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LifeLock Identity Theft Protection offers proactive services to help keep you safe from criminals who want to steal your sensitive personal information. The company’s goal is to detect warning signs before the compromise of your data occurs.

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Protecting your identity from cyber criminals is one of the most important things you can do an increasingly online world. LifeLock’s three plans offer different levels of protection so you can choose one that fits your personal preference.

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According to the 2017 Identity Fraud Study by Javelin Strategy & Research, approximately 15 million people became victims of identity theft in 2016. That means one in every 16 adults in the United States was affected by identity theft, with incidences rising an alarming 16 percent since the previous year. Consumers are more at risk than ever of having their identity stolen, and a stolen identity can cost you far more than time and money. During the time it takes to recover your information and financial accounts, your credit, your job, your emotional well-being, and every aspect of your life may be impacted.

Based in Arizona and founded in 2005, LifeLock offers three reasonably-priced protection plans with a broad range of identity protection tools and strategies to guard your personal information. If you become a victim of fraud or identity theft, LifeLock will work to clear your name, restore your identity, and replace stolen funds.

LifeLock identity theft service monitors and alerts you to potential threats. Each plan includes social security number and credit monitoring, reimbursement for stolen funds up to the plan-specified amount, and security software for up to five PCs, Macs, and Android devices.

LifeLock is one of our top picks for the best identity theft protection companies, and they give customers access to free educational materials, articles, and protection guides. They also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. While LifeLock has an array of benefits, what surpasses the competition is its Million Dollar Protection Package to cover legal costs and other expenses to help you recover a compromised identity.

Great for cybersecurity support

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4.8 Stars

Aura Identity Theft Protection

  • Plans can include members of different households
  • Investment account monitoring

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  • 24/7 live support
  • Million Dollar Protection Package
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • Stolen Funds Replacement


  • No free trial option
  • Pricey/limited family options

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection Plans

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LifeLock offers three membership plans. Once enrolled, LifeLock will begin to look for threats to your identity and will quickly let you know about any suspicious activity. You can choose to be alerted by phone, email, or text. Each plan includes social security number and credit monitoring, reimbursement for stolen funds up to the amount provided by the plan you choose, and the newly added Norton Security Online software. Norton Security Online software protects against viruses, spyware, malware, and other cyber-criminal threats for up to five PCs, Macs, and Android devices.

If you become a victim of identity theft, LifeLock will work to restore your name, reimburse stolen funds, and cover legal fees and other remediation services. United States-based specialists provide LifeLock’s restoration services.

  • Standard Membership Plan: This plan includes credit monitoring from one credit bureau, social security number and credit alerts, Norton Security Online protection for up to five devices, lost wallet protection, address change verification, and dark web monitoring. Standard members receive up to $25,000 in stolen funds reimbursement and personal expense compensation and up to $1 million in coverage for legal fees and other remediation services. Cost: $9.99 per month or $109.89 for the first year.

  • Advantage Membership Plan: Includes all the services of the Standard plan plus bank and credit card activity alerts, crime committed in your name alerts, data breach notifications, fictitious identity monitoring, and an annual credit report and credit score from one bureau. Advantage members receive coverage of up to $100,000 in stolen funds reimbursement and personal expense compensation, as well as the $1 Million in coverage for legal fees and other remediation services.

  • Ultimate Plus Membership Plan: This plan includes all the services of the Advantage plan with many extras. Ultimate Plus gives you annual credit reports and credit scores from all three credit reporting bureaus, monthly credit score tracking from one bureau, 401(k) and investment activity alerts, bank account takeover and new account alerts, file-sharing network alerts, sex-offender registry reports, and priority live member support. Ultimate Plus members receive coverage up to $1 million in stolen funds reimbursement and personal expense compensation, as well as the $1 million in coverage for legal fees and other remediation services. Cost: $29.99 per month or $329.89 for the first year.

LifeLock does not offer a family plan but allows current members to add children under 18 with a Junior Membership plan for an additional $5.99 per child a month or $65.99 for the first year. Likewise, LifeLock members can protect their parents (age 55 and older) for an additional $19.99 a month with a Senior Membership.

LifeLock membership plans come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Plans renew automatically, but you can cancel at any time.

