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Beltone Hearing Aids

4.75 Stars (47 Reviews)
Updated: January 20, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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Beltone hearing aids are among the most advanced available. The company provides remote diagnostics with a smartphone connection and free service for the life of each hearing aid. Beltone has 1,500 locations across the U.S. and only fits customers with hearing aids if needed.

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Editorial Breakdown

Ease of Purchase 4.5 Stars
Warranty 4.5 Stars
Price 4.3 Stars
Customer Service 4.3 Stars

Overall Rating 4.4 Stars

Bottom Line

For more than 77 years, Beltone has been providing hearing solutions for those suffering from hearing loss. Belton has more than 1,500 locations and provides remote diagnostics with a smartphone connection and free service for the life of each hearing aid.

47 Beltone Reviews

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1 Star

February 23 2022 7:19PM

Went to Beltone hearing in Iron Mountain Michigan as it was close to my home and I am 92 years old and don't drive any more. I was told that I had severe hearing loss and I asked if I had wax in my ears and he said no and that my ears were clear of wax.

He gave me some hearing aids and I asked what the price was and I did not get an honest answer. He charged $8000.00 for two hearing aids with a $1000.00 dollar off fake certificate and two thousand off from insurance.

I called my insurance co and they did not pay anything on my hearing aids so I didn't know what the $2000.00 was for. I called the main office and they said they just gave me a $2000.00 discount. Why was it listed as insurance?

The hearing aids do not work well and I asked if I could return them and he said no. I assumed there would be at least a 30 day trial period and when I asked what the trial period was he said two days. Well that time had expired and I was stuck with paying $5000.00 out of pocket.

I have to take the hearing aids out if I am around a lot of noise and can't wear them watching tv as I can't understand what is being said so I have to take them out and turn up the volume. Very unhappy.

Mabel O.
Iron Mountain, MI
2 Stars

February 06 2022 8:57PM

I had Starkey, but did not have a local representative, it was a 10 mile drive to one and Beltone had a local office so I purchased a pair and have regretted it ever since. Starkeys were half of the $7,000 I paid for Beltone's cheap pair.

Starkeys made an announcement when something happened like the battery getting weak, Beltones beeps and there is no record anywhere of what the beeps stand for. The batteries lasted 7 days in the Starkeys and only 5 in the Beltones. Beltones is a bad choice.

Roger W.
Goose Creek, SC
1 Star

January 04 2022 5:45PM

I am 66 on SSI and so I have little income. I have Anthem insurance that pays for hearing aids so I was very excited to see that Beltone was one of the places I could go to. I went there only for the guy to tell me right off my insurance was a scam.

The hearing aid that didn't cost was worthless and this was before the exam. After he said the hearing aids I needed was way more than $1500. But he could get me used ones far cheaper. I called my ex. He said it was a scam. I wrote a bad review in the Greenfield office review. Got a call.

The manager wanted to meet me to make the bad review go away. I met with her basically same thing except didn't offer to sell used hearing aids but said I had scarring in my ear. She also said the hearing aid insurance would pay for would last enough for me to save for the higher priced ones.

They were all about the high priced ones and kept telling me the ones they offer the insurance for free was worthless. I left the office feeling hopeless. I thought I would just have to be deaf because unlike some I can't afford extra money.

They did not care. They just kept saying these will work. The ones insurance pay won't. So insurance sent me somewhere else. They found me a pair. I called beltone in greenfield. Told them to cancel their order. I found somewhere else. They cancelled my other places order!

I waited 45 days for my new hearing aids only to find beltone cancelled them. Now I have to wait 45 more days. Please don't go to beltone if you are low in income. Save your heart.

Joan O.
Greenfield, IN
5 Stars

October 25 2021 12:46PM

I just learned that one of your practitioners is no longer with Beltone. This is heartbreaking news for my mother and my family. The Twinsburg location has gone above and beyond to serve my mom for the last 2 1/2 years.

My mother became ill and wasn’t able to get to the office due to her lack of mobility. The practitioner came out to the nursing home anytime we called and asked her to.

We don’t find a service like this anymore and for the Twinsburg location to go above and beyond and offer this the service is beyond appreciated. Will be GREATLY missed.

Sarah S.
Solon, OH
5 Stars

September 01 2021 12:16AM

I've worn Beltone aids for 30 years. I went to Starkey for 2 years and was very disappointed. They were in more than 5 times a year.

I went back to Beltone and have been impressed with their quality and sound. My wife and daughter both just purchased Beltone aids and they are extremely happy.

