Best Prescription Discount Cards for Seniors


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With or without health insurance, some prescription drugs can have high out-of-pocket costs. Many companies offer discount prescription cards to help save money on prescription drugs by comparing prices across thousands of pharmacies and offering discounts. Here are our picks for the best prescription discount cards for seniors.

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  • Great Savings
  • 59,000+ locations
  • Discounts delivered via email

America’s Pharmacy works with more than 59,000 pharmacies in the United States and offers up to 80% discounts on your prescription medications.

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  • Great for Health Education
  • 65,000+ locations
  • Educational Grocery Guidance product

ScriptSave WellRx is an easy-to-use prescription discount card that helps you find the lowest cost for your prescriptions. It saves users an average of 60% on prescription drugs.

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  • Great Privacy Policy
  • 59,000+ locations
  • Doesn’t solicit your information to outside sources

US Pharmacy Card is card-based and doesn’t require you to print or download coupons. It doesn’t share your personal information with other companies.

Blink Health
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  • Great Purchase Options
  • 35,000+ locations
  • Free home delivery

Blink Health works with drug companies to help you get the lowest guaranteed prices for your prescription drugs. The company works with users with and without health insurance.

GoodRx Gold
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  • Great Membership Option
  • 70,000+ locations
  • Up to 90% discount

Though GoodRx offers a free prescription drug card, you can also enroll in GoodRx Gold, a paid membership program offering over a thousand prescription medications at affordable prices. The membership includes free home delivery, telehealth visits, and additional perks.

Discount Drug Network

Discount Drug Network

  • Great Network
  • 66,000+ locations
  • Prices beat the competition 70% of the time

Discount Drug Network offers discount prescription cards and coupons to get lower prices on prescription drugs. The company allows you to compare drug prices among your local pharmacies.

Optum Perks

Optum Perks

  • Great for Telehealth Services
  • 64,000+ locations
  • $25 telehealth appointments

Optum Perks negotiates with drug companies to give you the best savings on your prescription drugs. The company offers telehealth appointments that don’t require prior scheduling or video calls.



  • Great Add-on Services
  • 35,000+ locations
  • Perks and additional discounts for using

SingleCare offers discount cards and coupons on more than 10,000 prescription drugs. Members who fill prescriptions receive additional discounts and bonuses.

Nearly nine in ten adults 65 and older take a prescription medicine, and 54% of seniors take four or more prescription drugs. Even though many older adults have Medicare Part D coverage, Medicare’s voluntary prescription drug benefit, prescriptions are still unaffordable for most, according to a KFF study.

With medical costs at an all-time high, it’s important for seniors to compare costs to save money, as co-pays and premiums can vary by manufacturer and the insurance you have. Another way to save is to use a discount prescription card. Most of these savings cards are free to use and they often cut drug costs by more than half the original price.

Comparison of the Best Prescription Discount Cards

CardPharmacy NetworkSavingsMobile App
America’s Pharmacy59,000+Up to 80%Yes
ScriptSave WellRx65,000+Up to 80%Yes
US Pharmacy Card59,000+Up to 80%No
Blink Health35,000+Up to 80%Yes
GoodRx Gold70,000+Up to 90%Yes
Discount Drug Network66,000+Up to 80%No
Optum Perks64,000+Up to 80%Yes
SingleCare35,000+ Up to 80%Yes
Top Discount Prescription Cards for Seniors

Prescription discount cards can significantly reduce the cost of your prescription medications, sometimes up to 90% off the retail price, according to our research. However, the amount of savings available is highly individualized and often depends on the type of medication and the relationship the card company has with your pharmacy and the manufacturer.

These cards are widely accepted at over 70,000 pharmacies across America, making them easily accessible to most individuals. However, we encourage you to research your specific medications on each card company’s website to pinpoint your exact savings. (All the companies we named on this list allow you to compare drug costs in your location on their website before signing up for the card.)

GoodRx is widely considered the most popular savings card, but our comparison of costs with and without discount cards suggests that some seniors may benefit from researching a GoodRx alternative — the company offers the least amount of savings for some of the most common medications. Based on cost alone, Single Care and America’s Pharmacy offer the most savings on several drugs we tested — some prescription medications were offered to cardholders at an 80% to 90% discount.

