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Coin IRA’s self trading platform simplifies Cryptocurrency IRAs with an easy, secure account set up and funding process. Once your account is funded, you can simply execute trades on your own or call customer support for assistance. Coin IRA’s custodian, Equity Trust Company, insures your Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets and provides free cold storage for their ultimate protection.

  • No monthly or storage fee
  • Highly specialized IRA consultants
  • Weekend hours by appointment
  • 1.25% trade fee

Coin IRA Services

Coin IRA offers an easy way to establish self-directed IRAs holding cryptocurrencies. Opening a cryptocurrency IRA is an excellent way to diversify your retirement portfolio with a portion of your savings. Coin IRA gives you the option of investing pretax dollars in a traditional IRA or post-tax dollars in a Roth IRA. Either cryptocurrency IRA allows gains to grow tax-free.

Coin IRA is the only company from our best cryptocurrency IRA companies that offers cryptocurrency trading outside of an IRA. Digital currency consultants execute live trades, then move digital currency to a secure wallet. You can ask Coin IRA consultants any questions about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP or other virtual currency.


Coin IRA Security

Security is a concern for cryptocurrency investors because the values change frequently and there’s no U.S. government backing. However, Coin IRA takes several measures to ensure your retirement savings stay safe. Your personal consultant will explain Coin IRA’s choices for creating a security plan you feel comfortable with.

Coin IRA Security for Cryptocurrency IRAs
Custodial Storage Data Security Insurance
– Insured, military-grade encrypted, cold storage – Industry-leading cyber-security tools, practices and technology – End-to-End, dollar-for-dollar insurance; complete, worry-free coverage


Coin IRA Costs

There are no account fees to set up, maintain, or store crypto in Coin IRA accounts, but there are transaction fees. For self-trading, Coin IRA’s transaction fee is 1.25% on buy trades, and 1% on sell trades. For guided account set up and funding and expert-assisted trades, Coin IRA’s transaction fee is 2.25% on assisted trades, and 1% on sell trades. Coin IRA has a minimum investment of $5,000.


How to Open a Coin IRA Account

Call the number on the Coin IRA website to speak to a specialist about opening a cryptocurrency IRA.


Coin IRA Complaints

Coin IRA holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. ConsumerAffairs recommends considering Coin IRA because it offers free consultations before you commit to investing. Gold IRA Guide rates Coin IRA 4 out of 5 stars.

RetirementInvestments gives the company a 5-star review, but the details look dated. Some reviews point out a high Trustpilot score, but we found no Coin IRA rating. We found no Coin IRA complaints online.


Coin IRA Q&A

  • Does a Coin IRA account follow the minimum distribution rules for other IRAs?

    You can’t get around the required minimum distributions with Coin IRA. The accounts must follow the same regulations that apply to all other IRAs.

  • What drives the value of a Coin IRA account?

    Demand for cryptocurrencies will increase as it becomes more widely adopted. Many digital currencies have a fixed supply, so the price should increase with demand. Retirement investors can take advantage of the gains Coin IRA can provide.

  • How does investing with Coin IRA compare to a gold IRA?

    Cryptocurrency IRAs and gold IRAs can provide a hedge against inflation and devalued standard currencies. Digital currency and precious metals values can change rapidly, but cryptocurrency has the potential for greater appreciation as its use increases.

  • Can I fund a Coin IRA account with a rollover?

    Yes. Most investors choose to create an IRA rollover to fund a digital currency IRA. A Coin IRA specialist oversees the rollover process to ensure everything goes smoothly and you’re not subject to IRS penalties.

  • Does Coin IRA insure holdings in a cryptocurrency IRA?

    Custodians provide insurance for digital assets. IRS regulations require a custodial company to manage all types of IRAs. Coin IRA says it works with various custodians, so ask your consultant about your options. Then discuss insurance with your choice of custodian.



Coin IRA provides a bridge between you and the digital wallets, exchanges and IRA custodians necessary for an IRA. Cryptocurrency IRA experts offer excellent customer service to create that bridge. Coin IRA provides more options than much of the competition for customizing the security layers protecting your retirement assets.

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