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Sleep Number Adjustable Beds

4.05 Stars (10 Reviews)
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Updated: January 25, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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For nearly 40 years, the Minnesota-based Sleep Number Corporation has been a well-known name in quality beds. Formerly known as Select Comfort, the company ranked highest in customer satisfaction in the J.D. Power Mattress Report in 2015 and 2016, and second-highest in 2017. With three FlexFit adjustable bed bases, a Sleep Number adjustable bed offers many head and foot positions, foot warming and under-bed lighting.

Sleep Number

Editorial Breakdown

Ease of Purchase 3.8 Stars
Availability 4.5 Stars
Price 3.8 Stars
Customer Service 4.3 Stars

Overall Rating 4.1 Stars

Bottom Line

Sleep Number offers three adjustable bed models. Each model comes with features like adjustable mattress firmness, preset positions, massage and more. Read about our picks for the best adjustable bed companies by clicking the link below.

Sleep Number Adjustable Beds Review

Adjustable beds can be helpful to alleviate lower back pain, joint pain, asthma and other health issues. AARP also notes that adjustable beds can also be a good choice for those who have difficulty getting out of bed without assistance.

Sleep Number Flexfit adjustable beds have a large range of options for raising and lowering your head and feet, and options like a split frame and mattress make it possible for two people with entirely different sleeping preferences to be comfortable in the same bed. Extra features like massage, under-bed lighting and position presets are the icing on the cake that can make you look forward to going to sleep. Sleep Number adjustable beds pair well with Sleep Number Classic Series, Performance Series and Innovation Series mattresses.


  • Several financing deals up to 48 months
  • FlexFit adjustable beds come with a 2-5-25 Warranty (two years full, five years limited, 25 years limited)
  • Purchase adjustable beds online or in Sleep Number stores throughout the country


  • Sleep Number does not offer free shipping on their adjustable beds

Sleep Number Adjustable Bed Models and Prices

All Sleep Number adjustable bed models come in nine sizes: twin XL, full, queen, king, split king, FlexTop King, California king, split California king and FlexTop California king. The price you’ll pay depends on the features with the model you choose, the size of the bed and whether you buy a silhouette model.

  • Silhouette vs. Traditional: Three Sleep Number FlexFit adjustable bed models are available in both a traditional and silhouette style. The silhouette style is an upholstered wrap-around base that replaces the conventional frame. The attractive silhouette option comes in Stone Linen fabric to match most decors.

  • Two-Sided Comfort: Sleep Number’s FlexTop beds can split on the upper half allowing for separate adjustment settings. The two sides on the Split Top beds are positioned together as one bed but are entirely separated so you and your partner can each use your personal comfort adjustments for your upper and lower bodies.

  • Reduce Your Partner’s Snoring: If you sleep next to one of the 25 percent of adults who habitually snore, Sleep Number has a solution. With a touch of a button, you can raise your partner’s head while they sleep to allow them to breathe more easily and snore less.

Sleep Number Adjustable Beds Models, Features and Prices
Model Features Price Range
FlexFit 1
  • Endless head positions
  • Adjust mattress firmness level
  • Under-bed lighting
$999.99 – $2,899.98
FlexFit 2
  • All FlexFit 1 features
  • Partner Snore technology
  • Zero gravity positioning
  • Timer automatically changes to a preset position
  • Under-bed lighting
$1,499.99 – $3,799.98
FlexFit 3
  • All FlexFit 2 features
  • One-touch room and bed lighting control
  • Foot warming option
  • Massage
  • Wall-hugger profile
$1,999.99 – $4,799.98

Sleep Number Adjustable Bed Warranties and Trial

Sleep Number’s FlexFit adjustable beds are warrantied by Leggett & Platt to the original purchaser of the product. The adjustable bed base comes with a full two-year warranty against defects in workmanship or materials.

You’ll also get a limited five-year warranty that replaces any adjustable bed base found to be defective. Finally, you’ll get a 25-year limited warranty which will replace any adjustable bed base part found to be defective. The 25-year warranty excludes electronics, electrical components, drive motors and massage motors.

