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American Van Lines

4.6 Stars (7 Reviews)
Updated: January 23, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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American Van Lines specializes in long-distance moves with relocation packages for international, military, business, corporate and specialty relocation needs. The company is a federally-registered full-service moving company. American Van Lines can complete your residential or business move from start to finish, including packing, loading, unloading, storage and reassembling furniture.

American Van Lines

Editorial Breakdown

Easy Quote 4.8 Stars
Ease of Purchase 4.8 Stars
Price 4.8 Stars
Coverage Area 4.3 Stars

Overall Rating 4.6 Stars

Bottom Line

For short or long distance moving American Van lines offers cost-effective storage and moving services.

American Van Lines Review

American Van Lines is a family owned and operated national moving company with headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida, and multiple branch locations across the country. Founded in 1995, the company specializes in long-distance (state-to-state) moving services and also offers local relocation services in North Carolina, Texas and Florida. American Van Lines makes the list of our picks for Best Long-Distance Movers because the company provides easy-to-understand flat rate pricing. We also included American Van Lines in our Best Senior Moving Services guide.

American Van Lines conducts a thorough background check and drug test on every driver and mover hired so customers can be confident and feel safe when employees are in their homes and transporting possessions.


  • Newsweek 2019 Winner for America’s Best Customer Service
  • Certified Promover by American Moving & Storage Association
  • No additional charge for last-minute moves
  • All trucks have air ride technology
  • Fine art and antique moving specialists
  • Weekly shuttles to all major cities


  • Local moves are only available in only three states

American Van Lines Services

American Van Lines has a large fleet of moving vehicles and offers state-to-state relocation services across the U.S. The company can also coordinate international moves, including arranging packing and crating services, customs documentation and global storage services as needed. In addition to residential relocation, American Van Lines has experience with military, business and corporate relocations.

American Van Lines is a full-service moving company, and you get to choose how involved you will be in the process. You’ll receive a discounted rate if you pack your belongings without assistance from the company. You can also opt for partial packing services, where the company’s expert movers help you prepare fragile items like glass table tops or artwork.

American Van Lines moving services are an excellent choice for those who want the experts to take care of the move from start to finish. With full-service moving, you relax while movers pack your home, crate furniture and load everything for you. When the truck arrives at the destination, the movers unpack, reassemble furniture and place it in your home.

American Van Lines Moving Service Options
Service Description
DIY Packing You pack and prepare items. Movers load the truck, make the delivery and unload the trailer.
Partial Packing You do the majority of packing. AVL moving experts prepare items you choose for shipping.
Piano/Antique Movers prepare and transport a piano or valuable antiques. Full move is not required.
All-Inclusive Certified movers pack, wrap or crate belongings, then load, transport, unload and reassemble furniture.

American Van Lines Cost

The cost of relocation with American Van Lines depends on the distance between your current location and the destination, how much you need to be moved and whether you’d like full or partial services. Moving costs also vary depending on your choice of insurance. Federal law requires all movers to offer two insurance options: Released Value Protection, included in your estimate, but is inadequate coverage for almost all moving scenarios. The other option is Full Value Protection, which costs more but covers the total replacement value of possessions.

American Van Lines uses a flat-rate pricing system, so your cost won’t fluctuate once you choose your service package. While the company does not disclose sample prices on the website, you can receive a free quote by filling out an online form or calling to speak to a representative. Keep in mind that flat-rate quotes are still only estimates and final cost can vary based on several factors. Ask your American Van Lines agent to inform you if your estimated cost will change due to any unforeseen situations.

How to Book a Move With American Van Lines

The process to book a move with American Van Lines is similar to most moving companies. After you get an initial free quote, a company representative will come to your residence to see belongings you need to be transported and to provide a firm estimate. You decide at that point if you want to sign a contract with American Van Lines. Verify whether the quote is binding since nonbinding estimates can result in higher charges after your move is complete.

American Van Lines is required by law to provide a bill of lading when the driver arrives to load the truck. This document is a list of the items transported and a contract specifying the moving service terms and prices. Be sure to read the bill of lading thoroughly before signing.

American Van Lines Complaints

American Van Lines receives a B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, with consumers giving the company 4 out of 5 stars. ConsumersAdvocate rates American Van Lines 9.6 on a scale of 10 with high marks all-around, particularly for services offered and reputation. American Van Lines received Newsweek’s award for “America’s Best Customer Service 2019” in the Moving Services category. The company holds a Satisfactory rating from the U.S. Department of Transportation, which keeps a public record of all complaints filed against every registered moving company. The majority of complaints registered with the DOT involve discrepancies between estimates and final bills.

American Van Lines Q&A

  • What if something is damaged or lost during transport by American Van Lines?
    If any item is damaged or lost while moving, you can file the required claim using the form on the company’s website. Be sure to submit claims within nine months of the date your items were delivered. If you purchased additional insurance, you would receive reimbursement according to the terms of the policy you chose. Otherwise, the compensation is $0.60 for every pound of damaged goods.

