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LJC Solutions employs a small team of specialists who can help you turn future structured settlement payments or annuity payments into fast cash. The company is new to the structured settlement space, but its people advertise low fees and personalized service.

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You can work with LJC Solutions to convert future structured settlement payments into a lump sum quickly and at a competitive rate.

LJC Solutions is a structured settlement company that will exchange your structured settlement payments for a lump sum payout. If you’re in need of quick cash, this can provide funds for various purposes, such as paying for education, home renovation, or even buying a new home.


  • Low discount rates
  • No fees unless the settlement is approved
  • Cash advance within 2 days of approval


  • Limited information available on the website
  • Not available in Washington D.C. or MD

LJC Solutions Structured Settlement Buyer

You can work with LJC Solutions to convert future structured settlement payments into a lump sum, usually processed within a few weeks. Many people choose to sell all or part of their structured settlements to pay off debts, handle unforeseen expenses, invest, or make significant purchases.

Selling a structured settlement requires approval from a judge, which helps ensure consumers understand the ramifications of the process. LJC Solutions specialists will guide clients through the approval process and provide transparent information at every step of the sale process, even after the sale.

Apart from structured settlements, the company can also assist you in cashing out your annuity.

How to Sell a Structured Settlement to LJC Solutions

Follow these steps to determine if you are eligible to sell your structured settlement payments or annuity.

  1. Contact the company online or by phone. While the online form is pretty generic, the specialist who contacts you will likely ask you for details like the settlement amount, your insurance company, and your state.
  2. Review the terms and conditions. If your settlement can be sold, LJC Solutions will offer you a cash out option depending on the amount you want to sell. Be sure to review the lump sum amount, discount rate, and any fees involved.
  3. Get court approval: Obtaining court approval for the sale of a structured settlement can be complex, but LJC Solutions will guide you through the process. This can take several months.
  4. Accept funds. No payout is too small for LJC Solutions to handle, and they offer several payment options such as checks, electronic transfers, Western Union, and refillable debit cards. LJC Solutions can send a cash advance within two days of approval. 

Costs of Working With LJC Solutions

LJC Solutions covers all fees without any separate charges. You won’t pay any fees if the court does not approve the sale. LJC Solutions does not provide sample settlements for customers to compare, but when asked about its rates, the company told us that it typically offers a payout that includes its costs and is often higher compared to larger firms.

It is important to know that structured settlement buyout companies use a discount rate to calculate the present value of future payments. This rate is determined by considering factors such as time, value of money, and risk. The discount rates for structured settlements usually range between 8% to 18%. A higher discount rate means that the present value or lump sum payout for the same future value will be lower.

LJC Solutions Complaints

We were unable to find customer reviews for LJC Solutions, though a strong online presence is rare in the industry, especially for smaller structured settlement companies. 

LJC Solutions’ small team helps ensure clients get personalized attention and quality service. Although the company is relatively new, the representatives have years of experience and provide the personal service a smaller firm can offer.


If you need to sell a structured settlement or annuity to cover your expenses, LJC Solutions can provide you with personalized service and experienced experts in the annuities industry who can help you with the process. Using a client-centric approach that prioritizes ongoing communication throughout the process, LJC Consumer is revamping the industry standard for service in the structured settlement industry.

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