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Updated: January 19, 2023
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Based in Wallingford, Connecticut, ThermoSpas has been delivering quality hot tubs for 35 years. The company started manufacturing hot tubs in 1983 and transitioned to a direct-to-consumer business model in 1995. Jacuzzi acquired ThermoSpas in 2012, keeping the brand direct-to-consumer with a high level of customer service business philosophy.

ThermoSpas Logo

Editorial Breakdown

Hot Tub Variety 4.5 Stars
Warranty 4.8 Stars
Hot Tub Features 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 4 Stars

Overall Rating 4.4 Stars

Bottom Line

ThermoSpas makes and sells seven models of hot tubs including a design-your-own model. Each model offers a choice of shell color and features like energy savings, lighting options and seating options.

ThermoSpas Review

Whether you need the most affordable spa or you want to create a high-end relaxation system with 172 jets, ThermoSpas Hot Tubs offers a wide selection of customizable above-ground spas with seating for up to eight people. With so many options across seven models and the ability to create a unique hot tub design online, ThermoSpas is a top pick in our Best Hot Tub Companies Guide.

ThermoSpas received recognition from the Pool & Spa Professionals, National Spa & Pool Institute and the Better Business Bureau for providing honest and accurate information to customers. The company is the only spa manufacturer to receive the Ease-of-Use Commendation from the National Arthritis Foundation.


  • Free review of proposed hot tub location
  • Personalized, expert advice for choosing the right hot tub
  • Substantial 20-year limited warranty on the shell, 10 years prorated on plumbing and heater


  • You can’t wet test your spa at a dealership or get immediate local service
  • No pricing online, or via email after filling out an online quote request

ThermoSpas Hot Tub Models and Features

Standard features found on ThermoSpas hot tubs vary by model but include easy-access digital control panels and heaters manufactured with titanium components lasting 10 times longer than conventional heaters. ThermoSpas’ lounge seats are extended to increase relaxation, and built-in therapy seats provide a deep massage. Continuous cast acrylic shells with a UV inhibitor to prevent fading are sturdier than the Gelcoat, composite acrylics, AOS plastic and vinyl the competition sells.

ThermoSpas’ seven hot tub models seat from two to eight people and use ThermoFiltration to deliver clear, clean water around the clock. Many other hot tubs use high-speed pumps that only activate twice a day for cleaning, while ThermoFiltration filters each gallon up to 144 times per day. Another plus is the filters on ThermoSpas hot tubs are easily accessed so replacing filters is never a hassle.

ThermoSpas Hot Tub Models
Model Seats Jets Pumps Dimensions (LxWxH) Capacity
Gemini 2 28-51 3-4 81.5” x 46” x 30.5” 215 Gallons
Maui 3 24-62 2-4 86” x 65” x 34” 300 Gallons
Atlantis 4 31-42 3-4 79.5” x 79.5” x 35.5″ 365 Gallons
Concord 4 51-99 3-5 80” x 80” x 38” 411 Gallons
Chesapeake 5 41-57 3-4 87” x 79” x 38” 400 Gallons
Park Avenue 5 42-118 3-6 95” x 80” x 38” 412 Gallons
Manhattan 6-8 56-172 3-7 95” x 95” x 39” 615 Gallons

ThermoSpas Hot Tubs Jet Configurations

An especially notable feature you can add to some ThermoSpas models is customizable jets. ThermoSpas offers one of the most extensive selections in the industry providing a multitude of choices in the type and number of jets. Pillow jets are used for a soothing neck massage while therapy jets have adjustable powerful directional streams. Swirl jets pamper you with water swirling in a circular pattern, and pulsating, laser or whirlpool jets all deliver stronger massage options.

Other ThermoSpas Hot Tubs Options

The number of options you can add to a ThermoSpas hot tub depends on the model you buy. The benefits of the optional features listed below provide added comfort, increased cleanliness and safety, temperature control and more.

  • Total Control Therapy allows jets in each seat to be controlled independently of others.
  • Deluxe LED lighting package with illuminated grab bars, backlit pillow jets, and underwater LED lighting.
  • Air Bubbling System with Control Valve is a unique thermo-insulation system feeding warm air into the spa to ensure consistent water temperature regardless of air temperature.
  • 30 mg Standard Ozone or 250 mg ThermOzone Systems disinfect and sanitize your hot tub.
  • Safety Hand Rail and Full-Length Step Packages help you avoid slipping and make getting in and out of the tub easier.

