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Retirement Living evaluated 18 online will providers to find the best options for building a will and trust online. After consulting with estate planners and attorneys, we deemed the following factors important for choosing an online will maker: cost, adherence to state laws, access to trust and will templates, customer support and easy document revisions.

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  • Fast Document Creation
  • Create a will and trust in under one hour
  • Optional estate planning attorney services

Trust & Will allows you to create state-specific, customized online estate planning documents in less time in the privacy of your home. If you need legal guidance or feel more comfortable having an attorney review your records, a low-cost option is available.

US LegalForms

  • Great Document Management
  • 25+ years in the industry
  • Ready-made personal planning package

The personal planning package combines the necessary forms to create an estate plan specific to your state, consisting of Wills (Last and Living types of testament), Power of Attorney blanks, a Personal Life Planning Form, and Estate Planning Worksheets. If needed, an expert will guide you and notarize your documents.


  • Free Unlimited Updates
  • Funded by over 700 charitable organizations
  • Create a legally binding in 20 minutes

FreeWill allows you to make updates to your will at any time with unlimited printing. FreeWill is free for users thanks to funding from more than 700 charities.

Nolos Quicken WillMaker & Trust

  • Private Offline Data Storage
  • Multiple data storage options
  • Create documents for multiple people

With over 1.7 million customers, Nolo’s Quicken Willmaker & Trust continues to be a top-selling, trusted source for creating your own estate planning documents. The product provides over 35 legal documents and uses a simple step-by-step interview to complete wills, trusts and other documents.


  • Long Money-Back Guarantee
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 3 online will and estate planning packages

LegalZoom’s four online estate planning packages have tiered pricing, so you only pay for the level of service you require. The company offers comprehensive personal and business legal documents and the longest money-back guarantee we could find.

US Legal Wills

US Legal Wills

  • Great Flexible Memberships
  • 4 pricing tiers for basic to complex
  • Separate pricing for individuals and couples

US Legal Wills provides online wills, powers of attorney and living wills. You can designate one or more Keyholders who can access your information at the appropriate time to receive your instructions and documents.

Total Legal

Total Legal

  • Affordable Legal Support
  • Low-cost subscription plan
  • Estate planning and small business services

TotalLegal provides inexpensive online wills and other estate planning documents. If you need more than one document, consider a TotalLegal Plan subscription to save money and get free or discounted legal assistance.

Do Your Own Will

Do Your Own Will

  • Free Wills and Trusts
  • Truly free, no credit card required
  • Available in 50 states

Do Your Own Will is one of very few genuinely free online will and trust options. You will have to put up with advertisements, but there are several free estate planning documents available.

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer

  • Great Legal Document Selection
  • Large selection of do-it-yourself legal documents
  • Membership includes access to a lawyer

Rocket Lawyer offers a substantial library of legal documents you can customize for your personal or business needs. Basic attorney services are included with the monthly membership, or you can pay for individual documents and one-off legal help.



  • Great Coaching Included
  • Product support available
  • Ongoing support and unlimited revisions

All three Gentreo plans focus on personal estate planning and wills. You get step-by-step instructions, coaching to make getting started a breeze and to get the most out of your subscription, and more.

Our Research and Testing Methodology

Retirement Living selected our top choices for online will and trust companies based on:

  • 80+ hours of testing and research
  • 3 legal experts consulted
  • 500+ third-party reviews referenced 
  • 12 brands selected out of 18 brands evaluated

Customers who use online willmakers have a dashboard that houses their documents and personal information. Our reviews team signed up for the product and rated our experience using the dashboard, including how quickly we could create a will, the process for saving our information, and whether we could invite other family members or beneficiaries to the portal.

We thoroughly researched and tested the companies presented in this guide, but Retirement Living is not offering legal advice. Our reviews and evaluations of the services are meant to help you make a more educated buying decision should you decide to create a will online. We recommend you have an attorney review your completed documents and take the necessary steps to legalize your forms.

