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VSP Vision Insurance

4.25 Stars (3 Reviews)
Updated: January 23, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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VSP is the only national not-for-profit vision insurance company in the U.S. The company makes vision care affordable with low-cost monthly premiums accepted by more than 36,000eye care providers. While people of all ages can benefit from a VSP Individual, the coverage is particularly of note for retirees because of the high allowances for glasses and contacts.

VSP Logo

Editorial Breakdown

Cost 4 Stars
Plans 4.5 Stars
Provider Network 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 4.1 Stars

Overall Rating 4.3 Stars

Bottom Line

VSP is the only national not-for-profit vision insurance company with a provider network of more than 36,000 providers.

VSP Individual Vision Plans Review

Vision care grows more critical as you age, but Original Medicare plans may not provide eye care coverage unless you have diabetes, and many private health insurances and Medicare Advantage plans don’t include vision insurance. With no coverage for eye care costs, you have to foot the entire bill for annual exams and glasses or contact lenses. An individual vision insurance plan can help fill the gap and cover much of the expense associated with eye care. VSP vision insurance is ideal for many people, with more than 36,000 providers and 84 million members around the world.

Founded in 1954, VSP currently serves one in four Americans and operates under a doctor-governed not-for-profit business model. We awarded VSP Direct vision insurance the Best Provider Network distinction in our Best Vision Insurance Companies guide.


  • Large provider network
  • Low monthly premiums
  • Quick online enrollment
  • Small copays with high allowances
  • Typical annual savings of over $200


  • Reimbursement process for out-of-network providers
  • Must commit to a yearlong contract

VSP Individual Plan Options

You can choose between four plans: Standard, EasyOptions, Enhanced and EyewearOnly120. The Standard policy is the most affordable and covers an annual exam and a basic pair of glasses or contact lenses. The VSP Standard plan includes an option to upgrade to progressive multifocal lenses or light-to-dark tinting for an additional fee.

If you need progressive lenses or tinting, consider VSP’s EasyOptions or Enhanced plan instead of paying for the upgrade with the Basic insurance. EasyOptions may includes a higher frame or contact lens allowance, progressive multifocal lenses or dark-to-light tinting at no additional cost. Consider the VSP Enhanced plan if you want premium lenses with anti-glare, scratch resistant and impact resistant coatings.

VSP EyewearOnly120 plan is for those who need new glasses or contacts, have a current prescription and don’t need an annual exam. Some VSP EyewearOnly120 plan members receive a yearly exam with their health insurance but do not have coverage for prescription eyewear.

Like most vision insurance plans, VSP does not include coverage for eye surgeries or therapies, which fall under medical policy benefits. The company provides a 15% discount on regularly priced laser vision correction surgery performed by an approved provider.

VSP Individual Vision Plan Costs

VSP is best for those who plan to use an in-network provider. You can use an out-of-network provider, but you will pay the full price for services up front and then submit a claim for partial reimbursement.

VSP plans cost as little as low as $13 a month. Plan rates vary depending on where you live and which of the four plans you choose. You can enter your ZIP code on the company’s website to see a list of plan options and prices. Below is a chart summarizing the fees associated with plans available for an individual in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

VSP Individual Vision Plan Options
Feature Standard EasyOptions
Primary Benefit
  • Simple plan
  • Basic glasses or contacts
  • Annual exam
One Upgrade

  • Higher frame or contact allowance
  • Progressive lenses
  • Light-to-dark tinted lenses
Monthly Premium $16.39 $24.95
Typical Annual Savings $246 $330
Exam Copay $15 $15
Basic Lens Copay $25 $25
Frame or Contact Lens Allowance $150 $150 or $230
VSP Individual Vision Plan Options Cont.
Feature Enhanced Eyewear – Only120
Primary Benefit
  • Free lens upgrades for scratch and impact resistance
  • Anti-glare and progressive lens discounts
  • Basic glasses or contacts
  • No annual exams
Monthly Premium $29.93 $10.95
Typical Annual Savings $293 $180
Exam Copay $15 Not Covered
Basic Lens Copay $25 $25
Frame or Contact Lens Allowance $150 $120

How to Buy a VSP Individual Vision Plan

To sign up for a VSP Individual Vision Plan, visit the website and enter your ZIP code to find the plan options available to you. When you choose a plan, be sure to read the detailed contract information before purchasing. Finalize your policy by providing some personal information and contact details along with your credit card number for payment.

