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Tax Defense Network

4.5 Stars (2 Reviews)
Updated: January 23, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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Tax Defense Network uses a simple, three-step process to relieve the stress caused by back taxes. A team of licensed professionals expertly handles each tax relief case every step of the way, with the taxpayer’s circumstances and goals in mind. Tax Defense Network works to address aggressive collection techniques such as tax liens and wage garnishments, helps customers get back in good standing with the IRS or state taxing authority, and sets them up for future financial success.

Tax Defense Network

Editorial Breakdown

Cost 4.7 Stars
Customer Service 4.5 Stars
Services Offered 4.4 Stars
Ease of Resolution 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating 4.4 Stars

Bottom Line

Tax Defense Network has consulted on more than $18 billion in tax debt and helped thousands of taxpayers get relief. Their team of experienced tax specialists includes CPAs, attorneys, tax analysts, and certified tax advisors. English and Spanish assistance available.

Tax Defense Network Review

Tax Defense Network offers multiple services to help taxpayers reduce their stress and get them back on track with the IRS. The company earned a spot in our Best Tax Relief Companies Guide for its bilingual customer service. Tax Defense Network is part of the nationwide financial services firm MoneySolver, which provides customized solutions for clients with student loan, credit, or tax (individual and business) issues.


  • English and Spanish speaking representatives
  • Customized three-step process
  • Financing available
  • Low debt threshold ($5,000 or higher)


  • Fees not listed on their website

Tax Defense Network’s Tax Relief Process

Tax Defense Network uses a three-step, individualized process to assess and address your tax situation. The company’s capable staff aims to make a stressful time as easy as possible using the three-step tax relief process: Consultation, Investigation, and Resolution.

Tax Defense Network
Three-Step Tax Relief Solution
Consult Investigate Resolve
– Free, confidential, no-commitment phone consultation with a tax professional
– Explain your tax situation and goals
– Discuss pricing and payment plans
– Tax professional researches your tax issue and recommends helpful programs
– Discuss options with your tax professional and choose the best one
– Tax professional communicates with the IRS on your behalf to pursue your chosen solution
– Consistent communication throughout the process

Four core values govern Tax Defense Network’s three-step process:

  1. Experience: Tens of thousands of taxpayers helped
  2. Expertise: Over 250 years of combined experience, including a former IRS collector on staff
  3. Confidence: Validated by the excellent reviews received from satisfied customers
  4. Respect: Operates on a foundation of mutual respect and compassion

Tax Defense Network Tax Help

If the IRS is using aggressive collection tactics to secure unpaid tax debt, Tax Defense Network will reach out to them on your behalf to try and stop liens, levies, and wage garnishments. They can also assist with any unfiled tax returns and help you get back on track with the IRS.

Tax Defense Network Tax Negotiation

As part of the Resolution phase of their three-step process, Tax Defense Network will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. Based on your tax balance and circumstances, Tax Defense Network’s negotiation efforts may result in:

  • A payment plan, spreading your obligation out over time
  • A reduced balance – saving you money
  • A pause in payments, giving you breathing room until your situation improves
  • Forgiveness of your debt, wiping the slate clean

Of course, you must meet IRS guidelines to qualify for these outcomes.

Tax Defense Network Tax Relief Solutions for Taxpayers

Tax Defense Network has over a decade of experience helping taxpayers work out tax relief solutions with the IRS. Through the company’s expertise, they may be able to obtain one of these solutions for you:

  • Tax settlement is an arrangement with the IRS to reduce taxes owed. As long as you make all of the payments under this agreement, you’ll get back in good standing with the IRS.

  • An Offer in Compromise is a form of tax settlement where you tell the IRS what you can pay. You must demonstrate adequate financial hardship or that the tax bill is unjust. If the IRS accepts your offer, you could pay a significantly reduced bill, either as a lump sum or payments over time.

  • If your spouse didn’t report income, or erroneously claimed deductions or credits on your jointly filed tax return without your being aware, innocent spouse relief could help protect you from owing tax associated with your spouse’s actions.

