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Allied Van Lines Moving

4 Stars (7 Reviews)
Updated: January 20, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Overall Rating 3.9 Stars

Bottom Line

Whether you're moving locally, across the country or internationally, Allied Van Lines has a service to help ease the stress. To read reviews of our top picks for the best long-distance movers, click the link below.

Allied Van Lines Review

Allied Van Lines is a company that handles virtually any relocation, whether it’s across town, across the country, an international or a corporate move. With 85 years of experience in the moving industry, they are the oldest van line in the United States. Allied’s headquarters are in Chicago, IL and their parent company, SIRVA, Inc., is the world’s largest global moving company. The Women’s Choice Awards recognized Allied Van Lines for having a diverse workplace, and for being the most recommended mover three years in a row.

Allied Van Lines helps their customers every step of the way in the moving process. Along with transporting your belongings, they offer a packing service, temporary storage (local, national and international), packing and unpacking service, a Personal Relocation Assistant through all phases of your move and other optional services to fine-tune your moving package to your specific needs.

Allied aims to be an affordable moving company. You may be concerned about the cost of contracting with a moving company, but consider the time and stress you save by using a professional, along with the security of having your household moved safely from one location to another.


  • Full-service, customizable moving solution.
  • Each customer receives a moving plan created for their unique situation and needs.
  • Customers have one contact person for any questions or concerns during their move.
  • Guaranteed quotes with an in-home visit.
  • Certified movers and drivers.


  • Using different agents across the country can cause confusion if they don’t use the same procedures.

Allied Van Lines Pricing

Getting an estimate with Allied Van Lines is as fast and easy as visiting their website and entering your home size and location, and the destination for your move. This is a preliminary quote. To get a firm quote, an Allied representative will visit your home for a free on-site inspection where they will survey each room for contents. The representative needs to know everything you are moving to put together a final quote, so they will need to take a look behind doors, in drawers and the garage and basement. If you have items stored in the attic or a shed or other outbuilding, they will need to inspect these as well. Get in touch with your relocation assistant to get the quote updated if you find items while you are packing that were not included in the quote. Attempting to pack more without letting any moving company know will likely result in delays due to insufficient room available on the trailer or going over legal weight limits.

Quotes we found online showed us that you can expect to pay around $550 for a small, in-town move with no additional services like packing. If you have more than two bedrooms and want to use Allied’s packing services, expect to pay a few thousand dollars. Large moves across the country will cost over $5,000. Allied will give you a breakdown of the pricing with the final quote and will stand by the price, so you don’t have to be concerned about unexpected charges.

Allied Van Lines Packing Services

Since Allied Van Lines is a full service moving company, they give customers the option of packing their own moving boxes, or the company can handle part or all of the packing. If you pack boxes yourself, Allied will ensure that you have adequately secured everything and that your things will remain safe.

For bulkier items like major electronics or appliances that can’t fit in a regular box, Allied Van Lines can create a custom-built crate to ensure safe transport. And there’s no item too big for Allied to move. If you need vehicles transported to your new locations, they have experience with moving cars, boats, and motorcycles.

If you’d like them to go a step further, Allied works with trusted third party local companies to set up and connect appliances like refrigerators, washers, and dryers at your new home.

Allied Van Lines Screenshot

Allied Van Lines Household Moves

Moving With Allied Van Lines

To start the process of moving with Allied Van Lines, you’ll either visit their website or give them a call to request an estimate. When you’ve decided to start the moving process, Allied starts working for you.

  1. Before your move, an Allied agent will visit your home to make sure your belongings are properly packed, regardless of whether you or they did the packing.

  2. Allied will inventory your items and then label all boxes.

  3. Any furniture will be covered in plastic wrap to protect against dirt and scratches.

  4. After preparing your items, they are loaded on to a vehicle with an air ride suspension system for safety and transported to the new location.

  5. After delivering your items, Allied Van Lines will take inventory during unloading to account for all belongings and to ensure that nothing has been damaged.

  6. Your items are removed from the truck, then the company’s movers will place all boxes and furniture in their appropriate rooms and reassemble anything at your request.

Moving Internationally with Allied Van Lines

International moves require much more than packing belongings in a truck. For international moves, Allied Van Lines offers a complete tracking service, GlobalCom. The customer uses a tracking number to see exactly where their shipment is at any moment, where it has been on the journey and the next expected stop on the way to the final destination. Allied assists customers with customs forms, temporary international storage and visas.