Allyn G.
3 Stars

July 15 2021 3:20PM

I paid right at $7K for a pair of Beltone Hearing Aids over 10 years ago and my local Beltone office could Never make them stop 'ringing'. I put up with this for about 8 years, and bought a 'refurbished' pair, and had the same trouble with them.

After 4 years of Agony I listened to my wife and we visited Sam's Club Hearing Aid center in Crystal Springs, Arkansas and Robin ** fixed me up with a pair of their Hearing Aids for $1,700 and They Are Terrific.

No Ringing, and these are Unbelievable Hearing Aids for the Money, and I want all of my 'Older Friends to know about them. They might not be good for Everyone, but they sure were for me. I will Never walk in a Beltone's door again...

B.J. M.
Kerrville, TX
5 Stars

July 09 2021 1:10PM

Hi - I wanted to send a 'Shout Out" to the kindness/greatness of two human beings. My mom has been a customer for 20 yrs. She has been very satisfied w/ the customer svc and hearing aid device.

We wanted to especially thank **/Regional Mgr. Shawn ** from the Clermont Office in FL (50 East). They went above and beyond to provide exceptional care for my mom who is 89 years old with the best options for her device and all the TLC provided was one to commend.

Thank you Beltone Leaders for having such employees on your team who are an asset to your company.

Evelyn S.
Bronx, NY
4 Stars

June 14 2021 7:07PM

Service has always been impeccable, my problem is I had to replace the receivers 6 or 7 times in 3 1/2 yrs after warranty. Cost 150.00 to replace. I feel receivers don't hold up, even during warranty allowed only 1 replacement receivers for each ear per yr.

Joe D.
Dudley, MA
1 Star

June 03 2021 2:51PM

First of all the number rating is too good. At 3 months old these hearing aids developed a problem and had to be sent back to Beltone [no charge].

After 4 months again they stopped working. I brought them BACK again and Beltone office said they only needed cleaning at a charge of $65.00. By the time I reached home the hearing aids were dead and not working AGAIN.

Home is only 20 minutes from there office. I called their office right away and they told me to wait 3 days for the new appointment.

At that meeting they told me that the hearing aids new microphone and they would send them back to Beltone and charge me ANOTHER $65.00 when they return. Their office will bill me TWICE for the service. My hearing aids are under warranty so there is no charge for the parts.

They are charging an UNREASONABLE FEE. I will have to pay this fraudulent charge as not to affect my credit rating. DISHONEST DOUBLE CHARGING A CUSTOMER IS UNETHICAL AND VIOLATES RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT.

Maybe this criminal conduct is company wide. Where are all the safeguards the Government has in place to stop this criminal behavior. Buyer beware.

Frank S.
1 Star

May 24 2021 2:40AM

Purchased Beltone Skoric hearing aids on Friday. Called the main office and message that I wanted my money back. The office called me back on Monday. Stated I had to wait and see consultant about turning the hear aids then. Of course that was after 3 days.

Consultant in Bad Axe attempted to adjust the Beltone Skoric hearing aids three times over the next four weeks. He failed. Told me I was beyond the 3 day return.

Sent one back to maintenance to see if left hearing aids was at fault. I just would like to return these junk hearing aids and get my money back.

1 Star

April 08 2021 7:08PM

Devices are inferior. I bought the best they could offer and still need to take them in every 3-4 weeks. I stopped wearing them outside thinking moisture was the problem. It does help them work a little longer, but they eventually stop working.

Beltone even replaced one of them and it functions the same. I bought a UV de-humidifier and clean them everyday. I don't have thousands of dollars to check other makes and models, but Beltone is a complete rip off.

Any one who can sell consumers a $5000.00 hearing aid that performs that poorly should be ashamed.

Gary D.
Navarre, FL
5 Stars

March 04 2021 12:28AM

Met with audiologist Danielle today, my experience was absolutely the best ever! Danielle took her time testing, explaining, answering questions the 1-1/2 hours I was there. When Danielle put hearing aids in my ears a whole new world opened up to say the least.

My family has been tortured by my lack of hearing for years, I’m so happy to be bringing them a better hearing wife, mother, sister, aunt, and friend. Forgive me all for not going to Beltone sooner.

Mary D.
Norton, MA
2 Stars

February 27 2021 1:31PM

Purchased Beltone Trust hear aids because of the sales pitch and company longevity. What a mistake! I have profound hearing loss and was missing much of the sound and most of the conversation around me for years.

Initially the aids seemed to improve the quality of the sound I was exposed to but now that I have worn them 2+ years I can honestly report that they are no more than expensive noise amplifiers. Save your money and frustration and purchase OTC sound amplifiers.

