How Much Does an Adjustable Bed Weigh?


A bed with an adjustable frame allows consumers to customize their sleep experience, changing characteristics like the bed’s orientation according to their personal preferences. The multibillion-dollar U.S. adjustable bed and mattress manufacturing industry gives consumers many buying options between different brands and models. Two important considerations for consumers shopping for an adjustable bed are how much their bed will weigh and how much weight their bed can withstand. A number of factors contribute to these two important characteristics, helping keep consumers — and their beds — safe.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adjustable bed weights can vary based on size, with the typical twin- or full-size adjustable bed weighing 100 to 150 pounds and the typical king-size weighing up to 300 pounds or more.
  • The materials a bed is made of and the features it offers can affect its weight. 
  • Consumers should consider the weight limit of their adjustable beds. Standard adjustable beds usually withstand between 400 and 650 pounds, while heavy-duty models can withstand up to 800 pounds or more. Every consumer should ensure the bed they choose can withstand the weight it will need to carry.
  • Adjustable bed weights can vary not only between brands but also between different models from the same brand.

General Adjustable Bed Statistics

As the aging population in the U.S. increases, the adjustable bed market is expected to grow, driven by a demand for products that cater to those concerned about mobility. The trend toward adopting smart home technology may also increase the adoption of beds that are responsive to users’ needs.

Brick-and-mortar businesses have historically dominated the adjustable bed shopping experience, accounting for over 67% of distribution revenue in this market in 2021. However, online retailers have gained in popularity, with online sales expected to grow at a faster rate than those in-store.

In 2021, the North American adjustable bed and mattress market accounted for 38% of the industry’s global revenue. Manufacturing safety standards vary between regions, and U.S. manufacturers must follow standards laid out by the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Adjustable Bed Weights by Type and Size

One factor affecting the weight of an adjustable bed is its size. Twin- or full-size beds typically weigh between 100 to 150 pounds, while king-size beds can weigh up to 300 pounds or more. The material an adjustable bed is made of (such as wood or metal) can also impact its weight. The complexity of the bed’s design will also likely contribute to the bed’s weight. Some of these factors include whether the bed is reinforced, the number of motors it includes and its comfort features (such as built-in massage technology).

Aside from considering the number of sleepers and their weights, consumers should also consider the weights of the mattress and bedding when calculating their ideal weight limit. The typical weight capacity for adjustable bed frames is between 400 to 650 pounds. Heavy-duty frames that accommodate weights of 800 pounds or more are also available, which may be ideal for couples. When selecting an adjustable frame, it is essential to choose one that will accommodate the weight that will be applied; otherwise, its components can become damaged, rendering the frame unsafe.

Adjustable Bed Weights by Brand

Adjustable bed weights can vary between brands and different models among the same brand. For example, on average, Leggett & Platt adjustable beds weigh 150 to 200 pounds, while Saatva adjustable beds weigh between 140 pounds (for a twin-size) and 272 pounds (for a king-size). The queen-size Saatva Adjustable Base weighs 135 pounds, while the upgraded model, the queen-size Saatva Adjustable Base Plus, weighs 184 pounds.

Manufacturing adjustable beds and mattresses in the U.S. is a multibillion-dollar industry but has seen a downturn in recent years. In 2023, this industry had a market size of $1.9 billion and a growth rate of -0.6%. The industry saw a downturn between 2018 and 2023, with the market size decreasing by an annual average of 2.9%.High competition in the industry has negatively impacted the market size, while a growing older population, due to longer life spans, has been a positive driver for the industry.


How much does the typical adjustable bed weigh?

The typical adjustable bed can weigh anywhere from 100 pounds to more than 300 pounds.

What factors impact the weight of adjustable beds?

Material, size and systems (such as multiple motors or massage units) all affect how much adjustable beds weigh.

How much weight can adjustable beds carry?

Depending on the model and construction, adjustable beds can usually withstand at least 400 pounds or up to 800 pounds or more. Consumers are advised to select an adjustable bed that can withstand the weight that it will need to support.


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