VSP vision insurance requires customers to sign up for a year of coverage at a time. You can make monthly payments, but you can’t cancel until the year is up. Also, your annual plan will automatically renew by charging to the credit card on file unless you cancel. VSP will notify you 60 days before your insurance comes up for renewal.

VSP Complaints

VSP Individual Vision Plans receives overwhelmingly positive reviews online. The Better Business Bureau gives the company an A+ rating. ConsumersAdvocate lists VSP as the first choice for vision care insurance and rates the company with an impressive 9.9 out of 10. We found some lower VSP ratings online, but these were generally for group plans sold to employers through insurance providers, not individual vision insurance policies purchased directly through VSP.

VSP Individual Vision Plans Q&A

  • When are vision care benefits available after I enroll in a VSP plan?
    You can choose to have your benefits active the next business day or the following month. For start dates further than a month out, you can call VSP to speak to a knowledgeable customer service representative who can help.

  • Does VSP offer any discounts if I buy more than one pair of glasses or sunglasses?
    Yes, all vision plans include a 20% discount off the cost of extra pairs of glasses, including prescription sunglasses.

  • Can I use VSP at chains like Sam’s Club, Target Optical or Cohen’s?
    Big chain providers located inside mass retailers are not in-network. Out-of-network benefits are paid out at a lower level, where you pay the full cost up front and then submit a reimbursement claim.

  • Does VSP pay for designer frames?
    VSP’s frame allowance applies toward the cost of any frames available at in-network providers, but you will have to pay the difference between the retail price and the benefit for more expensive frames. Plus, VSP members get exclusive member extras like an extra $20 to spend on featured frame brands.*

  • What if I want to add my spouse or family to my VSP vision insurance plan?
    You can add another person to your plan about twice the cost for individual coverage. You can also add dependents who are under 26 years old or disabled.

Brands/Promotion subject to change.


VSP’s simple vision insurance options and extensive provider network make the company an excellent choice for defraying the cost of eye care for retirees, families and individuals. Choosing and enrolling in a VSP Individual Vision Plan online is quick and easy, and the typical savings with the lowest coverage level is more $200 a year.

To get personalize pricing information, complete VSP’s form online.

3 VSP Vision Insurance Reviews

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1 Star

January 02 2024 1:37PM

The representative wanted my bank information but wasn't able to provide an email with any qualifying official documentation. They said they would not send an email with the company name, employee name, or employee company contact number. When asked for a supervisor I was told no one was available. I was referred to them by my health insurance. It's insane a representative from a legitimate company referred their customer to a scam site.

Leigh Acers, FL
2 Stars

July 05 2023 2:54PM

Would have given the company a 3 rating until I tried to contact them to cancel my coverage. On the phone for over 20 minutes, repeatedly entering the same information, before I finally got a person on the line.

Requested my coverage be canceled because the amount of the premiums has consistently been more than any benefits I've received. Much more cost effective to go with an advantage plan with vision coverage and you don't have to waste time trying to get to a person on the phone.

Tom C.
Phoenix, AZ
2 Stars

October 07 2019 6:25PM

DON'T waste your money, prices and coverage do not reflect what you actually buy, plastic lenses or glass, good frames you would wear or throw away frames you won't buy. Reflective, scratch resistance etc, etc. Save your money and just pay the bill, you will not spend more than the coverage and actual cost combined, more than likely less if my experience is any indication. Note: the authorization was diff than what VSP sent me as to what to expect.