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Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & Trust

4.4 Stars
Updated: January 27, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
Sr. Content Manager
As Retirement Living’s senior content manager, Jeff oversees the product and publishing of all retirement, investing, and consumer wellness content on the site. His extensive expertise in brand messaging and creating data-driven stories helps position Retirement Living as a top authority for senior content and community resources.
Sr. Content Manager
Edited By: Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
Sr. Content Manager
As Retirement Living’s senior content manager, Jeff oversees the product and publishing of all retirement, investing, and consumer wellness content on the site. His extensive expertise in brand messaging and creating data-driven stories helps position Retirement Living as a top authority for senior content and community resources.
Sr. Content Manager

Nolo Quicken WillMaker & Trust is ideal for those who want complete control over their information. Nolo gives you the option of keeping your personal and financial data on your hard drive or an external drive. But Nolo also allows you to store your documents securely online.

Nolo Quicken WillMaker

Editorial Breakdown

Product Options 4.3 Stars
Features 4.4 Stars
Costs 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 4.4 Stars

Overall Rating 4.4 Stars

Bottom Line

Quicken WillMaker & Trust by Nolo is a comprehensive, affordable online will-making option that stands out among competitors.

Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & Trust Review

Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & Trust is a comprehensive tool to help you plan your estate and set up your will, trust, power of attorney, and more. The software takes you through the process step by step with clear explanations for each question. Choose from three versions of Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & Trust: Starter, Plus, and All Access.

Until recently, Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker was available only as downloadable software. Though this allows users to keep information on their own hard drive, the download process was a challenge for many users. Now, in its 2023 version, Nolo offers an online application. You can download your documents the traditional way or complete everything using the secure online platform. WillMaker Plus and All-Access customers have access to both platforms.

DIY estate planning is a lot more affordable than hiring an attorney. Still, it is important to consult with an expert to ensure that your documents are complete, state compliant, and tailored to your needs, regardless of whether you choose Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker or another service.

Keep in mind that Nolo’s documents are not valid in Louisiana, US Territories (U.S.), or Canada.


  • Access to numerous additional products and resources with purchase
  • Unlimited revisions for one year
  • Ability to share your estate plan with family and financial advisors
  • Option to create multiple wills under one purchase plan


  • Estate planning documents are not valid in Louisiana, U.S. Territories, or Canada
  • Secure storage only available in the top-tier plan

Policy for Updating Your Will

Trust & Will Quiz

After purchasing the plan, WillMaker customers can update their documents at no charge for one year. This means you can add new assets to your will, change beneficiaries, or make other necessary changes during that one-year period.

System Required to Use Services

Previously, WillMaker’s services were only available as downloadable software. The most recent 2023 version allows you to choose between downloading and installing the software or working within its secure online platform (just like a tax software program).

The company recommends that you use the app on your phone or a laptop. You’ll need these system requirements to use the software on a computer:

  • 1 GHz or higher computer
  • Windows 8.1/10 or macOS 10.13 and higher operating systems
  • Minimum 2GB of memory
  • 54 MB free space on hard disk; for Windows up to 1.5 GB if .NET is not installed
  • PDF Viewer
  • Internet connection to receive legal and technical updates

Quicken WillMaker Costs

To access both will and living trust documents, you must purchase the Plus plan for $139 per year. The All Access includes one free year of Everplans’ premium protection and sharing services plus all the paperwork you need for a comprehensive estate plan.

Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & Trust Subscription Plans
Products Starter ($99) Plus ($139) All Access ($209)
Healthcare Directives
Final Arrangements
Durable Power of Attorney
Letters to Survivors
Living Trust
Transfer on Death Deed
PC/Mac Download
Everplans (1 year)
Secure document organization
Share with trusted advisors

Additional Products Included with Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker

The 2023 version of Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & Trust includes two eBooks:

  • Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & Trust 2023
  • Special Needs Trusts: Protect your child’s financial future

The service also includes over 35 vital documents for proper estate planning, such as executor, home and family, and personal finance documents.

In addition to the complimentary eBooks, Nolo has an extensive library of legal articles you can access for free. Use it to find answers to common legal and business questions. For especially complex or intimidating aspects of estate planning, Nolo has a matching tool to connect you with local attorneys, though prices and fees aren’t advertised.

Nolo Complaints

The Quicken WillMaker & Trust by Nolo does not have a dedicated Better Business Bureau profile, but Nolo does. The BBB gives them an A+ rating for reputation, service, and reliability, but the reviews skew negative. Those negative reviews, however, are unrelated to the WillMaker software.

The Quicken WillMaker by Nolo website hosts verified reviews from 80+ customers, all of whom are pleased with the service and appreciate that the thorough questions help them quickly generate a detailed will.

Some find the software a little confusing to navigate, though we suspect a lot of those issues are resolved in the latest service version. Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker provides access to more estate planning options than some other services, so weigh your options when comparing online will makers.

Quicken WillMaker & Trust by Nolo FAQs

  • Are online wills legal?

    As long as your will complies with your state laws, an online will is just as “legal” as one created by an attorney. Online will companies hire licensed attorneys and legal professionals to ensure that the estate planning documents meet legal requirements and are legally binding.

    You might need to complete extra steps to finalize your will in certain states, such as signing it in front of two witnesses or notarizing it. Consult with an attorney or visit your state’s judicial website to determine the requirements that you must meet.

  • Do I have to notarize my will?

    Unless you live in Louisiana, a will doesn’t have to be notarized to be valid—as long as it meets the will requirements outlined by your state. In most states, you can add a “self-proving affidavit” to your will, which must be signed by two witnesses and notarized. This affidavit confirms that:

    • You are who you say you are
    • The will belongs to you
    • You are of sound mind and not under pressure when you signed it
  • What kind of legal documents can I make with Nolo?

    In addition to a will, you can write a healthcare directive or a living trust to distribute your assets. You can also designate a power of attorney, detail your final arrangements, and organize your information so caregivers have details for things like bank accounts, passwords, and the names of people you’d like contacted in the event of your illness or death.

  • Is Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker legitimate?

    Nolo, the company that powers the will software, is a leading online willmaker with more than 50 years in the business and 1.7 million products sold. With its network of 30,000 local attorneys, Nolo allows you to connect with a professional for complex legal matters. Also, the company regularly updates the documents as laws change, and this allows you to access the most up-to-date paperwork.

  • Do I have to purchase another software package to write a will for my spouse?

    No, you can create several different wills for family members using the software.


Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & Trust is an affordable option for online will services that offers more planning documents than its competitors. While the company provides several educational resources to help with estate planning, you’ll need to enlist the help of an attorney or other expert for answers to more complex questions.

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