Sleep Number offers a 100-night free trial for its mattresses so you can see if your body adjusts to the new mattress. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, return the mattress within the 100-day window. Shipping costs apply. The free trial is 30 days for Sleep Number adjustable bed frames.

Sleep Number FlextFit 1 Adjustable bed

FlexFit 1, Source: Sleep Number

Sleep Number Complaints

The Better Business Bureau gives the accredited Sleep Number Corporation an A+ rating with 808 customer complaints and 101 customer reviews. Every complaint has been answered or resolved. ConsumerAffairs rates the company 3.8 stars out of 5 with over 7,700 customer reviews. FlexFit owners on the Sleep Number website say things like, “life-changing for a painful bad back,” “perfect for sinus problems and snoring” and “we love waking up without painful backs.”

Consumer complaints talk about things like delayed shipping and trouble with returns. Less-than-friendly or helpful customer service was also mentioned numerous times.

Sleep Number FAQ

  • Does the FlexFit adjustable bed come with a Sleep Number mattress?
    Sleep Number mattresses are sold separately from the FlexFit adjustable bases, but every current Sleep Number mattress fits on one or more FlexFit bases. Although Sleep Number doesn’t recommend it, you can use a mattress from another manufacturer on their adjustable beds. Read up on how to select the right mattress for your adjustable bed if you want to try another brand.

  • sleep number features

    FelxFit Features, Source: Sleep Number
  • Can I use my headboard and footboard with a Sleep Number adjustable bed?
    You can use your headboard with a Sleep Number FlexFit adjustable bed if you buy the specially-designed headboard brackets sold separately online or in Sleep Number stores. The only adjustable base that works with a footboard is the FlexFit 1. The FlexFit 2 and FlexFit 3 can elevate the foot of the bed, so there are no options for attaching a footboard.

  • Can FlexFit adjustable beds accommodate older Sleep Number mattresses?
    Older Sleep Number mattresses may work with the FlexFit bases. Call Sleep Number support or chat with an agent on their website to determine which adjustable bed frames may be compatible with your existing Sleep Number mattress.

  • How difficult is it to change sheets on a Sleep Number adjustable bed?
    It’s easier to change the sheets on an adjustable bed than a standard bed:

    1. Raise the head and foot of the bed
    2. Place the sheets on the corners
    3. Lower the bed with one touch on the remote to tighten the sheets around the mattress

    Split mattresses and FlexTops use a specially-made sheet that allows each side of the bed to move independently, and Sleep Number carries a wide variety of those sheets.

  • Can I put a Sleep Number adjustable bed on my existing wood bed frame?
    FlexFit adjustable bases in the traditional style can usually fit inside of your existing free-standing bed frame. Contact a Sleep Number representative to determine if your frame dimensions will work with the bed you are considering.


While adjustable beds are more expensive than a standard bed, the additional benefits they offer may well be worth the price. Sleep Number has a solid track record of delivering what they promise — a good night’s rest — and for many, pairing up a Sleep Number mattress with a FlexFit Adjustable Base has been a good decision. If you’re in the market for an adjustable bed base, browse Sleep Number’s FlexFit models to see how they measure up.

10 Sleep Number Reviews

Write Review
2 Stars

July 20 2023 3:31PM

I bought a Sleep Number with adjustable base 5 years ago and it's so expensive I have not been able to replace it yet. After about a year the foam layer is compressed flat and you have to add air to the mattress before going to bed every night.

I bought a foam mattress topper trying to help my back pain but it only helps a little. There is no back support when you are sleeping on an air mattress. The adjustable base still works fine but position changes can't compensate for a poor mattress.

J P.
3 Stars

November 08 2022 1:37AM

We give the mattress itself and the adjustable feature, as excellent. However, the follow up, need for repair, or any customer service you need, is rated as 1 star! We have owned two of their beds. First a queen non adjustable. Very good! Then my wife became handicapped with ten back surgeries.

We went into the store and our sales girl couldn’t be more helpful. Went all out and bought the best bed with the silhouette base panels on three sides. They came to 10k. We were able to write it off our taxes with a doctor's script and invoice given to our tax man. All was well!

