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Easy Road Moving & Storage

4.45 Stars (11 Reviews)
Updated: January 30, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
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Easy Road Moving & Storage has been assisting customers with local and long-distance residential and business moves for more than 20 years. Easy Road Moving & Storage is not a broker and operates its own trucks and climate-controlled storage facilities.

Easy Road Moving and Storage Logo

Editorial Breakdown

Easy Quotes 4.6 Stars
Ease of Purchase 4.5 Stars
Price 4.4 Stars
Coverage Area 4.3 Stars

Overall Rating 4.5 Stars

Bottom Line

Easy Road Moving & Storage offers local and long-distance moving services in Miami and Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Easy Road Moving & Storage Review

Located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Easy Road Moving & Storage offers local and interstate moves plus packing and storage at prices slightly below the national average. Easy Road Moving & Storage impresses customers through friendly, thoughtful, thorough customer service and offers two weeks of free storage.


  • Attentive customer service
  • 2 weeks of free storage
  • In-house movers and storage facility


  • Office closed on sunday

Easy Road Moving & Storage Services

Easy Road Moving & Storage can facilitate both interstate moves in the continental U.S. and local moves in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. While some customers choose to do all their own packing, Easy Road Moving & Storage offers full-service packing, which includes assembling and arranging furniture in your new home, and partial packing, which allows you to box up smaller items while Easy Road movers handle any oversized or fragile items. This company also offers climate-controlled storage with around-the-clock video surveillance.

Easy Road Moving & Storage Services
Local moves Local moves are available in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area.
Interstate moves Interstate moves are available across the continental U.S.
Packing Offers full-service and partial packing. Full-service packing includes any required assembly. Partial packing includes any large or fragile items while you box all smaller items. Partial-packing pricing is based on the number of large items plus the number of boxes moved.
Storage facilities Facilities are climate controlled and under video surveillance 24/7.
In-house movers and drivers Easy Road Moving & Storage does not outsource its movers or warehouse workers to ensure clear communication, and it prides itself on holding employees accountable.

Easy Road Additional Services

All movers and storage facilities are operated in house through Easy Moving & Storage, and the company prides itself on holding employees accountable, taking full responsibility for each move. You can choose full-service packing, partial packing or packing all items yourself. Full-service packing includes any disassembly or reassembly the move requires as well as arranging the furniture in your new home. Easy Road Moving & Storage also wraps every piece of furniture in heavy blankets without exception. Movers with storage needs can take advantage of two free weeks of storage.

It would be wise to communicate any problems, hesitations or setbacks that arise during the moving process. Easy Road Moving & Storage agents appear to have some flexibility in regards to customer care and might be able to offer solutions in some circumstances

Easy Road Moving & Storage Costs

Pricing a move depends on several factors, including the size, distance and time of year. For a 1,525-square-foot home relocating from Princeton, New Jersey, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Easy Road Moving & Storage quotes a price of $4,203.80 for 7,400 pounds of cargo. This is slightly cheaper than the national average, which is $4,300. For full-service packing and unpacking, add $1,057 to the Fort Lauderdale move for a total of $5,260. Partial packing adds $566 for a total of $4,769.80. Homeowners who opt for partial packing are responsible for boxing any small items, while the movers handle any oversized or fragile items plus any disassembly or reassembly the furniture requires.

How to Get a Quote from Easy Road Moving & Storage

To receive a free quote, enter your email address, phone number and the location of the move. An agent should be in contact via phone within two hours. Agents can estimate pricing based on the square footage of the house; however, pricing will be more accurate if you know the weight of the move or have a moving inventory. A moving inventory is a list of large and/or fragile items plus the number of boxes needed for smaller items. After the phone call, you should receive an email with a detailed breakdown of expenses as well as a follow-up call to see if you want to go ahead with the move.

Easy Road Moving & Storage Complaints

It should be noted, Easy Road Moving & Storage is a very new business with few reviews compared to other companies. For example, the company is too new to have a Better Business Bureau rating. However, as of February 2021, there was exactly one negative review, which involved an employee ceasing contact with an unhappy customer. The vast majority of people who choose Easy Road are impressed with this company, particularly with its attentive service, problem-solving and employees’ dedication to going above and beyond for each move. Customers are quick to note how dedicated employees are to making complicated moves easy, and they give ample praise regarding the quick, creative responses to problems that arise during moves. Overall, Easy Road Moving & Storage customers feel cared for and feel the prices are reasonable.

Easy Road Moving & Storage FAQ

  • Does Easy Road Moving & Storage offer insurance to cover my belongings?

    Yes, but the released value protection through Baker International, which is the nation’s most popular moving insurance provider. However, the released value protection available offers minimal protection, paying out only 60 cents per pound per article.