Custom ThermoSpas Hot Tubs

The ThermoSpas Design-Your-Own program provides hot tub options from top to bottom. You create your hot tub using the Design-Your-Own tool on the ThermoSpas website, which shows you in real-time what your hot tub will look like as you add and adjust features. You can preview the tub with people in it as you go if you want to. Use Design-Your-Own Hot Tub to select:

  • The number of seats for your hot tub
  • Number of jets
  • Choice of shell color from eight shades
  • Four selections of cabinet color
  • Options like LED lighting, steps, ozonators, cover lifts and more

Once you’ve designed your dream hot tub, enter your name, ZIP code, phone number and email address to receive an email confirming your request for more information. The email includes a link to ThermoSpas videos, brochure downloads, and a printable $1,250 savings coupon. A ThermoSpas representative will contact you to explain the one-year price guarantee and to set up an appointment to discuss a suggested hot tub location at your home and discuss your configuration.

ThermoSpas Park Avenue Hot Tub

Nevada. Source: ThermoSpas

ThermoSpas Hot Tubs Complaints

ThermoSpas scores highly across online consumer reviews. ThermoSpas is a ConsumerAffairs accredited company, where customer reviews result in a 4.1 out of 5-star rating. Consumer opinion on My3Cents averages out to 4.4 out of 5. ThermoSpas is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and rates an “A+” on the BBB website, where we found only three complaints over the past year. The company responded to complaints including some regarding issues beyond ThermoSpas’ control such as chemicals needed to keep hot tub water clean.

ThermoSpas Hot Tubs Q&A

  • What is the most popular ThermoSpas hot tub model?
    ThermoSpas lists two of the seven models in their lineup as best sellers: the Concord with seating for up to four adults, and the larger Park Avenue, which seats up to five.

  • How much do ThermoSpas hot tubs cost?
    The prices for ThermoSpas hot tubs range widely from $4,000 up to $22,000, depending on how many features you add to the model you choose. Given the average price of an acrylic hot tub is between $11,000 and $16,000, ThermoSpas keeps prices low by selling directly to customers instead of to retailers who then mark up the price before selling. Keep in mind the price of a hot tub includes maintenance and energy used over the years.

  • Does ThermoSpas sell hot tub covers for each model?
    Yes, but you won’t find the covers on the ThermoSpas website. Instead, each cover is designed to specifications that fit your customized hot tub. To ensure you get the correct cover, a factory representative will advise you on the best cover for your spa configuration.

  • How heavy are ThermoSpas hot tub covers?
    The weight of a ThermoSpas cover varies depending on the hot tub model but is durable, sturdy and easy to remove and put into place. If the hot tub cover weight or maneuverability is a concern, ThermoSpas offers three different lift systems to make covering and uncovering the hot tub a breeze. ThermoSpas’ Thermo Lift 300 is the only cover lifting system that earned the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Commendation.

  • How does ThermoSpas financing work?
    ThermoSpas financing is in the form of a Wells Fargo Outdoor Solutions credit card with a no-interest or low-interest payment schedule. If you go with the no-interest financing, pay the balance off before the end of the promotional period to avoid getting billed for 28.9 percent interest accrued over the length of the term. You can apply online from the ThermoSpas website at any convenient time.


A hot tub can be an investment providing relief from chronic pain caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint pain and other health concerns. Other therapeutic benefits include reducing stress and anxiety while improving sleep quality. ThermoSpas works with you to find a package for your budget and available space. Since the company doesn’t sell through dealerships or big box stores, you’ll get a custom hot tub solution to meet your needs at a lower cost.

To learn more, and receive $1,250 in coupons, visit Thermospas online.

26 Thermospas Reviews

Write Review
1 Star

November 10 2023 8:27PM

Never even heard of this place, never inquired about their products and yet they continue to call me 3 to 4 times a day every day. It's ridiculous and extremely annoying, I would never buy from a company who calls me that many times a day.

Kelci S.
Loveland, CO
3 Stars

April 12 2023 11:01PM

Just 1 season of use: The lid cover locks break very easily. The control for the Maui model is very small and difficult to use. The pillows are dripping material down the inside of the spa after being winterized. The filter cover is losing its coating after 1 season of use.

Water drain is difficult to access. Our previous model had it easily available at the base of the tub. Cleaning process is very difficult.

Stephen C.
Hello Stephen, We appreciate you taking the time to leave us this feedback. We’d love an opportunity to better assist you with your hot tub, if you could please contact us at [email protected]. Sincerely, ThermoSpas Customer Delight Team
2 Stars

December 01 2022 10:52PM

Got our Concord hot tub in 2019. Since then we have replaced motors, 3 boards, lights, head rests and other items. First electrical issue was 3 months after install. Board blew up. They sent a technician out to investigate and replace, blew one more time.