  • Are there any items American Van Lines can’t move?
    Professional movers are prohibited by law from transporting hazardous household items like aerosol cans, kerosene, firearms, paint thinners and other dangerous or flammable materials. American Van Lines does not transport perishables like food or plants. Your representative can discuss what is prohibited if you have questions.

  • Where does American Van Lines provide local moves?
    Local moves are limited to North Carolina, Texas and Florida. American Van Lines usually charges by the hour for local relocations, which is more cost-effective for the customer.

  • Does American Van Lines contract with other moving companies?
    American Van Lines uses company-owned tractor-trailers for moving households and offices. Avoiding contracting with other companies keeps prices lower and ensures that every mover who comes into your home is a vetted American Van Lines employee who passed a thorough background check.

Conclusion on American Van Lines moving services

American Van Lines offers sensible moving packages and can further tweak the services you need to move a household or office. It’s a plus that the business only uses vetted employees and a company fleet of trucks for safety, reliability and to keep cost savings. To get a moving quote, call (888) 278-1135 or get a quote online.

7 American Van Lines Reviews

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1 Star

March 10 2022 10:15PM

I can not emphasis enough NOT to use American Van Lines. I thought I had did my research for my move from Orlando, Fl to Seattle, Wa but I’ve never regretted a choice so much in my life. The closest thing I could compare this experience to is a timeshare company with how crooked and shady they’re.

The minute they get their deposit you’re a nobody to them and their last priority. Run far far away and do any other moving company than this one.

I originally chose this company because their policy is to bind the contracted price you originally sign and pay the deposit for. That there would be no changes, fees, etc. added. That is NOT the case. The price will constantly change all the way up to the delivery date.

The original representatives you speak to are sales agents that misrepresent the prices and policies to get you to move through them. Making their prices look competitive to others. They will also spam your contact information till they get the sale and you’ll have no issues contacting them before the sale.

Afterward is a completely different story. My price was doubled due to misinformation by original agents a week before the move. The company would not pull the calls and they said even if they did it wouldn’t make a difference. The only person they hold accountable is the customer.

They wait to go over inventory and update everything till a week before because at that point you have no other Avenue for moving and can no longer cancel your move and receive a refund on your deposit.

They demand an updated deposit amount to 50% of this new total immediately or will cancel your move. This new price is no longer anywhere near competitive and is far and above its competitors.

On top of all that they will not tell you the move date till two or three days before the move timeframe.

In my case they never called me and I had to keep calling and didn’t find out my move date and timeframe till less then 24 hours to the date. Which then was pushed back to the following day and last day in my time-frame that it had to be done.

The driver shows up that Sunday and lo and behold is now trying to add additional fees to the already doubled price. We now need a transport/shuttle which was advised I would not need when the original sales agent google mapped my home address.

Also that some loose items HAD to be in boxed and now I was going to be charged a boxing fee of over 500 due to misinformation by prior agents AND supervisors.

Also since this day was a Sunday and it wasn’t open I couldn’t speak to anyone at American Van Lines and was assured by managers on Saturday that they would complete my move on Sunday because I had to be out of the apartment.

Thankfully my apartment complex was flexible due to the situation. No one contacted me till late at night to go over all the issues and to tell me if someone was coming for sure the next day.

Earlier in the day I was sent the new “binding” contract with added fees and was essentially forced to sign it or the move would be cancelled.

A manager named Theresa ** was suppose to be in contact with me about my move and all the issues I’ve been having but once they picked up my furniture, I have been unable to speak to anyone about my move.

No one is giving me a definitive date on when my furniture will be delivered and no update. At this point I expect many items to be broken, lost, or damaged based on every other experience at this point - if it’s ever delivered.

I’m going to be contacting the BBB in regard to this experience as well and if I’m not able to resolve all these issues I’ve had and are still having - I will be suing the company. So if you want a moving company that will poorly communicate every aspect of your move from beginning to end.

Will do everything in their power to screw you at every point of the move and drain every penny you have. Treat you like ** and only hold you accountable.

Then this is the moving company for you. Please spread the truth about this company to everyone you know and save them from the experiences I am having/had.

Nicholas N.
1 Star

August 22 2021 3:11PM

Do not hire American Van Lines. I hired them to move my family from TN to FL. When I got their quote, they called and emailed me about 5x/day to get my business. I agreed. They charged my credit card about $7,000 for the move.

About two weeks later, they asked for more money, which I reluctantly obliged. Then radio silence. I tried calling about 35 times in the week leading up to the move to confirm the date.

I had to wait 45 min to an hour on hold each time to talk to a human about the status of my move - just to confirm the movers were actually coming (which they couldn't confirm).

The day they were supposed to arrive they said they couldn't move me, and the money they had already taken for the past month was just to "reserve the truck" but not to reserve the moving date.