Comparison of the Best Online Wills and Trust Makers

CompanyPrice (one-time)Price (annual)Access to Attorney SupportWills for Multiple Family MembersTrust Available
Trust & WillWill: $199 individual; $299 couples

Trust: $499 individual; $599 couples
$19 membership feeYes (+$300)YesYes
US Legal Forms$39 or $59 per month; $96 or $180 annuallyN/AYes (+$300)YesYes
Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & TrustNone$99 – $209NoYesYes
US Legal WillsIndividual: $49.95 – 189.65 

Couple: $99.90 –199.95
Total LegalWill: $19.95

Living Will: $14.95
TotalLegal™ Plan: $89 per year (optional)Yes (+$250)NoNo
Do Your Own WillFreeNoneNoNoNo
Rocket LawyerFree Will templateStarting at $39.99 per monthYesNoYes
LegalZoomWill: $199 individual; $299 couples

Trust: $499  individual; $599 couples
$39.95 after first yearYes (+$100)YesYes
Gentreo$150$50 per yearYesNoYes
Compare the Best Online Will and Trust Providers

Best Online Will and Trust Makers

After our evaluation, we named the following brands the best online wills and trusts: Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & Trust, US Legal Wills, Trust & Will, TotalLegal, Do Your Own Will, Rocket Lawyer, LegalZoom, FreeWill, US LegalForms and Gentreo.

Trust & Will Review

Fast document creation | 4.5 Stars

What the process looks like:

Trust & Will’s online software prompts you to provide the information needed to create your estate planning documents. You’ll start by confirming the basics, like your name, date of birth, and relationship status, before moving on to more detailed information, such as your medical wishes, asset allocations, and beneficiaries.

You can preview some of Trust & Will’s platform before purchasing an estate plan.

Why we like it:

Developed in 2017, Trust & Will delivers a fast, easy, and secure way to create and manage wills and related documents. All documents are state-specific and designed by an in-house team of legal advisors and experts. Your estate planning documents are customized to your individual or family’s needs. 

Trust & Will says it’s possible to draft a legal document in under one hour. However, we suspect this doesn’t apply to everyone using the service.

Packages from Trust & Will start at $199 and go up to $599. After the first year, revisions cost $12 to $39 per year. Attorney support and legal review of documents are available for an additional $300.

To learn more about Trust & Will services, view plan options or read our comprehensive review.

Library of 85,000+ state-specific documents | 4.5 Stars

What the process looks like:

Browse the website’s directory of personal planning documents. Just choose your state and the form you need. While you can download forms a la carte, US Legal Forms also offers a Personal Planning Package for creating wills, naming a power of attorney, and estate planning worksheets.

US Legal Form’s Personal Planning package includes necessary end-of-life documents.

Why we like it:

US Legal Forms gives users instant access to more than 85,000 legal documents, you can buy as needed or in a bundle. The Living Trust bundle, for example, can be customized according to your state, marital status, and whether you have children. All your data is stored in U.S.-based Amazon S3 data centers with military-grade physical security.

The company operates on a subscription basis, which means you can pay a monthly or annual fee to download as many documents as you need. Annual subscribers save up to 80%, and if you opt for the Premium plan ($15 per month), you fill and edit your forms in a PDF editor before sending them off for an e-signature.

FreeWill Review

Unlimited updates | 4.5 Stars

What the process looks like:

Navigate to FreeWill’s will or trust product to begin creating your documents. You’ll need about 20 minutes to fill out the information required, then you’ll print your documents and sign the forms to legitimize your estate.

You’ll need to provide contact information to access FreeWill’s online builder.

Why we like it:

FreeWill is truly a free will maker, available online to individuals who want to create a last will and testament or revocable living trust. In just eight steps, FreeWill will guide you through creating the documents. The document is legally binding once you print it and sign it in front of two witnesses. (FreeWill does not offer online storage, so you’ll need to keep your printed documents in a safe place.

In addition to affordability, we like that FreeWill also offers free advance healthcare directives for end-of-life medical care decisions, the ability to name a financial power of attorney and designate beneficiaries for things your will doesn’t cover, such as 401(k)s, IRAs, and life insurance policies.

Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & Trust Review

Options for multiple family members | 4.4 Stars

What the process looks like:

Nolo’s Quicken provides software to create a will, power of attorney, health care directive, living trust and other estate-related documents all in one place. All you need is an internet connection to download the Quicken WillMaker & Trust software, which includes 35 documents for estate planning.

After you download the software to your device, an easy-to-follow interview format walks you through working at your pace. To finalize the documents, you’ll need to sign and date them — WillMaker documents come with signing instructions specific to your state.

Nolo Quicken WillMaker

Why we like it:

Nolo Quicken WillMaker & Trust is an excellent choice if you want to create wills and trusts for the entire family at no extra cost. Plus, it provides detailed instructions throughout the entire process, and Nolo’s expert legal team continuously updates the documents according to state laws.

Nolo is one of few online will markers that also allow you to organize information that will be useful to caregivers so your family doesn’t have to, such as bank account information, passwords, and the names of people you’d like contacted in the event of illness or death.

Quicken WillMaker & Trust costs range from $99 to $209, though document storage is only available in its top-tier All Access plan. To revise documents in future years, you will need to pay to update the software to the most recent version. This product is available to U.S. citizens, except those living in Louisiana or U.S. territories.

US Legal Wills Review

Flexible memberships | 4.5 Stars

What the process looks like:

To generate a legal will, you’ll choose from several estate planning packages or build your own. One thing that stood out to our reviews team is that US Legal Wills allows you to try the service to see if making a will online is something you like. Using the online builder, you’ll provide your familial details, and the platform will build your last will and testament as you progress through the questionnaire.

Watch as your will is generated in real time, using your answers to US Legal Will’s self-guided questionnaire.

Why we like it:

In addition to its lifetime unlimited updates, US Legal Wills offers flexible membership options and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Choose bundling packages or build your own using only what you need—this is why we deem U.S. LegalWills one of the most customizable will-making services we reviewed. If you choose the Premium Will package for $90, you can also specify funeral wishes, designate access, and create messages to leave for loved ones after you die.

US Legal Wills allows you to designate one or more Keyholders. These individuals are granted access to the customer’s documents when they die or become mentally incapacitated. Keyholders are typically trusted family members or close friends, and you can make specific documents available to different Keyholders.

TotalLegal Review

Affordable legal support subscription | 4.5 Stars

What the process looks like:

TotalLegal works like other online will services, starting with a 15-step interview. Answer the questions to create a customized will that is legal in your state. This includes instructions for gifting, care for pets, heirs, executors, and disinheritance, among others. When you finish your work, you can either download the document and print it or have it mailed for an additional fee. Other legal documents work similarly.

TotalLegal’s 15-step interview is easy to navigate and uses simple language to guide you through the process of making a will.

Why we like it:

TotalLegal offers consumers online wills, living wills, financial powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney and other legal documents. You can pay individually for the documents you need or use the TotalLegal™ Plan subscription with discounted legal services.

You can draft a single will for $19.95. But if you want access to legal support and and the ability to store your documents securely, you’ll need to purchase the subscription product: TotalLegal™ Plan for $89 per year or $9.95 per month.

Do Your Own Will Review

Completely free wills | 4.5 Stars

What the process looks like:

You don’t enter a credit card number to use the software, and you don’t have to create an account. Do Your Own Will provides forms you fill in online to create legal documents. Once you finish, download the document and save it as a PDF or Word document, print and sign. You’ll need to provide your email address if you want to make changes later. Updating your documents with Do Your Own Will is free.

Step-by-step instructions, including additional explanations, are available in Do Your Own Will’s online software.

Why we like it:

Do Your Own Will is comparable to Nolo’s Quicken Willmaker except that the service is free. However, Do Your Own Will does not have trust documents and legal assistance is not available. Even without legal support, we found the builder dashboard to be intuitive and highly informative, thanks to its “explain it?” buttons for each step. 

You can also use the service to create guardianships for people and pets, living wills, bequests, funeral preferences and instructions for digital asset management. 