We searched a comprehensive list of prescription drug discount cards and evaluated them based on the following criteria:

  • Pharmacy network
  • Savings potential
  • Availability of a mobile app
  • Cost to use
  • Additional benefits offered

Best Prescription Discount Cards, Reviewed

After evaluating we named nine free prescription discount cards as the best prescription discount cards for seniors.

America’s Pharmacy

Great for savings 

America’s Pharmacy holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Its pharmacy discount card is accepted at more than 59,000 pharmacies and can be used for humans and pets. You can search and compare prices for your prescription drugs on the company’s website or app. There are no commitments, and the card is very straightforward to use. You can print the card or download the app for a digital copy you can use instantly. America’s Pharmacy states that customers save an average of 65% on their medications, based on 2021 company data. 

  • Pharmacy network: 59,000+ 
  • Savings: Up to 80%
  • Cost to use: Free 
  • Mobile App: Yes
America’s Pharmacy card

ScriptSave WellRx

Great for health education

Founded in 1994, ScriptSave WellRx partners with more than 65,000 pharmacies nationwide. ScripSave WellRx holds an A+ BBB rating and five stars from customer reviews. To use ScriptSave WellRx’s benefits, you must sign up on the website using your email address. You can receive your prescription card via text, print, or email. 

Our reviewer liked that cardholders can also receive health and wellness tips and access a virtual medicine chest, which enables you to manage medication. Another benefit is its Grocery Guidance product, which scores various grocery products according to your health preferences and can be helpful for seniors with dietary needs. For example, leading boxed muffin mixes have a rating between 30 and 85, based on their ingredient list.

  • Pharmacy network: 65,000+ 
  • Savings: Up to 80%
  • Cost to use: Free 
  • Mobile App: Yes
ScriptSave WellRx card

US Pharmacy Card

Great privacy policy

US Pharmacy Card was founded in 2005 and is owned by Financial Marketing Concepts (FMC). FMC has an A+ BBB rating and no customer complaints. US Pharmacy Card offers a free prescription card to take to your local pharmacy to save money on prescriptions. You can compare prices across several pharmacies by entering the drug name and your zip code on the US Pharmacy’s website. 

However, our reviewer noticed a few glitches on the website during their test. Its online search feature didn’t produce any results, but they were able to speak to a representative by calling the number listed on the website.

  • Pharmacy network: 59,000+
  • Savings: Up to 80%
  • Cost to use: Free
  • Mobile App: No
US Pharmacy Card product

Blink Health

Great for purchase options

Founded in 2015, Blink Health is based in New York, New York, and holds an A+ BBB rating. Blink Health negotiates special offers to help you get the lowest out-of-pocket prices for your prescriptions. In many cases, you’ll save the most by allowing Blink Health to deliver your prescriptions to your home for free, but you can also pick it up at your local pharmacy for a steep discount. 

If you have health insurance, Blink Health’s team will review your plan, copay, and deductible to help you get low-cost prescriptions. Many customer complaints are about delayed shipping, with prescriptions taking two weeks or more to arrive at their doorstep.

  • Pharmacy network: 35,000+ 
  • Savings: Up to 80%
  • Cost to use: Free 
  • Mobile App: Yes
Blink Health prescription discounts

GoodRx Gold

Great for membership

GoodRx Gold is a drug savings program offered by GoodRx, a company founded in 2011. Based in Santa Monica, California, GoodRx has an A rating with the BBB. Though GoodRx offers a free prescription drug card, you can also enroll in GoodRx Gold, a monthly healthcare membership program that offers over 1,000 prescription medications for less than $10 — exercise your 30-day free trial to see if it’s right for you. 

The membership includes telehealth visits with licensed healthcare providers starting at $19. You’ll also get free home delivery and the ability to earn rewards toward additional discounts, though customer reviews state that some pharmacies refused to honor the discount card.

  • Pharmacy network: 70,000+ 
  • Savings: Up to 90%
  • Cost to use: Free or $9.99 a month for an individual plan or $19.99 a month for a family plan
  • Mobile App: Yes
GoodRx card

Discount Drug Network

Great for network

Founded in 2016, Discount Drug Network is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania, and is part of Health eCommerce LLC. Discount Drug Network offers a prescription card or coupons that are easy to access and use at your local pharmacy. Company data from 2024 says that its discount card prices beat the competition 70% of the time. You can have the card texted, emailed, or mailed to you. Some customer reviews report issues with the company’s customer service. 

