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Latest update: March 1, 2023

State Income Tax5.25%
Median Home Price$237,800
City Sales Tax7.25%

Charlotte, NC is the most populous city in North Carolina and is the sixteenth most populous city in the United States.

Find a financial advisor in Charlotte, NC

Just over 3,000 financial advisors work in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tracking down the right firm can take more time than most people want to spend. We rounded up the best Charlotte financial advisors by considering customer reviews, certifications, SEC filings and asset requirements.

SmartAsset Financial Advisors

  • Advisors Near You
  • No-Fee Options

SmartAsset's award-winning resources help millions of people manage money and get matched with up to three financial advisors. The website provides free, detailed money management advice, personalized financial calculators and financial product comparisons. SmartAsset charges nothing to help you find a financial advisor to answer your questions and create a plan, whether you need a budget or wealth management.

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Datalign Advisory

  • In-person and remote financial advisors nationwide
  • 20 questions entry form

Connect with a licensed and fully-vetted financial advisor based on your unique situation, such as income level, required services, time to retirement, and previous experience working with financial advisors. It’s free to match with and interview a pro on the platform. All advisors in the Datalign network are fiduciaries.

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  • Free matching and initial consultation
  • Pre-screened FINRA/SEC registered advisors

WiserAdvisor is a matching tool that helps connect you to local, high-quality registered financial advisors. The website pairs you with up to three pre-screened advisors—from fortune 500 companies and small independent firms—and then allows you to interview them before selecting the right professional for you. It's free to match and interview on the secure and private platform. WiserAdvisor’s website also has a blog that offers timely investment advice and financial calculators that you can leverage in your money management journey.

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Linden Thomas and Company logo

Linden Thomas and Company

  • Assets Managed: $676.5 million
  • Minimum Assets: $400,000

Linden Thomas and Company provides clients with an efficient path to accumulating and retaining wealth. Financial advisors create and implement tailored strategies to meet each client’s unique financial goals. The firm works with high net worth individuals with $1 million to $100 million in assets.

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Carroll Financial logo

Carroll Financial

  • Assets Managed: $2.46 billion
  • Minimum Assets: Varies

Carroll Financial believes clients always come first with fair, ethical and respectful treatment. The firm offers financial advisory services with top-notch client communications at a reasonable price. Carroll Financial specializes in wealth and investment management, eldercare and long-term financial planning.

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Novare Capital Management logo

Novare Capital Management

  • Assets Managed: $979 million
  • Minimum Assets: $500,000

Novare Capital Management provides customized investment and wealth management solutions. Each portfolio developed and managed considers the client’s unique circumstances, risk tolerance and long-term goals. Novare Capital Management uses a detailed investment process to preserve, protect and grow assets.

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Worth Advisors logo

Worth Advisors

  • Assets Managed: $68.5 million
  • Minimum Assets: $100,000

Worth Advisors financial professionals deliver customized planning and money management solutions. The firm is a Registered Investment Advisor and acts as a fiduciary to provide unbiased advice. Financial advisors at Worth Advisors use a process to ensure they make each decision and recommendation solely in the best interests of the client.

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Northstar Capital Advisors logo

Northstar Capital Advisors

  • Assets Managed: $10.5 million
  • Minimum Assets: N/A

The financial advisors at Northstar Capital Advisors each hold a Ph.D. and provide distinctive, comprehensive financial planning and investment management services designed in-house. The firm provides unbiased, objective advice based on each individual’s situation. Northstar Capital Advisors benefit from investment behavior counseling.

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Modera Wealth Management logo

Modera Wealth Management

  • Assets Managed: $152.9 million
  • Minimum Assets: Varies

The financial advisors at Modera Wealth Management provide a complete financial plan to create the best foundation for client relationships. All financial plans get tested across a variety of scenarios to ensure portfolios can weather an economic turndown. Modera Wealth Management integrates a focused financial plan with long-range investment planning.

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Financial Advisor Reviews Charlotte, NC

Linden Thomas and Company

The team at Linden Thomas and Company is composed of financial planners, portfolio managers, analysts, fixed income and equity traders and retirement experts. These individuals have over 100 years of combined experience working with financial planning and wealth management.

