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Easy Road Moving & Storage Review

Located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Easy Road Moving & Storage offers local and interstate moves plus packing and storage at prices slightly below the national average. Easy Road Moving & Storage impresses customers through friendly, thoughtful, thorough customer service and offers two weeks of free storage.

  • Attentive customer service
  • 2 weeks of free storage
  • In-house movers and storage facility

  • Office closed on sunday

Easy Road Moving & Storage Services

Easy Road Moving & Storage can facilitate both interstate moves in the continental U.S. and local moves in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. While some customers choose to do all their own packing, Easy Road Moving & Storage offers full-service packing, which includes assembling and arranging furniture in your new home, and partial packing, which allows you to box up smaller items while Easy Road movers handle any oversized or fragile items. This company also offers climate-controlled storage with around-the-clock video surveillance.

Easy Road Moving & Storage Services
Local moves Local moves are available in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area.
Interstate moves Interstate moves are available across the continental U.S.
Packing Offers full-service and partial packing. Full-service packing includes any required assembly. Partial packing includes any large or fragile items while you box all smaller items. Partial-packing pricing is based on the number of large items plus the number of boxes moved.
Storage facilities Facilities are climate controlled and under video surveillance 24/7.
In-house movers and drivers Easy Road Moving & Storage does not outsource its movers or warehouse workers to ensure clear communication, and it prides itself on holding employees accountable.

Easy Road Additional Services

All movers and storage facilities are operated in house through Easy Moving & Storage, and the company prides itself on holding employees accountable, taking full responsibility for each move. You can choose full-service packing, partial packing or packing all items yourself. Full-service packing includes any disassembly or reassembly the move requires as well as arranging the furniture in your new home. Easy Road Moving & Storage also wraps every piece of furniture in heavy blankets without exception. Movers with storage needs can take advantage of two free weeks of storage.

It would be wise to communicate any problems, hesitations or setbacks that arise during the moving process. Easy Road Moving & Storage agents appear to have some flexibility in regards to customer care and might be able to offer solutions in some circumstances

Easy Road Moving & Storage Costs

Pricing a move depends on several factors, including the size, distance and time of year. For a 1,525-square-foot home relocating from Princeton, New Jersey, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Easy Road Moving & Storage quotes a price of $4,203.80 for 7,400 pounds of cargo. This is slightly cheaper than the national average, which is $4,300. For full-service packing and unpacking, add $1,057 to the Fort Lauderdale move for a total of $5,260. Partial packing adds $566 for a total of $4,769.80. Homeowners who opt for partial packing are responsible for boxing any small items, while the movers handle any oversized or fragile items plus any disassembly or reassembly the furniture requires.

How to Get a Quote from Easy Road Moving & Storage

To receive a free quote, enter your email address, phone number and the location of the move. An agent should be in contact via phone within two hours. Agents can estimate pricing based on the square footage of the house; however, pricing will be more accurate if you know the weight of the move or have a moving inventory. A moving inventory is a list of large and/or fragile items plus the number of boxes needed for smaller items. After the phone call, you should receive an email with a detailed breakdown of expenses as well as a follow-up call to see if you want to go ahead with the move.

Easy Road Moving & Storage Complaints

It should be noted, Easy Road Moving & Storage is a very new business with few reviews compared to other companies. For example, the company is too new to have a Better Business Bureau rating. However, as of February 2021, there was exactly one negative review, which involved an employee ceasing contact with an unhappy customer. The vast majority of people who choose Easy Road are impressed with this company, particularly with its attentive service, problem-solving and employees’ dedication to going above and beyond for each move. Customers are quick to note how dedicated employees are to making complicated moves easy, and they give ample praise regarding the quick, creative responses to problems that arise during moves. Overall, Easy Road Moving & Storage customers feel cared for and feel the prices are reasonable.

Easy Road Moving & Storage Q&A

  • Does Easy Road Moving & Storage offer insurance to cover my belongings?

    Yes, but the released value protection through Baker International, which is the nation’s most popular moving insurance provider. However, the released value protection available offers minimal protection, paying out only 60 cents per pound per article.

  • How far in advance do I need to schedule a move with Easy Road Moving & Storage?

    The company recommends scheduling at least three weeks in advance for the best pricing and availability. It might be wise to call well ahead of time during peak moving season, which runs from April to September.

  • How does Easy Road Moving & Storage secure warehouse facilities?

    Its warehouse facilities have 24-hour video surveillance. Recorded surveillance tapes are stored for three weeks.

  • Is Easy Road Moving & Storage certified for both local and long-distance moves?

    Yes, Easy Road Moving & Storage can handle both local and interstate moves. Local moves are available in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, and interstate moves are available across the continental U.S.


Easy Road Moving & Storage offers local and long-distance moving options for customers in Florida. Customers can take advantage of their storage and packing services to rest easy knowing their belongings will stay in the care of Easy Road Moving & Storage.

Easy Road Moving & Storage Reviews

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August 26 2021 3:28PM

Had a great experience moving with these guys. Kyle was very attentive to all the last minute changes I had to make to my move during the transit process.

Shawn was great during the initial phone call and made me feel extremely comfortable. I would use them again if I ever was moving!

Shawn W.
Miami, FL
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