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Caring Transitions

4.1 Stars (38 Reviews)
Updated: February 3, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Each day in the United States, more than 10,000 people turn 65, and overall, people are living longer and healthier lives than ever before, making senior moving services a growing need. In addition to professionally moving retirees, Caring Transitions also specializes in business relocations and sorting and organizing after a divorce or children move out.

Editorial Breakdown

Easy Quotes 4.3 Stars
Number of Services 4.3 Stars
Price 4.3 Stars
Coverage Area 3.8 Stars

Overall Rating 4.1 Stars

Bottom Line

Caring Transitions is a full-service senior transition company offering services like senior relocation, downsizing, estate sales and more. It has franchises in over 40 states and has earned the Certified Relocation Transitions Specialist (CRTS) designation.

Caring Transitions Review

Caring Transitions is a senior moving service specializing in managing relocations, helping clients with downsizing homes, estate sales and online auction services. The company guides retirees and their families through potentially stressful life transitions with customized plans to meet each client’s unique needs. Caring Transitions provides senior moving services in 41 states through a network of over 200 franchise locations, leading us to included the them in our Best Senior Moving Services Guide because of its extensive network across the country.

Each Caring Transitions franchise earned the Certified Relocation Transition Specialist (CRTS) designation, the highest credential awarded in the senior moving service industry. All Caring Transitions employees are bonded, insured, screened and pursue continuing education to stay current on all aspects of the industry. The company is listed on the respected Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list.


  • Relief from physical and psychological stress that can accompany moving
  • Save time and money with one service coordinating all aspects of relocation
  • Demystifies sorting through years or decades of items and deciding what to keep


  • Services are currently unavailable in six states, but new franchisees are welcome

Getting Started with Caring Transitions Senior Moving Service

Caring Transitions offers free consultations. Call the company’s toll-free number or submit the online form on the website to get in touch with the nearest office. You can also use the “Locations” tab on the site to find your local office and call directly.

Once you decide on the services you need, Caring Transitions coordinates with organizers, movers, real estate agents, lawyers and any other professionals required to make your move or right-sizing stress-free.

Managing Your Move with Caring Transitions

Caring Transitions handles the big picture or the smallest detail for your relocation with the end goal being a smooth transition to your new home. The company strives to work both efficiently and compassionately while coordinating each aspect of moving to a new home, while you maintain control of the transition process. Each client partners with a local Caring Transitions office through senior moving consultants who are familiar with the surrounding community and its resources.

Caring Transitions Senior Service Options

Caring Transitions divides its senior moving services into three categories: relocation and move management, downsizing, and estate sales and online auctions.

Caring Transitions
Senior Moving Services
Declutter &
Estate Sales &
Online Auctions
  • Organize and sort belongings
  • Plan space usage in new home
  • Pack and unpack boxes
  • Stage items
  • Coordinate move
  • Streamline address change
  • Declutter living space
  • Organize/sort belongings
  • Donate, distribute or dispose of items
  • Organize documents
  • Appraise items
  • Clean/prepare estate
  • Manage all aspects of sales
  • Donate, recycle and discard unwanted items
  • Ship items
  • Remove trash
  • Interview realtors

Declutter and Downsize with Caring Transitions

Whether you are moving or merely right-sizing space you will use differently than it’s been used in the past, Caring Transitions specialists will work with you to declutter your home or place of business. Caring Transitions works with you to prioritize things you own that you need to keep or will enhance your phase of life. The items you save get organized, and what you no longer want or need are professionally assessed for value and sold via Caring Transitions Online Auction after being cleaned and photographed. Your specialist oversees the organization of items you donate, give away or throw away, and you receive as much help as you wish with decluttering papers and figuring out which documents to keep and which to destroy.

Caring Transitions Start-to-Finish Moving Service

 Caring Transitions service locations

Service Locations, Source: Caring Transitions

Caring Transitions’ senior moving service coordinates relocations from start to finish, which removes a significant burden from retirees. The company’s space planning software is put to use to show you how your items will fit into your new home. Caring Transitions sources movers and packers and boxes are color-coded according to the room where they will be unpacked. If you need a realtor, Caring Transitions has relationships with trusted home sales professionals, as well as painters and cleaners who can prepare your home for sale. Unpacking and home staging is available, so everything is in its place when you step through your new front door. Caring Transitions also offers moving services to businesses and those who are moving due to divorce.

