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OurTime.com is our pick for the top dating service with local matches in our Best Senior Dating Sites Guide. It is designed for use by those over the age of 50 and is under the ownership of IAC and People Media, which manages 24 targeted dating sites. If you’re one of the 15 percent of Americans using online dating services, chances are your profile exists somewhere across those websites. Compared to other dating services, OurTime is easy to use for seniors thanks to its age-appropriate population. We found many seniors looking for companionship rather than casual dates or marriage on OurTime. However, the site matches you up with those looking for any level of relationship.

Current research shows 19.5 million singles age 65 and older make up nearly 20 percent of all unmarried people. There are senior singles out there, and OurTime can help you find compatible matches starting with creating an accurate profile.

  • Easy to use
  • 6-month subscription with a substantial discount
  • Month-to-month payment option

  • Paid membership required for any meaningful communication

Set Up Your OurTime Profile

Creating your OurTime senior dating service profile is easy. Enter your first name, ZIP code, date of birth and email address. Your photo is optional, but you will get more interest if you include one.

You can search for matches right away, but you’ll have more success if you complete the optional profile information. You get up to 1,250 characters to share who you are. You’ll then answer 16 questions about your occupation, education, religion and other details. OurTime asks seven personality questions, your three top interests, and then has you fill out a short section to add anything else you think potential matches should know about you. You can also describe your ideal partner, but you’ll have to get to the point with just 140 characters to do so.

OurTime Free Dating Service Features

Once your profile is complete, you can search for matches but interacting with other members is limited. You can click on the Flirt button to let others know you are interested, read profiles, see photos and edit your profile for free. You should have no problem navigating the website, but you will need a membership to connect with other OurTime members.

OurTime offers five or more daily matches based on your profile, and you click “Yes” or “No” to indicate your interest in each one. Click “Yes”, and OurTime notifies the member. You can send a message, but it’s held as a draft and only deliverable once you become a paid member. Click “No”, and OurTime removes the person from your match list. With OurTime’s mobile app, you swipe left or right instead of clicking “Yes” or “No”.

OurTime Membership Costs

Compared to other dating services, OurTime is reasonably priced, falling in the middle of other dating services price ranges. Your money goes a long way, particularly when it comes to the Standard and Best Value Plans. There is a small one-time fee added to the cost of your plan when you first sign up, then your subscription auto-renews. You can easily change or cancel your auto-renewed subscription via your online dashboard, email or by calling OurTime.

OurTime Membership Fees
Plan Features Cost
Basic Create a profile with a photo & search by multiple parameters Free
Standard (6 months) Full mobile access & read messages and flirts $90
Monthly Same as Standard with a shorter term $29.96 ($7.49/week)
Best Value (6 months) Standard features plus message read notifications, highlighted profile and messages $107.76 ($4.49/week)

What You Get with an OurTime Membership

OurTime’s free membership is useful for deciding if you want to use the senior dating service, but you’ll need a paid membership to communicate with matches. You can buy a one-month or six-month subscription to have access to these features:

  • Email, Chat and Instant Message: Get to know your matches better and arrange to meet in person via email or mobile messaging, and chat with members in the safety of OurTime’s online or mobile app.

  • Faves: See who has added you as a “favorite” showing a possible interest in you.

  • Searching: Use several filters on OurTime to find matches while browsing.

  • Profile and Message Highlights: Highlight your profile and messages in bright yellow, so they stand out in searches and OurTime inboxes. Requires the Best Value plan.

Optional OutTime Dating Service Features

The following features help you get noticed or provide more convenience on OurTime’s platform. To use some of these features, you need to buy tokens which cost .99 cents for 25, up to $9.99 for 280 tokens. Other features are at an additional cost but we could not determine the actual price points using our free test account or other research.

  • PromoteMe: Your profile goes to the top of search results on OurTime for one day. Tokens: 20

  • Notify Me: Get notified when a specific OurTime member is online for seven days. Tokens: 20

  • Virtual Gifts: Send an image of a rose or another gift with your message to grab the recipient’s attention. Tokens: 10 to 75

  • MatchMe: Puts your profile into the match lineup for someone you want to meet to see if that person is interested. Tokens: 20

  • ConnectMe: Lets you speak to other members over the phone or via text message without revealing your phone number.

