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Residential Elevators

4.7 Stars (6 Reviews)
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Updated: January 27, 2023
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Residential Elevators is a family-owned business that provides factory-direct home elevator sales and installations. The company manufactures and sells both traction and hydraulic elevators for use in the home. Residential Elevators offers eight cab models and several options to fit with any decor, and consumers can design a custom elevator.

Residential Elevators

Editorial Breakdown

Models 4.8 Stars
Cost 4.4 Stars
Customer Service 4.8 Stars
Features 4.7 Stars

Overall Rating 4.7 Stars

Bottom Line

Residential Elevators is a family-owned business that offers traction and hydraulic elevators designed for your home.

Residential Elevators Review

Residential Elevators opened for business in 1996 in Tallahassee, Florida, and grew to two U.S. manufacturing facilities. Consumers work directly with a Residential Elevators representative or dedicated dealer to choose or design the perfect home elevator. The company has trained authorized dealers in areas with no direct service.

Global Market Insights reports that in-home elevators make up a substantial part of the industry’s anticipated growth rate through 2026. An elevator can add luxury to a home or be the solution to aging in place or overcoming mobility challenges. Residential Elevators offers attractive, budget-friendly designs as well as upscale options that seamlessly blend with home decor.


  • Available across the United States
  • Home elevators include commercial-grade technology
  • Designs span from simple to ornate
  • Made in the U.S.


  • Maintenance costs come with all home elevators

Residential Elevators Choices

Choosing a home elevator from Residential Elevators starts with selecting between two elevator types: traction or hydraulic. Consumers living in coastal areas or a home constructed with plenty of overhead space usually buy a traction model. Residential Elevators is the only home elevator manufacturer to offer the same traction system found in reliable commercial elevators.

Hydraulic elevators are typically a good fit for larger homes or houses with little overhead. While they have a quiet, smooth ride, these elevators require a small separate machine room.

Residential Elevators Cab Choices
Cab Model Features
Classic Top-selling elevator cab with a simple, practical design.
Signature Adds 3 1/8-inch raised hardwood molding for an affordable, elegant design.
Vintage Raised hardwood molding on panels and extra touches for a tailored Colonial look.
Estate Handcrafted raised horizontal rails and vertical stiles cover walls and ceilings. Includes custom hardwood transition molding.
Reserve Symmetrical look with a selection of sophisticated routing designs in hardwood panels. Raised molding adds depth.
Shaker Simple, clean lines in crisp white.
Modern Farmhouse Flat hardwood molding with depth and texture. Attractive and affordable.
Stainless Series Sleek, sophisticated lines with several contemporary color options.

Residential Elevators Design Options

Residential Elevators’ broad assortment of options can create a home elevator to blend in with your decor. We’ve listed some alternatives below, but the full list is extensive.

Cab materials include six types of ceilings, a variety of paneling and 20 shades of stain for wood walls. Stainless steel, full- or half-glass and mirrored walls are also choices.

Seventeen handrail options include a variety of woods and finishes like brushed stainless and antique bronze. Twenty-two gate styles include automatic, scissor-style and accordion-style models. Choose one, two or four LED lights with silver, black or mirrored brass finishes to brighten the cab interior.

Residential Elevators’ comfort and convenience options include an 8-foot or oversize cab, remote diagnostics, digital control panel and automatic lowering.

Residential Elevators Safety Features

Each Residential Elevators product includes a long list of safety features:

  • Backup battery: Elevator lowers to the closest floor for a safe exit in the event of power loss.
  • Door locks: Doors do not open until the elevator reaches a landing.
  • Cable tension and switches: Elevator stops if the cable or chain drive tension changes and will not move above or below the top or bottom floors.
  • Emergency brake: Automatically engages if the elevator starts to travel faster than 40 feet per minute.
  • Emergency light: Provides cab interior lighting if power is lost.
  • Alarm bell: Audible alert if a passenger needs assistance.
  • Phone: Passengers can call for help.