Caring Transitions Estate Sales

If you have been left to sort through a home full of items due to a death in the family, Caring Transitions can assist with their estate sale services. Considering the time it usually takes to go through everything during one of these liquidations, this service can save you the expense of frequently traveling to the home and time off from your job. Items are sorted, inventoried and assessed for value, and the entire home or business can be liquidated after you and your family members decide what you will keep.

Caring Transitions Complaints

The Better Business Bureau rates most Caring Transitions offices with an “A” or “A+”. Complaints we found revolved around clients not understanding auction contracts, although Caring Transitions resolved those issues two or three years ago. Caring Transitions Online Auctions has a listing with the Better Business Bureau with an “A+” rating, although the business does not maintain BBB accreditation.

Caring Transitions features client testimonials on the website, with the most frequent remarks being about company representative’s expertise, professionalism, dedication, sincerity and kindness.

caring transitions screenshot

Source: Caring Transitions

Caring Transitions FAQ

  • How do Caring Transitions franchise owners become Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists (CRTS)?
    To be eligible to take the CRTS exam, franchise owners must possess at least a high school diploma and fulfill at least one of four eligibility requirements:

    • Have one of the approved industry credentials such as Certified Senior Advisor or NASMM Front Door training certification.

    • Have a degree or certificate from an accredited institution in a field related to working with seniors.

    • At least two years of paid experience working with seniors.

    • Completion of the Senior Relocation training course.

    Upon passage of the CRTS exam, franchise owners receive the certification and must complete four continuing education units (CEUs) each year for recertification.

  • How does the Caring Transitions space planning software work?
    Caring Transitions space planning software first creates a scaled computer-aided design (CAD) template of your new home. An employee photographs and measures furniture you plan to move into the new location and enters the dimensions of each piece into the software to produce a color-coded blueprint of your items in the new space. Not only does this help with visualizing and planning your rooms, but the final template also is a plan for movers to place your furniture and belongings.

  • What can I do if Caring Transitions senior moving service is not in my area?
    Caring Transitions has a presence in most states, but at the time this was written, none in Alaska, Delaware, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and West Virginia. The company is seeking franchisees, so call or check the website to see if there’s an office near you.

  • Which items sell most often in a Caring Transitions estate sale or online auction?
    While almost every item has a buyer somewhere, the most popular and sought-after items at Caring Transitions estate sales and online auctions are cars, farm equipment, silver, designer clothes, shoes and purses, vintage jewelry and watches, new and gently used electronics and smartphones and collectible dolls.


Caring Transitions takes a customized approach to senior moving services by treating clients, their homes and belongings with the utmost respect. As older adults transition to a new living arrangement, Caring Transitions makes this major life transition seamless and stress-free while honoring the client’s past and embracing their future.

38 Caring Transitions Reviews

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Featured Review

5 Stars

November 24 2019 2:19AM

Everything was cleaned out and shredded (if needed); value established for tax receipts. Items were delivered to charity for donation. The house cleaned, floors swept and ready to show for sale. We could not believe the transformation. Then they delivered a piece of furniture and a box to Charlotte at Riderwood. Mr. ** returned keys to the house and more...his staff found and returned more than $ 6500 in cash! Plus, his fee was extremely reasonable.

Not only was Mr. **, honest but his team did a fabulous job. I highly recommend them. The company can help sort and do exactly what you want done. They can help you finish completely and faster than alone. They shred items on site. Before starting work, they walk through with you and work hand in hand with you as desired. They walk though with you at the end as well. They are accommodating, compassionate, competent, thorough, business-like and at the same time warm and polite while absolutely professional.

I cannot say enough good about them. Plus it was done in less than 1-1/2 days. I am amazed. Feel free to share this with any senior who is downsizing and or cleaning out their house for sale or rent or initiating a move.

Pat H.
Silver Spring, MD
1 Star

March 29 2024 5:20PM

My partner's 85 yr old mother's health got to a critical point where an emergency decision had to be made to move her into assisted living. After making an emergency flight to FL from our home in WA, we contacted Traci ** from the Naples offices in late Feb 2024. Traci met with my partner and told her exactly what the company could do. Traci was very helpful and nice and even praised my partner for all the work she had already done packing things up. 3 days later we received an email with the contact and noticed the amount quoted had changed. We emailed her asking questions and that is where our contact with her ended. Over the course of 4 weeks we called the 2 numbers we had for Traci and emailed her and also contacted the office numbers for Naples and Sarasota. We left numerous messages with different operators who assured us the messages were getting delivered.