  • ProfilePro: Supply an OurTime professional writer with information to have your profile written to make it distinctive.

We Put OurTime Dating Service To The Test

To test drive how well OurTime.com matches individuals, we created a profile for a 63-year-old woman, divorced for over 10 years, who was looking for someone to share both adventures and quiet time as she approached retirement. The profile resulted in 11 matches. Two men were strong possibilities, and two fell into the “maybe” category. The remaining choices were not matches for various reasons, primarily because their interests did not mesh well with those we listed.

Four out of 11 choices is a good average for matches and would provide enough options to explore. We felt our experience with OurTime senior dating service represented the results from a January 2018 study done by Statista, where 74 percent of people age 55 and older using online or mobile dating apps felt very positive to neutral about their experience.


Source: OurTime

OurTime Complaints

Askmen.com rated OurTime 8.2 out of 10 stars and DatingScout scores the senior dating service a 4 out of 5 stars. The ease of setting up a profile and OurTime getting over 7.7 million visits per month in the U.S. helped drive the high scores. SeniorDatingExpert’s recently updated review calls OurTime a solid senior dating service with 9.8 stars out of 10 stars, while reader ratings average 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Complaints we saw mentioned not liking having to buy tokens so frequently to boost their profile in searches. Some reviewers complained they received no matches, but given the large OurTime membership population, this could have been due to a technical or user error and is unlikely to have been an ongoing issue.

OurTime Q&A

  • How does OurTime ensure only seniors sign up for the dating service?
    OurTime allows anyone over the age of 18 to sign up for an account with the assumption these members are interested in dating people over 50 years of age. Your preferences and search filters prevent a match if you are not interested in someone who is much younger than you are. Most members are over or close to retirement age.

  • Do I need a credit card to upgrade to a paid OurTime subscription?
    You have two options for paying for a subscription without a credit card. You can use PayPal or mail a check or money order.

  • Can I stop someone I don’t want to communicate with on OurTime from contacting me?
    Yes. Click the block button located on the member’s profile to stop them from communicating with you on OurTime.

  • Do I have to recreate my profile if I cancel my OurTime account then decide to use the service again?
    If you did not remove your profile when you canceled your account, your information remains intact, and you can reactivate your account at any time. Reactivating OurTime senior dating service gives you access to the basic features, so it’s free.

  • What happens if I cancel my paid OurTime membership?
    If you cancel your account, you have access to the features paid for until the end of your subscription before your account closes. OurTime does not issue refunds for canceled accounts.


OurTime senior dating service won’t make you wade through matches with people outside of your age group because it‘s specifically for the over-50 crowd. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to create your profile on OurTime, and you’ll find both the website and the mobile app easy to use. We suggest reading all fine print before signing up for a paid membership with any dating service.

OurTime Reviews

Recent Reviews

Featured Review
March 20 2019 2:29PM

Our Time is no longer Our Time. It is now Senior People Meet and it is similar but I didn't like the change. The same people are on that were on Our Time but most people are just browsing. You might get one message and then they disappear. Then, even though I did not want automatic renewal, it was renewed so I had to fight with them over that and have my credit card dispute it. Don't know if I would try it again. Am on Eharmony now and not finding that as good as it used to be.

Rosalie J.
Warwick, RI
June 06 2022 1:36PM

I am so glad I read the reviews. I was thinking about signing up one more time and seeing what happens but after these reviews no thank you. It is so hard to meet people over 70 just to have fun with and enjoy life the way it is.

It is so sad that this is what is happening to these sites. My experience the first time on Our Time was the same you all are having on the senior site. Thank you...

Suzanne D.
Fox Lake, IL
May 17 2022 6:38PM

I just became a member recently on this dating site. I understood that there will be one charge of $76 for the membership however I have gotten charge $76.91, $28.54, $.95, $12.83 and $18.18.

