr old Brown's Jacuzzi and we had it another 16 years and the only thing I had to replace was the mother board for $250. I bought a jacuzzi last year and I already had 4 service. I’ve had twice flow switch errors and it just stops Heating.

The led lights are not working and I already replaced all filters to try and make sure I don’t keep getting errors.

Customer service is always nice but I have to wait 5-7 days to get someone out and lose ability to use it. I don't know if only my unit is a lemon but looking at other reviews I see I’m not the only one with a poor quality unit.

Ivo H.
Roswell, GA
March 28 2021 1:18PM

Purchased our hot tub 3 years ago. Slowly things have wrong. The head rest fall apart, the jets lock so they cannot be opened or closed and the diverter freezes. Now the light flashes constantly that it needs service and will not heat or run.

Calling Jacuzzi customer service is useless, they hang up on you while in queue or they hang up immediately if you opt to get a call back. Our local Jacuzzi dealer will do nothing.

Our tub says it needs service but there is not service to be had. DO NOT BUY A JACUZZI HOT TUB!! YOU WILL NEVER GET SERVICE!

John L.
Sea Isle City, NJ
March 18 2021 6:46PM

I purchased this tub several years ago & for almost all of that time I have been trying to get them to service it without success or even an attempt to honor the Warranty. 1st it was a problem with the door that would not close properly - still not working as it should. T

hen the shower hand held stopped working correctly. Only about 20% of the water was diverted to the hand held. The rest was simply going down the drain. This problem was SIMPLY IGNORED FOR YEARS!

Once they have your $ or your name on a contract for payment you will NOT receive any further service at all. The tub cost almost as much as my house yet I was totally ignored when it came to service to the unit itself.

A walk-in tub is a valuable addition to the home but make very SURE that you check out the service practices of the Co. you are buying from. Do NOT even consider Jacuzzi!!! Most plumbers do NOT service their products either including their toilets.

Marian T.
Wichita Falls, TX
February 05 2021 12:05AM

Do not expect Jacuzzi to honor the warranty if you are not the original owner. The local retail store told us it was transferable. The seller reached out to ask Jacuzzi if it was transferable. They never returned his calls.

As soon as it is sold the warranty is void. Verified this direct from Jacuzzi support. Don't buy used and expect to have any warranty. Don't buy expecting you can sell it with warranty.

Ken D.
September 12 2020 1:10PM

DO NOT BUY JACUZZI!! I bought a J495 model the top of the line for $11,000 a couple years ago. Motors had to be replaced, half the lights stopped working. Now it's leaking underneath by the floor jet and will cost me at least $2000 to have repaired!!

Will F.
Washington, IL
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