Linden Thomas and Company works with high net worth individuals with portfolio values from $1 million to $100 million. In general, the firm services clients who are successful professionals who accumulated wealth over time or acquired it from a sale of a business. Clients benefit from the expertise of Linden Thomas and Company financial professionals before and during retirement.

After financial planners determine a client’s goals, the firm creates an asset allocation for the portfolio to meet those goals. The best private wealth managers work with Linden Thomas and Company clients to deliver excellent investment performance. Financial advisors monitor the asset allocation to ensure it stays balanced. Advisors meet with clients to occasionally review changes in the client’s goals and to counsel them against reacting to market changes.

Clients negotiate fees with Linden Thomas advisors. The firm bases investment management and advisory services on a percentage of managed assets. Clients pay a flat fee for financial advisory services, although the firm does not publish the rates. There’s a minimum $1,000 charge for retirement planning.

Linden Thomas and Company
Assets Managed $676.5 Million
Minimum Assets $400,000
Number of Advisors 4
Fee Structure Fee-Based
Address 516 N Tryon Str Charlotte, NC 28202

Carroll Financial

Carroll Financial employs 26 Certified Financial Planners who strictly follow the financial planning process defined by the CFP Board of Standards. Each advisor has access to all resources within the firm and may work together on a personal advisory team. Carroll Financial takes care to communicate well with clients, providing conscientious investment management.

Along with typical financial planning options like retirement, life transition or college planning, Carroll Financial also offers elder care planning. This service assists adult children and aging parents with all financial matters. This service involves planning for health care costs, drafting a power of attorney and helping parents make the most of their financial resources.

Carroll Financial investment planners keep client investments as simple as possible. This philosophy helps clients understand their financial and investment plans. Before selecting any securities, financial advisors work with clients to discover their risk tolerance, which guides investment selection. Finally, assets are managed with attention to generating income, diversifying the portfolio and making intelligent buying and selling decisions.

Minimum asset requirements at Carroll Financial vary by the type of account. Minimums are reasonable, with most accounts requiring at least $25,000 and ranging from $5,000 to $100,000. Investment management fees are a percentage of client assets. The firm provides financial planning and consulting for a flat or hourly fee, but does not list these rates.

Carroll Financial
Assets Managed $2.46 Billion
Minimum Assets Varies
Number of Advisors 38
Fee Structure Fee-Based
Address 4201 Congress Str Suite 210 Charlotte, NC 28209

Novare Capital Management

Novare Capital Management provides wealth and investment management services. The firm is ideal for those who prefer more attention to investment management. Wealth management services start with developing a sound financial plan to preserve and grow assets. Financial planning services including planning for retirement, charitable giving, education and estate planning.

Novare Capital Management knows there is no “one size fits all” investment solution. Each client’s investment plan is thorough and complete with attention to reducing taxes. In addition to fixed income and equities investing, the firm offers a concentrated energy portfolio designed to generate high revenue with potential capital appreciation. Novare Capital Management can introduce clients to alternative investments for diversification purposes.

Novare offers access to Schwab Pledged Asset Line, a revolving line of credit secured by assets in the clients’ portfolio. The firm also provides an automated investment program from Schwab.

Novare Capital Management charges a percentage of the client’s managed assets for investment management services. Rates are reasonable compared to other firms in the area. The firm publishes no separate fees for financial planning.

Novare Capital Management
Assets Managed $979 Million
Minimum Assets $500,000
Number of Advisors 13
Fee Structure Fee-Only
Address 521 East Morehead Str Suite 510 Charlotte, NC 28202

Worth Advisors

The professional fiduciary team at Worth Advisors works directly with clients to create customized financial plans. These plans are the foundation for building and preserving wealth for the client and their heirs. Worth Advisors primarily provides investment advice to college coaches, high net worth individuals, businesses and charitable organizations.

Worth offers standard financial advisory services, and the firm’s CoachNetWorth Platform is designed exclusively for college coaches. This program assists coaches with investments, maximizing income, debt reduction, preparing tax returns, insurance needs and more. CoachNetWorth provides bookkeeping services, as well.

