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The 11 Best El Paso, TX Assisted Living Facilities

There are 851 assisted living communities in Texas. We detailed several of the best assisted living communities in the El Paso area in this list. We hope that having access to what makes these facilities stand out makes the process of choosing the right one easier.

SunRidge at Desert Springs

Seniors choose SunRidge at Desert Springs for its quality of living. The facility has been updated with a new look and more comfortable lounge spaces.
  • Assistance finding and securing funding
  • Specialized program for veterans
SunRidge at Desert Springs
Start My Search 5901 Bandolero Dr
El Paso, TX, 79912

M & L Loving Hands

At M & L Loving Hands, seniors receive continuing help with their healthcare management. The facility provides continued support through healthcare assessments to ensure that seniors are getting the right level of support.
  • Special event celebrations
  • Doctor appointment assistance
M & L Loving Hands
Start My Search 7308 Desierto Azul Dr
El Paso, TX, 79912

Casa De Bellamie Assisted Living Home

Seniors prefer Casa De Bellamie Assisted Living Home because it makes senior living much easier with thoughtful services.
  • Medical checkups and assessments
  • Emergency response systems in every room
Casa De Bellamie Assisted Living Home
Start My Search 7235 N Loop Dr
El Paso, TX, 79915

The Legacy at Cimarron

In addition to providing encompassing care programs, The Legacy at Cimarron places a strong emphasis on exceptional food, which is why it has a chef and fine-dining within the facility.
  • A wide range of financial options
  • Technology infused care options
The Legacy at Cimarron
Start My Search 6201 Northern Pass Dr
El Paso, TX, 79911

Good Life Assisted Living and Memory Care El Paso

Good Life Assisted Living and Memory Care El Paso provides short-term care support for seniors so that they can get help, and caregivers can rest.
  • Medication management
  • 16-bed facility
Good Life Assisted Living and Memory Care El Paso
Start My Search 10400 Railroad Dr
El Paso, TX, 79924

SunRidge at Cambria

Seniors choose SunRidge at Cambria for relaxation and support. They live in a facility where community participation in events is encouraged, but alone time is also important.
  • Private rooms
  • Daily planned community events
SunRidge at Cambria
Start My Search 1991 Saul Kleinfeld Dr
El Paso, TX, 79936

Royal Estates of El Paso

Seniors choose Royal Estates of El Paso because of its long history of serving seniors. It has more than 20 years of providing support to seniors in various programs.
  • Updated facilities
  • Planned community activities
Royal Estates of El Paso
Start My Search 435 S Mesa Hills Dr
El Paso, TX, 79912

Serenity House Assisted Living

Serenity House Assisted Living is a home-like facility that focuses on keeping seniors comfortable in a family-style care program.
  • Private pay facility
  • Admissions by assessment
Serenity House Assisted Living
Start My Search 4200 Skyline Ave
El Paso, TX, 79904

SunRidge at Palisades

SunRidge at Palisades offers seniors extra services they usually have to go to a separate facility for. This includes a podiatrist and religious services on site.
  • Private dining room
  • Covered public balcony
SunRidge at Palisades
Start My Search 1831 Murchison Dr
El Paso, TX, 79902

SunRidge at Cielo Vista

Seniors like SunRidge at Cielo Vista because it is dedicated to helping them maintain their independence. It provides support options like fitness classes and nutrition assistance to help seniors maintain their long-term health.
  • Fine dining facility
  • Live entertainment options available
SunRidge at Cielo Vista
Start My Search 7949 Sunmount Dr
El Paso, TX, 79925

The Bartlett - Assisted Living

At The Bartlett - Assisted Living, seniors take advantage of an easily managed pricing system. The pricing is based on the chosen living arrangements and includes all amenities and utilities.
  • Affordable apartment-style housing
  • Medication assistance
The Bartlett - Assisted Living
Start My Search 221 Bartlett Dr
El Paso, TX, 79912

Additional El Paso Assisted Living Resources

There are El Paso area organizations and programs to protect, house, and entertain seniors. Here are five local programs worth knowing about:

  • Texas Dept. of Protective and Regulatory Services – Elder Abuse: The Texas Dept. of Protective and Regulatory Services oversees adult protective services in the area. To report elder abuse please follow the directions on the link or call 915-834-5743 to report an incident.
  • Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS): The Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) provides support and interventions for community members experiencing domestic violence and similar offenses. Call 915-542-4535 to report an incident.
  • Rio Grande Area Agency on Aging: The Rio Grande Area Agency on Aging is a support organization for seniors needing to find care and assistance as they get older. Call 915-533-0998 for more information.
  • Magoffin Avenue SRO: Magoffin Avenue SRO provides housing for elderly. Call 915-838-7626 for assistance.
  • Veterans Lodge / Shelter Plus Care: The Veterans Lodge / Shelter Plus Care makes housing options available for veterans in the area. Call 915-204-1715 to find a place to stay.