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Today’s retirement is very different. For more and more seniors, retirement is a liberating experience filled with options never before available. Because today’s seniors are healthier and more active, planning for retirement involves much more than just financial planning. It involves thoughtful planning about what you want to do with the rest of your life, whether it’s starting your own business, part-time work, consulting, volunteering, mentoring, a variety of leisure activities, or a unique combination tailored to your needs. (Click here to read about whether to work or not to work in retirement.)

This section of our site describes Web sites that post jobs for seniors and retirees. It also includes information on other resources and some useful books that should be helpful in planning the next phase of your life.

Employment Web Sites seeks to identify and certify companies that are most-suited and most friendly to workers over age 50 and match them with active, productive, conscientious, mature adults seeking a job or project that matches their lifestyle. Whether you are seeking to supplement your income, a new challenge, a way to get out and meet people, or another reason, this Web site should be very helpful. It is recognized as the leading specialty electronic job posting board for people 50 and older. is a comprehensive resource to help you find outstanding resume samples for your job title.  Whether you are crafting your first resume or updating an existing resume, you’ll  find the most impactful language at Job Hero.   For each job title we show you the top ten samples from the work experience section of resumes.  This way you can draw inspiration from a wealth of examples and focus on the part of your resume that matters most – how you showcase your past experience.

Work At Home Vintage Experts provides an innovative talent solution that offers retiring and retired accounting and insurance professionals the option to stay productive and supplement their retirement income working from home. WAHVE offers retirees the ability to extend their careers working from home and provides employers with seasoned professionals to meet their staffing needs. Retired professionals can choose the type of work they want to do and the hours they want to work, full-time or part-time. WAHVE’s unique qualifying process and technology platform matches the right accounting or insurance vintage talent wherever they may live to the needs of our clients wherever their offices are located. Job Search Engine is a job search engine that allows job seekers to find employment opportunities posted on thousands of company career site and job boards.  It is an aggregator of employment advertising and currently lists jobs in more than 53 countries. is a comprehensive job search site with over 5 million U.S. jobs available.  Job information is updated daily with direct connections to employer career pages and other job boards.  You can easily create email alerts to help simplify and automate your job search with

Workforce serves older workers with a full service job board and career site.  All jobs are placed by employers specifically interested in staffing from the over-50 workforce.  Their employment and education resources cater to mature workers searching for employment, in transition or approaching retirement.

Jobs 4.0 is the leading source of job opportunities for candidates 40 and over. They seek out jobs offered by companies that value diversity of experience. The organization works only with select companies that embrace the unique benefits that a more experienced worker can provide. Its mission is to post job opportunities that are open to workers of all ages.

Retired Brains This organization connects retiring or retired workers with employers and provides information on charitable organizations and nonprofits looking for senior volunteers.

Senior Employment Resources Senior Employment Resources is a job placement service that matches companies with job seekers age 50 and over who live in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. It is a nonprofit that receives some funding from Fairfax County, Va.

Employment Network for Retired Government Experts This site is aimed at retired federal, state, and local government employees who choose to remain productive in their professions or fields of expertise. Many would like to work in the private sector.

Your Encore Inc. This company recruits retired scientists, engineers and product developers who are available to solve problems on a short-term basis for member and non-member companies. Retirees are employed by Your Encore and are provided all the administrative, marketing, and accounting support they need thereby allowing them to focus on solutions. The company seeks to enroll recently-retired and/or highly-experienced experts who are scientists, engineers, product developers, market research experts, quality control and quality assurance experts, medical professionals, and business development managers. Your Encore takes charge of presenting retiree skills, talents and experiences to best address the needs of prospective companies.

The Phoenix Link The Phoenix Link is a not-for-profit group that offers free services for re-careering executives and technologists. The company’s primary focus is connecting experienced executives and technologists with interim and full time management positions. It works hand-in-hand with professional recruitment/staffing firms and assists exceptional individuals in transition. The positions are not restricted to older workers.