  • How far in advance do I need to schedule a move with Easy Road Moving & Storage?

    The company recommends scheduling at least three weeks in advance for the best pricing and availability. It might be wise to call well ahead of time during peak moving season, which runs from April to September.

  • How does Easy Road Moving & Storage secure warehouse facilities?

    Its warehouse facilities have 24-hour video surveillance. Recorded surveillance tapes are stored for three weeks.

  • Is Easy Road Moving & Storage certified for both local and long-distance moves?

    Yes, Easy Road Moving & Storage can handle both local and interstate moves. Local moves are available in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, and interstate moves are available across the continental U.S.


Easy Road Moving & Storage offers local and long-distance moving options for customers in Florida. Customers can take advantage of their storage and packing services to rest easy knowing their belongings will stay in the care of Easy Road Moving & Storage.

11 Easy Road Moving & Storage Reviews

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1 Star

December 30 2022 3:53PM

I'll be brief. Do not use this company, you will be disappointed. No need to go through the details. Your initial charge will not be your final charge. You will pay up front before action will be taken. You will do all the communication and coordination.

Whatever service you pay for, you will not get, so skip it. Extra charges will be assessed. Your household goods are only worth 60 cents per pound (it's right in the contract) and you will have multiple items broken, destroyed, damaged, and rendered unusable.

Their claim service is independent and you will endure an arduous process to prove your claim. Once a determination is made, you will receive a fraction of your items worth based on a number of regulations. My move was more than 17 grand and their claim settlement was 101 dollars.

My journey with Easy Road began the end of August and is now ending the end of December. I am thankful it is over and behind me. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

Do not believe their website and hope someday you read they've gone out of business. Because suckers like us who read the reviews and say "well, they just had a bad experience and not all reviews are going to be 5 stars, it won't happen to me." Trust me, it will happen to you, and you'll be poorer for it, both mentally and financially!

Douglas J.
The Villages, FL
1 Star

October 10 2022 10:10PM

Quoted $3000 to move my furniture in Florida to Texas. Decided not to move to Texas but decided to stay local. Cost me over $10,000 to move 15 minutes away. Every extra charge added in the bill. Needed to have cash at time of delivery.

Don't use these guys. You will regret it. Broke a lot of the items. Told to send pictures to their office and they said it didn't meet the price limits in their warranty contract.

Robert L.
Tampa, FL
1 Star

July 24 2022 9:06AM

Fake. Liars. Dishonest. Cruel. This company does not care about your items. They only want money. Customer service is nonexistent after making deposit. Never answer or return calls. Packed the truck like newbies, I had to help them out. I’m so disappointed with this whole experience.

Derek W.
Houston, TX
1 Star

May 01 2022 12:52PM

Beware! There is a complete lack of customer service. They held our household goods hostage for extra money and fraudulently charged our credit card.

Almost every piece of furniture was damaged in some way and they delivered our items with mattresses strapped to the back of a truck in the rain not covered. They delivered our items 20 days after the date that they said they would and then only if we paid them more money.

In addition they blatantly lied when we disputed the fraudulent charge on our credit card. Thank goodness we had everything in writing.

Laura W.
Saxtons River, VT
1 Star

April 25 2022 8:06PM

My nightmare began with New Leaf who brokered out my move to Easy Road Moving: 2/16/22 I contacted New Leaf Moving for an upcoming move from NJ to FL, I spoke with Salesman Tom **, at great length about the move.

During that initial conversation I distinctly asked him if New Leaf was the owner operator or a Broker. He told me owner operator. We went through the house room by room, I told him I had not been to the house in some time & would do my best to remember all contents.

We discussed dates, how many men he would supply and the duration of the move. He told me, they would send 6-8 men on February 22, 2022, it would take 2 days and I would have my things within two weeks.

He reassured me he would be with me every step of the way 2/17/22 I made the decision to go with New Leaf and called Tom. He sent contracts, I returned them along with my deposit. It was then crickets from Tom **.

They are the BROKER; I and my belongings were being pawned off to another company Easy Road Moving & Storage, Tom reassured me I should not worry.

I immediately investigate, the reviews were horrible, many stating they will rip you off and calling it “BAIT AND SWITCH” quoting one price & then double or triple it. Some said they held their belongings hostage.

2/21/2022 ERMC comes to my house in NJ. I was unable to be there, so I had someone meet them there, give them the key so they could get started. Expecting a large truck and 6-8 guys, the person called me and said there is a small truck & two guys.

I reached out to New Leaf Moving asking for Tom Warner, I was transferred to CS. They had no clue but would investigate it and let me know. I was so upset the closing was the next day, I knew it was not going to be finished.