Do Your Own Will is available in all 50 states but requires you to research to ensure your documents meet your state’s laws. You’ll also gain instant access to your documents, with the ability to save your will as either a PDF or Word document.

Rocket Lawyer Review

Great free will template | 4.5 Stars

What the process looks like:

As you move through the questionnaire to complete your documents, Rocket Lawyer allows you to ask a lawyer for help. You’ll add your questions to the chatbox and an expert will email you an answer within one business day. 

We had to provide credit card information even for a free trial, which means that your will template is only free if you remember to cancel before your trial ends. Rocket Lawyer lets you download your documents, sign them, and invite others to sign as well.

You can get expert help from a lawyer while building your will with Rocket Lawyer.

Why we like it:

Rocket Lawyer allows you to create a downloadable will for free, but a membership unlocks document storage and the ability to make unlimited updates for seven days (you’ll incur additional fees to update outside this window). 

Rocket Lawyer has two monthly subscription models, which cost $39.99 per month or $239.88 per year, depending on the membership chosen. Your subscription includes attorney services like 30-minute consultations for new legal matters, answers to legal questions, and discounts on local attorney fees.

LegalZoom Review

Longest money-back guarantee | 4.5 Stars

What the process looks like:

Like most online will makers, you can begin making a will on your own with LegalZoom’s self-guided questionnaire. While other platforms allow you to explore its process more before providing banking information, LegalZoom only allows you to build your documents after creating an account and picking a service.

LegalZoom will customize your documents according to your state and goals.

Why we like it:

Flat-fee structures are less confusing for consumers, and LegalZoom boasts a very transparent website. Unlike its competitors, LegalZoom offers direct attorney assistance in several legal specialties at a more affordable price point (+$100). It offers two estate planning packages, a Will and a Trust option, but you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium service to get unlimited updates for a year. (LegalZoom’s competitor, Trust & Will, offers free updates for a year for every package.)

Each estate plan includes a last will or living trust, financial power of attorney, healthcare directive, and HIPAA authorization. The company also has independent attorneys available in all 50 states who can help ensure that your documents comply with your state’s laws.

Gentreo Review

Great continuous monitoring | 4.5 Stars

What the process looks like:

You can create a Gentreo account for free on the website. You only pay after you have completed one or all of your documents and you are ready to download and share them. In your dashboard, you can create estate planning documents using Gentreo’s simple questionnaire and manage family access. Gentreo’s service is unique in that the dashboard includes guidance for updating your documents as you hit certain life milestones, such as caring for a parent, navigating the death of a loved one, or completing a divorce.

In Retirement Living’s Gentreo dashboard, we could maintain our digital vault, update documents, and learn valuable estate planning tips.

Why we like it:

Gentreo members can make unlimited updates to their forms and share them with family and friends as needed. Once the will is complete, you can upload it to your family vault and choose which beneficiaries can access it. The site also offers additional estate planning documents such as a health care proxy, power of attorney, and pet trusts. 

Gentreo’s lifetime membership (renewed annually) also means that the company will check in with you each year regarding your estate. If laws in your state change, Gentreo will let you know when you need to make adjustments. 

However, it’s important to remember that Gentreo services are only available for as long as you have an account. This means you’ll lose access to the digital vault if you cancel your membership, so you’ll need to download any documents before canceling.

Additional Companies We Considered

Tomorrow, a mobile app that helps people set up digital legal wills and trusts, was acquired by life insurance provider Ethos in 2022. In addition to planning your estate via wills and trusts, you can also get life insurance quotes for comprehensive family planning.

Met Life Legal Plans, formally known as, partners with employers to offer unlimited access to a network of experienced attorneys who can help you create a will or estate.

How to Create a Trust or Will Online

Online wills and trusts are easy to use with step-by-step instructions or interviews to walk you through creating legal documents. The best online willmakers leverage a multi-step interview or questionnaire to create your documents according to your state’s laws. 

