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October 10 2019 5:52PM

Horrible service. Do not waste your money on this. Customer service is also rude and unhelpful. Returned the equipment with tracking and they say they didn't receive it even though the tracking says they did. It's shameful and unethical to be taking advantage of the people that need medical care.

Monica A.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
October 02 2019 4:08PM

This company is not only bad. They are dangerous. I have been paying for a medical pendant with fall protection for more than a year. My mother had several instances in which she fell and no one was notified. I called to find out the problem. The necklace was replaced. Her last fall was in the garage of her home. It was a hot Summer day. She passed out and she almost died.

I decided to replace this ineffective system with an Apple watch and an app which notifies the family if she falls. It is working perfectly. We do get false alarms but that is much better than no alarm. When I called to cancel the Guardian service, I was informed the fall service was never turned on. I had selected a device which allowed the service specifically for falls. I called because it was not working. A second pendant was sent. No one told me the service was not turned on or that it cost an additional $10. I feel the company stole money from me at a rate of $53 a month and purposely endangered the life of my mother. I urge you to find another company. This one is DANGEROUS!

William J.
Burleson, TX
October 01 2019 10:35PM

My first device malfunctioned. Took over two hours to convince the company that l knew how to use it, but that 2 of the functions no longer worked. I recieved and had the replacement device activated yesterday. Followed the directions to return the defective one within 5 days to avoid paying $350.00. Nowhere was it indicated to allow the defective one to discharge fully instead. In fact, one issue was the on off button no longer worked.

Apparently as it was being returned via prepaid mail, it got jumbled and activated somewhere in the postal system. Why wasn't the old device deactivated rather than create two accounts? My first indication of a problem was firemen banging on my door. No calls to me, but calls were made to the 3 people on my emergency list, causing great anxiety and distress.

Diane M.
Grandview, MO
August 23 2019 1:10PM

My sister got this watch for our mother. When she opened it up we realized that they had sent her a used watch. They corrected this by sending out a new watch. This watch stopped working within the year so we were sent out another watch. The worst part is their customer support line. If you call late in the day you are guaranteed to have the "answering service" cut in while you are on hold saying that they are busy and they would take my name and number and they would call you. I told them that I would prefer to wait, but this is not an option. When I asked when will they call back they just say that they will mark it as a priority which is just a tactic to make you feel better. Both times I had to waited with my mom until they closed not know if they would call me back or not and both times I had to call them back the next day. I told the answering service that I just wanted to activate the new watch but they couldn't do nothing. You have to think how do they run things when it a true emergency.

Henry J.
Clawson, MI
August 13 2019 11:03PM

They were great at the beginning talked me into even getting a warranty agreement and they sent the information promptly however after activating it setting it up testing make sure they got everything and then just now having an actual medical emergency which machine would not work no one came when my parents press the buttons only to try to call customer service not once not twice three times as well as emailing for over a week and a half and no one has called me back answering services or they will call you back but they don’t I also asked for another necklace which I failed to get at the time when I actually activated the account took thinking back that should’ve been a clue of what their customer service and commitment is They however took my money probably very happily taking my money but no service in return

Patty C.
Sandy, UT
August 13 2019 12:17AM

I purchased this system for my grandmother back in May and cancelled the service in July. When I called in to cancel they said they would mail me a letter that I needed to sign and return in order to cancel, which struck me as very odd. I did so and am still being charged for the service that I have now twice tried to cancel. I am disgusted by this company and would not recommend to anyone. Don’t know how long they’ll continue to bill me for this service I don’t want.

Madeline H.
Southampton, PA
August 05 2019 11:36PM

Was told I bought the equipment. Lie. Do not trust this company. They tell you falsehoods then bill your bank acct for non service. I had to cancel my bank card. I never signed up for services. So now they are coming after me for a full year of service that I never even set up. DO NOT TRUST MEDICAL GUARDIAN.

Maria R.
Tampa, FL
July 30 2019 1:01AM

DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. IT took 4 months of non service and problems for them to tell me they couldn’t provide service where I lived. Although I had no problems with another company. They kept trying to give me different devices that were not working but I was paying for. They also charge for every possible penny they can. From the day it is mailed before it’s even activated until the company deactivated AFTER they receive it. You have to pay for return shipping. They are only interested in making sales not the protection of customers.

Pat F.
July 25 2019 11:15PM

After purchasing the Active unit and paying extra for 2 day shipping my mother in law will not be able to use it. She has a metal roof on her home and it blocks the GPS signal. The sales representative who was other wise very helpful did not ask if she had a metal roof. Medical guardian sells another unit but has a very limited range, not to be used outside the home. My mother in law does yard work which is where she recently fell. Very disappointed. Now we have to do more research to find a unit that will meet our needs

Karen W.
Jefferson, OH
July 23 2019 5:45AM

Terrible company (1) Take way TOO LONG to answer the phone. ALWAYS!! (2) Customer Service lacks sufficient familiarity with their products, and the process. FUNCTIONALLY INEPT. (3) If you have a problem with your equipment, the home office, apparently the only people who can help, are available only from 9-8. THINK ABOUT THIS ... 10:00 AT NIGHT AND YOUR SYSTEM STOPS WORKING...YOU CAN'T USE YOUR PENDANT TO SUMMON HELP IF NEEDED. Would have to call 911 --but what if you are diabled, live alone & you can't get to a phone. This is why you paid through the nose for Medical Guardian Protection. Very scary and insanely DANGEROUS. Disgusted.

Jan S.
Ny, NY
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