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January 09 2019 6:52PM

I signed up for the Liberation walk-in tub/shower combo, based on the company’s well-known name. The salesman gave a great PowerPoint presentation; problem was the product didn’t live up to the hype. The tub was too small. After 2 more unsuccessful attempts to find a product that would actually meet our needs, I cancelled the contract. Yes it was after the recision period, but I wouldn’t have cancelled if the company had delivered what they promised. I’ve been waiting for my refund since last November. All of their Customer Service people kept promising that the refund was in process and it would take 4-6 weeks. However I found out today that the refund request was JUST processed on Jan 7th, and that it will be another 4-6 weeks. I’ll never consider American Standard for any major purchase ever again.

Phyllis L.
December 29 2018 9:00PM

Well the installer fell through our garage ceiling hitting our garage door opener... it is being replaced today $717.00. The installer needed pictures and asked if we did this and that, its a brand new home!!! Why would he have not told me he tore up our garage door opener!!! So ticked! Needless to say having to buy a new garage door opener... I wish I would have never hired this company!!

Upset sister of hanicap 60 yr old F.
October 27 2018 12:54PM

I had an American Standard walk in tub installed recently, costing about $7000 just for the tub. My hands are arthritic and I am not able to use the lever to lock the door. It requires too much strength. Also I used it with the help of my daughter locking the tub and it took a very long time to fill. I was running out of hot water before it filled. I turned on the air and jets which worked for a few minutes and shut off. I cannot get those working again. I am likely going to have my builder remove the tub. Very disappointing waste of money. It does drain quickly.

Gerri M.
October 12 2018 2:27AM

My experience with AMERICAN standard services in regard to their Life Time Warranty in regard to the liberation walk-in-tub has been very disappointing. When it worked it was as advertised, fantastic... but if it breaks down... then YOU will have problems. My tub has stopped working 4 times in less than 9 months of purchase. Customer service representatives Alexas and Kim have tried bypassing my concerns up the ladder but that ladder must be broken. The reps have even expressed mailed me the electrical parts to my home I received ln July. I even called “Rick” the technician who installed and got my liberation tub temporarily working the 3 other times it stopped working. I even call “Rick” this 4th malfunction several times... no return call from many messages left on his phone by me and customer service representatives. Apparently “Rick” is the only certified and not afraid to work on the liberation tub. Also in my four bathroom home I have a JACUZZI regular tub with jets that I have had for 14 years no problems. The JACUZZI COLLECTION now have walk-in-rubs and 24 dedicated technicians to provide service... but I chose an AMERICAN standard product... the name should speak for itself... SAD.

Levy J.
October 11 2018 5:49PM

I have no complaints; all went well with the installation even though it rained before, during, and after the installation. The men cleaned up everything. No mud got on my carpet. In the mud etc. the instructions were lost and I need them in order to control the hot and cold water. So would you please send me the instructions.

Jo Nell R.
September 05 2018 7:44PM

Luckily I read Ivan O’s review in time submitted two weeks ago. I live out of town and wanted to help my 90 year old father get a walk in tub quote since he is struggling with his current tub to take a shower or bath. I called 9-4-18 and talked to a rep to schedule someone to come out while I was here visiting. To my surprise they said they could have someone here 9-5-18 at 1:00. Not even 10 minutes later I had some call to confirm the appointment, address, time, telephone number for the quote. Again quite impressive.

That’s where it ends. Although we had some errands to do we made it home by 12:30 and waited until 2 pm... no one showed. I called the number they told me to if I had a problem. After explaining my situation they put me on hold for 5 minutes, came back on and apologized saying that person cancelled (no one notified us). She then said a manager would get back with me in 5 minutes or less... still waiting at 4pm. As Ivan ‘s review said and I concur, absolutely no sense of urgency. Glad I caught it before we committed to them installing a tub for us!! SAD!!

John F.
August 15 2018 2:09PM

I helped my mother get her Liberation walk-in-tub on 10-10-15 and she paid $15,110.31, that she paid with a check out of her savings. The installer had to take her door frame apart to get the tub in and had told me he had done many, many of these and would put everything back to where you could not tell it had been altered. When he was done and gone there were over 50 nails put in the same three boards that were used to re-frame the doorway, one was split but they used it anyway.

I had been asked to stay away because I was making the installers nervous, so I did not see the mess until they had left. They never even cleaned up the mess they made, that was left for my 89 year old mother to take care of. I called to complain of the lack of professional work and was told that my mother had left a great review.

When asked, she said when she tried to complain about the work, the interviewer hung up on her. Now on 8-03-18 the tub has a leak and I started calling on 8-04-18 @ 9:45AM Pacific Time, 11:23AM 8-04-18 Pacific Time, no response. I called again 8-06-18, 9:15AM Pacific Time talked to Alexas, I told her that this was my mothers only bathroom and bathtub. i was told a installer would return my call, I got no response. Called again on 8-08-18 12:52PM talked to Alexas again was given installer Grady's phone #called him 1:09PM no return call. Called again on 8-10-18, 1:50PM talked to Kim who transferred me to Jackelyn who transferred me to Alexas who offered me the installers phone # I said I had already called the installer and left a message & got no Response. She said she would have his supervisor call me back, that never happened.

Called again 8-14-18 , 8:00 AM on Kims personal # was told that she would have new installer call me, that never happened either . 8-15-18 Finally gave-up and called American Standard Corporate Office , talked to [email protected] 10:50 AM Pacific Time ,I told her that this was my 89year old mothers only bath tub and she had recently fallen and broke her back, so she desperately needed her tub! And I was told that someone in customer service would call me back, it is now 11:30AM and still not one person from this blessed company has called me back to schedule to fix my 89 year old mothers tub.

I guess this should teach people not to pay cash for one of these, because then you have no leverage to get them to honor their lifetime warranty. They should only be paid for on credit or on a contract so if there is a problem with one a person could stop payment until they come out and fix it, because it looks like they will not fix it on their own good reputation! This whole thing is really sad that they would take advantage of a senior citizen like this!

Ivan O.
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