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December 14 2019 11:46PM

Caring Transitions of Scottsdale owes my family over $700 for an estate sale in September. After three reminders, I finally received a check from in November. It bounced. The corporate office took my complaint but nothing has happened.

Megan B.
Fountain Hills, AZ
December 10 2019 1:22AM

My very dear elderly friend that is 78 hired this company to do her living estate sale as she was moving in with her daughter. She trusted them when she signed to contract. A few days before the sale she went to the home and the owner of the franchise was busy putting items from the house into her van! When she went into the house, there were more boxes packed and ready to take.

When the owner asked what she was doing, she told her they were things they couldn’t sell. The owner could see what the items were and knew they were perfectly saleable. She call her son in law who came right away and told the owner of the franchise to put it back. According to the contract, what was left after the sale was to be left so the owner could donate it to the charity of her choice.

By removing items before the sale, would that be considered theft? This company conducted the sale Friday 10-2 and Saturday 9-2. There was no advertising in the local paper and on the main road, there were no signs. I thought the sale wasn’t happening because there were no signs until at the residential crossroad and it was a small sign that was hardly noticeable.

With these hours and lack of signage and advertising, it is no surprise that maybe a quarter of the items were sold. A city business license is required and they were not licensed. They are required by state law to collect sales tax, but they didn’t. By their contract, they have 14 business days to settle with the client. She has not heard from them and it has now been 15 business days. I feel that my 78 year old friend was taken advantage of.

I think the company knows they got caught removing items and walked away with whatever amount they sold even though the contract was for over $3,200 that they required she sign. At this point the contract has been broken by the franchise owner and my friend is left hanging. The only good thing to come of this is I doubt they sold over $1000 in those 2 days so that is all they got when the contract was for 3 times that. That is why I feel confident they knew they were wrong in what they did and how my friend was treated. I will be letting the proper authorities know how my elderly friend was treated by this company and the city for they are operating in the city without a license.

Patty P.
Yakima, WA
November 23 2019 1:44PM

I had a bad experience with this company. I usually don't write bad reviews, but this one sticks in my crawl. After experiencing the death of a parent, it was a vulnerable time in my life and this company added to my stress. I dealt with Todd **. He was totally disorganized and would make promises about returning calls or emails, but would not follow through. The night before I was scheduled to meet him, he took it upon himself to share my email with a realtor, who aggressively pursued an order, though I had not asked Todd for this.

The worst offense to me, though, is that Todd walked through the estate and told me that "there is not enough here" and I would be paying him roughly $500 for his services. I ended up using a competitor, Fabulous Finds, they were great. They did the estate sale and actually sent me a check for over $ 2000.00. So please be warned about this man. Thanks.

Michael S.
Davidson, NC
October 30 2019 7:27PM

After my phone call to Caring Transitions, Wynesta Dale set up home contact indicating plan for estate sale about October 26, 2019. When she and her husband arrived and looked around, seeing that I did NOT have antiques, silver set, tea sets etc., I could immediately sense that my modest 3 bedroom home furnishings and cluttered garage was not to their liking.

When we sat down to discuss the estate sale, Wynesta Dale advised me that they would take care of selling and cleaning out everything, and CHARGE ME $3000.00!!! Whoa! Wait just a minute, most estate sales organizations sell one's items and retain 40% to 50% of the proceeds. Don't be fooled by the "compassionate approach" statement on their website. Caring Transitions cares about their bottom line, not that of the customer. By the way, I am 80 years of age, and I am not a fool.

Tim G.
Los Angeles, CA
September 08 2019 7:10AM

I met with Kathy ** who is located in the Tri Cities. I am moving and needed planning and insight on the smaller space I was moving into. She said she had a name for me to contact when I arrived. Never heard from Kathy again.

Allison P.
Yakima, WA
July 30 2019 6:17PM

This review is Caring Transitions of Carlsbad (Owner Dawn Lesicko). Please do not use her services as she is either unethical or unorganized. I used this company after my mom passed away and my sisters and I were in the process of selling her house. We were unsatisfied.

The reasons are extensive but here are the top 3. 1) We found multiple brand new, with tags, expensive items in the trash before the sale. When asked we were told the items were dirty. Yes, they were dusty from having been in a garage or storage but dirty, no. 2) The sale on site was much shorter than planned. A couple hours on a Friday and only a few more hours on a Saturday. Not enough time for the large house with a lot of items. However, here is the real issue: 3) When we were presented with a bill after the estate and online sale she was unable to provide us an accounting for items sold at the time of the sale and later at the online sale.

It took months to finally get an accounting and when finally she did, it was clearly made up. As I went back to the online sale and purchased items. In her accounting she said these items were not sold or her price on them was completely wrong. In addition, there were many items of my mother's on the website sale that were under other estate sales.

Caring Transitions of Carlsbad is either unethical or unorganized. Either way, move on.

Sarah D.
San Clemente, CA
July 06 2019 3:43PM

My parents trusted Caring Transitions of Columbia, SC (CT), to represent their best interest. To "care" about them during the sale of their belongings as they down size and "transition" to a retirement community.

In the end, my parents paid a total of over $8,500.00 to Caring Transitions and no longer have the possessions they could not take with them. I have contacted the corporate office. They tell you they will look into it, but since this is a franchise they do not hold any liability, liability is with the franchise owner. It has been two months and no resolution.

Fortunately, my parents are in good shape, the loss of money has not broke them, but some people are not as fortunate. I am sure this service works well for other, I would presume because the owner is actually a caring person and is caring for their customers instead of looking to gouge them for their own financial gain. I suggest to really research the owner and company, do not go off of what they say, but what is in the contract.

Your best bet is to simply donate the items or hire some help, load up the items and sell them yourself at a flea market or online.

Roy C.
Columbia, SC
June 04 2019 5:38PM

Geno and his team were beyond helpful and excellent in helping me downsize to a smaller office. He cleared out my warehouse in matter of hours and stayed afterwards to help clean up. They were professional, prompt, and thorough. I would high recommend Caring Transitions for anyone looking to downsize. I will definitely use them again!

Jennifer C.
Santa Ana, CA
March 09 2019 12:53AM

Caring Transitions (Brad **) in Reno, Nevada was absolutely fantastic in moving my father into an Independent Living Home in Sparks. His crew knew what they were doing and obviously really cared about doing their best for my Dad. I would highly recommend them to anybody.

Daryl S.
Reno/Sparks, NV
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