  • Currently not collectible status allows you to stop making payments due to financial hardship. While the debt is still in place, and interest and penalties continue to accrue, you’ll have the opportunity to regroup without having to worry about your tax bill. The IRS will re-evaluate your case each year, so regular payments resume if your financial situation improves. If your hardship persists for 10 or more years, the IRS will likely forgive your tax debt.

  • If you don’t agree with a decision made by the IRS, Tax Defense Network handles IRS appeals. They will file the appropriate paperwork at the right time to challenge the ruling. If the appeal is successful, the IRS may reverse their opinion.

  • If you can’t qualify for other forms of tax relief, an IRS payment plan could still help. With a payment plan, you’ll be responsible for the full tax bill with interest and penalties, but spread the cost of the tax obligation over time to relieve some financial pressure. Depending on your situation, you may be able to get a short-term or long-term payment plan.

Tax Defense Network Costs

While Tax Defense Network does not publish a fee structure on the company website, a quick search indicated their average cost to handle a case is about $3,000. Fees, of course, vary based on the complexity of your situation. While Tax Defense Network’s consultation is free, you will need to make an initial payment to start the Investigation phase of the process. Additionally, Tax Defense Network charges a flat fee for their services, so you shouldn’t be caught off guard by any extra charges as your case proceeds.

Because solving tax issues can be an expensive endeavor, Tax Defense Network offers financing plans to make their services accessible to as many people as possible. If you qualify to spread out the cost of fees, you may pay as little as $99 per month.

Tax Defense Network Complaints

Tax Defense Network is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which awards the company an A+ rating. Tax Defense Network is also a ConsumerAffairs accredited brand with a 4 out of 5-star rating. ConsumersAdvocate scores the company 4.2 out of 5. While the reviews are predominantly positive, we found a few complaints regarding customer service, level of communication, and overpromising results.

Tax Defense Network Q&A

  • What sets Tax Defense Network apart from other tax relief services?
    Tax Defense Network offers a truly customized tax relief plan based on your circumstances and goals. The company’s expansive team of enrolled agents, certified professional accountants, accredited tax advisors, tax attorneys, and tax analysts have a deep level of expertise and consulted on over $18 billion in tax debt.

  • In what states are Tax Defense Network services available?
    Tax Defense Network’s services are available nationwide.

  • How long will Tax Defense Network take to resolve my case?
    While Tax Defense Network works diligently to resolve cases promptly, there is no standard timeline for completion because each situation is different. Many cases, however, are completed in under 12 months.

  • How can I reach Tax Defense Network if I need help?
    Tax Defense Network is available by phone (Monday through Saturday), email, and postal mail.

  • Can Tax Defense Network guarantee that I will get my desired result?
    No tax relief company can guarantee you’ll get all you’re hoping for when they negotiate on your behalf with the IRS. While Tax Defense Network works hard to pursue the resolution you want and you likely have a better chance of getting your preferred results, the IRS ultimately determines the outcome of your tax case.


If you’re overwhelmed by tax debt, Tax Defense Network’s expertise, compassion, and accessibility can help put you at ease. Governed by ethical core values, the company will help you get back in compliance with the IRS and provide resources to help you maintain a solid financial footing moving forward.

2 Tax Defense Network Reviews

Write Review
1 Star

August 18 2021 12:42AM

Do not waste your time. These guys talk nice and soft in the beginning, just to reel you in but afterwards never answer the phone or call you back. Bad service, unprofessional.

Gold star phone number is the biggest joke. They never answer because they don't want to refund everyone's money.

Jack P.
1 Star

August 01 2021 4:23PM

This company is a joke! I ended up paying more to the IRS and I also had to pay this company the rest of their money for doing absolutely nothing for me.

I guess that the company believes that it is not part of their job to inform the client the dates that forms need to be completed and turned into the IRS. I would think that this would be their most important job!

I have no idea why there are so many glowing reviews for this company because being an actual customer I would give no stars to this company!

Please use another company if you really want help with any IRS problems! I cannot say one good thing about this company for helping me out!

Cynthia L.
Oxnard, CA