The result will be the same and you will have thousands in your bank. Very few Beltone hearing specialist have knowledge or interest sufficient to adjust the aids they sold and this leaves you with something less than a paper weight and more than a financial loss.

I have had both right and left aids go bad while in warranty and factory replaced both but did not bother to properly set them to my audiology profile.

Asking local Beltone hearing specialist to set them properly has been a total nightmare, leaving me with more frustration and improper adjustments than ever. If I ever get Beltone to offer a refund you can bet I will be replacing with another brand.

Years in a business does not guarantee a good product nor good service after the sale. It only guarantees that the company has learned how to sell you their product.

James G.
Canton, GA
1 Star

February 09 2021 4:59AM

Hearing aids only lasted 1 year. Contacted local office and was told to purchase new equipment. Emailed the main office and was ignored. Needless to say, I would have paid less and had better customer service at Costco. Lesson learned - buyer beware!

Patricia G.
Indian Land, SC
1 Star

February 03 2021 12:41AM

If there was a lower star I would give it. Asked questions about other hearing aids, was lied to from audiologist. Never told me different types, sold me the "DISCOUNTED" ones that cost me $6700.00. Found out there were more to choose at a third of cost.

Tester was rude and tried to tell me how I should calm down. Gave me all my money back despite the $600 restock fee, Went to Sam's Club in Kissimmee instead. What a difference in attitude, professionalism and price.

Cheryl B.
Kissimmee, FL
5 Stars

February 02 2021 6:56PM

I've been a customer of Beltone for many years and I would like to give a review and praise to Susan ** at the Southgate, Michigan Beltone Hearing Center.

Susan was and is very attentive to my needs and helped greatly. This is just her way of making us at ease each time I come for help. 5 BIG STARS for SUSAN **!!!

Albert H.
Gibraltar, MI
4 Stars

January 13 2021 10:27PM

I have been with Beltone hearing aids for 15 years and had success with the three different styles I've purchased. The only problem I have is the price. The people I bought the new hearing aids from were very knowledgeable and polite.

I retired from GM and now could go with true hearing which would cost less money for the hearing aid and the warranty, care and visits to the office twenty dollar copay after six months are terrible.

If you buy from Beltone there is a lifetime commitment to you and no charge for services. I really love my new hearing aids and rechargeable no batteries, bluetooth to my phone, tv etc.

David S.
Grand Blanc, MI
2 Stars

January 12 2021 5:29PM

A year and a half and one of the aids has failed. For 7 thousand dollar investment you’d think they would be under warranty. You’d be wrong. The audiologist I bought them from was excellent with cleaning and adjustments. Only reason for 2 stars and not 1.

There’s a new audiologist who will fix my problem with another 7 thousand dollars. I bought Oticon s series for 1/3 the price and they work much better than the Beltone ever did. Also a 3 year warranty.

Anna H.
Cotuit, MA
1 Star

December 07 2020 2:11AM

On the Beltone website it clearly states, “60 day risk free trial”. I received battery Beltone hearing aids that did not integrate with my iPhone October 13, 2020 from Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center in Suttons Bay, Michigan.

After getting a second pair of hearing aids from a competitor that were rechargeable and beautifully integrated with my iPhone for the same price as Beltone, I returned the inferior Beltone hearing aids that same morning, October 26, 2020.

I was told that Beltone Skoric is not Beltone and Beltone Skoric refused to refund $4,300.00, because I had the Beltone Hearing Aids, says Beltone right on the hearing aid, beyond their 3 day trial.

I left the Beltone hearing aids with Jerome ** at Beltone Skoric in Traverse City, Michigan, but he has mailed them to my house 3 separate times. I have refused the package each time.

I have contacted Blue Cross of Michigan that their recommendation to their subscribers to try Beltone Skoric has been a nightmare. I have also filed a complaint with State of Michigan Licensing bureau.

I haven’t felt at all that Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center cared about me, but I have felt like all they really wanted was to sell me hearing aids, to trap me.

When I asked why their website promoted a 60 day risk free trial, but Beltone only offers a 3 day trial, Beltone Skoric told me they are not Beltone!? This misleading practice must stop. I am considering legal action.

Chris H.
Suttons Bay, MI
1 Star

October 19 2020 2:45PM

Do not buy from Beltone. They will get your money and then they don’t care. Took my Mother in June of 2020 to have hearing tested, told her she needed hearing aids and then proceeded to sell her a $6000.00 dollar pair.

She’s 83 years old, cannot see or hear but they convinced her to buy even though she is on a fixed income. They did not explain all the logistics of the cleaning process which is something difficult for her to do.

