Best Meal Delivery Services for Seniors (Reviewed in 2024)


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After reviewing, testing, and cooking with 11 meal delivery services, we identified the eight best options for older adults. These meal delivery services prioritize nutrition, affordability, and selection.

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  • Great for Organic Meals
  • Breakfast and lunch options
  • Sustainable packaging

Green Chef is a certified organic meal kit company offering eight meal plans that include high protein, low carb, gluten-free, keto, vegan, and vegetarian options. A broad range of serving sizes. 50+ weekly options, plus add-ons available through the Green Market.


  • Great for Gourmet Prepared Meals
  • Non-GMO meals delivered fresh, not frozen
  • No cooking necessary

Factor is perfect for seniors who don’t want to cook. The meal service offers a rotating weekly menu of 35 chef-crafted dishes, and you can add items like smoothies, shakes, and desserts. However, the meals are only single-serving, so this service would work best if you cook for one.

Blue Apron
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  • Great for New-Customer Discounts
  • Stop and start whenever you need
  • 70+ weekly options

Blue Apron may not have a senior-specific program, but its current discount available to seniors is good enough to warrant consideration. You’ll receive fresh ingredients through Blue Apron, but you’ll have to cook the meals yourself.

Home Chef

Home Chef

  • Great for Seniors Who Cook
  • Fast meal options
  • Calorie- and carb-conscious meals

Home Chef is great for everyone: If you want fresh ingredients to cook on your own, you can order them, but the company also offers meals that just need to be heated in the oven, on the grill, or in the microwave. Meals catering to dietary restrictions are limited.



  • Great Sustainable Practices
  • $7.49 per meal starting price
  • Options for vegetarians and pescetarians

HelloFresh is one of the most popular meal delivery services. Though there isn’t a specific program for seniors, HelloFresh is currently running a promotion for new senior customers that includes free meals and shipping. Plus, HelloFresh is the most sustainable option on our list, for seniors with environmental concerns.

Silver Cuisine by Bistro MD

Silver Cuisine by Bistro MD

  • Great for Specific Dietary Needs
  • Snack and dessert options
  • Caters to diverse set of dietary needs

Silver Cuisine is ideal for seniors with a wide range of health conditions; meals run the gamut from gluten-free to diabetic friendly. You also don’t have to conform to a specific number of meals a week—just order what you want, when you want it.

Mom’s Meals

Mom’s Meals

  • Great for Medicare Advantage Members
  • Compatible with Medicaid and Medicare Advantage
  • Caters to diverse set of dietary needs

Seniors who have meal delivery benefits as part of Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, or the Older American Act should consider Mom’s Meals. Even if you don’t qualify, you can self-pay for meals, which are designed for a wide range of health conditions.

Chefs for Seniors

Chefs for Seniors

  • Great for Personal Chef Services
  • Customized meals made in your kitchen
  • Consultation with your doctor or dietician

Chef’s for Seniors is a great alternative to traditional meal delivery services. Though more expensive, it’s designed with seniors’ needs in mind. A personal chef comes to your home once or twice a week to prepare meals that meet your dietary needs; then you just heat them up when you’re ready to eat.

Proper nutrition is important at every age, but seniors especially need balanced meals that also cater to specific health conditions as they age. Unfortunately, 10 million American seniors go hungry every day, according to Meals on Wheels, and many seniors who want to continue living independently struggle with purchasing groceries and cooking meals on their own.

That’s where meal delivery services come in. The best meal delivery services for seniors offer a mix of menus designed for the health needs of aging customers—and are offered at a price that older adults can fit into their fixed retirement budget.

Below, we’ll explore our top picks for meal delivery services for seniors.

Top Meal Delivery Services for Seniors, According to Our Tests

Retirement Living tested several meal delivery services for one week to create our best-of list. We signed up for the service, cooked three meals, and reported our findings below. We also consulted with dieticians, nutritionists, and company representatives to determine the factors that are most important for seniors in need of supportive mealtime solutions.

The meal delivery services featured are top-ranked for healthiness, meal variety, cost, and ease of use.

