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Annuity Gator

4.6 Stars (2 Reviews)
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Updated: January 27, 2023
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Annuity Gator specializes in helping Americans financially prepare for retirement with the proper use of annuities and income planning strategies. The company’s mission is to dispense honest guidance, recommend appropriate annuities and provide personalized service. Annuity Gator helps clients research annuities and find the best annuity for their circumstances.

Annuity Gator Logo

Editorial Breakdown

Rates 4.7 Stars
Customer Service 4.3 Stars
Fees 4.5 Stars
Policy Features 4.4 Stars

Overall Rating 4.4 Stars

Bottom Line

Annuity Gator’s licensed annuity professionals are independent and not captive or beholden to any one particular insurance company. Annuity Gator's experts will help you find the best annuity for your unique situation.

Annuity Gator Review

The average length of retirement is nearly 20 years. Most Americans struggle with saving for retirement, so it’s natural for seniors to seek ways to improve their financial standing. Annuities provide a predictable income stream for life and can be part of enjoying a comfortable retirement.

We consider Annuity Gator a top annuity company in our Best Annuities Guide because it offers educational resources. The broker’s website includes a wealth of information about annuities and other retirement planning topics.


  • 100+ free annuity reviews online
  • Free, virtual annuity consultations
  • Unbiased, transparent advice


  • Annuity commission rates not published online
  • No online reputation outside of the Annuity Gator website

Annuity Gator Investor Education

The Annuity Gator website includes more than 100 unbiased, in-depth annuity reviews. People researching annuities can search for specific annuities or browse by insurance companies. Annuity Gator continues expanding its review database with up-to-date information on the latest financial products.

Consumers use Annuity Gator’s services in a few different ways:

  • Read reviews and learn about the pros and cons of annuity investing
  • Take an online quiz to see what types of annuities are appropriate
  • Ask questions by submitting an online form, followed by a reply within 24 hours

Annuity Gator Promises Ethical Choices

Annuity Gator is committed to integrity and customer service. The company publishes its promises to all customers:

Annuity Gator Service Promises
Promise What it Means
Transparency Clearly stated fees and commissions
Curated Choices All annuities offered are verified and vetted
Honesty Integrity and ethics drive company actions
Commitment All Annuity Gator recommendations are truthful and personalized, regardless of potential commissions or incentives

Annuity Gator Virtual Annuity Consultations

Annuity Gator provides no-obligation annuity consultations to investors who need in-depth information on retirement planning or annuity guidance. These complimentary consultations are designed to help customers achieve their retirement goals as efficiently and economically as possible. The company’s proprietary software generates customized, ranked annuity selections with a side-by-side comparison.

Annuity Gator licensed professionals help people explore their options and answer any questions. During your consultation, you can expect the licensed annuity professional to:

  • Highlight the most affordable annuity that fits your needs
  • Demonstrate how combining annuities could be profitable
  • Provide insight into the annuities being considered
  • Go over the actual rate of return for each annuity discussed
  • Help you steer clear of making costly and potentially irreversible annuity choices

All consultations take place over the phone, so customers won’t need to leave the comfort of home. The Annuity Gator representative remotely shares their computer screen with investors so they can see the proprietary software in action.

Annuity Gator Partnerships

Although an annuity differs from life insurance, annuities are backed by insurance companies. You can find annuity reviews and offerings from several insurance companies on the site. These companies include Securion, TIAA, Thrivent Financial, AIG, Northwestern Mutual, New York Life and many others.

Annuity Gator does not offer every single type of annuity available. The company keeps the selection focused on the highest potential for income or secure growth and with the lowest fees. While the annuities pool is substantial, Annuity Gator only offers annuities and products from companies they’ve fully vetted and meet its high standards.

Annuity Gator Costs

All of Annuity Gator’s educational resources and consultations are free. However, the company clearly wants to earn the consumer’s business during the consultation. Purchase an annuity through Annuity Gator, and the company receives a commission from the insurer backing the annuity.

There are no commission rates disclosed on the website. However, Annuity Gator states it will be fully transparent about fees and commissions during the annuity review process.

Annuity Gator Complaints

Annuity Gator was launched in 2012 to provide a high-quality service for people researching annuities online. While searching for client feedback across the internet, we could not find any negative reviews about the company. We will update this section as client reviews are published.

Annuity Gator FAQ

  • How do I know if an Annuity Gator annuity will be right for me?

    Annuity Gator pledges only to recommend annuities that are the right fit for your retirement funding and circumstances. The broker openly acknowledges that annuities aren’t for everyone. The company states that annuities are generally best for investors between ages 50-75 with at least $100,000 in retirement savings.

  • How does Annuity Gator choose annuities to discuss during consultations?

    Annuity Gator personalizes recommendations for each customer’s circumstances. Representatives only recommend carefully vetted products for quality and backed by top-rated insurers. Customers can feel confident and secure in their decision to invest.

  • How do I know Annuity Gator is qualified to help me make this decision?

    Annuity Gator has a licensed professional team that walks you through the annuity buying process. These representatives use no jargon, gimmicks or high-pressure sales tactics.

  • Do insurers compensate Annuity Gator for their annuity reviews?

    No. To remain as unbiased as possible, Annuity Gator does not get paid by insurance companies when they publish annuity reviews. Customers can rest assured Annuity Gator will provide their honest opinion about each financial product.

  • What other guidance does Annuity Gator provide to investors?

    Annuity Gator publishes a blog diving deeper into annuities and other retirement planning topics.


Annuity Gator has years of experience providing free information to the general public and prospective customers. The company simplifies researching and buying annuities and helps investors find the best product. Annuity Gator representatives will tell you if there are better choices than an annuity. Annuity Gator can assist seniors with having a more comfortable retirement via an appropriate and predictable lifetime income stream.

2 Annuity Gator Reviews

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5 Stars

November 01 2022 6:30PM

Working online for hours on several days, with Zoom meeting to show us exactly where our money will be going and risks, fees and most of all a lifetime income for us.

James ** is amazing, he knows we are working with a local AZ estate planning company. But James has outperformed them in education and making sure we understood our investment with Annuity Gator.

Francecs F.
Winkelman, AZ
1 Star

October 07 2020 8:14PM

This is bait and switch. They promised to give a report on top rated Index Annuities. I further clarified I wanted accumulation not income. I was pestered for a phone appointment. When I refused, I got a link for MYGA ratings. I would not trust this Company.

Raj N.
Ormond Beach, FL