My wife could not sleep w/o this bed. Recently we downsized and moved. This was during the pandemic we understand, however we should of been able to get ahold of someone to help us disassemble and reassemble during our move.

No one answered our phone calls, no one called us back when messages were left. This went on for a year and a half. Our movers said they had a special man that did only this kind of work. The bed was put up out of alignment. Again called and got no where.

When we first had our bed delivered we noticed that the foot bottom panel clips that are attached to the panels had one that was attached a little crooked. Thus making the assembly difficult. Kept popping out and dropping to the floor. I’d put it back and we just lived with it.

Finally a few months ago it finally broke off. Now our foot panel is on the floor on the left corner. Finally went into the Rochester Hills store and met Eve and Bill. They said they would help. After calling Leggett & Platt, the party you must call for all things about your base that adjusts.

We discovered they said they weren’t responsible for this and it was Sleep Number. Tonight a man from customer service called. He offered at half price, that the men would come out and reassemble our bed, but the silhouette profile model we have was only around for a few years.

They can not get the small part for our bed panel. So Leggett and Platt were responsible, but it’s discontinued, Platt said Sleep Number was responsible for it. So there we are!! Paid 10k six years ago for a bed that we planned on having for the rest of our lives as we are seniors.

We have to come up with some way to fix it, and nothing was offered to us as a new surround, or a handyman who works for them that could fix it, something would of been kind and good PR.

So as far as recommendation for these beds, yes they are great for someone with back issues, but stay away because you will not get help when it is needed. TRY A DIFFERENT COMPANY!

Roger L.
Macomb, MI
1 Star

August 09 2022 8:02AM

This is the 3rd (not to mention it cost more than the first 2 combined) Sleep Number bed I have owned. It is, by far, the worst purchase I have ever made in 75 years. The bed is HOT HOT HOT, the remote doesn't work right, the foot warmer is either cold or hotter than hell, and I can't find a headboard other than what Sleep Number makes.

I called about the foot warmer and apparently it had a recall notice on it. They sent a guy out to replace it. I was telling him about the remote problems... and he simply told me I was wrong. Well... "simply" put ... HE was wrong. It still screws up, despite his superior knowledge!

(The new foot warmer is no better than the old one ... your feet freeze for several hours, then all of a sudden they are burning up.) When I called about the foot warmer, I mentioned that the bed is HOT. The guy asked if I had a mattress pad. I said I did.

Well... was it a Sleep Number mattress pad? No. Well ... that is what I needed. So I got one. After I get it, I discover that it is waterproof... so you are sleeping on a piece of plastic. NOW the bed is hotter than it was before. I'm talking HOT... you wake up with your clothes damp.

NOW the air is apparently out of it. I can feel the "rods" of the bed (that are under the mattress) when I sit on it. I called and was told to check this and check that. I'm disabled and cannot do all that. Oh well... they'd send a tech out for $100.

I haven't gotten around to calling yet... and when I do, I sincerely hope the last dude is not sent out. This is a nightmare. I should have known better than to buy it. The customer service has always sucked.

I moved when I had the first bed. Somehow the pump got put in a moving box and I didn't know it. So when we got to the new house... no pump. I called and was told I could not buy one. Despite the fact that they say you can always buy the part you need.

I had to go to an area store and BORROW a pump just so I could sleep on the bed. Eventually I wore them down and I was able to purchase a pump. On the second bed, the pump decided not to work. That is when I bought bed #3.

When they came to install it, I asked the guy to check out why the old bed was messed up. He said I just needed a new pump... I could buy one. I explained that it took an act of God to get a new pump for the first bed.

Funny how everyone at the company seems to operate under different rules. If they don't fix this gd bed, I'm going back to a regular mattress and sleep cool once again.

Sharon B.
Saint Louis, MO
1 Star

June 18 2022 8:38PM

LIE, LIE AND LIE some more. That's all the salespeople will do. When we bought our bed they never told us we couldn't return anything. Only after we received our bed did we realize the flexfit bases were non-returnable.