Allied Van Lines Insurance Options

Allied Van Lines Insurance Options
Basic Liability Coverage Extra Care Protection (ECP)
  • Included with all moving packages
  • No cost to the customer
  • Covers damage during the move
  • Low maximum benefit
  • Sixty cents per pound, per item
  • Full coverage on lost or damaged items
  • Most comprehensive coverage in the business
  • Equal-value replacement for damaged sets of items
  • Recommended for high-value possessions

Allied Van Lines Customer Service

One of the most substantial advantages of choosing Allied Van Lines for a move comes in their customer service. When you move with Allied, a personal relocation assistant will be your point of contact for the entire process. Having a single point of contact simplifies communication because that one person is familiar with your moving package, your family, and your needs. Not having to explain who you are each time you contact the company saves a lot of time and goes a long way toward making sure you have a great moving experience.

Allied Van Lines Complaints

Many reviews online say Allied Van Lines helped families have the best moving experience compared with other movers they’ve used. Customers note that the company is always professional from the first quote to the time the last box is dropped off and that the company’s communication is top notch. There are some criticisms about the company from customers, mostly about pickups being late or a move taking a little longer than expected. Allied has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is a BBB-accredited company.

Allied Van Lines Q&A

  • What’s included in Allied Van Lines international moving services?
    Allied has resources around the globe to assist with an international move, including storage, help with customs, an online tracking system so you can follow your boxes each step of the move, and a single contact person with the company.

  • Will Allied Van Lines pack a customer’s items for a move?
    Yes. Allied will pack all or some of a customer’s items for a move, or the customer can pack belongings themselves before the move if they wish. Ask about fees for packing.

  • Allied Truck

    Allied Truck, Source: Hiveminer
  • What happens if something gets damaged during shipment?
    Allied takes every step to ensure the safety of a customer’s belongings during a move, but if damage occurs during transit, the company has claims forms for domestic travel and international travel. A claims adjuster acknowledges all claims, and Allied asks that you not do any repairs or replace damaged items before they have a chance to investigate.

  • Does Allied Van Lines offer insurance protection?
    Yes. The company does offer a basic level of insurance protection for their customer’s items. They also offer Extra Protection Service (EPS) that Allied says is “the most comprehensive protection plan in the industry.” EPS coverage will replace or repair any item damaged or lost in the move, and extends to matching items like end tables (if one is damaged, both are replaced). We recommend you buy the EPS as the basic insurance offered by any moving company does not adequately cover most items.

  • How early should you contact the company before you move?
    In general, Allied Van Lines asks for at least six weeks notice before your move if you’re traveling during the busy season of May to September and four weeks during other times of the year.

  • How does Allied create an exact in-home survey quote?

    To create a final quote for you, Allied will have a representative visit your home where they will figure the weight of your belongings and will discuss optional services you may want to include in your moving package. This procedure usually requires emptying out your attic, cabinets, closets and other areas to make everything visible. Before you have an in-home visit, it’s a good idea to get rid of everything you won’t be taking with you. This estimate is the final one, and won’t increase unless the customer adds any services or insurance after the quote.


With hundreds of moving agents in North America and a global network across 45 countries, Allied moves around 100,000 families each year. There are many options to choose from when it comes to moving companies, but Allied Van Lines stands out for their customer service, their guaranteed pricing, and their professional staff.

Moving isn’t easy, and there’s no reason to complicate things by trying to do it all on your own. Allied has been moving households for nearly nine decades and keeps communication clear by pairing you with a Personal Relocation Assistant to oversee your move. With add-ons like packing and storage services, Allied Van Lines could make your next move as easy as possible.

7 Allied Van Lines Reviews

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1 Star

April 16 2021 4:31PM

As I researched reviews of Allied we made the decision to move our household from California to Wisconsin. Our nightmare began when I realized that perhaps as many as 6 boxes were never delivered to our home.

Their advertising says they will inventory every box or piece as it goes on their truck AND as it comes off the truck.

At the end of the move on the day your household is delivered it’s chaotic. Boxes are everywhere AND you are pressured to sign their release that all your boxes and furniture is somewhere on your property. DON’T sign!!!

Once they leave and you discover that you do not have all your belongings you will see how disjointed this company is. They are simply contractors. The person who shows up with his own van and his chosen movers are all independent contractors.

