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July 15 2021 3:20PM

I paid right at $7K for a pair of Beltone Hearing Aids over 10 years ago and my local Beltone office could Never make them stop 'ringing'. I put up with this for about 8 years, and bought a 'refurbished' pair, and had the same trouble with them.

After 4 years of Agony I listened to my wife and we visited Sam's Club Hearing Aid center in Crystal Springs, Arkansas and Robin ** fixed me up with a pair of their Hearing Aids for $1,700 and They Are Terrific.

No Ringing, and these are Unbelievable Hearing Aids for the Money, and I want all of my 'Older Friends to know about them. They might not be good for Everyone, but they sure were for me. I will Never walk in a Beltone's door again...

B.J. M.
Kerrville, TX
July 09 2021 1:10PM

Hi - I wanted to send a 'Shout Out" to the kindness/greatness of two human beings. My mom has been a customer for 20 yrs. She has been very satisfied w/ the customer svc and hearing aid device.

We wanted to especially thank **/Regional Mgr. Shawn ** from the Clermont Office in FL (50 East). They went above and beyond to provide exceptional care for my mom who is 89 years old with the best options for her device and all the TLC provided was one to commend.

Thank you Beltone Leaders for having such employees on your team who are an asset to your company.

Evelyn S.
Bronx, NY
June 14 2021 7:07PM

Service has always been impeccable, my problem is I had to replace the receivers 6 or 7 times in 3 1/2 yrs after warranty. Cost 150.00 to replace. I feel receivers don't hold up, even during warranty allowed only 1 replacement receivers for each ear per yr.

Joe D.
Dudley, MA
June 03 2021 2:51PM

First of all the number rating is too good. At 3 months old these hearing aids developed a problem and had to be sent back to Beltone [no charge].

After 4 months again they stopped working. I brought them BACK again and Beltone office said they only needed cleaning at a charge of $65.00. By the time I reached home the hearing aids were dead and not working AGAIN.

Home is only 20 minutes from there office. I called their office right away and they told me to wait 3 days for the new appointment.

At that meeting they told me that the hearing aids new microphone and they would send them back to Beltone and charge me ANOTHER $65.00 when they return. Their office will bill me TWICE for the service. My hearing aids are under warranty so there is no charge for the parts.

They are charging an UNREASONABLE FEE. I will have to pay this fraudulent charge as not to affect my credit rating. DISHONEST DOUBLE CHARGING A CUSTOMER IS UNETHICAL AND VIOLATES RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT.

Maybe this criminal conduct is company wide. Where are all the safeguards the Government has in place to stop this criminal behavior. Buyer beware.

Frank S.
May 24 2021 2:40AM

Purchased Beltone Skoric hearing aids on Friday. Called the main office and message that I wanted my money back. The office called me back on Monday. Stated I had to wait and see consultant about turning the hear aids then. Of course that was after 3 days.

Consultant in Bad Axe attempted to adjust the Beltone Skoric hearing aids three times over the next four weeks. He failed. Told me I was beyond the 3 day return.

Sent one back to maintenance to see if left hearing aids was at fault. I just would like to return these junk hearing aids and get my money back.

April 08 2021 7:08PM

Devices are inferior. I bought the best they could offer and still need to take them in every 3-4 weeks. I stopped wearing them outside thinking moisture was the problem. It does help them work a little longer, but they eventually stop working.

Beltone even replaced one of them and it functions the same. I bought a UV de-humidifier and clean them everyday. I don't have thousands of dollars to check other makes and models, but Beltone is a complete rip off.

Any one who can sell consumers a $5000.00 hearing aid that performs that poorly should be ashamed.

Gary D.
Navarre, FL
March 04 2021 12:28AM

Met with audiologist Danielle today, my experience was absolutely the best ever! Danielle took her time testing, explaining, answering questions the 1-1/2 hours I was there. When Danielle put hearing aids in my ears a whole new world opened up to say the least.

My family has been tortured by my lack of hearing for years, I’m so happy to be bringing them a better hearing wife, mother, sister, aunt, and friend. Forgive me all for not going to Beltone sooner.

Mary D.
Norton, MA
February 27 2021 1:31PM

Purchased Beltone Trust hear aids because of the sales pitch and company longevity. What a mistake! I have profound hearing loss and was missing much of the sound and most of the conversation around me for years.

Initially the aids seemed to improve the quality of the sound I was exposed to but now that I have worn them 2+ years I can honestly report that they are no more than expensive noise amplifiers. Save your money and frustration and purchase OTC sound amplifiers.

The result will be the same and you will have thousands in your bank. Very few Beltone hearing specialist have knowledge or interest sufficient to adjust the aids they sold and this leaves you with something less than a paper weight and more than a financial loss.

I have had both right and left aids go bad while in warranty and factory replaced both but did not bother to properly set them to my audiology profile.

Asking local Beltone hearing specialist to set them properly has been a total nightmare, leaving me with more frustration and improper adjustments than ever. If I ever get Beltone to offer a refund you can bet I will be replacing with another brand.

Years in a business does not guarantee a good product nor good service after the sale. It only guarantees that the company has learned how to sell you their product.

James G.
Canton, GA
February 09 2021 4:59AM

Hearing aids only lasted 1 year. Contacted local office and was told to purchase new equipment. Emailed the main office and was ignored. Needless to say, I would have paid less and had better customer service at Costco. Lesson learned - buyer beware!

Patricia G.
Indian Land, SC
February 03 2021 12:41AM

If there was a lower star I would give it. Asked questions about other hearing aids, was lied to from audiologist. Never told me different types, sold me the "DISCOUNTED" ones that cost me $6700.00. Found out there were more to choose at a third of cost.

Tester was rude and tried to tell me how I should calm down. Gave me all my money back despite the $600 restock fee, Went to Sam's Club in Kissimmee instead. What a difference in attitude, professionalism and price.

Cheryl B.
Kissimmee, FL
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