The buyers of my TN house were expecting me out, and I had to come up with a whole new moving plan on zero notice. It was a total disaster.

It was impossible to get ahold of American Van Lines - throughout this entire ordeal, even after taking my money, they called me a total of twice and left one unhelpful voicemail compared to me calling about 45 times total.

I only gave them 1 star because I can't give them zero. Hire JK movers instead, more expensive, but much more professional. American Van Lines' behavior was shameful.

Cameron K.
Orlando, FL
1 Star

August 05 2021 8:50PM

Do not hire American Van Lines. To start they promised me a price, scheduled my move. After going with their offer over others because price and reviews seemed optimal, they raised their price by $400. That was just the beginning of the American Van Lines nightmare.

The movers showed up at my house a day earlier than initial informed and planned, and it was late in the day. They were packing until 1am and were so tired they could move the truck out of my street and had to sleep in front of my house.

I had my possessions moved into storage while I was closing on my new house. A few months later after closing, I went to retrieve my belongings. I was not there when they were delivered.

I found a significant amount of damage that seems either intentional or massively negligent. They dropped a high end TV.

They Rolled a marble table cracking all the edges (Even after I specifically noted and paid for it to be wrapped and handled with care), they broke the prongs off the bottom of a restoration hardware couch, uncovered part of the leather. Broke other misc items.

Then me reaching out, they didn't respond to me for over 2 months. AVL told the BBB that I had signed off on my items were in good condition when delivered, which never happened. All in all they broke/damaged over 20k in belongings, have taken no accountability.

I had insurance via my home policy but they don't cover mover negligence, only natural disasters or theft. Pay more for a better company, don't use American Van Lines.

Aaron R.
Orlando, FL
1 Star

July 15 2021 7:27PM

Only fools should use AVL. Expect exemplary customer service on the front-end, and a disaster thereafter. They will underestimate your job to get the business, then fail on every task thereafter.

Don't expect them to pack items professionally, with paper and wrap. Rather, stuff is throw recklessly in boxes and taped up. Don't expect them to oblige to a binding agreement either, and don't expect any follow-up on damages which were excessive.

They don't even keep an accurate inventory of items, as many boxes were not stickered and logged. Good luck getting everything! And if Steve the driver shows up, you're toast.

Robert H.
Colleyville, TX, TX
1 Star

April 15 2021 7:18PM

After lodging a formal complaint on the Better Business Bureau website, against the moving company American Van Lines, based in Pompano Beach, Florida, AVL denied responsibility for the majority of my claims.

After much back and forth they finally expressed a willingness to reach an amicable resolution and asked me to contact them. Despite this, they failed to respond to any of my numerous calls and messages that I left them.

Based on all that I have researched on moving scams since my relocation to Denver, I was a victim of the worst of the worst, including bait and switch, overcharging, holding my belongings hostage, and more.

For these reasons, I would strongly urge anyone contemplating retaining the services of American Van Lines, to seriously reconsider.

Tahl F.
Denver, CO
1 Star

January 18 2021 9:52PM

First Don't Use their service. They are cheaters and looters. During the quotation I told all the item piece by piece but they merged some items and told me this is ok and all the items are taken care. Now when pickup person came they came with $2000 extra charge without looking anything. They quoted for 116 items even after splitting everything total item was 122, But the pickup person told to their office that the number increased is 50.

Now you are hijacked. You cant cancel their service then they will take your 40% money and if you take their service you have to pay $2000 extra. Finally when I threaten them that I will take action legally then only they returned back $300 dollars. I told the guy in form of manager that you guys are cheaters and when I gave the explanation they were silent.

Don't Don't take their services until unless you have money to through away. Don't believe their dates. They will tell you very short delivery date. Actually AVL deliver you items after maximum span. At least other movers telling you the truth. So Finally they are unprofessionals, cheaters, from beginning to end they will lied to you. Beware of American Van Line.

Arun G.
Richmond, TX
1 Star

March 10 2020 6:59PM

3/5/2020 American Van Lines - look up Anthony DiSorbo, President, Coral Springs, Fla., a spectacular house "off your and my dime"! AVL is NOT a Carrier. They deceive you at the last minute and broker out your contract to numerous other "agents" so you don't actually know who has your personal belongings.

Who.then is liable for your belongings when they are LOST and the warehouse they STORED your stuff in can't seem to find it! You contract with AVL for door to door service and you get your personal belongings STORED in a filthy warehouse for over 12 days, but they DON'T tell you this! Check out their "delivery window" on your contract! If you contract for door to door service why do they need 15-18 days to delivery your stuff.

CONTACT THE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE IN BROWARD COUNTY FLORIDA - Ashley Moody, to file a law suit! Just don't sit there, AVL knows how to play the game, They have been doing this for years to unsuspecting people! They reveal nothing, bring them to justice and make them Accountable for their deceptive, dishonest, false advertising along with their AGENT - Moving Relo who is just as guilty!

Sharon H.
Salt Lake County, UT