Cannot just walk in for a checkup on them due to the Covid 19 so we waited until our 4 month checkup and we told him of our concerns and all he would say was Gotcha!!

They got us alright. She is not able to wear them or hear out of them but all they can say is Gotcha. Called the Beltone Operations Mgr. for Indiana and her hung up on me. Such professionalism.

Sherrie W.
Martinsville, IN
5 Stars

September 01 2020 9:27PM

I can’t believe I haven’t written a review sooner! I have had my hearing aids for over 1 year now already and I absolutely love them!! Brian **, BC-HIS was the Specialist who helped me, and him and his staff were very nice and professional.

I am 40 years old, and I was very intimidated at first knowing I truly needed to get hearing aids, at what I feel is still a very young age. Hearing Aids is a big investment, but I tell you I wouldn’t trade these for the world! I don’t see how I was functioning in life without them.

I could hear things I had never heard before. And the best part now with having the aids, I have super human ears! Lol!! I can customize my restaurant settings amongst others which is amazing!

Love that it’s Bluetooth compatible and I can listen to my favorite songs through them, answer the phone hands free, and most importantly HEAR!

Hear and understand what you’re saying without me asking you to repeat yourself a thousand times and misinterpreting what you said.

These hearing aids are God's miracle to me and I am so every grateful to Beltone and Brian ** and his staff. Thank you for making me feel comfortable and giving me options with no pressure. I’m confident I got the best of the best and I couldn’t be happier!!

I’ve had them over a year and they still seem like they’re brand new. I saw there were some negative reviews from other states. It must have just been those individuals which sucks for them, but the product is good, high quality and shouldn’t receive negative reviews.

However the 2 Florida locations I went to, one in Lake Mary, FL and another in Winter Park, FL (Brian **) and his staff were very knowledgeable, informative, professional, kind and had great customer service.

I would definitely highly recommend BELTONE for your hearing aid needs.

Christie C.
Lake Mary, FL
1 Star

June 22 2020 8:24PM

Very poor service & unprofessional when fitting & setting up. Very rude when I wanted to return them. I had to have remolding that delayed the use. Several returns trips that they could not set the hearing aids up. Just too much to write about.

Bernard K.
Jim Thorpe, PA
1 Star

March 26 2020 2:58PM

I was in the trial period and returned my hearing aids and equipment. I received Ed a letter stating I need to pay $400 for paperwork. In my 75 years I need heard of such greed and unprofessional behavior. I am on social security and can barely make ends meet and Beltone knew it. I will not pay $400 for paper work and please beware of them. I bought my hearing aids elsewhere for half the price.

Sandra L.
Little Elm, TX
1 Star

February 23 2020 3:26PM

These are the worse hearing aids ever. I have had problems from the first week of having them. I bought them in Florence, SC. I have been back to them and all they do is clean them. They have sent them off two or three times. I still have them, still paying for them, and they are still not working. I've only gotten excuses about what is wrong with them. Is there anyone I can call and get help? Just tired of paying for something that doesn't work.

Carlton B.
Scranton, SC
1 Star

January 17 2020 5:10PM

Don't get hearing aids with Beltone. I got my mom pair through them. I had to get the loan through Wells Fargo which is another company stay away from but anyways the hearings aids cost me 8000 dollars. I found out by other people who had similar hearing aids that I overpaid.

My mom and I at the time didn't know anything about hearing aids which gave them the opportunity to take advantage. My mom passed the hearing aids are 1 year old now. I tried to get my money back in October but they refuse. I am stuck with a loan and hearing aids I cant use.

Dianna L.
Lesage, WV
5 Stars

December 31 2019 4:07PM

Happy to be able to hear. I did not realize what I was missing. This office was wonderful. Personnel were extremely helpful, patient, and understanding. Set me up and took the time to explain everything to me. Helped me figure out what I needed, how to finance/pay for my equipment, and how to adjust settings. Love that I can set up on my iphone! Thank you!

Rae L.
Davie, FL
1 Star

December 03 2019 12:09AM

Beltone hearing aids worst on market. Had to repair every two. Was in drawer. Now can hear with them. They could not repair the hearing aids, took them back lots of times. Got tired of going back to repair. So I put them in my dresser drawer.

Sidney S.
Wellington, KY
2 Stars

October 30 2019 9:20PM

Worst hearing aids I have owned. cCn't get them adjusted. They whistle all the time and one just died when the battery went dead and won't power up with new batteries. Will not recommend to anyone. Had concept by Iowa hearing aids before and they were great, ins co said get Beltone. What a mistake.