The lead mover contacted me and said he was going to help me; he was in contact with their office. Wednesday ERMC sent in two more guys with a truck, still only four but better than two.

My home closed on the Tuesday, and they worked until FRIDAY, thankfully I had amazing buyers otherwise I would have been in trouble. I then receive a call from Roman at ERMC, he says “You need to pay another over $7000.00, if you don’t, we will dump your things out and leave.”

I went to bank & transferred money. PAYMENTS-ERMC charge you a ridiculous surcharge when you use your credit card. The other option I was given was Cash App or Zelle, zero fees or Venmo with a smaller fee. I went with Cash App, I made the first payment, there were daily limits.

New Leaf told me to go to Zelle. They had limits of $1000.00/day, $5000.00/week. I made daily payments. They had increased the price from $11,426.98 to $22,000.00 now double, another call this time from Kyle ** (ERMC)-to $28,000.00.

Roman (ERMC) Accounting started calling again, insisting I sign a contract and pay more money. I refused as I could see if I did, they would just keep charging me. Friday came & they said they had finished & were leaving.

The new homeowners were very patient. The new homeowners called me Friday night to ask when they would be back to collect the rest of my things. I asked them what they meant. I was thinking, maybe a thing or two they thought may have been trash.

Oh no, they had left thousands of dollars of items, including an antique cigar humidor, shelving units, rocking chair and ottoman, a workbench, 43 bottles of unopened liquor, an antique fridge, over $10,000.00 worth of trim I had purchased that I wanted to put in my new home in FL.

There was so much more I cannot even begin to list it all. I called New Leaf as well as Easy Moving, New Leaf got involved here and there but it was mostly Easy Road Moving. They claimed that all of my things left behind were TRASH. How dare they make that assumption, that my things were trash.

I spoke with Kyle who said he would see what he could do. He called back a few days later and said they had a truck in the area, and they would come by for the rest of my things. The new owner called me in disbelief, she said they sent a full truck. They took a few items and left still leaving many items.

Now completely frustrated, I called ERMC. This time they said they had everything, and it was on its way down. I immediately called them out and told them they picked up nothing. Again, they said they would work on it.

Now my original load is in limbo, nowhere to be found. It took more than a week for them to get back to me, they finally called and said they would return but I had to call the new owners to which I refused. I was abruptly told “We are not your Concierge.”

ERMC leaves my things behind and then expects me to call the new owners hoping the items are still there! They did reach out to the owners and went back a THIRD time some FOUR weeks later.

The owners were just amazing. If it had been anyone else, all of my belongings would have been in the landfill long gone.

ERMC sent me pictures showing me the items that were picked up. They were garage items and even kitchen cabinets that the new owners had removed from the home-true trash. So again, all of the items in the basement were left, including things my kids had made for me when they were little.

It’s so sad that they could be this cold. I had storage booked for 2/23/2022 that I lost due to ERMC not turning up.

4/1/2022 I receive a call from ERMC, "We are delivering your things tomorrow and these are the stipulations-the unit must be able to accept a Semi trailer and it cannot be further than 75 feet from the unit." With no notice, no warning.

I had to work that day and find storage in the same location that was close by to each other and accessible as per the instructions. That could not be done in minutes or especially with this short of notice, the delivery had to be cancelled. This was the first and only attempt to deliver.

I have been harassed with a magnitude of phone calls, emails and text messages. They claim I owe them $2800.00 per month for storage. They had not offered a delivery date until 4/1. I sent more money than the original contract and the final payment, which was accepted.

For majority of the move, I have received a magnitude of emails, calls and texts from Alex, who is one of the OWNERS, as well as other employees of the company.

Those calls include threats including auctioning of my belongings and dumping of my things on three occasions. As well as abuse both over the phone and via text and email. I have had to send a cease-and-desist letter, it is ignored and the emails and abuse continue.

4/12/22- email received from Alex, consistent harassment, he now wants to attempt delivery again with little notice, full well knowing I need 3-4 large storage units. With the stipulations he supplied, it is no easy job.

4/15/22-Alex sent an email. In the email, he says he is willing to waive the storage fees, however I must pay him an additional $11,548.00 in cash or money order. I have paid ERMC in FULL. And they continue to demand more than $11,000.00.

If I don’t pay him, he is going to load my things into the truck and take them back to NJ. 4/22/22 Complaints filed with the Attorney Generals office, DOT, BBB, local Police. DO NOT USE THESE FRAUDS.

Amanda T.
Orlando, FL
1 Star

February 24 2022 1:07AM

***Do NOT hire Easy Road*** It would be a disservice to my community, if I don’t share the nightmare I experienced with this company. Easy Road picked up my belongings on Sunday December 19th, 2021. I finally received it in pieces, 2 months later on February 18th, 2022.