Residential Elevators Costs

The Residential Elevators website mentions costs ranging from around $15,000 to $40,000 for initial elevator installation. The average cost is about $25,000, but the price you pay depends on many variables. The home’s size, venting and wiring impact cost.

Read our Best Home Elevators Guide to learn more about factors affecting home elevator prices. You will find a contact form on the Residential Elevators website, or you can call the company to discuss costs.

Residential Elevators Warranties

Residential Elevators installations come with a one-year warranty. The company doesn’t publish the warranty online, but you can call for a copy. Costs associated with the elevator the first year are covered, and the company backs the quality.

You can take advantage of one of three service plans to save on maintenance and repair costs after the first year. Silver and Gold plans include one or two annual preventative maintenance appointments and a 50% discount on the cost of parts. The Platinum Maintenance Plan pays for all parts and labor, plus two service and two maintenance calls annually.

Where to Buy Residential Elevators Products

Residential Elevators lists authorized dealers by state or territory on the website. The company provides direct sales in the Southeastern United States, Eastern Seaboard, Texas and California. Trained distributors can give you an estimate and install your order in other parts of the country.

Residential Elevators Complaints

The Better Business Bureau gives Residential Elevators an A+ rating. Reviews featured on the Residential Elevator website are all positive. Facebook reviews average to 3.5 out of 5 stars. The company has many 5-star reviews on Facebook.

Those giving the company a lower score were generally unhappy with the cost of service. Factor home elevator maintenance costs into your purchase decision and consider the service plans.

Residential Elevators Q&A

  • Does Residential Elevators work with subcontractors for installation?

    Residential Elevators products are delivered, installed and serviced by company employees or authorized third-party dealers. Third-party subcontractors never get involved.

  • How do I get service for a home elevator from Residential Elevators?

    You can complete the form on the website to start a service call or call the company to schedule an appointment.

  • What does a Residential Elevators basic model include?

    The base elevator is the Single Opening Classic Series Design. This model has prefinished maple hardwood cab walls and ceiling with matching handrails. This unit comes with one recessed LED light fixture, a silver scissor gate and threshold, Satin SS#4 car and hall stations.

  • How quickly can a Residential Elevators cab move between floors?

    National safety regulations require private residence elevators to move no more than 40 feet per minute. Residential Elevator meets these requirements with a maximum speed of 40 fpm.

  • How often do Residential Elevators products require maintenance?

    All home elevators should be serviced at least once per year. Annual maintenance keeps your investment safe and running optimally.


Residential Elevators offers many models and options to combine for an attractive home elevator. The company has a solid reputation after manufacturing and installing elevators in homes for over two decades. Designs range from basic to luxury and custom models, all made in the U.S. at Residential Elevators’ factories.

6 Residential Elevators Reviews

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1 Star

November 06 2023 9:26PM

Not a good choice if someone in your household is handicapped and seriously depends on this elevator. Their estimate for my repair is a YEAR from my first call. It took several days just to get a service call scheduled then another three weeks for the technician to arrive. All he could do was measure the automatic gate & place the order.

After waiting 3 weeks without contact I called & was told the parts order had not been approved until over 2 weeks after the technician’s visit and it would take up to another 8 weeks to have the parts manufactured! I cannot say that Residential Elevators.

Anthony N.
Los Angeles, CA
1 Star

June 27 2023 1:28PM

Extremely Poor Service - Avoid this Company at All Costs I cannot stress enough how terrible my experience has been with this elevator company. From start to finish, it has been nothing short of a nightmare.

I strongly advise everyone to stay away from this company and save themselves the frustration and inconvenience I have endured. My elevator malfunctioned on the 1st of the month, and I immediately contacted the company to schedule a technician's visit.

To my disbelief, they provided me with an appointment that was scheduled a staggering 30 days later. This inexcusable delay already showed a lack of urgency and respect for their customers.

Just when I thought the situation couldn't get worse, on the 26th day, I received a call from the company notifying me that they were postponing my appointment until the 15th of the following month.