Green Chef

Great for Organic Meals

Ingredients arrive packaged in brown paper bags, one per meal.
Ingredients arrive packaged in brown paper bags, one per meal. Source: Retirement Living.
  • Meal cost: Starting at $11.99 per serving
  • Shipping cost: $10.99
  • Meal type: Fresh ingredients, ready to cook
  • Meal offerings: Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, keto, high-protein, low-carb, Mediterranean
  • Meals per week: Up to 4
  • Tailored for seniors: No

One of the only certified organic meal kit companies, Green Chef recipes feature nutritionist-approved meals with organic produce and quality proteins sourced from regional farmers. For seniors who don’t mind paying a slightly higher price for healthy mealtime options, its two-person meal plans are a great solution. 

Green Chef caters to a variety of dietary preferences, like vegan, gluten-free, low-carb, and keto. And new customers can score a competitive discount that includes a free 1:1 coaching session with a registered dietitian.

While we found the recipe cards to be a little confusing during our test, Retirement Living was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the ingredients and the bold, robust flavors of each meal.

Read our full Green Chef review to learn more about our editor’s experience testing the service.

Blue Apron

Great for New-Customer Discounts

  • Meal cost: Starting at $7.99 per serving
  • Shipping cost: $10.99
  • Meal type: Fresh ingredients, ready to cook
  • Meal offerings: Chef’s top picks; nutritionist-approved; family-friendly; fast and easy; plant-based
  • Meals per week: 2 to 5 (with 2 or 4 servings per meal)
  • Tailored for seniors: No

While Blue Apron does not offer senior-specific meal delivery options, new senior customers (55+) are eligible for $110 off their first order and free shipping. Prices start at $7.99 per serving, but meals and shipping costs can vary depending on what (and how much) you order.

Retirement Living’s editor spent a week testing Blue Apron and was pleasantly surprised with the taste of the meals and the quality of the service. Blue Apron has an extensive option of meals (70+ weekly options), with plant-based options available. As of now, Blue Apron does not cater to other specific diets, like keto, gluten-free, or dairy-free, but you can customize your meals to some degree. For instance, if you have grandkids coming over for a visit, you can choose the family-friendly meal offerings, which are designed for picky eaters.

You can start, stop, and pause the Blue Apron service as needed. At most, seniors can order 20 servings per week (up to five unique meals).

To learn more about our week-long experiment with the company, read our full Blue Apron review.

Home Chef

Great for Seniors Who Cook

  • Meal cost: Starting at $7.99 per serving
  • Shipping cost: $10.99
  • Meal types: Fresh ingredients, ready to cook; oven-, grill-, and microwave-ready meals
  • Meal offerings: Calorie-conscious; cook in under 30 minutes; carb-conscious; vegetarian
  • Meals per week: 2 to 6 (with 2, 4, or 6 servings per meal)
  • Tailored for seniors: No

Home Chef offers a decent amount of customization in terms of the number of meals per week (and servings per meal), with up to 36 servings sent each week. The amount of menu items, however, is lower than competitor Blue Apron (you can choose from more than 30 meals and 18 “extras”).

Customers can order fresh ingredients with easy-to-follow recipes, some of which can be ready in fewer than 30 minutes. You can also choose from calorie- and carb-conscious diets. Seniors who can no longer stand in the kitchen and prepare food can order meals that you just pop in the oven, on the grill, or in the microwave — no cooking necessary.

As with Blue Apron, you can start and stop your Home Chef deliveries at any time. Meals are delivered right to your door and are insulated so the ingredients stay fresh, even if you aren’t there when they’re delivered.

Home Chef screenshot


Great Sustainable Practices

  • Meal cost: Starting at $7.49 per serving
  • Shipping cost: $10.99
  • Meal type: Fresh ingredients, ready to cook
  • Meal offerings: Meat and veggies; vegetarian; family-friendly; fit and wholesome; quick and easy; pescetarian
  • Meals per week: 2 to 6 (with 2 or 4 servings per meal)
  • Tailored for seniors: No

While HelloFresh doesn’t have specific meals catered to older Americans, the company is currently running a promotion for seniors: 16 free meals, first box shipped free, and a free breakfast item for life, when you start a new subscription plan.

