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Audicus Hearing Aids Review

Audicus provides discount prices on hearing aids by keeping overhead low and eliminating intermediaries. You can pay for your hearing aids with a monthly subscription, financing options or an upfront payment. You get a 45-day trial period, and if you don’t love the devices, return them for a refund. Customers also get unlimited support from one of the top hearing aid companies.

It’s easiest to buy Audicus hearing aids on its website, although the company has a few clinics in major U.S. cities. Today’s hearing aids are so high-tech that in-person fittings often aren’t necessary. Default settings are based on years of data, and Audicus audiologists can customize the hearing aids. You can make further adjustments with a mobile app or buttons on the device, depending on your environment.

  • Accurate free online hearing test
  • Consult with the audiology team 7 days a week
  • Custom hearing aids based on hearing tests
  • Remote adjustments available
  • 45-day risk-free trial
  • Unlimate warranty for members


Audicus Subscription Membership

The Audicus Membership comes with a monthly subscription and offers many great features. You get to exchange your hearing aids for a new pair every 18 months. The Audicus Membership includes free reprogramming, unlimited support and Audicus Protect insurance. You’ll also receive new batteries, domes and guards at no cost every three months or whenever you need them.

You’ll pay a one-time $100 enrollment fee for an Audicus Membership followed by $12 or $24 monthly payments. The program includes cleanings, repairs and lost hearing aid replacement coverage. There’s no contract involved, and you can cancel at any time.

Audicus Hearing Aid Models

Audicus offers behind-the-ear (BTE), receiver-in-canal (RIC) and completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid models. A hearing professional examines your hearing test to help you choose the right hearing aids. The Audicus Clara hearing aid is a very popular device and corrects a broad range of hearing issues. The top-of-the-line Wave can combine the convenience of Bluetooth and rechargeable batteries. You can stream directly from an Apple or Android smartphone and charge the devices while you sleep.


Audicus Protect Plan

Audicus Protect gives you two years of complete coverage for unlimited hearing aid repairs, reprogramming and Clean and Care service. The plan also replaces lost hearing aids at no cost once every two years. Audicus Protect is included with the membership, or add it to your non-subscription order.

The Audicus Protect plan costs $12 per ear in monthly installments. There’s no hearing aid replacement benefit until you make 24 payments. The plan is available for all Audicus models.

Audicus Hearing Aids Costs

We covered Audicus hearing aid costs in the table above. The prices are very reasonable, if not the lowest you’ll find for comparable devices. The Audicus Protect hearing aid insurance and maintenance plan costs $12 to $24 each month.

Audicus Clean and Care provides cleaning, batteries and consumable parts every three months for $12 per month. You also can pay for the service with a one-time $40 to $50 fee. Audicus’s $39 to $59 subscription plans are affordable, but you can also finance the cost if you prefer. Audicus partners with Affirm to offer monthly payment plans starting at $37 over six, 12 or 18 months.

Audicus periodically offers promotional pricing on its website. Be aware that if you fill out a form to get a coupon sent to your email, you will likely also have to provide a phone number. You will start receiving promotional communications, so it’s best to sign up for special pricing only if you’re sure you want to order hearing aids.

How to Buy Hearing Aids from Audicus

Before you can buy hearing aids online from Audicus, you’ll need to take the hearing test provided on its website. You can also send a recent hearing test (audiograph) to Audicus. Upload the audiograph by using the link on its website; sending a fax; or texting or emailing a photo of test results. All records are stored via a HIPAA-compliant process, so your information remains private and anonymous.

A hearing professional at Audicus reviews your hearing test, and then you receive recommendations for hearing aids. Audicus currently sells four FDA-approved hearing aid models for mild to severe hearing loss. Select the hearing aid, then add the options you want, depending on the model:

  • One-time payment or subscription
  • Make the hearing aid rechargeable
  • Enhanced clarity
  • Choice of color
  • TV connector
  • Remote control
  • UV dry box
  • Audicus Care automatic supply shipments
  • Audicus Protect plan with unlimited repairs and cleanings and a one-time replacement

An audiologist will program your hearing aids. You can tweak the settings further when you receive them. Audicus gives you 45 days to decide whether to keep your hearing aids. Each hearing aid comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, a Getting Started kit, unlimited support and free shipping.

In addition to their online purchase options, Audicus has 5 clinic locations that offer hearing aid support and free hearing assessments:
– Denver, CO
– New York, NY
– San Diego, CA (Opening Soon)
– Los Angeles, CA (Opening Soon)
– Washington D.C. (Opening Soon)

Audicus Complaints

The Better Business Bureau gives Audicus an A+. Consumer reviews on the BBB site rate the company with 4.6 out of 5 stars. ConsumersAdvocate gives Audicus a perfect 5-star rating, with 4.9 out of 5 stars from readers. Its Yelp score is 4.5 out of 5. Facebook reviews averaged a bit lower at 3.9 out of 5, but we found no complaints after 2016.

ZipHearing says Audicus is very easy to use but only recommends ordering hearing aids online if you’ve worn them before.

Audicus Hearing Aids Q&A

  • Can I wait until I try my Audicus hearing aids to buy Audicus Protect?

    Yes. You can subscribe to the Audicus Protect program after you buy hearing aids. You have 60 days from the date of shipment to add the service.

  • Do I have to sign up for Audicus Care at the same time I buy my hearing aids?

    No. You can subscribe to and cancel Audicus Care at any time.

  • Does Audicus ship hearing aids outside of the U.S.?

    Audicus can ship orders to just about anywhere in the world. International taxes and fees may vary, so call or email Audicus for details before ordering.

  • Does Audicus only sell hearing aids online?

    Audicus has hearing aid clinics in New York City; Denver; Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles and San Diego. You can verify clinic locations on its website and find phone numbers to call to make an appointment. Otherwise, all sales are online.

  • Does Audicus manufacture the hearing aids it sells?

    Audicus works with hearing aid manufacturers to source the devices it offers to customers. It is not involved with manufacturing.


The cost of hearing aids is often why people with hearing loss don’t buy them. Audicus says consumers saved over $40 million since the company started selling hearing aids online in 2011. The majority of Audicus reviews are outstanding and note a high customer service level. Audicus provides some of the lowest hearing aid prices, easy ordering, ongoing support and a 45-day free trial.

Audicus Reviews

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September 25 2021 3:19AM

For decades before trying Audicus, I had either overpaid for aids sold only by audiologists or put up with poor quality amplifiers. I have had the Clara model aids (2 pair) for years—they work very well.

Clarity—especially in noisy environments—is much better than I had previously experienced. Only one time have they failed; Audicus repaired them promptly at no charge.

Sadly, their bluetooth remote adapter has been a disappointment. It is too weak; transmission drops out frequently to one aid or both unless the adapter is located very close to my throat and is oriented in a narrow range of positions. Audicus found no repairable defect, so the problem is due to marginal design.

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