We are on board 3 and now it’s turning off and on and they will not honor their warranty. They want me to pay out of pocket for something that was faulty upon arrival. Their technicians told me they blew for no reason. So for 12,000 dollars they gave us a unit we have to work on once a year.

I would not suggest this for anyone. Sure it’s nice to be in a hot tub but is it Worth the headache? I wouldn’t do it again. Neighbor has had a different brand for 10 years with no problems.

Johanna B.
Hollister, CA
1 Star

November 18 2022 7:41PM

My spa was delivered damaged in May and it is now November and the company has not yet made things right. They did several attempts at ordering replacement insulation panels but their service reps cannot seem to order one that is the proper size even when they were furnished with correct dimensions.

My spa was also delivered without the headrests. When you email the company to have the issues worked, they never get back to you. When you get the technical support on the phone, you can wait 20 minutes or more in queue and the phone calls keep getting cut off.

I would have rated them a zero; one star is too good for the lack of product and service provided. I encourage others not to waste their money doing business with this company.

John L.
Kerrville, TX
We sincerely apologize for the delay in sending you the correct panels. Our records show you had requested a specialty item of extra thick panels that take time to manufacture and unfortunately due to a miscommunication we had sent you panels with the wrong thickness. Our Service team is diligently working on getting you panels with the correct size and thickness. Regarding your missing headrests, it was not reported on your signed delivery report that headrests had been missing, we will have an In-House Service Technician reach out to you and review which headrests you need, we’re sorry for any inconvenience here. Additionally, in the event we are experiencing longer hold times on our phones, you can also reach out via email at [email protected]. Sincerely, ThermoSpas Customer Delight Team
5 Stars

September 14 2022 12:49AM

Excellent, solid, well made hot tub that far exceeded my expectations. I wanted the best and I believe I got the best! We waited about 3 months to have it built to our specifications and delivered. My wife and I have been in the tub every day since ThermoSpas installed it and it’s heavenly.

We have the Concord style and it runs flawlessly, very quiet with 3 pumps and 75 powerful jets to massage your aching muscles and reduce stress. ThermoSpas has been around for a long time and has really perfected their hot tubs.

Any issues we had were small and handled expeditiously by their customer support team. The salesman, customer service and the service department were extremely professional, knowledgeable and catered to any of our needs. Great product and company. I highly recommend this hot tub, which is life changing.

Brent D.
New Fairfield, CT
2 Stars

September 05 2022 9:59PM

We spent an hour with a knowledgeable, personal and professional salesperson. We were ready to invest in one of these hot tubs but I wanted to speak with someone on the Cape who had a tub.

The salesman assured me there were many folks with Thermospas and stated he would send me the names of several folks close by. My concern was the difficulty in obtaining a service call if needed.

I never heard from this guy again despite several emails requesting the names or asking if he were having difficulty. Not a good way to do business. And I am still searching for the right hot tub!

Brenda H.
Orleans, MA
Hi Brenda! We appreciate your interest in ThermoSpas and welcoming one of our Design Consultants to your home to discuss our products. We do occasionally have local customers that are willing to share their experiences however, we can only do so when these customers give permission to sharing their personal information. We do apologize that the Design Consultant did not address your inquiries and will be looking further into this situation, we appreciate you providing us with this information. If you are still interested, feel free to contact us at 1-800-876-0158 and we can speak further about the Service Teams that are local to you and answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your honest feedback. Best Regards, ThermoSpas Customer Delight Team
3 Stars

July 08 2022 1:01PM

My rating is average because part of the experience was excellent and other parts very poor. Let me begin by saying the Spa I had delivered yesterday was a Park Avenue to replace an aging Park Avenue.

The one that was replaced was purchased Used and about 10 years old at the time of purchase. I then used it for an additional 6 years but enough was starting to go that I decided it was time to replace it with a new Park Avenue.

The sales process was very smooth but then I knew exactly what I wanted when I called sales. But once I signed the contract and send the deposit it took some really strongly worded emails to get the sales person to respond to me with updates.

(Peter) I ordered the spa in December and was told to expect it in April. Since I had to arrange for the old spa to be moved to make room for the new one to be delivered I started sending emails to the Sales Person in early March. March 5 I am told no updates in the system.

April 5 I am told still no updates. April 11 I am told that I should expect delivery in 3 - 4 weeks. Finally in late June I get a call to schedule installation.