Seniors can choose from a variety of diets, including vegetarian and pescetarian, and get up to 24 servings a week (six unique meals with four servings each). HelloFresh is among the most positively reviewed meal delivery services for seniors (and all other age groups), but keep in mind that it is meal kit only—you’ll have to do the cooking yourself.

While HelloFresh doesn’t cater to all dietary restrictions, you can choose vegetarian and pescetarian meal plans. Meals start half a dollar less than competitors like Blue Apron and Home Chef, and food is delivered in recyclable (and compostable) boxes. From ingredient sourcing to packaging to powering its facilities, HelloFresh is committed to sustainability.

HelloFresh screenshot

Silver Cuisine by bistroMD

Great for Specific Dietary Needs

  • Meal cost: Varies by meal
  • Shipping cost: $19.95; free on orders of $99+
  • Meal type: Prepared, ready to be heated up
  • Meals per week: As many or as few as you’d like
  • Tailored for seniors: Yes

Like Chefs for Seniors, Silver Cuisine by bistroMD is designed specifically for seniors, with meals that consider the nutritional needs of people 50+. In addition to traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner fare, Silver Cuisine offers snacks and desserts.

Silver Cuisine offers a lot more customization for seniors than other meal delivery services. For instance, specialty diet options include heart healthy, gluten-free, diabetic friendly, low sodium, low carb, menopause, dairy-free, Mediterranean, and vegetarian.

Silver Cuisine by bistroMD offers a wide selection (150 entrees) of doctor-designed, chef-prepared meals. There’s no minimum amount you have to order and no weekly schedule to follow. Just choose the meals you want and when, and Silver Cuisine takes care of the rest.

The cheapest meal available at the time of publication is a Chicken Egg Roll Bowl with Cauliflower Fried Rice, for $6.29. AARP members get discounted meals.

Silver Cuisine by bistroMD screenshot

Mom’s Meals

Great for Medicare Advantage Members

  • Meal cost: $7.99 per serving for self-pay
  • Shipping cost: $14.95
  • Meal type: Prepared, ready to be heated up
  • Meal offerings: General wellness; diabetes friendly; vegetarian; low sodium; renal friendly; pureed; heart friendly; gluten-free; cancer support
  • Meals per week: As many or as few as you’d like
  • Tailored for seniors: Yes

Mom’s Meals is designed specifically for customers 65 and over. Medicare Advantage customers, as well as those on Medicaid, with home-delivered meal benefits can qualify, as can seniors who are part of an Older American Act program. Even seniors who don’t have meal delivery benefits can choose a self-pay option, with each meal priced at $7.99. Specialty meals, like gluten-free, may cost more.

Mom’s Meals gives customers the ultimate customization: You choose each and every meal, which are tailored to various health conditions. Among the specialty diets offered are general wellness, diabetes friendly, vegetarian, low sodium, renal friendly, pureed, heart friendly, gluten-free, and cancer support (high in protein and calories to combat weight loss). Meals are refrigerated or frozen, meaning all you have to do is heat it up and enjoy.

Several licensed dietitians we spoke to recommended Mom’s Meals for its ability to cater to seniors with varying health conditions and dietary restrictions. 

Registered dietitian and owner of ModeratelyMessyRD, Alex Evink, MS, RD, says, “Mom’s Meals is a registered-dietitian-designed meal service. If an older adult has a medical condition, like diabetes or heart disease, there are meal options that take into account these conditions and even offer texture modifications—like pureed diet options. This can be very important if someone has difficulty chewing or swallowing.”

Moms Meals screenshot

Chefs for Seniors

Great Personal Chef Services

  • Meal cost: Varies by region and need
  • Shipping cost: N/A
  • Meal type: Prepared by personal chef, ready to be heated up later
  • Meal offerings: Renal/kidney; keto/paleo; low sodium; diabetic; gluten-free; soft foods; vegetarian; kosher; customizable
  • Meals per week: 10 to 12
  • Tailored for seniors: Yes

Chefs for Seniors isn’t like most meal delivery services. Instead, a personal chef visits your home and cooks in your kitchen, and the meals are catered to your needs. All the chefs in the program have undergone thorough background checks and are licensed and fully insured.

Because the chefs come to your home, there’s a lot more room for customization. You can cater your meals to specific dietary restrictions, like gluten- or meat-free, but you can also have the chef develop meals in line with health conditions, including diabetes and heart disease.