The person you made a contract with fades into the background and tells you he has no control. They turn you over to their claims department that is also disjointed, there are several and they don’t return your calls, follow up or communicate with you or each other.

They tell you that you must file a claim form so they can put a tracker on your missing items but when I finally asked after months what that actually means they could not tell me.... they did not seem to know.

I believe I finally tracked my own missing boxes to a storage facility (I don’t know the name or address) in Tennessee where the other household packed between my household was delivered before the truck turned around and headed to our destination in Wisconsin.

Today 5 months later I still wake up in the middle of the night hoping that when the person, who most likely has my missing boxes that are filled with family treasure, finds them and then hopefully calls Allied that they will do the right thing and get my belongings to me.

At this point Allied “customer service” tells me they cannot call the person who rents the storage unit or the person who owns the storage unit because that would be considered harassment.

I remind them that I too am their customer, that I paid them $10K to pick up my household and deliver it ALL to me in Wisconsin. They did not! And the worst feeling of all is that I cannot trust them to do the right thing and that’s a frustrating feeling.

Sheri N.
Beloit, WI
1 Star

January 25 2021 7:58PM

I wish I had read these reviews first. I was told when I booked that they would box up the and put bags on the mattresses. When the QA person called they said no it wasn't true. They left half the inventory off the initial contract and then tried to raise the price 1500.00.

They did agree to back it down to 3400.00. They told me I would get picked up on Friday. I called Friday morning and they said they would call me right back. I got a call at 430 Friday afternoon that they wouldn't pick me up until Monday.

I had to leave my son at the house because I was starting a new job on Monday. I get 2/3 of the way, they call me back and said it would be Sunday. Now I have to drive 4 hours back to pick up my son on the weekend.

They gave my job to another company which was actually really good. However, they needed a money order or Zelle because they didn't take credit cards like Allied did. Allied told me I could use my credit card to pay thru zelle, which is absolutely not true.

I had to clean out my savings account because they wouldn't take a credit card like they said they would.

Lastly, because their estimates were so bad, I ended up having to pay an additional 600.00 because they said I went over. I was moving from a 1000 sq ft house 4 hours away. For 4000.00. I moved from Phoenix to NC for 3600.00. I will not EVER use this company again.

Kathy S.
Mebane, NC
1 Star

January 12 2021 1:41AM

I wish every day I had contacted United Van lines after two good moving experiences but they took awhile to get back and Allied had good ratings. The initial contact with Coleman Worldwide and Abigail ** was encouraging and that's where it ended.

I now have over 20 claims for damaged property. My mirrors (both had been moved by United twice) were antiques, one being over 200 years old with beveled glass were destroyed and shoved in the same box, unwrapped with two really nice works of art.

A metal sculpture that I specifically detailed how it needed to be wrapped was found in my garage thrown on top of my lawn mower. I had glass from broken art and mirrors all over my new house. It looked as though complete morons threw my belongings in a truck.

It was beyond very bad, it was a nightmare. I know people have different opinions, experiences, etc. but mine was horrific and I'm going to tell as many people as I can. You've been warned...

Catherine B.
Charleston, SC
1 Star

May 19 2020 12:17PM

DO NOT USE! Aug 2019 we hired Allied, they sent us Coleman Worldwide Moving, signed papers, took out insurance, scheduled pickup. We had already started packing household, they promised us everything would be wrapped with blankets/shrinkwrap. They packed up our household furniture, boxes etc. all in tractor trailer, they wrapped every piece of furniture, promised us that our stuff would remain on ONE tractor trailer, no other family would be packed on it (we took up whole thing anyway); furniture was supposed to be delivered about a week later to NC; they scheduled 1st van - some stuff came, scratched, most wraps taken off, boxes smashed, furniture bottoms wet etc; we took notes/pics; 2nd truck scheduled WEEK LATER! Same thing!

They threw boxes around, broke antiques, antique glassware (non replaceable), family heirlooms, and so on....we were SO MAD! Things came that were NOT padded or shrinkwrapped like TVs etc. By the time we unpacked every box, it was amazing anything had survived! We discovered that contrary to the what packers told us while loading, that stuff would NOT BE MOVED OFF THAT TRUCK, NOR STORED, it was done.