Before sitting down to make a will online, have the following information handy:

  • Marital status: You will likely name your spouse as a beneficiary and may wish to create a mirrored will if you are married.
  • Beneficiaries: Anyone other than a spouse who should receive part of your property.
  • Children: You will be able to name guardians for minor children (under age 18).
  • Executor: This is a trusted person who takes responsibility for distributing your assets to named beneficiaries.

Most of the online estate planning options we reviewed offer tech support if you have questions about the application. Others use informational tooltips you can click on to explain what each question means. 

Expert Buying Tips Online Wills and Trusts 

When creating a will or trust online, it’s important to remember the following:

  • State requirements for signing a will vary. You may need to have a witness or use a notary. The pricing listed in this guide does not include the cost of notarization.
  • If you move, find out if you need additional signatures to make your will legal in the new state.
  • Wills and trusts can be amended over time. Know the process for updating or revising your documents later, and whether there are fees associated with the change. 

Whether you use the platform’s legal support or enlist the help of your own attorney, it’s important to have your documents reviewed by an estate planning professional in your state to ensure your will is complete, accurate, and legitimate. You may also consider looping in your financial advisor when it comes to your assets.

How Much Does an Online Will or Trust Cost?

While there are free will templates you can access for quick support, most experts recommend upgrading to a paid service to ensure you create a comprehensive, legally binding document customized to your family’s needs and stored in a safe location. 

Our research indicates that the best will and trust software costs between $49 and $209 for an annual subscription, though some offer one-time bundling options starting at $199 for a will. Additional costs to consider include fees for updating your documents, whether you want to create a will for your spouse, and optional legal support.

The alternative — paying an attorney to draft a will — costs between $300 and $1,000 or more. Rates depend on the costs in your area and your level of assets. If you create the will or trust and then have an attorney look over documents for accuracy, you could still save money.

CompanyPriceUpdates FeeAttorney Support
Trust & WillWill: $199 individual; $299 couples

Trust: $499 individual; $599 couples
$19 for Will or $39 for Trust after first year+$300
US Legal Forms$39 or $59 per month
$96 or $180 annually
Nolos Quicken WillMaker & Trust$99 – $209 per year$99 – $299 after first yearN/A
US Legal WillsIndividual: $49.95 – 189.65 

Couple: $99.90 –199.95
$11.94 – $79.95, depending on length.

Unlimited updates available for $129.95
TotalLegalWill: $19.95

Living Will: $14.95

TotalLegal™ Plan: $89 per year
TotalLegal™ Plan: $89 per year (optional)+$250
Do Your Own WillFreeFreeN/A
Rocket Lawyer$39.99 per month$5 for the second month, then $39.99 per monthYes, with membership
LegalZoomWill: $199 individual; $299 couples

Trust: $499  individual; $599 couples
$39.95 after first year+$100
Gentreo$150 first year; $50 per year thereafterFreeN/A
Online Will Costs

What to Look for in the Best Online Will Makers

A will ensures your family and the state knows how you would like your property and other assets to be distributed after your death. However, creating a will is often just the first step in proper, comprehensive estate planning. 

Luckily, many online will makers offer estate planning services that allow you to legally set medical directives and manage your assets, as well as share them with family and store them securely. 

Additional Estate Planning Documents

The most important document in the estate planning process is the last will and testament (a will). You should consider additional documents that provide more comprehensive coverage, such as:

  • Living will, also known as a health care directive
  • Trusts
  • Power of attorney
  • Property management (e.g. deed transfers )
  • Certificate of trust
  • Schedule of assets
  • Bill of transfer

Unlimited Updates

Make sure you can revise your documents as needed incase your circumstances change. While some companies on this list offer unlimited updates between one week and 30 days, others allow you to make free changes for up to a year. 

The online will and trust companies that offer unlimited updates for one year or more are: 

  • Trust & Will
  • Quicken Willmaker & Trust by Nolo
  • Legal Zoom 
  • FreeWill (lifetime updates)
  • U.S. LegalWills (lifetime updates)
  • Gentreo (lifetime updates)

Expert Estate Planning Tip:

You should update your will, or at least look at it, every three to five years. However, if your finances change, you have a change in your family member status, or the people you’ve appointed are either not well or gone, it’s a good time to update the people in your documents.