In addition to prescription savings, Discount Drug Network also offers virtual treatment from a licensed clinician for over 40 common health concerns for just $25. 

  • Pharmacy network: 66,000+ 
  • Savings: Up to 80%
  • Cost to use: Free
  • Mobile App: No
Discount Drug Network card

Optum Perks 

Best for Telehealth services

Optum Perks was founded in 2011 and is based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Optum Perks, seen as a GoodRx alternative, provides discounts on thousands of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved prescription medications available. It works with drug companies to lower the costs and then pass the savings to you. The company also offers $25 telehealth appointments that don’t require scheduling or video chats. Optum Perks allows you to print, text, or email your pharmacy discount card. Optum Perks is a program under Optum Rx with a C rating on BBB. Most customer reviews discuss issues with the company’s customer service.

  • Pharmacy network: 64,000+ 
  • Savings: Up to 80%
  • Cost to use: Free
  • Mobile App: Yes
Optum Perks card


Great for extra savings

Considered another GoodRx alternative, SingleCare is a company founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It has an A+ on BBB, is accredited, and has a 4-star rating from 86 customer reviews. SingleCare offers prescription cards and discounts on other healthcare services. You can search for prescriptions on SingleCare’s website, choose a free digital or print coupon for more than 10,000 drugs, and show it to your pharmacist to get low-cost medications. 

Becoming a free member gives you access to additional discounts and perks. You can decide whether you want your card emailed, texted, printed, or mailed. Some people have encountered issues with pharmacies not accepting the SingleCare discount card. 

  • Pharmacy network: 35,000+ 
  • Savings: Up to 80%
  • Cost to use: Free
  • Mobile App: Yes
SingleCare card

Prescription Discount Programs: A Breakdown

Prescription savings programs come in several forms, and prescription discount cards are just one of three ways to lower the cost of medications. Other options include manufacturer-sponsored programs and pharmacy-specific savings plans (pharmacy discount programs).

Here’s a look at the three types of prescription discount programs:

Manufacturer-sponsored Programs

Also known as drugmaker discount programs, these programs are created by drug manufacturers. With these payment assistance programs, pharmaceutical manufacturers can provide eligible patients access to brand-name prescription drugs for free or at a lower price. Eligibility is usually income-based and caters to individuals who have difficulty paying their prescription medications out of pocket.

Pharmacy-specific Savings Plans

Many large-chain pharmacies offer prescription savings programs for generic versions of brand-name drugs. However, you can’t combine this program with your insurance, copay savings card, or other prescription discount cards. 

Prescription Discount Cards

Free prescription discount cards are issued by companies that negotiate the lowest prices for prescription drugs. These cards, which can be mailed in hard copy or texted or downloaded as an app, are accepted at most large-chain pharmacies. In addition to savings, some prescription discount cards may offer free home delivery for prescriptions or telehealth visits with an online healthcare provider. 

Pros and Cons of Discount Prescription Cards


  • Lower out-of-pocket costs: You can save money on prescription drugs. While discounts vary by program, some offer up to 90% of certain prescription medications.  
  • Easy to use: Once you have your free prescription discount card or coupon, you’ll simply show it to your pharmacist to get your savings. Having the card or coupon on hand is important to ensure the savings are applied to your prescription drugs. 
  • Extra perks or discounts: Some companies offer additional discounts if you sign up for their website or program. For example, SingleCare adds $3 to your account just for signing up. 


  • Some cannot be used with health insurance: Unfortunately, if you have a health insurance plan, you may be unable to use it with a free prescription discount card or coupon. 
  • Savings can change: Since the price of prescriptions can change, you may get different discounts every visit. 
  • Information may be shared: If the program requires you to share your information, you’ll likely begin receiving marketing email campaigns, calls, and texts. Data regarding your prescription can also be shared with other companies.

Do Prescription Discount Cards Work with Insurance?

