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3.85 Stars (4 Reviews)
Updated: January 25, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
Jonathan Trout
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Whether you want to reduce the expense of an unexpected dental emergency or you want to spend less on regular dental care, a dental discount plan can play a part. 1Dental sells dental discount plans for an affordable annual fee in exchange for savings all year round on dental and orthodontic procedures and throws in free vision discount benefits.

1Dental Logo

Editorial Breakdown

Network 4 Stars
Ease of Purchase 4 Stars
Plan Variety 3.8 Stars
Customer Service 3.8 Stars

Overall Rating 3.9 Stars

Bottom Line

1Dental offers multiple dental discount savings plans to help curb the cost of dental work and preventative cleanings. Cost for plans vary based on the number of members but range from $9.95 to $17.95 per month plus an annual fee.

1Dental Review

There are many good reasons for considering a dental discount plan. Here’s a snapshot of what a 1Dental plan can provide:

  • A cost-effective alternative to dental insurance
  • Pre-existing condition coverage that insurance won’t cover
  • Coverage if you buy insurance from an ACA health marketplace, and there is no dental insurance offered
  • Savings on cosmetic dentistry, like veneers, whitening, and dental implants

1Dental offers two dental discount plans, the Care 500 Plan, which is a part of the Careington Network, and a Dental Access Plan from Aetna Dental Access. The company is located in Haltom City, Texas and has been in business since 1997. 1Dental received recognition from the Dallas Morning News with its #1 in Ethics award and the well-known personal finance program, The Dave Ramsey Show, endorses 1Dental.


  • Affordable, stand-alone dental discount plans
  • Little to no waiting period for coverage, depending on the plan
  • Can include anyone living in your home, even parents or others


  • While many dentists accept 1Dental, not all do

How Does 1Dental Work?

The 1Dental website has a link to the provider network lists for its two plans, Care500 and Dental Access, near the bottom of each plan description page. You can search for a new dental provider or see if your current provider is within the network. When you go to the dentist, you’ll show your dental plan membership card, and then you pay the reduced amount based on the plan’s fee schedule. Below is how a 1Dental plan saves you money:

  • Choose a dental plan: Choose a plan that works for your needs. Each plan is a little different. Some have more providers and others save you more money on dental work.
  • Get access to in-network dentists: Dentists in 1Dental’s network have agreed to provide quality care for the discounted rates shown in each plan’s fee schedules.
  • Save money with fixed prices: No matter what, you pay the amount listed in your plan’s fee schedule.

1Dental Plans

1Dental currently offers two different discount dental plans: Dental Access and Care500. The cost to enroll in either option is the same, but each has distinct primary advantages. You can use the Care500 Plan immediately after you pay for it, while thousands more dental care providers accept Dental Access. Care 500 offers an automatic 20% off of braces, while Dental Access can range 15-50% in orthodontic savings .

  • The Care500 Plan from Careington provides the most significant overall savings on dental procedures, and you can use benefits immediately after enrolling by printing out your membership card. Having immediate access to the plan amounts to substantial savings if you have an unplanned extraction or other unexpected dental procedure. Most services are available at a 20 percent to 60 percent discount with the Care500 Plan, and all specialist work offers a 20 percent discount. One of the oldest dental savings plans in the country, Care500 is accepted at around 100,000 dental and orthodontic providers. In addition, Care 500 shows the exact list of prices for your zip code for over 100 of the most common dental procedures.
  • Backed by the Aetna Dental Access network, the Dental Access Plan has a larger dental network than the Care500 Plan, with your choice of more than 158,000 dental and orthodontic providers. The Dental Access Plan offers a slightly smaller discount compared to the Care500 Plan, and unless your dentist agrees to accept your member ID over the phone without the physical card, you’ll need to wait seven to 10 days to use the plan because your membership card will arrive via U.S. Mail. Most services have a 15 percent to 50 percent discount under the Dental Access Plan. One key difference between Dental Access and Care 500 is that Dental Access discounts vary from provider to provider rather than by zip code, which means the savings you see online are nationwide estimates. Your dentist will be able to provide exact savings.
1Dental Dental Discount Plan Comparison
Type of Expense Care500 Dental Access
Oral Exam $16 $35
Rersin (White) Filling $60 $101
Porcelain Crown $526 $790
Dentures: Complete Upper or Lower $701 $1,003
Dental Cleaning $34 $67

*Care 500 sample prices are for the state of Texas. Dental Access estimates are national.

What Does a 1Dental Savings Plan Cover?

Since 1Dental savings plans are not dental insurance plans, you don’t need to worry about referrals or need to worry about deductibles and coverage. 1Dental plans provide discounts on most dental services, including oral exams, X-rays, root canals, dentures, braces, dental implants and dental extractions. All of 1Dental’s plans come with complimentary vision discounts with 35 percent off frames, lenses ranging in cost from $50 to $105 and savings on coatings, lens upgrades and other add-ons.

1Dental Costs

1Dental has tiered membership fees depending on the number of members included on the dental plan. Costs are the same for the Dental Access Plan and the Care500 Plan. If you pay annually, there is an additional one-time nonrefundable $20 setup fee. If you sign up to pay monthly, the setup fee is $30. Fees
Members on Plan Annual Fee Monthly Fee
1 Member $99 $9.95
2 Members $149 $14.95
3+ Members $179 $17.95
Membership Processing Fee $20 $30

How to Buy a 1Dental Plan

You can purchase a 1Dental discount plan by calling the number on 1Dental’s website to speak to a U.S.-based sales representative who will guide you through the process over the phone. Easier yet, sign up for a 1Dental plan directly on the website. Enter your ZIP code, select one of the dental plans, then enter the remaining information required to process your membership.