At some point we even expressed our concerns that something might have happened to her as it was really unusual for an owner of a company to not return any communication attempts. We called the corporate offices and they sent an email indicating they had forwarded our complaint to Traci, problem with that is Traci is the problem. We sent a rather poignant email back and a person by the name of Lisa from customer relations and care called us and advised that she was told by Traci that we rejected the contract and that she had spoken with us and advised us of that fact. THAT CONVERSATION NEVER TOOK PLACE. Traci ** lied.

Bottom line is this, Lisa at the customer relations and care department doesn't care at all, Traci ** is the most unprofessional person in the business period, and this company apparently only really cares about the auctions and not how the items get to the auctions and the horrible stress families are facing when having to deal with this at the last minute due to an emergency. RUN AWAY and donate your items to a needy organization rather than line the pockets of none empathetic and dishonest people.

Helene B.
Naples, FL
1 Star

January 08 2024 5:42AM

Reading these reviews brings back lot sadness and regrets. While it is too late for my family, I sincerely hope that these reviews along with mine will discourage others from making a huge mistake by entering into a contract with these con artists. These snakes prey on the emotions that are common with individuals or families that are going through the heartbreak of losing a loved one, or relocating from a long time residence.

The owners of these franchises have obviously been trained to use the same technique during their sales pitch. They dupe the owners of the property by telling them exactly what they want to hear and making promises that will not be kept. They assure their victims that everything will be categorized, evaluated for pricing, and that most of the more expensive items will be auctioned on line to maximize sales. We watched as many items were carefully packed into boxes in preparation for the online auction. The boxed items were taken away to never be seen again. The promised online auction never occurred.

A few of the antique furniture items that held figurines were left in the home to display items for sale. The furniture displaying these items were clearly marked “CABINET IS NOT FOR SALE”, yet they were sold anyway. Absolutely no accountability was given for anything that sold. No description or selling price was provided for a single item sold. The items that were boxed for the online auction were supposedly sold in lots at the estate rather than online, yet there is no accountability. An extensive collection of carpenter, mechanic, lawn, and garden tools were liquidated with absolutely no accountability.

The property accumulated over a marriage of 69 years resulted in payment of less than $4,000. Please do not let these frauds plunder your family’s possessions. Do not sign any contract without having an attorney review it. I assure you that investing a few hundred dollars in professional fees will save you thousands of dollars as well as a lot of regret and heartache. The contract they have you sign is nothing more than a license for them to steal.

Jim R.
Weatherford, OK
1 Star

October 10 2023 1:19AM

No one should choose this company. They charge far more than competitors. Just because a person is older doesn’t mean he or she needs a company devoted to older people. I shouldn’t say “devoted.” I should say “preying.” If you use this company to sell your possessions you will get Pennies on the dollar. There are so many subtractions there’s nothing left for you. ONLY “Caring” Transitions makes money. They grouped items for our auction without telling us they would do that.

To clarify, they decided that two rugs would be sold together or a rug would be sold with baskets, or a beautiful handmade end table would be sold with two small bookcases from an unpainted furniture store. This depressed the amount we got. They sent us a link to advertising for our sale. When we clicked on the link, there was no mention of our sale. They took the pictures for our sale. We didn’t even recognize one of our beautiful pieces because the picture was so bad. We gave them a dining table and eight chairs we paid over $4000 for.

After the low sale price and all the subtractions, we netted a little over $16 for them. That is what you will get too if you hire this company. You will pay significantly more than you need to for a move and the auction is a bad joke.

M and J D.
Dripping Springs, TX
1 Star

September 26 2023 5:13PM This company is horrible. My parents used this company in Western Oklahoma to auction off the rest of my Grandma’s items. The auction went great. Some of her things went for over $100. After the auction many people reached out via email to get info on shipping and they didn’t respond. My parents called to see what the amount was and no one called back. They were finally told that they did well.