Donna Stefans, Esq, AIF, founder and lead attorney at Stefans Law Group

If at any time, you are unsure about how to proceed with your estate, enlist the help of a professional specializing in estate planning law to ensure your wishes are carried out after you’re gone. 

Document Storage

With such personal information at stake, it’s important to consider how and where you’ll store your legal documents once created. Many companies are adding secure virtual storage to their list of services, which allows customers to easily sign and share documents with beneficiaries and other members of the family. 

When choosing a virtual storage base, look for companies that employ multiple layers of encryption to protect your information, such as Quicken WillMaker & Trust, US Legal Forms, and Trust & Will.

The online will and trust companies that offer document storage as long as you have an account are:

  • Trust & Will
  • US Legal Wills
  • Total Legal
  • Gentreo

Legal Support

While most online wills or trusts can created without additional assistance, you might seek additional counsel if you have a complex estate plan. Others may feel better about taking a DIY approach to estate planning if a lawyer looks over their documents. 

Several online willmakers offer access to attorneys or other forms of legal help for an additional fee. If you think you’d benefit from professional guidance, opt for a company that offers this service, in addition to document creation.

The online will and trust companies that offer some form of legal support are:

  • Trust & Will
  • US Legal Forms
  • LegalZoom
  • TotalLegal

Family Support

If you are married, you might want to create reciprocal wills, which are two separate wills that each name the other the beneficiary of the estate. Some online will and trust companies allow you to purchase “couple” or “family” plans, so you can address all needs at a more affordable price.

The online will and trust companies that allow you to create a will for more than one person under one account are:

  • Trust & Will
  • US Legal Forms
  • US Legal Wills
  • Nolo’s Quicken Willmaker
  • LegalZoom

FAQs about Online Wills and Trusts

Does a will template do the same thing as an online will?

No. Templates you use online or download may be inexpensive, but a template doesn’t use an interview to customize your document. Most templates are not tailored to state laws, which can cause problems for your heirs as they attempt to avoid probate.

Do I need to do anything for estate planning besides completing an online will or trust?

Completing a financial power of attorney and health care directive is also essential. Most of our best online wills and trusts will walk you through those documents. You can get a state-specific health care directive from any clinic or doctor in your area.

Can I skip seeing an attorney if I make an online will or trust?

It is ideal to see a lawyer for a quick consultation before delving into an online will or trust so you understand your state’s requirements. The most popular online will and trust services also recommend having a lawyer look over your completed documents. This comes with a cost, albeit less than you would pay to have a lawyer draft the will or trust.

What happens to my will if I move?

A will, trust, and any advanced directives should be executed in the state that you were domiciled in at the time of the execution. 

Donna Stefans, Esq, AIF, founder and lead attorney at Stefans Law Group PC, elaborates, “There is reciprocity between states to honor these documents. However, they should be reviewed by an attorney in the new state if you move to make sure all terms are correct based on that new state law and execution processes are done accordingly.”


Bottom line: It’s best to use an online will and trust in combination with legal advice.

Online wills and trusts can be completed to meet legal requirements. Still, you need to be sure the documents are signed and executed correctly. State laws can be challenging to understand, and online services may not show you the most strategic estate planning.

You can save time and money while conveniently creating a will or trust online. However, you should ideally consult with an attorney both before and after you work on your documents.

 CompanyExpert Review
1Trust & WillFast Document Creation
2US LegalFormsGreat Document Management
3FreeWillFree Unlimited Updates
4Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & TrustPrivate Offline Data Storage Option
5US Legal WillsGreat Flexible Memberships
6TotalLegalAffordable Legal Support Subscription
7Do Your Own WillCompletely Free Wills and Trusts
8Rocket LawyerGreat Legal Document Selection
9LegalZoomLong Money-Back Guarantee
10GentreoGreat Coaching Included
The Best Online Wills and Trusts

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