Typically, you cannot use a discount prescription card with insurance. If you use a discount card instead of your health insurance, you cannot apply your payment toward your deductible or out-of-pocket maximums. 

Compare the price of your prescription medication with insurance or a discount card to see who offers the lowest price. 

Potential Savings With Discount Cards

Below is a table showing the most common prescriptions for older adults and their prices with and without discount prescription cards. The pricing below is based on offerings from pharmacies in the Atlanta, Georgia, area.

Prescription DrugAverage CostAmerica’s PharmacyGoodRxScriptSave WellRxSingleCare
Amlodipine (30, 10 mg tablets)$56$5.34$13$5.93$11.79
(1 box, 6 tablets)
Levothyroxine (30, 50 mcg tablets)$25.30$8.39$8.08$4$4
Lisinopril (30, 10 mg tablets)$42.93$5.30$10$4$2.51
Metformin (90, 500 mg tablets)$65.25$9.13$55.55$6$4
Omeprazole (30, 20 mg tablets)$100.36$6.41$11.15$6.63$30
Simvastatin (30, 20 mg)$89.55$5.16$6.96$6.63$9
Rx Discount Card Savings

Other Options for Saving Money on Prescriptions

Aside from signing up for one of the best prescription discount cards we feature on our list, there are several other ways to get lower-cost prescriptions, including:

  • Nonprofit organizations: NeedyMeds, Charitable Pharmacies of America, and Rx Outreach are just a few nonprofit organizations that assist people with financial difficulties getting their prescriptions. These organizations can help you get free or low-cost prescription medications.
  • State assistance programs: Medicare offers a search tool to see if your state provides a pharmaceutical assistance program. 
  • Mail-order pharmacies: Using a mail-order pharmacy can lower out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs because you can buy them in bulk. 
  • Use generic drugs: If your brand-name prescription has a generic version, ask your doctor or pharmacist if you can switch. Generic drugs contain the same active ingredients as brand-name drugs but are less expensive. 

Prescription Discount Card FAQs

What types of medications can I use a prescription discount card for?

You can use a pharmacy discount card for brand-name or generic prescription drugs. Yet, certain discount cards may only provide coverage for some of your prescription drugs, leaving you to pay the total price. Check the company’s website to see if they offer discounts for your prescription medications. 

Which is the cheapest pharmacy for prescriptions?

The pharmacy offering the lowest prices for your medications will vary depending on your location. Free prescription discount card companies can help you find the cheapest pharmacy near you. 

What about Extra Help from Medicare?

Extra Help assists people with limited income and resources to pay for Medicare Part D coverage, including premiums, deductibles, coinsurance, and other costs. In 2024, Extra Help recipients will pay up to $4.50 for each generic drug and $11.20 for each brand-name drug.

If you have Medicare but are ineligible for Extra Help, you can use the best prescription discount cards to pay out-of-pocket for your medications. 

You can speak with a Medicare representative to get more information about the Extra Help program. 

What is the cap on drug prices for seniors?

In 2025, all people with Medicare Part D will benefit from a $2,000 cap on annual out-of-pocket prescription drug costs. This is part of The Medicare Prescription Drug Inflation Rebate Program and the Inflation Reduction Act’s prescription drug provisions for lowering prescription drug and health care costs.

Can I have more than one RX discount card?

There is no limit on how many discount prescription cards you can get, but you can only use one per pharmacy visit. Be sure to shop around different pharmacy discount cards to see which one offers the lowest price for your prescription drugs.

Bottom Line: Prescription Discount Cards

Free prescription discount cards and coupons are a great way to save on prescription drugs. The best prescription discount cards offer an extensive network of pharmacies, significant savings, and ease of use. If you’re seeking more savings beyond prescription discount cards, consider patient assistance programs, mail-order pharmacies, non-profit or government organizations, or switching to generic drugs to cut down the costs of your medications.

 Prescription Discount CardsBest For
1America’s PharmacyGreat savings
2ScriptSave WellRXGreat for health education
3US Pharmacy CardGreat privacy policy
4Blink HealthGreat purchasing options
5GoodRxGreat membership option
6Discount Drug NetworkGreat network
7Optum PerksGreat for telehealth services
8SingleCareGreat for extra savings
Best Prescription Discount Cards for Seniors

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