Worth Family Office offers help with investment stewardship, family governance, accounting, financial reporting and more. This program provides Family Office clients with a lifestyle concierge.

Other services include tax and retirement planning, investment management, risk management and discounted LifeLock identity theft protection.

Worth Advisors financial planning and consulting fees are either $350 per hour or a flat $1,000 to $60,000 fee. Clients meet with advisors for an annual review of their plan. The firm charges $300 to $1,200 if a client’s financial plan needs fine-tuning after the annual meeting. Investment planning fees are based on a percentage of managed assets.

Worth Advisors
Assets Managed $68.5 Million
Minimum Assets $100,000
Number of Advisors 4
Fee Structure Fee-Based
Address 5605 77 Center Dr Suite 101 Charlotte NC 28217

Northstar Capital Advisors LLC

Three Ph.D. astrophysicists who changed to a finance career created NorthStar Capital Advisors. Advisors at the firm use academic investing principles and behavior management to help families make sound financial decisions. Financial planning at NorthStar is life-centered with behavioral investment counseling.

Life-centered financial plans at Northstar combine the client’s expected life transitions and goals. The financial advisors examine each client’s current finances, challenges and opportunities related to the goals. From there, the advisor develops a financial plan and assists the client in implementing the plan.

Investment management starts with a written investment policy statement tailored to the client’s needs. Most NorthStar Capital clients are working on a multi-decade or multi-generational plan for education costs, retirement income and legacy planning. The financial advisors look past current economic events to align client portfolios with long-term goals.

NorthStar Capital Advisors charges an initial engagement fee for creating comprehensive financial plans for new clients. The cost is $190 per hour, and financial plan development takes between 10 and 20 hours to complete. Clients receive an upfront estimate. Monthly retainers are around $190. Investment management fees are based on a percentage of assets under management.

Northstar Capital Advisors LLC
Assets Managed $10.5 Million
Minimum Assets N/A
Number of Advisors 3
Fee Structure Fee-Only
Address 521 East Blvd Charlotte, NC 28203

Modera Wealth Management

Modera Wealth Management is an advisory firm that recently merged with Keatley Wealth Management. This fiduciary relationship ensures absolutely no conflict of interest regarding what is best for the client. Modera financial advisors are not tied to any particular investments, so clients have a broad range of selections for their portfolio.

Modera advisors provide financial planning to individuals and families at the level required for effective financial planning. Some clients benefit from general planning, while others need focused planning on one or two financial topics. Advisors discuss cash flow, debt management, future college and retirement expenses, taxes, investments and more.

Modera Wealth Management utilizes buy-and-hold strategies with tax efficiency and broad diversification. Advisors monitor portfolios to maintain the asset allocation balance and use tax-loss harvesting when appropriate. Each portfolio gets measured for performance compared to market indices to be sure performance aligns with the individual client’s goals.

The minimum asset requirement at Modera Wealth Management is typically $1 million. If the firm accepts a lower-value portfolio, clients pay a minimum of $10,000 annually. Otherwise, fees are calculated based on a percentage of assets.

Modera Wealth Management
Assets Managed $152.9 Million
Minimum Assets Varies
Number of Advisors 4
Fee Structure Fee-Only
Address 7615 Colony Road Suite 120 Charlotte, NC 28226


We researched the best advisors in the Charlotte, NC, with options for all situations and compiled our list to include all the criteria crucial when making a decision. We’ve included professionals that serve clients of all asset levels.

When searching for a financial advisor it is important to do your research. We recommend you speak with three or more financial advisors to ensure you have explored all available options.

Charlotte, NC Financial Advisors
Company Assets Managed Minimum Assets Fee Structure
Linden Thomas and Company $676.5 Million $400,000 Fee-Based
Carroll Financial $2.46 Billion Varies Fee-Based
Novare Capital Management $979 Million $500,000 Fee-Only
Worth Advisors $68.5 Million $100,000 Fee-Based
Northstar Capital Advisors LLC $10.5 Million N/A Fee-Only
Modera Wealth Management $152.9 Million Varies Fee-Only

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