I do not know how much of the problem was my sales person and how much of the problem is poor quality systems the staff relies on to provide information to the customers. Either way their system is broken and needs to be fixed.

I should not have to work so hard to get information when I am paying almost 20K for a spa. The customer service I received was horrible. Installation date comes (July 7) and the crew arrived within the time window that was promised.

The crew chief says the paperwork shows a balance due. I had paid the balance due a week prior when I got an email requesting that the balance be paid. It is amazing that the business office did not provide that information to the crew.

They sat outside for almost 40 minutes trying to get through to somebody to confirm that it was paid. I had to go get a printout of my paid receipt. Once they issue with the office was cleared up installation went as planned. The crew did a great job, cleaned up after themselves.

The spa is great, the installation team is great. The office staff did a terrible job of communicating with me and of communicating with even their own installation crews.

I loved my old spa and expect to love this one but if I was aware of the amount of aggravation the poor customer service would be I would have investigated other brands.

Michael B.
Commack, NY
1 Star

June 02 2022 2:09PM

Wish I would of seen this review before almost 20k purchase of park ave. We have had this not working jacuzzi for over a month. Very disappointed. Our sales rep Joe who also sold my sister-in-law a spa is very nice but obviously has no support from his company.

We filled this spa to have it empty. We need a part. It’s so funny the parts dept spoke to me 3 weeks ago on a Fri. He said our part is on loading dock. Same guy calls me the next Fri (a week ago) says our part is ready to ship. I said what you said it was shipping last Friday lol.

He got defensive and said, "Well this is what my team told me." I requested his supervisor to call me. A week later I’m still waiting. This response and customer service is gross!! Do better Thermospas. Don’t deliver broken new spa to people who spend almost 20k.

Lorraine M.
Seaford, NY
We sincerely apologize for this experience as some parts are occasionally on back order due to ongoing supply chain shortages causing for a delay in service. Our records show that a service technician was able to assist you and resolve any issues you may be having. If you should have any additional questions at this time, please contact our Service Department by phone at 1-800-833-7727 or by email at [email protected] Best Regards, ThermoSpas Customer Experience Support
1 Star

May 06 2022 3:57AM

We received our hot tub on Monday, 04/11/22. The delivery people placed the hot tub in its spot and left all the packaging materials for me to dispose of. Not a huge deal but was surprised I had to clean up the mess.

Went through the manual and texted the rep. He called and over the phone explained what I needed to do to fill the hot tub. The next day, before my electrician arrived, I found a leak near the filter area. Contacted my rep who gave me the email to the support team.

Support set up a a local repair place and the arrived that Friday, 04/15/22. The repair guy came with a tube of silicone and a hand towel. I explained to where the leak was and he basically told me I was wrong and put silicone around the top of filter on my brand new $15,000 hot tub.

Well the next day I refilled the hot tub and turned the power on. I immediately started getting a code on the panel that the heater wasn’t working. Checked the manual and followed the troubleshooting recommendations.

I then opened the lower panels around the hot tub to re-verify that everything was as it was supposed to be. After opening it up found the same leak. So I continued to look into getting the heater going and then the power pack control panel stopped working.

Made another request to support for a repair and also requested to speak to a member of management. I’ve waited 2 weeks since that and still have not had a repair made or contact from a member of management.

I contacted my rep and support again today and requested my money back and to return the hot tub. It’s very disheartening to pay so much for something and not get anyone from ThermoSpas to care at all about my situation.

The rep continues to tell me that my situation is very rare and that this never happens! If this is how this company takes care of their customers, I just want out!

Oh and I never did receive the steps, contacted the rep and was given half my money back and a week ago I got an email I was getting a lower quality set of step, which have still not arrived. The experience just keeps adding up with more and more disappointment.

Michael P.
St Jacob, IL
We sincerely apologize for this experience. Our records show you have since been in contact with one of our representatives and were able to come to a resolution. If you should have any additional questions at this time, please contact our Service Department at 1-800-833-7727. Best Regards, ThermoSpas Customer Experience Support
5 Stars

April 29 2022 8:49PM

I have owned 3 hot tubs, and 3 top manufacturers. They are all pretty much the same in quality and craftsmanship. Let's face it, they all break and all of them could step up the quality of the manufacturing process and I could give them a few ideas.

Not sure if they are just trying to make more money. What I will say is that out of the top 3, Thermospas Corp has the best customer service and they are the most helpful. Although my spa has has some failures they have always taken care of it, even out of warranty.

GREAT COMPANY with GREAT STAFF. They all need to step up the quality. If Thermospas could get the kinks out they would be unbeatable.

Anthony T.
Orlando, FL