Norman R.
Adel, IA
3 Stars

September 26 2019 7:24PM

Beltone is the 3rd company I have dealt with for hearing aids. I believe I've had these $5200.00 hearing aids for maybe a little over a year and the doctor and me are on a first name basis now. I've had my share of problems with these very expensive hearing aids. Some of the problems are with the so-called App that is downloaded to my phone. There are times when the app shows "Hearing aids not connected" and they are..So many times has one earing aid worked and not the other, especially when I'm listening to downloaded music. One or the other just won't connect.

There are times when just putting them in my ear only one is connected. I'm getting very tired of calling the Beltone Store, making an appointment from my busy day to keep going around and around to repair the problem. The hearing specialist is more than helpful to get things going correct again. He is a great guy and I hope Beltone never loses this guy. I never had this problem with the cheaper ones I've had in the past..maybe I should have stayed with them. Biggest does not mean the best in any business. Now, again, I have another appointment to have these hearing aids programmed. I don't know if anyone else is going thru what I am but let me tell you, it's no fun.

David S.
Middleburg Heights, OH
3 Stars

September 26 2019 6:43PM

I have Trust 6 purchased 2019. Does not have very good noise cancelation. Been to the service rep twice so far but not good results. He put a large power dome in and it does help my receiver in the ear. But it does block up the ear.

Jon L.
Chelmsford, MA
5 Stars

September 19 2019 1:38PM

I bought my Beltone hearing aides in 2013. What has impressed me the most about Beltone is the service they provide. I have had two Hearing Aide Specialists since owning them and both have taken good care of my hearing aides. Once I forgot I had my aides on and jumped into a swimming pool. After a minute or so I remembered they were still in my ears! My specialist made time to see me later that day, put them in his "moisture eliminating machine" and they were saved! Same thing a year later with the shower. Granted, my hearing aides are seniors now and have had two serious incidences, but despite some occasional feedback, they " keep on going". I will be buying a new pair this year to enjoy the latest technology and hear TV better.

Linda A.
Glen Ellyn, IL
1 Star

September 18 2019 8:09PM

DO NOT BUY BELLTONE HEARING AIDS!!!! I spent $7000.00 for their in-ear model. They took turns breaking and were repaired several times while under warranty but they never worked as advertised. The guarantee only lasts for three years, so now they want $300.00 to repair the broken one. It is laying on the dresser because I won't throw good money after bad. I am no better off than I was four years ago except I was $7000.00 richer. My bad.

Paul S.
Evington, WV
1 Star

September 10 2019 7:32PM

Putting it simple the don't work and I wish I had not spent the money on them. Now granted I purchased their low end since that was all I could afford. When turned up just amplifiers background noise. When I complained the bottom line answer was kinda oh you really want to hear with them you will need to upgrade to the tune of an additional $5000.00! Even most of the cheap headsets have noise cancelling technology. Their things are useless!

Jo G.
Marietta, GA
3 Stars

August 29 2019 12:45AM

My husband has owned to pair of Beltone hearing aids. One analog purchased in 1994 and one digital purchased in 2005, Both were advertised as they are today as having a lifetime service agreement.

However, after 10 years in each case Beltone said they could no longer service these older hearing aids. SAD! We have been mailing them to a service company in California that is capable of servicing them. So why is it that Beltone can not? Beltone needs to stop the false advertisements of lifetime service agreement.

Mary Ann R.
Plymouth, MI
5 Stars

August 28 2019 9:51PM

I changed my review because at first I didn't know that my friend wasn't understanding what I was saying so he would get mad and think I was saying something completely different.

Today at Beltone on Harvard in Tulsa Ok call me in the room and explained to me his hearing isn't able to hear with clarity. So thank you Joe at Beltone because no one has ever explained it to me before that he can't help it.

Kathy C.
Henryetta, OK
2 Stars

July 12 2019 3:32PM

Paid $7000 For my Beltone hearing aids in the fall of 2017. Right one went bad in 2018 and had to be replaced. Left one went bad in June of 2019. Had it replaced. It lasted 4 hours before it malfunctioned. Sent it in and now I have been without it for 4 weeks. Not satisfied at all with all the trouble I've had with these expensive hearing aids. Right now I would not recommend Beltone hearing aids to anyone.

Mike H.
Fort Atkinson, WI
5 Stars

July 02 2019 1:35PM

Brian and Lisa ** run an extremely efficient and welcoming business in Winter Park FL. Brian has provided me with hearing aids since 2004. He is very knowledgeable and works hard to suit my needs. Because of the hearing aids my safety especially in traffic and quality of life are improved. I can hear TV without having the volume so loud that is uncomfortable for others and I enjoy the fellowship of friends and family.

David S.
Longwood, FL