Bridgestar is an advisory and executive search firm whose Web site lists senior positions in nonprofit organizations. It reports that over the next decade, nonprofit organizations will need to attract 640,000 new “senior leaders,” which is equal to about 2.4 times the number of executives currently working in the nonprofit sector. The positions are not restricted to older workers.

Commongood Careers This organization is a nonprofit job search firm that is dedicated to helping today’s most effective social entrepreneurs hire the best talent. Founded by nonprofit professionals, Commongood Careers offers personalized, engaged services to job seekers and organizations throughout the hiring process, as well as access to a wealth of knowledge about careers in the social sector.

Opportunity  This organization offers job listings in nonprofit organizations. You can search by keyword and other criteria. The positions are not restricted to older workers.

Prime Jobs This site was designed by to serve the needs of 50+ workers seeking to connect with employers who want to tap into the knowledge and skills they offer.  It provides help for those looking for part-time, full-time or contract positions.  It also has information about job searching, career management and workplace issues. is an employment search engine designed to make the process of finding a job on the Internet easier for the user.  It maps a huge selection of job offerings available on the Internet in one extensive database by referencing job listings originating from company websites, recruitment agency websites and large specialist recruitment sites.  It offers opportunities for job seekers of all ages.  Using a fast and straightforward interface, users can query this database and save themselves the trouble of visiting each site individually.  The job offerings themselves are not hosted by Careerjet.  Users are always redirected to the original job listing.  Essentially, Careerjet acts as traffic driver to those sites.  Careerjet’s job search engine network encompasses over 50 countries, featuring separate interfaces that are translated into 20 languages.

National Older Worker Career Center (NOWCC) This nonprofit organization brings together experienced workers and organizations seeking support, thereby helping to ensure that older workers can continue to contribute their skills and knowledge.  Launched with the help of AARP in September 1997, NOWCC began operations with a unique mission that focused solely on promotion of an age-diverse work force through expansion of employment and training opportunities.  It currently provides employment services for skilled mid-career and older workers interested in environmental project assignments. is a free web-based employment service for Baby Boomers and retirees.  It creates partnerships with schools and alma maters throughout North America which serve as liaisons.  This model delivers a career service edge to schools at no charge (and lifelong career services), a competitive edge to the 50+ job market seekers and high quality results to employers.  The company is a member of the GoliathJobs network, the #1 employment service on the Web.

Green Careers Guide This web site provides articles and other resources about green jobs to help individuals find jobs in the fast-growing green industry.  It also has a search engine to help people locate jobs in various parts of the country.

Job Applications The website is a job seekers resource that provides hundreds of printable online applications for financial institutions, airlines, retail and department stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, etc.  In addition it has hundreds of useful employee videos which explain how to get a job with a particular company.

The Complete Guide Career Change After 50 According to a 2014 job satisfaction survey by The Conference Board, over half of all Americans are unhappy with their current job. While younger workers may be quick to make a change, workers over the age of 50 may feel that the only choice they have is to “stick it out” until retirement. A common misconception exists that after a certain age it’s “too late” to make a career change. Quite the opposite is true, however. With the average age of retirement rising, many people over 50 may have 15, 20, or even 30 years of working life left in them, and some choose to spend the remainder of their working years in a new career. People age 50 and over are in a unique position to have plenty of workforce experience to bring to a new career, while still being able to obtain the knowledge they need to take on something new. This guidebook walks you through the process of changing careers over the age of 50, including how to get started, where to get additional training, and what types of careers might be right for you.

Other Resources

AARP Career Support This wide-ranging Web site run by AARP offers advice and information on finding a job. It is not limited to retirees or seniors. Its resources can be valuable to anyone. One of the resources is its Career One-Stop Center where you can find everything you need to search for a new job. It also has information about its National Employer Team. In this program AARP has collaborated with companies that appreciate the talent mature workers bring to a job. The companies are selected after a screening process must assure AARP that they want to recruit and keep mature workers. Each company has different jobs available which require different skills.