Fast forward to today when Tia finally calls to say that they sold roughly $2500-$2700.00 and she would be getting $200. What?!? When my dad called to question the amount and ask for an itemized receipt of everything that was sold, Tia told him that she already gave him a discount in the beginning and if he wanted an itemized receipt she’d send it in the mail with a $1000 bill. So not only do they charge a 15% bidders fee, take all your money, take the remaining items and send you a bill afterwards. Tell me how this is legal? Don’t do business with them at all!

Mandy S.
Burns Flat, WA
5 Stars

September 12 2023 2:22AM

Wonderful team. It made the moving so smooth and easy. By the time Caring team left the apartment it looks like they’ve been living there for years. EVERYTHING was placed where it belong. Wonderful company to deal with. I will definitely recommend Caring Transitions for your love ones. Really professionals. Thank you, LL

Lizzie L.
Winter Park, FL
1 Star

August 07 2023 4:40PM

We had a horrendous experience with this company, specifically the Campbell, CA franchise. Unreliable and unprofessional (late to every single meeting we scheduled), and unethical (the owner actually prioritized taking her dog to the vet for a non-emergency appointment over moving my parents - already 3 days late to move in - into their place), and unable to fulfill their commitment to us.

They were 3 days late moving my 90 year-old parents into their new home, ended up walking off the job without even telling us (they simply disappeared!), and then sent me threatening and nasty messages when I refused to pay them the balance due.

Regrettably, I reached out to the national company two times, filed detailed reports, was promised a return call from management, and have not heard back. Do not hire this franchise, and better yet, go with another company completely. There are so many great ones out there.

Karin M.
Oakland, CA
2 Stars

July 31 2023 10:27PM

I am reviewing Caring Transitions of Central Iowa. For the most part, the decluttering went smoothly but I felt very rushed as there were three people decluttering all at the same time & I wasn't consulted by two of the three individuals about things that should be thrown in the garbage.

As you can see from one of the photos below, they advertise "staging home for resale" which includes cleaning the home, carpet cleaning, etc.

As you will see from the other photos attached, there was absolutely no way my home was "staged for resale" - the front of the cupboards weren't wiped down, there were cobwebs in the lights in the kitchen, & dead bugs in the fluorescent lights in the kitchen.

The main bathtub/shower combo still had dirty streaks on the shower walls, the grease on the stove was not cleaned off, the oven was not cleaned, there were cobwebs on the light at the bottom of the basement stairs, & there was dust on top of the lights in the bathrooms.

I was charged $375 which they took out of my down payment check. I had to end up hiring another cleaning company to clean what they didn't clean & I had to pay $200 for that. When I contacted Caring Transitions about this, I was informed they didn't have time to do it.

They knew I needed to get the house listed with a realtor right away but once they had their money, they didn't even try to make it right. I sent them a copy of the bill from the second cleaning company & asked them to reimburse me since they didn't do the job they were paid to do. That was one month ago today & I've heard nothing from them.

Liz V.
Urbandale, IA
2 Stars

July 23 2023 8:45PM

My family recently moved from Virginia to another state. We wanted to get rid of at least half of our furniture and a lot of miscellaneous. We called Tom to help us set up an auction. It was an overwhelmingly bad experience for us. Most of my auction lots sold for $2-$5.

Pennsylvania house couch sold for $3. Real wood tables sold for $5. We could have done much better just using online sales. Our 125 lots sold for around $2000. Caring Transitions charged us $2000 for their services. We made nothing!

My heart was broken watching my belongings being delivered to the buyers and us not making a penny off of the sales. One man showed up with a van and completely filled it up. I said, "How much did you pay for the van full of items? Twenty dollars?" He said, "No, around $40."

Truly heartbreaking. A lot of their employees had actually bid on my items. I'm guessing they buy them cheap and then can resell them to make money. Speculation only.

I would only recommend Caring Transitions if you are in a situation where you just need a place to be cleaned out and prefer not to do any work in order to do that.

Ren S.
Leesburg, VA
5 Stars

July 02 2023 12:17PM

My experience with my relocation was wonderful. I moved from one independent living apartment to another and was quickly unpacked and back to my normal life. Caring Transitions of Granbury sent four very helpful and kind employees that were efficient and took special care of my treasures.

I actually left the apartment and left them in charge! To my delight when I got home, all was in its perfect place. I found out they actually took photos to replicate as close as possible where things went. The sheets were even on my bed for me!

I was able to walk in and start enjoying my new place right away. The cost was fair and the staff was incredible.

Margaret T.
Grabury, TX