Furniture sat in non-climate controlled warehouse - in water - unwrapped, boxes watermarked, and so on. When filing claim, they got off by saying "you packed your stuff, we did not therefore we are not responsible"!!! BEWARE, save the money and let them pack you! They sent out a furniture repairer to try to repair/refinish our antiques, no money for the broken antiques or anything else. WE WERE SCREWED!

I wont go on. I get mad just thinking about it again, but take my advice.... DO NOT USE, they are liars and will NOT treat your belongings with care!!!! AND... they always have an "out" so they dont have to pay you for damages....

S B.
1 Star

January 12 2020 7:34PM

USE ALLIED AT YOUR OWN RISK, they lost or stole 2 of our items, PLAYSTATION 4 AND THE ORIGINAL NINTENDO 1988 CONSOLE STILL IN THE BOX, Damaged our new Samsung dryer and an antique drawer, 5 boxes with fragile wrtitten were damaged also.

We moved from South Carolina to Pensylvania and hired these guys, which was the biggest mistake we have ever made. They were super friendly when giving me a quote and taking my money but when things got delivered and I complained about the missing items and damaged goods, they just kept passing me from one dept to another, Spoke to a lady on their claims dept named Cindy who wouldn't listen to a word I had to say on the first call and just kept telling me to fill out the claims report when all I wanted to do was explain what had happened with our items and if she could verbally give me more information, but no she did not want to talk and I swear to God even said, "If you are not happy you can file a complaint with the Police." I mean what!!!

I was furious inside but stayed calm on the call as I'm not a confrontational person. I wanted her to tell me the process of how they can find my things not fob me off like she was trying to do and tell me we have the right to take upto 90 days to look into your claim and tell me we would write to you not call you.. lol..

I couldn't believe it but obviously couldn't do anything either so I said ok. After a month and half, They refused any claim on the missing items as they put it was not on the list they made. Please note they Loaded the truck with hundreds of item from our house, once the truck is loaded the driver comes to you and asks you to sign the sheet confirming everything was loaded.

Now what I see on the sheet is total jargon some items like sofas, washer dryer like big items were clearly there and the number of boxes, so I looked and signed it, not knowing they did not actually write playstation and nintendo, I assumed as it was in the box they just wrote box like they did with many other electronic items.

Example Keurig didnt say Keurig on the sheet, airpurifier etc, it just said box, but we got those and surprisingly not the the game consoles. lol. If that is not deliberate theft please tell me what is.

Percentage of yourself puts a lot of trust in the company so you also assume they cannot get lost or stolen lol how mistaken was I. We consider ourselves good and honest people and wouldn't just a make a claim for the hell of it. We tipped the 3 pick up drivers 100 dollars cash and gave them 4 bottles of alcohol worth over a 100 dollars and also gave the drop off driver 120 tip, so this claim wasn't just about the money.

These were our things which we put 100% trust on this company to deliver back to us and it make's your blood boil when anyone steals from you like they did. This was the first time we used a moving company and learnt a lot, and learnt that you should just pay a little more and use a more reputable company than one that steals your goods and won't help you when something they did goes wrong.

I would never write a negative review if I wasn't happy with just the service, but when someone steals from you, you bet I will go all out to make sure this doesn't happen to no one else and that they should avoid this company at all cost. Absolute disgraceful Company.

Zaffar I.
Aiken, SC
1 Star

December 28 2018 12:36PM

After a very painful move with Allied since day one, with missing items an half of our furniture damaged, we are still waiting for a response on the insurance claim resolution. At the beginning we were told a company will arrive to fix some of the furniture and then we will settle for the rest. Its been almost six months since our move and we are still waiting for a call or an email informing when all this will be fix, instead they are not contacting us anymore and basically they are ignoring us now. This is very unsettling and distressful, and the lack of professionalism is just appalling. It's amazing that these companies charge you big amounts of money on insurance and then they just forget about it, sounds like a scam to us. This company was recommended to us by friends that works in multinationals like Exxon, but after this experience we will make sure they know what type of companies they are dealing with.

Francine G.
1 Star

July 27 2018 12:49PM

To block a man's driveway for four hours without the basic courtesy of a notification or request is no different than spitting in his face. The driver was willing to move his truck, very congenial. His loader wanted to fight. I told the driver I didn't want him to move his truck. Just wanted to know why I was not afforded the courtesy of a notification or request.

Lowell S.