I was charged for things themselves admitted not to have used. My furniture is in pieces, incomplete. Unable to be assembled because of the missing parts.

To the point that the delivery crew, (a different company because Easy Road won’t be the one one delivering your stuff), had the need to hand write that the bed and desk are not available to use because it can’t be assembled for missing parts.

They also had to write that the dresser has a hole and scratches “bookcase is missing screw.” They had to write all that at the bottom of the delivery inventory sheet.

I wish I could upload photos for you to see the mattress, metal and pieces of wood all part of the bed lining against the wall in my apartment. The guy giving you the quote will be nice and helpful to you until you signed the contract.

After that, when you really are in need of his help, all you will get from him will be an automatic reply “I am out of the office this week. Please contact customer care at 954-323-8181.” He won’t even answer his direct line.

Meanwhile, the “customer care” area, has not knowledge of the meaning of customer service. I was told, “I’ll find out about your truck and I will call you back”, but the call was never returned.

Instead, they hanged-up on me numerous times. I even wrote an email to the admin, but they never had the decency to reply. In short, keep looking. This company should change its name to Easy Road to a Nightmare.

Irene G.
Miami, FL
5 Stars

January 27 2022 5:02PM

Has such a wonderful experience using Easy Road Movers for my move! I recommend to anyone moving out of Miami to use this company. The movers wrapped my furniture and very expensive painting with blankets and pads! I knew everything would arrive safely when I saw them load the truck.

James L.
Miami, FL
1 Star

January 12 2022 11:19PM

Do not do business. No real complaints with the quality of the movers themselves. Origin crew used our tools to disassemble furniture without asking. They loaded items we told them we were not taking. They over billed us on the number of boxes causing our price to almost double.

Confirmed 47 boxes, billed for 87. Multiple Facebook reviews indicate they are notorious for this. We left behind quite a few large items from our original quote such as beds, multiple tables, etc, but we still somehow doubled the move. Estimate had 40 boxes.

Destination delivery consisted of 1 man with no help. We ended up unloading most of the truck off the ramp ourselves. Had 2 damaged items, including an antique piece, and was given a link to a 3rd party for claims, who keeps stating they aren't receiving my claim even with my printed confirmation of receipt.

I have a feeling the claim is a lost cause. I have spoken with Marcus at Easy Road twice now on my dispute over the # of boxes they claim we had. Both times he said management wasn't in yet and they would call me, but no one does. No resolution via email either. Have disputed charges with bank.

The only time they have responded was through my BBB complaint, in which they are basically calling me a liar, claiming they did speak with me to resolve. They have now deleted their Facebook page. I can only assume due to the 1 star rating they had because of complaints. 2 months later I am still waiting for a response from the 3rd party company on my damages.

Winamac, IN
1 Star

November 30 2021 2:59AM

MOVING SCAM. HOSTAGE TAKERS. They will provide you a low estimate, and then double or triple your costs. They will surprise you with this on delivery. They will demand full payment for partial shipments. They will hold your belongings hostage, and charge you a redelivery fee.

They have no interest in delivering your stuff until attorneys and the Department of Transportation is involved. They will lie to your face about who owns the company. Do not give these people your money or belongings; you may never see either again.

Do not agree to any estimate without a physical survey; it's bait and switch. Do not agree to pay by cash or money order on delivery; the bank cannot hold them accountable. Do not sign any documents; they will modify them after your signature.

Do not fall victim to these scammers. If you have been scammed by Easy Road Moving and Storage, please file a complain with the FMCSA, the BBB, the FTC, and Florida Attorney General.

Jeff L.
Huntersville, NC
1 Star

November 03 2021 2:18PM

Poor customer service with all the employees, received a great estimate, upon arrival the driver charged me 2 grand more than my estimate threatening to leave half of my stuff, he was over 12 hours late.

I work from home and lost my job over this, he promised to be up to Indiana in a few days and now my kids are without their winter clothes and starting school with nothing.

Dominique the "manager" will argue with you for days and days not helping in any form, do not in any sense trust this company. You won't get your belongings. You'll be ripped off and be disrespected every step of the way, never in my entire life have I been put through this much stress.

There is nothing easy about this company. Run away fast, Colonial Van Lines moved me to Florida for half of the price this company did, and here we are over a week later not receiving our things.

I also am paying for a storage unit without my things in it because they are 2 weeks late in bringing my things so all in all I am 3 grand out of money and lost my job. What a nightmares, there was not one positive thing that happened during my move, check Yelp, Google. Bbb.

Do your research. This company would rather you be homeless without your things than to build a positive reputation. They are border line scammers in every sense.

Gary G.
Tallahassee, FL