B2B Reviews has a comprehensive list of remote work tech and tools. Many retirees enjoy the flexibility of working from home. Visit to checkout their remote work toolkit in order to make sure your home office has everything you’ll need for your remote job

Each has a different application process and offer different benefits. Some want full-time workers. Some hire seasonal workers. Others are looking for part-time all year. To help you with your job search, there’s a Web page for each company with basic information about the company, its hiring needs, and some of its benefits. If you’re interested in applying, there’s a link to each company’s special AARP career page where you’ll find more details and information on how to apply for available jobs. AARP offers job training and placement through its AARP Foundation Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) .

This program is available to help job seekers improve their skills, obtain training, and find a job. If you’re 55 or over and meet the income guidelines, it can help you enter-or re-enter the job market.

New Directions New provides career transition services exclusively for senior-level executives, professionals and their families.  It helps clients find and create opportunities that not only meet their near-term career expectations and needs, but also advance their long-term work and life goals.  For Baby Boomers seeking alternatives to passive retirement — now or in a few years — New Directions helps them develop a balance of part-time work with other meaningful activities.  These might include family and leisure time, continued learning, teaching or “giving back.”

Senior Corps Americans over 55 have a lifetime of experience to share and the desire to make a real difference in their world. They’ve managed households, been business owners and nurses, farmers and salespeople, artists and executives. Now they are ready to put their unique talents and expertise to work in their communities, and enrich their own lives in the process. Senior Corps connects today’s over 55s with the people and organizations that need them most. It helps them become mentors, coaches or companions to people in need, or contribute their job skills and expertise to community projects and organizations. Conceived during John F. Kennedy’s presidency, Senior Corps currently links more than 500,000 Americans to service opportunities. Their contributions of skills, knowledge, and experience make a real difference to individuals, nonprofits, and faith-based and other community organizations throughout the United States. Senior Corps offers several ways to get involved. Volunteers receive guidance and training so they can make a contribution that suits their talents, interests, and availability.

  • The Foster Grandparent Program connects volunteers age 60 and over with children and young people with exceptional needs. Volunteers mentor, support, and help some of the most vulnerable children in the United States.
  • The Senior Companion Program brings together volunteers age 60 and over with adults in their community who have difficulty with the simple tasks of day-to-day living. Companions help out on a personal level by assisting with shopping and light chores, interacting with doctors, or just making a friendly visit.
  • RSVP connects volunteers age 55 and over with service opportunities in their communities that match their skills and availability. From building houses to immunizing children, from enhancing the capacity of nonprofit organizations to improving and protecting the environment, RSVP volunteers put their unique talents to work to make a difference.

Senior Corps is a program of the Corporation for National and Community Service, an independent federal agency created to connect Americans of all ages and backgrounds with opportunities to give back to their communities and their nation. Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) SCORE “Counselors to America’s Small Business” is a nonprofit association dedicated to entrepreneur education and the formation, growth and success of small business nationwide. 

With more than 10,500 volunteer counselors, it provides individual counseling and business workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. For seniors, SCORE’s insightful and practical resources can help you build a small business from the ground up.  Counselors work with you through every phase of the entrepreneurial venture: generating and assessing ideas, preparing a business plan, raising capital and managing the operations and finances of the growing venture. The SCORE Association was formed in 1964.  Since that time it has assisted more than 7.7 million Americans with online and face-to-face small business counseling.

ChooseWhat researches, tests and reviews business tools to help you get your business up and running smoothly.  They feature a business checklist on their front page that has links to detailed articles that teach you all about starting your own business from the ground up.  It doesn’t matter if you have only just decided you want to start a business or if you have some things already done: ChooseWhat can help you to learn how to get what you need done.