This sudden change without any reasonable explanation left me speechless and utterly disappointed.

Finally, on the 15th, a technician contacted me via text message, informing me that he had too many tools in his vehicle and needed to return them to the office before he could come to my place. He promised to visit the next day.

The next day came, and after waiting for six long hours, I reached out to him, only to be informed that he couldn't make it and that I should reschedule with the support line. It was beyond frustrating to be given false hope and left hanging without a functional elevator.

I contacted the support line once again, but my attempts have been futile so far. It has now been a staggering 60 days since my elevator went out of service, and the company has shown no signs of resolving the issue or providing any satisfactory assistance.

This level of negligence, unprofessionalism, and complete disregard for customer satisfaction is unacceptable. No one should have to go through what I have experienced with this company. Spare yourself the headache and choose a more reliable and customer-oriented elevator company.

John W.
North Brunswick, NJ
1 Star

February 06 2023 5:32PM

Agree with above reviews 100%. Their customer service is the worst. Almost impossible to get someone on the phone. They disconnect or just hang up. Couldn’t get service for over a month.

I’m afraid to get in the elevator anymore as it is so unreliable. Hoping to find someone else to do servicing. Can’t believe BBB gave them an A+ rating.

Eleanor N.
La Jolla, CA
2 Stars

May 21 2022 12:42AM

Purchase and installation went acceptably. The sales rep those many years ago was attentive. Operation is acceptable IF AND ONLY IF you are not elderly or a kid. There are times you must employ cool problem solving when the door locks up.

Since buying ours some years ago, service has declined. Service technicians turnover frequently. The ones on duty ask forgiveness that home office constrains their service visits.

Most recently I called home office customer service because our elevator locked up and I needed a priority service visit. I am considerably handicapped and can’t use the stairs in our home. With difficulty I reached the customer service rep in charge of my state.

The attitude was company centric (what we’re willing to do) versus customer centric. I was told on the 6th of the month that even though I thought it was an emergency, being handicapped and unable to negotiate stairs, the first they could come was the 31st of the month. TWENTY-FIVE days!

"That’s the best we can do” I was told in a ho-hum manner. I don’t know anything about Residential’s current competition but buyer beware on all. As being in the cab and the door won’t open is a panicky feeling. And not having service which can’t respond for three weeks (and service rep who could give a rip) leaves you feeling very alone.

Robert B.
Edisto Island, SC
1 Star

May 12 2022 6:48PM

Do not buy an elevator from this company!! Recently bought a two story house and decided to put in an elevator so we could more easily access the second story and make it possible to age in place. My contractor recommended based on prior experience with this company.

Unfortunately much has changed about this company, the sales person who was in charge of managing the build left the company and no one followed up with us for months and only then because I called multiple times leaving messages with everyone from sales, service and human resources.

When the installation people came out they said there were mistakes made in the design of the shaft (which was ok'd by previous sales person). That cost us in terms of money, more than $3000 and time.

The installation was finally completed and then it breaks, we wait over two weeks to get service and it works for four days. We wait another two weeks and no one shows up to repair it. I have had to withhold payment and I am requiring that they put in writing they will service at their cost any problems we have.

So far no one at the company is responding except to say "that is not my job". What a nightmare! I have around $50k tied up in this project and it doesn't work.

How can a company who is supposed to be providing an ADA product/service be allowed to continue their business when they leave people literally stranded without any follow up.

Linda H.
Vista, CA
1 Star

April 30 2022 12:03AM

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I have multiple properties that were built/spec’d with elevators. I used Residential and a competitor. Residential was not very good on the front end but my complaint is about the ongoing support.

The company issued a recall in November stating the elevator is unsafe affecting an elderly handicapped tenant. I have placed dozens of calls to try and schedule the component replacement.

They never return messages and have failed to frankly do anything when I “catch” someone answering their phone. They have left me no other option after six months but to take legal action.

Joseph A.
Ocean City, NJ