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About A&A Bakersfield Care Home

Services and Amenities for A&A Bakersfield Care Home Residents

A&A Bakersfield Care Home is a facility in Bakersfield, CA, that offers nonmedical services in a home-like facility. A&A Care Home provides residential care for seniors and helps with daily activities such as bathing, grooming, dressing, preparing meals and taking medication. The facility also schedules daily activities for its residents.

A&A Bakersfield Care Home is a 24/7 residential care facility for the elderly (RCFE). RCFEs are senior care facilities that are also known as assisted living care homes or care homes. RCFE-style care homes offer many of the daily services offered by an assisted living facility but do not provide medical care.

A&A Bakersfield Care Home staff members dedicate themselves to creating an environment that provides holistic care for residents by offering activities that stimulate their residents’ minds and bodies in a home-like setting.

A&A Bakersfield Care Home
Assisted living
Memory care
Care for visually impaired
Diabetes care
Oxygen administration
Laundry services
Light exercise classes
Bingo and other games
Movie nights
Three daily meals and snacks

Where is A&A Bakersfield Care Home?

12203 EL Capitan Avenue
Bakersfield, CA, 93312

About the Location

A&A Bakersfield Care Home is located in a residential neighborhood with easy access to shopping, a pharmacy, and the local church. There is a 40-acre park right across the street for residents to enjoy.

What else should I know about A&A Bakersfield Care Home?

Read these answers to common questions from senior housing shoppers, residents, and family members.


Do you offer memory care?


Yes. A&A Bakersfield Care Home trains each staff member to care for residents with memory care needs. A&A Care Home meets the state requirements for accommodating residents with dementia.


What types of payment are accepted?


We accept private pay as the primary method of payment. Long-term care insurance will also assist by covering the majority of costs.


If my loved one needs incontinence support, are the supplies covered by the monthly fees?


No, the facility does not pay for the additional supplies but can assist the family in finding a proper supplier.