LifeLock Prices And Features

Insurance Protection StandardAdvantage Unlimited Plus 
Cost$9.99 Per Month$19.99 Per Month$29.99 Per Month
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Insurance Protection StandardAdvantage Unlimited Plus 
Stolen Funds ReimbursedUp to $25,000Up to $100,000Up to $1 million
Personal Expense PaybackUp to $25,000Up to $100,000Up to $1 million
Coverage for Lawyers and ExpertsUp to $25,000Up to $100,000Up to $1 million
Compare LifeLock Membership Plan – Insurance
Plan Features StandardAdvantage Unlimited Plus 
U.S.-Based Restoration Specialists
Reduce Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers ✔
Lost Wallet Protection ✔ ✔
Reduce Personal Information Exposure
LifeLock Identity Alert System4 types of alerts7 types of alerts12 types of alerts
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Credit Service and Reports Standard Advantage Unlimited Plus
Credit Monitoring1 Bureau1 Bureau3 Bureaus
Annual Credit Report and Score 1 Bureau3 Bureaus
Monthly Credit Score Tracking  1 Bureau
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How To Enroll In LifeLock Identity Theft Protection

To join in one of LifeLock’s identity theft protection plans, you can apply online by selecting your preferred membership level and submitting your details and payment information. You will be asked to download and install Norton Security on up to five devices and LifeLock’s free app for receiving alerts and notifications directly to your mobile device. You may prefer to call LifeLock at the number listed on their website.

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection Complaints

LifeLock reports a current enrollment of 4.4 million active members in their identity theft protection programs. The company has worked hard to enhance and improve its services in recent years. In 2016 LifeLock was named to the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) Honor Roll for its leadership in security, privacy, and consumer protection.

ConsumerAffairs gives LifeLock an overall satisfaction rating of just under four out of five stars based on 587 ratings in the last year. Positive reviews far outweigh the negative ones with many consumers reporting their happiness with LifeLock’s responsiveness and their relief from getting alerts about potential data breaches and fraud attempt notices. Customers enthusiastically report outstanding service experiences and satisfactory resolutions to their identity theft problems.

Most complaints about LifeLock are from people dissatisfied with the customer service, particularly not receiving a call back when a message was left. LifeLock does, however, respond to most negative reviews online to follow up with consumers and offer assistance.

LifeLock Screenshot
LifeLock Screenshot. Source: LifeLock Homepage

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection Q&A

  • What is identity theft?
    Identity theft is a federal crime in which someone accesses and steals your personal information (name, address, social security number, phone number, credit card number, bank account number, email address, password, etc.), to commit fraud. Identity thieves use stolen credentials to open accounts, pay bills, make unauthorized purchases, file fake tax returns, rent or buy property, and engage in many other criminal activities under a false name. The most common types of identity theft today happen through employment or tax fraud, credit card fraud, new account fraud, bank fraud, phone or utility fraud, loan or lease fraud, and government documents or benefits fraud.

  • What are the warning signs that I might be a victim of identity theft?
    If you think you might be a victim of identity theft, look for these warning signs: you notice bank account withdrawals that you did not make; you are not getting your mail or bills; you are receiving collections calls about debts you did not incur; you see charges on your credit cards or credit report that you did not make; you receive medical bills for services you did not have; you are denied health coverage for a condition you do not have; the IRS notifies you that more than one tax return was filed in your name.

  • Can I trust LifeLock?
    LifeLock proactively performs dark web surveillance and alerts its members to threats it detects, a service most consumers cannot find anywhere for free. LifeLock’s promise to reimburse customers for expenses and losses is another benefit.

  • How do I know my information is secure with LifeLock?
    LifeLock uses a security program that includes industry-standard encryption, active monitoring and response to potential attacks, pro-active assessments to discover and correct system vulnerabilities and physical security mechanisms. The company also maintains the highest level of PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance.

  • What kind of personal expenses does LifeLock reimburse?
    LifeLock will reimburse members for certain out-of-pocket expenses in the following categories:

    • Document replacement (driver’s licenses, passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.)

    • Travel expenses and travel assistance

    • Lost income

    • Stolen wallet, handbag, or purse

    • Childcare and elder care

    • Arrest-related expenses

    • Fraudulent withdrawals up to plan limit

    • Stolen cash up to $500

    • Legal costs

    • Remediation and case management services

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With identity fraud reaching an all-time high, LifeLock has adapted and improved its services to accommodate the ever-increasing threats and to provide proactive protection for its customers. If Lifelock’s services fail and you become a victim of identity theft, the company promises to fix the problem.

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1 Star

April 24 2020 5:31AM

Spoke to a three different representative three different times; two took all of my information then one time the screen went blank then second time we were disconnected!! Spoke to Louie, Peggy & Laquisch with no completion of enrollment. It was a totally frustrating & annoying experience. If you’re not unable to enroll customers then how do you expect to provide our security?!?

Ellen M.
Pittsburgh, PA
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