The Standard plan has weekly menu rotations that you can choose from, with some customizations, but if you have more unique needs, you can choose the Custom plan—and the chef will even consult with your doctor or dietician. Chefs for Seniors also offers an hourly plan so you can get additional assistance in the kitchen, as needed.

Pricing varies depending on where you live and how often you have a personal chef visit. The Standard package offered through Chefs for Seniors includes a weekly 2-hour home visit that results in 12 individually packed servings. On average, this weekly service costs $159, plus the cost of groceries. That makes this more expensive—but fresher and more convenient—than most other meal delivery services for seniors.

Note that Chefs for Seniors is offered in more than 90 locations but may not be available, depending on where you live.

Chefs for Seniors screenshot

Our Research Methodology

We consulted with medical experts such as registered dietitians, nutritionists, and other health professionals to determine what a quality, healthy meal looks like for seniors. We also considered the cost of the meals, as seniors are often on a fixed income. To create a more comprehensive review, we also considered the following factors:

  • Price (there are options for every budget on this list)
  • How much they catered to seniors
  • Meal selection (how often the menu changes and the number of available meals per week)
  • How much they catered to specific dietary needs, including allergies and health conditions
  • Access to nutritional information
  • Ease of ordering (every company on this list either lets you order when you want or pause the service without “breaking a contract”)
  • Availability (most companies featured are available to seniors across the country; some other services are more regional)

Basically, we followed our own buying tips to uncover the best meal delivery services for older adults. Companies that did not list all ingredients, allergens, and nutrition facts on their website or product packaging were eliminated, as were companies with complicated contract agreements and limited service areas. Our analysis results in a list of meal delivery services for you, a family member, or a loved one to consider.

How Does Meal Delivery Work?

Meal delivery is a great option for seniors who need help purchasing and preparing food, but some services are available to customers of all ages. In most cases, you can expect to receive either 1) a meal kit with fresh ingredients and a recipe to cook your own meal or 2) a refrigerated or frozen ready-made meal that you simply have to heat up.

Each meal delivery service has its own unique quirks, but in general, here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for a program: Many of the best meal delivery services for seniors have discounts or freebies for your first order. Make sure you compare these when signing up.
  2. Select your meals: Most services let you filter the meal options by dietary needs. For instance, if you’re a vegetarian, you can alter your web or app view to show only meals without meat. Certain programs let you choose a set number of meals and portions each week; others let you order as much or as little as you want from a large list of options.
  3. Wait for delivery: After your order, you’ll get a delivery estimate so you know when to expect your food. The food is usually delivered in some kind of insulated container so it stays fresh, even if you don’t collect it from your porch right away.
  4. Eat fresh: Some meal delivery services offer meal kits, meaning you’ll have all the ingredients and recipes to make the food on your own. Others send you pre-made meals that you simply heat up when you’re ready to eat.

What to Consider When Choosing a Meal Delivery Service

The most important thing to remember when choosing a meal delivery service is its meal quality—getting the proper amount of nutrients in your diet is key to maintaining a healthy body and mind. 

While healthcare professionals may recommend certain nutrients for you than others, the meals you select must be well-balanced. All the licensed dietitians and nutritionists we spoke to recommended choosing meals that include a starch, protein, and vegetables.

“Older adults would benefit the most from meals that are high in a variety of nutrients as well as high in protein and fiber. This type of meal is one that consists of different colored fruits or vegetables, as well as whole grains, and proteins. This can ensure they are getting adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein which is very important for older adults,” says Jesse Feder, RDN, CPT at My Crohns and Colitis Team.