Also we were told we had to go with flexfit 3 bases vs flexfit 2 because of the extra ** included, which we didn't care to have.

Returned the mattresses and the sleep IQ app was turned off. They sent us a remote that would not program to the bases. So now we are stuck with a $4200 immovable base until hopefully their technician can get a new remote to work.

If I had known these bases were not returnable I would not have purchased any of the products. Also from now on, if I have to order and wait 3 months before I receive my product, I will just pass.

Ed S.
Clarksville, TN
1 Star

November 24 2021 6:13AM

Absolutely worst purchase of my entire life. Never holds air, or something leaking or pump not right or rings are needing replaced. What a scam. Tons of parts that go bad in a short period of time. Warranty is prorated so anything after 2 years comes out of your pocket.

They tell you to take the bed apart and fix it yourself before they send a repair person, which they charge you for. I have never had a worse customer service nightmare.

All my parts have been replaced within the first 3 years, going on year 4 and they need replaced again. If someone suggest you buy one of these, Run Forest, RUN!

Susie D.
Danville, IL
1 Star

April 15 2021 6:36PM

We spent a lot of money on an adjustable sleep number mattress and frame....simply put, save your money and buy something else. Nothing but backaches and terrible customer service with Sleep Number.

As it turns out, our sales associate at the mall really didn't know what she was talking about, just wanted to keep 'upselling' their product. Now that we're over 110 days, there is nothing that can be done. Worst mattress and bed I have ever bought. Overpriced and not worth it.

1 Star

February 20 2021 10:19PM

Bought this bed about 5 years ago. I have had multiple surgeries on my back. Most uncomfortable bed I ever owned. King size xl twin split.

My question to the company is can you put a different mattress on top of the existing base. I have tried every Sleep Number on the air chambers with no comfort. I can’t sleep in it. I sleep on the couch. Paid $7000 for this bed and hate to throw it out.

Maybe someone with the company can tell me if it’s still under warranty? I know most of the cost is with the frame. It’s just the bladders are useless for comfort.

Curtis H.
Terrible Investment, SELECT A STATE
1 Star

October 21 2020 8:57PM

Bought the biggest king Sleep Number bed available. Had problems from about 6 months after buying it. Gave 6300.00 for it. Called the store where I bought it. Told me nothing they could do about it.

Told me to call company, they told me to perform checks as to why it was leaking, did that. Bought new air chamber. Still leaks.

Company will not refund money for air chamber. Have been lied to from day one. Wouldn’t suggest anyone buy a sleep number bed. Nothing but problems.

Randy F.
Beaver, WV
1 Star

November 30 2019 4:33AM

Worst experience ever. We purchased the mattress and the adjustable base and found that the mattress just did not provide the relief we needed. The sides were replaced by sleep number 3 or 4 times for free until we ran out of the warranty. The sides would not hold up.

According to the company the owner should not sit on the sides of the bed. We couldn't return it because we had purchased the base and it was non refundable. We are careful shoppers and thought we had made a good investment from a reliable company but we sure were wrong. I would not recommend this mattress to anyone. You are wasting your money. I sure regret it.

Leticia T.
Mission, TX
1 Star

June 24 2019 8:26PM

I bought a Sleep Number Bed with a Flex 2 base. From the beginning it was a terrible experience. First the bed was delivered but the base was missing a bunch of pieces and couldn’t be used. The bed didn’t feel like the one in the store at all and more or less felt like a blow up air mattress with a pad on top. But we gave it two months to try and let our bodies get used to it.

After two months we went back to sleeping on our old mattress and asked Sleep Number to come pick up the bed and give us a refund(120 night in home trial on beds). But we were told that we could have $3000 out of $8000 back because the mattress has a 120 night in home trial on it but the base the sales man pushed on us is none refundable.

So now we have a $5000 sleep number base we can’t use. Oh and yes $5000 base because apparently all the discounts we got were on the refundable mattress not the none refundable base. Worst experience ever and for a company that charges that much for product they don’t really seem to care whether or not you are happy with it.

Chris S.
Lunenburg, MA