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Blink Health

4.6 Stars
Updated: January 27, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
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Blink Health can help you lower your prescription costs for name brand and generic medications. The company negotiates rates with pharmacies across the country and offers local pharmacy pickup or home delivery. Over 750,000 people use Blink Health to save money on prescription drugs.

Blink Health

Editorial Breakdown

Discount 4.6 Stars
Mobile Application 4.7 Stars
Cost 4.6 Stars
Coverage 4.6 Stars

Overall Rating 4.6 Stars

Bottom Line

Blink Health offers the same name brand and generic prescriptions at a lower cost.

Blink Health Review

Blink Health opened for business in 2016 with a radical new approach to making prescription drugs affordable. Members can compare medication costs on the Blink Health website or mobile app and order prescriptions for pickup at one of 35,000 pharmacies. You can also call for prices and ordering, and free home delivery is available.

Blink Health keeps drug prices low because the company negotiates with pharmacies directly. This practice cuts out the middleman, and customers reap the savings.


  • Pick up medications at familiar pharmacies
  • Guaranteed lowest prices on prescriptions
  • Home delivery available
  • See cost before you buy a prescription drug


  • Your regular pharmacy may not offer Smart Deal Prices

How Blink Health Keeps Drug Prices Low

On average, Americans spend 10% of healthcare costs on prescription drugs. Blink Health is an online or mobile app you use to buy prescriptions at the lowest price securely.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) negotiate drug discounts and rebates between pharmacies and insurance companies. This pharmaceutical middleman and insurance companies profit from negotiations, often at the expense of the consumer’s wallet. The deals PBMs forge can cause doctors not to prescribe the best medication for a patient’s situation due to cost.

The American Medical Association developed Truth in RX in response to inflated drug prices. The AMA is trying to fight for transparent pricing for all consumers. Blink Health shows you prices before you buy and eliminates the PBM, then passes the savings on to you.

How to Use Blink Health

Blink Health is different from a prescription discount card in that the consumer pays Blink directly instead of paying at the pharmacy. Blink customers can either receive medication by mail at no additional cost or pick up their order at one of over 35,000 pharmacies around the country. Here’s the procedure to check pharmacy prices and fill a prescription:

  1. Enter your ZIP code on the pharmacy network page for availability. We searched the network and found both national and local participating pharmacies where we could pick up our pharmacy order.
  2. Search for your medication in the app or on the website. You will see Blink Health’s prices for one or more pharmacies in your area. You may see an exceptionally low price, although the price may only be available at a pharmacy that’s a few extra miles away.
  3. Choose free mail delivery or select the pharmacy where you’ll pick up. Pay for your medication, and complete your order.
  4. Receive a text or email proof of purchase. Show this to the pharmacist if you are picking up and tell them to process it as the primary payer. If you are getting home delivery, a network pharmacy will fill and ship your medication.
Blink Health Sample Prescription Prices
Drug (Generic) Average Cost Blink Cost
Amoxicillin 30 caps $12.03 $8.93
Flonase Nasal Spray $44.84 $13.06
Gabapentin 90 tabs $57.10 $11.40
Lexapro 30 tabs $84.21 $7.17
Norvasc 30 tabs $23.24 $3.92
Zolpidem 30 tabs $51.13 $8.95

Transfers and New Prescriptions

The chances are good that you’ll be able to pick up your prescription at your usual pharmacy. But, if you select another pharmacy to save money, you have the option to transfer your prescription right after you place your order. Follow the simple procedure or call Blink Health to complete a transfer.

When your doctor writes a new prescription, ask for an e-subscription directly to Blink Health Pharmacy.

How to Order Refills from Blink Health

When you need medication refills, log on to the mobile app or website. You will find the drugs that are ready for refilling in your cart, and you can search for and add other medications. Complete the order and pay, then pick up at the pharmacy you chose or receive your mail order in a few days.

Blink Health Costs and Price Match Guarantee

It costs nothing to use Blink Health. The company makes money on pharmaceutical sales despite the low prices customers pay. You pay online or through the mobile app when you order and do not pay anything more at the pharmacy.

  • Blink only guarantees the lowest prices on generic drugs. If you find a lower price, the company matches it and refunds you the difference.
  • Blink Health matches prices on coupon sites with no membership fee. Coupons must be redeemable at a physical retail pharmacy in your town.
  • Blink does not match drug assistance programs, pharmaceutical membership plans or pharmacy orders that charge shipping separately.

Blink Health Complaints

The Better Business Bureau accredited Blink Health early in 2018 with an A+ rating. Google Play has thousands of reviews from consumers who use the Android app. The review scores average 4.75 stars. Consumers using the iOS mobile app rate Blink Health 4.6 out of 5 stars with an overwhelming majority giving the service a 5-star rating.

Almost all Blink Health customer reviews note significant savings in their medication costs. Both online ordering and mobile apps are easy to use. Complaints we read were primarily from people who assumed they didn’t need a prescription to use Blink. A doctor’s prescription is required to buy pharmaceuticals from any source legally.

Blink Health Q&A

  • Is my information secure when I order medication online or on Blink’s mobile app?

    Blink Health’s professional security team uses the NIST Cyber Security Framework to secure customer data. This team also implements security industry best practices. Payments get processed through Stripe, a popular payment processor with best-in-class security. The company follows HIPAA security regulations and does not sell or share customer information.

  • Can I use my FSA or HSA with Blink Health?

    Yes. You can access your pharmacy receipts on the Blink Health website for use with a Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account.

  • Is Blink Health available everywhere?

    Blink Health is available at local pharmacies serving every community across America. If your pharmacist is unfamiliar with the program, show your Blink Card. Ask the pharmacist to process your prescriptions with Blink as the primary payor.

  • Where are pharmaceuticals sold through Blink Health manufactured?

    Pharmacists fill the medications you buy through Blink Health from the same manufacturers all customers receive. All drugs are FDA-approved and are no different if you used insurance or paid cash.

  • Does the cost of prescription medication I buy via Blink Health apply to my insurance deductible?

    You can’t use the cost of prescriptions purchased with Blink Health toward your deductible. The savings you get are likely better than the deductible benefit would be. You can either use your insurance benefits or Blink, but not both.


Blink Health offers a unique model for providing consumers with the lowest prices on generic drugs and low prices on name-brand medications. Network pharmacies are nearby for the majority of people in the U.S., and home delivery is free. With an easy-to-use website and mobile app, and helpful customer service, Blink Health can be a good option for lowering your drug costs.

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