1Dental Complaints

1Dental has a significant amount of positive feedback. The company has an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited with the BBB since 2008. Customers frequently speak positively about the company for saving them a great deal of money on procedures and indicate that having the dental discount plan gave them confidence that their dental bills would be affordable. 1Dental gets 9.8 out of 10 stars on, again with many happy customers taking the time to give details of how they saved money on dental procedures using one of 1Dental’s plans.

There are some complaints about Careington dental plans on ConsumerAffairs, although the plans are not necessarily all associated with the Care500 plan from 1Dental. Careington has a two out of five-star rating based on feedback from 20 reviews. Complaints revolve around the number of dentists accepting the plan in a given area and not understanding the company’s refund policy. Careington was very responsive to customer complaints and connected unhappy consumers with a customer service supervisor to resolve their issues.

1Dental services

Source: 1Dental

1Dental FAQ

  • Can I combine a 1Dental plan with my dental insurance?
    Yes. Your 1Dental plan can supplement what your dental insurance won’t cover. For example, you can use it during plan waiting periods or after you’ve reached your annual maximum. You can also use your 1Dental plan on cosmetic or specialty procedures like braces and dental implants (an area most dental insurance plans don’t cover).

  • How do I know if a dental savings plan from 1Dental is my best option?
    To decide on a dental savings plan, you need to be sure you understand how the plans work and compare the membership cost to potential savings. See 4 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Dental Savings Plan for help with deciding if one of these plans will save you money.

  • Are 1Dental dental savings plans refundable?
    You can cancel your 1Dental plan within the first 30 days of membership for a refund. 1Dental keeps the $20 or $30 processing fee, however.

  • Am I limited to certain dentists with a 1Dental plan?
    Yes. You must only see in-network providers who have agreed to the discounted prices your dental savings plan offers.

  • Can 1Dental plans be a part of an employer’s benefits package?
    Many businesses of all sizes offer a 1Dental dental discount plan in addition to or instead of dental insurance. Providing a dental savings plan to employees is an affordable way to boost a company’s benefits offering.

  • How long does it take to sign up for a 1Dental dental discount plan?
    It only takes a few minutes to sign up for a 1Dental plan. You can sign up by phone or through the 1Dental website. You need to provide some basic personal information and payment information. Your health status has no bearing on the amount you pay for a plan or on plan benefits.

  • How often can members get their teeth cleaned with a 1Dental plan?
    You can get your teeth cleaned as many times a year as you want with a 1Dental plan.


1Dental makes dental care much more affordable without a high upfront cost. With many detailed reviews from happy customers, 1Dental is worth considering. Plans provide dental, orthodontic and vision care discounts for one low price, and one plan provides immediate savings, which is a benefit if you face an unexpected dental emergency.

4 1Dental Reviews

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5 Stars

February 28 2024 5:01PM

My husband and I are both retired and to purchase a dental insurance plan would’ve been astronomical on a fixed income. My dentist referred me to 1dental and I couldn’t be happier. Between the dental, eye, and the prescription savings we have saved over $200 within the first 3 months! This is more than we paid for a 1 year plan with 1Dental. Huge savings. Highly recommend to anyone who cannot afford a dental insurance program.

Kim L.
Denton, TX
1 Star

April 16 2021 12:04AM

SCAM. BEWARE of the scam. FREE ow, but pump up treatment price. Free first X-ray consultation, but sneaks it in total treatment plan $210. The same large dental group I visited gave $43K quote for denture w/ insurance discount $9K, my bill $34K!

The same company gave 1 month earlier quote without 1Dental ins was $26K for the same work. The dental office is saying that different dentist charges different rates, blah, blah, blah... You get the picture!? You will get 20% OFF discounted, AFTER they double the rates.

Just look for local dentist, negotiate a package price. I'm getting the exact work done at another dentist office total cost for full mouth w/ 8 implants and top-grade denture for under $15K, nearly one third the cost at 1Dental network.

Ben S.
1 Star

February 08 2020 2:07AM

Was told of Save money. Called dentist before I got the insurance. Got pricing. After I went for appt mention they discount plan. I was changed more then what I was told. I do not understand this at all. Going to cancel soon as office opens. Then they get you for processing fee if you cancel. It’s a scam. Do not recommend.

Tammy S.
Hi Tammy, I am so sorry to hear that the pricing you received at the dentist did not match what you were told over the phone. In-network dentists are under contract with the plans we offer to give specific discounted rates. We would like to investigate what happened and are committed to helping you however we can. We will be personally reaching out to you, and you can also reach us at your convenience at 855-329-6305 or [email protected]. -Christie, Customer Care Manager at 1Dental
5 Stars

February 19 2019 8:55PM

I’ve had this plan for my family for years. Last week I saved another $200 at my regular cleaning. I got my Grandmother signed up years ago and she has saved much, much more. She’s found a few different dentists through 1Dental that she likes. I recommend it to everyone!

Charles M.
Aledo, TX