Portfolio Life: The New Path to Work, Purpose and Passion After 50. Portfolio Life offers a compelling alternative to the standard transitions to retirement. Life between the ages of 50 and 75 are the years that were once relegated to “winding down” or retirement. This book proves they may be among the most productive and passionate of a leader’s life. Portfolio Life is a groundbreaking guide for midlife professionals, providing real-world stories, how-to advice, and inspiration for creating a new approach to life at this critical time. Introducing the idea of a “life portfolio,” the book shows the reader how to divide one’s time and energy among competing needs and personal dreams. They include advice on anti-retirement, the entrepreneurial spirit, emotional minefields, happiness and spirituality, and more. The author is David D. Corbett, founder and CEO of New Directions (in Boston) – a career services company for senior executives. To order this book from Amazon.

Don’t Retire, REWIRE Working in retirement is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing career trends, considering that a 1998 AARP survey of over 2,000 adults age 33-52 found that 80% say they plan to work at least part-time during retirement. The last thing retirees are looking for is the same thing they’ve been doing all their lives. They are looking for work situations that are mentally and emotionally rewarding. Don’t Retire, REWIRE will help readers to not only define what kind of work is best suited for their passions and interests, but guide them through the process of obtaining such work — whether it’s a part time job, volunteer work, or a second career. In addition to the practical how-to content, this book combines the stories and lessons of real-life retirees with original research based on more than 300 original interviews. To order from Amazon, click here.

Encore: Finding Work That Matters in the Second Half of Life This book reports on one of the most significant social trends of the new century, and the biggest transformation of the American workforce since the women’s movement. Author Marc Freedman says that members of the baby boom generation are inventing a new phase of work. If the golden years dream was freedom from work, the dream of this new wave is freedom to work – in new ways, on new terms, to new and even more important ends. To order from Amazon, click here.

Job Hunting: Your Guide to Success This book, published by AARP, contains the resources to help you make informed decisions about employment and second careers. It covers such topics as choosing a career, finding a job, alternative work arrangements, age discrimination, balancing work and caregiving, and self-employment. The book is free and can be ordered by clicking here or by calling 888-687-2277 and requesting publication D18247.

The Wall Street Journal Complete Retirement Guidebook Few life events can create as much satisfaction — or anxiety — as retirement, and this book from the experts at The Wall Street Journal provides advice on everything from money mechanics to lifestyle choices. Whether you see yourself traveling, opening a business, being employed, volunteering or returning to school, The Wall Street Journal Complete Retirement Guidebook can help you tailor your financial plan to the way you plan to spend your retirement years. The book teaches you:

  • What decisions to make and which steps to take ten years, five years and one year before leaving full-time work.
  • How to translate your interests into daily activities.
  • Tips for investing wisely and working with the right financial adviser.
  • How to maximize your benefits from Social Security and Medicare.

It answers your biggest question — How big does my nest egg need to be? — by linking it to your particular hopes for how you want to spend your days in retirement. After all, it’s impossible to know whether you’ve saved enough money without knowing how you want to fill your days. For all its changes and challenges, a well-planned retirement could very well be the best years of your life. The book was written by Glenn Ruffenach and Kelly Greene. Ruffenach developed and now edits “Encore,” The Wall Street Journal’s bimonthly guide to retirement planning and living. Greene has covered retirement planning since 2001 as a staff reporter at The Wall Street Journal, where she works for “Encore” and writes a weekly retirement column. To order a copy from Amazon, click here.

The New Retirement — The Ultimate Guide to the Rest of Your Life (Second Edition) This book is a comprehensive guide to planning for retirement. It will help the reader decide where to live, what to do, when to do it, and more. When the first edition was published in 2004 it became a best seller among people planning their retirement. It wasn’t long before the authors, Jan Cullinane and Cathy Fitzgerald, realized that they would need a second edition that would include the latest research, emerging locations and communities, up-to-date financial information, and new anecdotes from people who are “walking the walk.” The book contains information on 50 specific communities/areas/lifestyles within the U.S. Each location has information on who the major employers are and the unemployment rate. A very useful appendix is loaded with forms and worksheets that can help you to decide what you want out of your retirement and whether you should relocate or not. The book also contains a wealth of resources (Web sites and publications) to help you make important decisions. To order a copy from Amazon, click here.

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