As a senior choosing a meal delivery service, there are a few additional things you should keep in mind:

  • Cost: If you’re living on a fixed budget in retirement, consider the cost of a meal delivery service carefully. Many have affordable options and low-cost shipping for larger orders (just make sure you have the fridge space for large orders!). However, options with more customization can cost a lot more and may be out of your retirement budget.
  • Customization: Not all meal delivery services cater to the same dietary needs. Companies designed specifically for seniors may offer more options that are beneficial for certain health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Keep in mind that more customizable services typically cost more.
  • Benefits: Sometimes, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage may cover home-delivered meals. Check with your programs to see if you qualify—and if there are guidelines for choosing a meal delivery service.
  • Memberships: Some companies may offer discounts to seniors who belong to specific organizations, such as AARP. Similarly, many meal delivery companies offer discounts to veterans, teachers, and other specific community members. As with all contracted services, study your subscription service carefully to make sure you don’t sign up for more food than you need.
  • Reviews: Well-established meal delivery services should have a solid online presence with plenty of legitimate reviews. Read through these customer reviews carefully. What are people saying about the taste and quality of ingredients, the customer service, the flexibility of the program, etc.? The best meal delivery services for seniors should have 4 or 5 stars on major independent review sites.

Pros and Cons of Meal Delivery Services

Aside from convenience, one of the biggest advantages of meal delivery services is that they offer a variety of options you can experiment with and try new foods. This helps ensure you don’t get bored with your food choices week after week. Plus, preplanned meals provide portion control. 

That said, these programs can get costly if you use them for all your meals. Customizations are often limited and sometimes aren’t very healthy, which can outweigh the convenience factor if you need to follow a strict diet. 

Dietitians we spoke to urged customers to study the ingredients list on meals they select. “Seniors should be cautious about the sodium content, portion sizes, and any potential allergens. Always read the nutritional information and ingredients list,” says Kathryn Piper, RDN, LD, and owner of The Age-Defying Dietitian.

Prepared meals tend to have a higher sodium content as salt helps preserve food and make it taste good. Piper recommends choosing a service that offers meals with 600 mg of sodium or less.

Meal Delivery Service Alternatives

Meal delivery services for seniors are a great option that keeps the cost of aging in place manageable. Such services make it easy to monitor nutritional intake, meals are delivered right to your door, and, in many cases, the food is ready to go—you just need to heat it.

That said, there are other ways to eat healthy without driving to the grocery and cooking up your own meals every day. Here are some meal delivery service alternatives to consider:

Meals on Wheels

Each year, Meals on Wheels provides 2.2 million older Americans with 251 million meals. The program is reserved for seniors who are 60 or older, with costs on a sliding scale (with some seniors able to get meals for free). To qualify, you’ll need to contact your local chapter.

Grocery Delivery

If you still enjoy cooking but are unable to drive to the grocery store, you can take advantage of a number of grocery delivery services. Many apps and grocery stores include free delivery if your order meets a certain cost threshold. Just build your grocery list in the app, pay in advance, and wait for your food to arrive.

Note: Medicare (Part A and B) does not cover the cost of a meal delivery service, but several Medicare Advantage plans can and do cover meal delivery services, as well as nutritional education and cooking classes. Medicaid may also cover home-delivered meals.


How much do meal delivery services cost?

Based on our research, meal delivery programs cost between $7 and $8 per serving, plus shipping, which varies by location and order amount. However, customizations and add-ons can add up quickly. When all is said and done, your per-serving cost will be closer to $10 to $13 per serving, based on our testing of several meal delivery services. The cost of meal delivery services is based on the number of meals you order and the company you choose to order from. 

Do you need to qualify for meal delivery services?

Seniors may qualify for free or discounted meal delivery services through the Older Americans Act (OAA). This legislation supports various programs and services for seniors, including AAAs like Meals on Wheels. Many Medicare Advantage plans also cover meal services; companies like Mom’s Meals work with these plans. When comparing meal delivery programs, ask about the discounts available for seniors.

Bottom Line

Meal delivery services are a great way for seniors to continue living independently, even when getting to the grocery store or planning and cooking a whole meal is challenging. When choosing the best meal delivery service for your needs, consider price, menu customization, and customer reviews—and ask other seniors in your life for their recommendations.

Summary: Best Meal Delivery Services for Seniors

  • Blue Apron: Great for New-Customer Discounts
  • Home Chef: Great for Seniors Who Cook
  • Green Chef: Great for Organic Meals
  • HelloFresh: Great Sustainable Practices
  • Factor: Great for Gourmet Prepared Meals
  • Chefs for Seniors: Great for Personal Chef Services
  • Silver Cuisine by bistro MD: Great for Specific Dietary Needs
  • Mom’s Meals: Great for Medicare Advantage Members

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