I have been trying to find the number so that I could contact someone so I can find out what all these charges are on my credit card. However there is no phone number to be found. I don’t know what kind of business you guys are running I wish I had seen all these reviews before I joined.

If anyone is reading this review, do not join OurTime site! And from what I have read from the other reviews everyone that’s been having problems with their payments someone should contact the Better Business Bureau. Very dissatisfied!!!

Ardemis Y.
Cranston, RI
April 24 2022 1:06AM

The only problem I've had with ourtime.com is that for the last three weeks I've had to spend as long as an hour, or even more, to get on the site. There was a rectangular box with the words -let's verify your account- which was something new as a few months ago.

There was a place to put in my phone number, which got me nowhere, and an OurTime tech couldn't explain it. He said to click on the small black x in the upper right-hand corner which I did and there was the website. Wonderful!

Two weeks ago, that x disappeared, and after countless hours and days, with ourtime personnel, I still cannot get on the website. Internet messages to those who own and program the site have gotten one acknowledgement of appreciation. This is the intellect I'm dealing with. **

December 10 2021 7:25AM

I actually would give this app no stars as they keep billing me and I have cancelled the app several times. I am going to contact an attorney if you don’t cancel my subscription and refund the $71 you just charged me!!

Pam G.
St. Martinville, LA
November 21 2021 2:07AM

If you don’t stop sending me a bill every month I am going to call and report you for being a scam. Thank you. This is a bill that I know nothing about and I keep getting a bill. I also have never no put in for this program.

Marilyn S.
Feeding Hills, MA
September 19 2021 1:47AM

I am having the same problem as another person on OURTIME. Only I paid for a three month subscription. I stopped the renewal on my account and they wanted to know WHY. MY answer was that I may meet someone and I would not need to renew.

So all of my matches are in a different state than I am in. I don't think any SR'S want to drive hundreds of miles to meet someone. So they're going to run my three months out by feeding me out of state profiles and then I can renew! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

MY advice to anyone who is thinking of joining is go get a PREPAID CARD and give them that. Then there won't be enough money for them to renew. I will never join this again!!

Jean Y.
Danville, KY
July 17 2021 3:55PM

This site is good for Srs. In fact I found someone and we have been dating for over a year, that was great. However, I cancelled my membership and they keep billing me and I have been unable to find a phone # or a way to get in touch with this website. PLEASE STOP BILLING ME!!!

Becky H.
Dacula, GA
July 12 2021 4:08PM

This site not only was a waste of money but has turned me into a cynic as well. Everyone I have communicated with from this site has been a fraud. I get told I have likes or messages from someone and their site is gone before I can even view them.

I get letters from Our Time telling me someone I had been talking to has been shown to be participating in fraudulent activities.

I have had to report 2 people. And these likes they brag about are from all over the United States and Canada. The result is that now I don't trust anyone.

Mary N.
July 04 2021 9:49PM

There many things wrong with this site. I know you are asking, why should I trust this guy's review? Don't. But don't buy into the service for more than a month. See it for yourself.

I would guess that maybe as much as 1/2 of the people on the site are fake. Some look the part but are not real, other are in their early twenties claiming they are in their 60s and try to lure you offsite to spend more money.

Putting aside the fake women I encountered, after you pay a monthly fee to get on the site, they bombard you with all these add-ons for more money so you can get noticed, to insure your message to a woman was received, and a number of other token schemes just so you pay more money.

But the most annoying features on the site- the most insulting, embarrassing - is that they treat the mature audience as children. When you go to send a message to a person, the site does it for you. You need to erase their words to write your own.

If you erase and try to leave the form blank, they fill it in for you. They call them "suggestions". And the organization of the site is so poor and cluttered you are at a loss trying to find your way. What attracted me was the high numbers of visitors - but the visitors are fake!

So, go see for yourself. If you are willing to lay down a month's fee- go for it! But please save yourself the headache, don't waste any more money than that- give it a try. You will see what a scam this is.

Timothy M.
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